Aram, I agree, it was a bad night of officiating

I’m rarely hard on the refs because I realize it’s a thankless job and we need those guys to keep the local circuit going, but what happened tonight at Muir was a fiasco. It’s just ridiculous to have that many flags in one game. Every other play, there was a flag. Sometimes these guys let the game get away from them and it becomes this cycle of flag after flag after flag. Terrible. — Aram’s comment on Saturday Morning QB

There were so many flags and the game was so long Aram and I had to change our plans in the middle of the Bonita-Muir game. I hope I get a final tally, but there was easily over 30 flags, maybe closer to 40. Instead of writing a game story and having Aram write a column — Aram left at halftime and bolted to the office, where I called in scoring updates and quotes from coaches to him. Without a press facility or place to write from the field, this was all we could do, the game ending at 10:45, right on deadline. Aram sent his story soon after I sent comments from coach Podley and Howard to him. It was that kind of night, and unusually cold too. My poor cousin Mike, he finished his live blog shaking on the chilly tower at Muir, learning first-hand these nights aren’t always as comfortable as an Amat press box. Gotta love winter football.

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  • Don

    Excuse the rant, but I would like to add my voice to those unhappy with last night’s officiating in ‘Dena.

    To say it sucked would be kind. I don’t know what association those guys were with, but if they were the best crew available, (which we are told we get in the playoffs), I would hate to see what they field during the regular season. Put aside things like gratuitous holding calls against both teams and the sheer incompetence was simply amazing. Just brutal.

    Add to it all a late start at 7:30 and it was no wonder the Mustang fans were evacuating the stands at 10:30 with a quarter yet to play. FOUR HOURS to play a 48 minute Prep game is just embarrassing! Watching the Referee throw a flag RIGHT OVER THE HEAD OF THE UMPIRE IN FRONT OF HIM is embarrassing. Having to have an officials meeting over every flag, (and there were plenty), is embarrassing. Not knowing what the proper signal is for a foul is embarrassing. Failing to walk off penalties is embarrassing. Three times. Forgetting to start the clock is embarrassing. Twice. FOUR HOURS OF EMBARRASSING.

    These boneheads should get together today and turn their checks into donations for the foundation that trains seeing eye dogs. At the least, the game video needs to be reviewed by the folks who select these guys so they can be put out of my misery. Freakin’ brutal!

  • Born Again Huskie

    Ok, here I go again but if that’s what you call a better brand of football at a higher level than I will admit I am as delusional as you people think I am because literally I walked out of that scene just disgusted. I went there with an open mind and said ok everyone keeps telling me how much better Bonita is this year then the Sierra league but come guys are you serious?

    South Hills beats both those teams in what you guys are calling a down year by us by at least 4 touchdowns this year and you guys are saying everyone is improving and playing better football at this time of year. Please! Honestly, maybe C.I.F. was right because us on the same football field with you guys at this time of year wouldn’t be fair if that’s what you call football.

    The football gods looking down upon you last night had to be just offended and ashamed for that display of I don’t know what you want to call that but really no one can deny that was pathetic, just bad, bad, bad football on every account by everyone involved and not just the officials. That was a waste of time and money and anyone civilized realizes that was nothing to hang your hat on and be proud of. At this point, again I tell you your argument is a moot point if that’s what you have best to offer our Valley right now for Friday night lights and entertainment.

    Talk to me when you have something to seriously and sincerely represent that is right and best about high school football but until damn you people are the ones that are delusional if you think that is an awesome display of a football program in our Valley. Horrible, just embarrassing!

  • ed hoculi

    how about the players and coaches taking some blame, a lot of obvious late hits and unsportsman play last night,both teams were sloppy? I didn’t know that we were supposed to “let them play” if we see a foul we call it simple , the good teams,good coaches can adjust, maybe your favorite team doesn’t fit this description………. very,very unprofessional for Robledo to complain all night long about the “cold” it’s the last week in November it should be cool out , live blogging is great but at least do it in a competent ,professional way. If you’d have kept an accurate tally of penalties it would make your declaration somewhat sensible, but for Aram to exclaim 30 maybe 40 penalties when he watched just 1/2 the game, minus time eating, smacks of Jr. High exaggeration a D7 game and a D7 job reporting

  • stop it

    sounds like born again huskie is trying to sell south hills football program to new parents with up coming freshmen football players. is this you coach bogan

  • Jackboy

    Youve never heard me complain about officiating before; but last nights game was the single worst refereed game Ive ever seen, at one point after calling a penalty on the Mustangs on a roughing the kicker, on an extra point; the refs couldnt even figure out where to spot the football for the kickoff.
    Don is right, it took way way way to long to play and finish the game last night. The refs never let the game get into any kind of flow.
    To bad for all concerned.
    Go Bearcats!

  • jcaz

    It was very cold last night. In fact, I had actually gotten into my car and was driving to one of the games and decided to turn around and come back home.

    I only wish that Covina had been able to pull it out last night, if only because they kinda became a sentimental favorite along with Westco for these playoffs.

    Anyway, it wasn’t all that bad because I got to finally post a few comments on Mikes blog. That was fun…

    Interestingly, and what was somewhat surprising was that even though Amat wasn’t in any of the games last night, you still had people bashing on the Lancers…wow

  • Don

    Dear Mr. Born Again Huskie,

    (I think you really mean Born Again Husky which is singular, but let’s just call you BAH for now.)

    After looking over your post a few times I came to the conclusion that you believe this year’s South Hills football team is better than Bonita or Muir. Did I get that right?

    I think you also state your belief that your favorite team could beat either Muir or Bonita by four (4) touchdowns. You also talk about the football gods and seem confused whether you are delusional or someone else is. Frankly BAH, a lot of your post is like that. Lucky for you I’m here to help straighten you out.

    The Huskies, (that would be A Husky if only one), are not that good this year, but you really knew that when you eked out a 3 point win to finish next to last in league, huh? Muir would have beaten you by at least three TD’s and Bonita would have had the JV’s in playing the second half against you. Sorry, that hurts, but the truth will help you heal.

    What’s worse is the guy who replaced Ms. North ignored that which got Bogie all those rings in the first place and pissed off every school in the area. Good luck with any unchallenged soph and junior transfers going forward. Anyhow, sorry about the soft talent and Judi and stuff, but it was people like you who really brought it on yourselves. The good news is after you scruff around the bottom of the Sierra barrel for a couple years, you’ll get pulled back down to D7 or maybe the Montview. You’d probably do well in the Montview.

    As for the delusional stuff, you have to find some professional help on your own. Not my department.

  • Danny Bartlett

    Just a quick observation of the Bonita/Muir game. I have been to all of the Bearcats games this year and have never in my life seen such bad refs in my life. Just poor, poor calls. But, at the game last night in Pasadena was about what I expected it to be. Flag, flag and more flags! It just wasn’t against Bonita as much as it has been. Both Muir and Bonita committed a lot of penalties and neither team has any discipline at all. That is the coaching staffs fault. But, the refs were the same as always, just bad. No one can say that the game was won because of the refs, because if they do, then they need to go over every tape of every team and say the same thing. This has been going on all year. Both teams coaching staffs and the refs should be ashamed of all of the penalties. Bad game, cold night and long night! Glad it is over!

  • wtf

    Born Again Huskie

    wtf are you talking about? did your team play this friday? huh no because you were smacked around like a beach ball all year get out here loser you have nothing to stand on but a memory of what once was. Cameron belongs to the other team and your cycle of a program is on the same path as LA.

  • Agree w/Huskie

    I also went to the BHS vs Muir game last nite and what I saw was mediocre HS football. Listen, Bonita is a decent team but they are right where they ned to be in terms of CIF and league. Any fool that thinks that they could compete in a tougher division is a damn fool. BHS is a second place team and semi finalist, very nice season, but to think that they can compete with CHHS, Amat, Etiwanda or even Damien is a crazy. Good luck to Bonita the rest of the way, but do confuse yourselves with high quality HS football.

  • Your pathetic

    Born again Huskie,
    Come talk to us when your team can beat Monrovia. Higher brand of football? Rigghhtt,
    SH = 4th or 5th in the Hacienda.

  • reality

    To bad SVN reporters could mainly focus on their own discomfort and the flags last night. It also gives fodder to jealous nuts like born againer to vent his inner anguish. It negates the effort put forth Bonita against a red-hot team in a hostile environment playing at home. Last years Muir team came within one yard of beating Charter Oak who dominated South Hills. Little credit has been given to Giomani Johnson who had an amazing game on both sides of the ball and absolutly critical defensive stands. But the plus side is that Bonita keeps flying under the radar with little respect from local reporters and bloggers so everything is working out. Funny though I’d wager the bearcats will again be heavily favored against La Serna by those with no skin in the game.

  • get over it

    sounds like born again huskie is a south hills football coach trying to sell the football program to future parents with fresman football playes. south hills and charter oak are both done the only wins they get are ayala and maybe damian. good try coach Bogan and staff.

  • JFR

    Can’t remember the last time I pulled out of a parking lot at 11:30 after a HS football game.

  • Lancer#76

    I agree with Reality.

    We don’t have anything else to do this year but if we hadn’t made all those mistakes on offense and played better against Tesoro then Amat would still be playing right now too. You’re right Reality I’m sure the Tribune would probably have written a different story. Paying no attention to all the flags, start time, distance, or even the temperature. Sorry Bonita.

  • kh

    just alittle funny things going on around sgv news sports
    1# aram omplaining everybodys my making fun of them.
    #2then aram complaining about refs.
    #3 in todays front or second page they have k.c. huth making a tackle against is own player.
    it said zach brungard is brought down by muirs k.c. huth.
    if k.c. was on muir,i would have my money on muir thats for sure.
    think miur would use k.c. on offense.he caught his 1 ball throwin to him last night again a nice sliding catch.7 for 8 when pass too.
    maybe next week johnson and huth will do on offense like they do all year on defense,soph.# 5 broke caller bone so k.c. will ready to rock and roll.
    podley know what he has ,just waiting for the right time.west covia game…
    he had 1 carry 12 yards first down..
    so fred and lets all do are own jobs ,clean are own yards,people who live in glass houses shouldnt throw stones.
    fred what did you think about the game last night.buddy pete said he saw you and you had a field pass for me…
    i cant go on the field brother i get just alittle too into it my friend,,
    go bearcats.
    fred whens all league coming out?

  • ItsAnAttitude

    reality – the CoverItLive event is for everybody to share the experience – not to “report” on the game. That’s for the next day’s paper. I, for one, enjoyed the exchanges that gave me the feeling like I was there. I felt the frustration of the officials, the length of the game, and the cold. I thought Mike did a GREAT job – again.

    If Bonita would focus on just playing instead of desperately seeking respect – they’d earn more respect. The “reality” is that Podley’s performance in the final possessions was embarrassing to the coaching profession. With Muir out of time-outs all he had to do was take a knee a couple times and games over – he advances to the 2nd round. BUT he scores TWICE more? On the school that gave him one of his first shots as a coordinator?

    What goes around comes around and he better hope La Serna isn’t comin’ around! (cuz West Covina already came around once!)

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to our SGV teams that took care of business last night . To those not so fortunate join us in the we will get them next year section of the stands. As for born again huskie what the hell are you talking about . Your team didn’t even make it to the dance this year and you got the nerve to come on here and bad mouth the teams of the SGV still playing and winning. You of all teams should be talking because least you forget West Covina waxed your azzes this season and Bonita would have probably done the same thing. You say what they are doing is embarrassing to the SGV well look no further then your own team’s showing in the Sierra. For a team with the expectations that were thought of them that was an embarrassment.Remember you are suppose to be repping us in the IE . You can come back to me that AMAT was knocked out in the first round but at least we made it to the playoffs and our last league game was for the league championship . It’s funny but your biggest hope is that in two or three years you fall back to D-7 so you can win again. And you know what they probably will move you down with maybe Ayala and replace you with WC, Bonita ,or DR three programs on the way up . I will bet you they will not be crying about the move but embrace it as a challenge and where they want to be .

  • Dan

    Amat 73 I couldn’t of said it better myself, so I don’t think I will, my sentiments exactly.

  • jcaz

    OUCH !

    Non-sense is on the war path

  • SL

    Huskie Fan

    I guess your sad because the ‘Guru” isn’t on here sticking up for SH. Your team has been home for how long now? Coming on here talking crap is just that “CRAP” Don’t worry, your down year(S) will continue and CIF will end up driving you down again so you have something to brag about in the future.

    What a joke, do you here CO crying about their position? Hell no, they just play ball.

  • what happen

    why arent you posting my blogg on born again huskie being a coach from south hills trying to sell the football program to new parents with fresman football players

  • jcaz

    OUCH !

    Non-Sense is on the war path today

  • Don

    It’s no surprise that Nonsense1995 misses the point here because that is just what he does, but some of you other guys, c’mon. Aram’s blog didn’t detract from either team or the coverage of the game. They covered that just fine on both on the wrap and here:

    What this blog did, was cover the follies as another story, which was proper. Just like the chick fight next to the snack bar at the Mt. Sac game yesterday was covered separately from the reporting of the football game. Two different stories which were associated because they occurred at the same event.

    The sheer length of the contest should be enough for serious comment. The USC game yesterday ran about an hour less and that included TV commercials. Madness.

  • notbuyingit

    Bonita fans should be thanking aram and fred for complaining about the officiating instead of the end of the game, an embarrassment for bonita. they could have pointed out that bonita scored two touchdowns in the final eight seconds when all they had to do was take a knee and end the game. brutal. nice sportsmanship.

  • Born Again Huskie

    Season Greetings Gentlemen,

    Dont hate the player hate the game. Translation. South Hills has been the envy of this Valley for years and continues to be at this moment. Unfortunately for you guys, everyone next year will witness yet once again how quickly everyone else in the Valley will become meaningless and the prep coverage will be monopolized by the Huskies like always. We got beat in overtime and missed the playoffs and had a better article Saturday morning than anyone else in the Valley. Thanks, Aram! And Edgewood boys stick together. You and I both know Robledo loves Bogan like he love Maggiore right now. Facts are facts boys.

    If you aint cheating you aint trying. Translation. South Hills may have experienced some loss but in fact that has been a blessing in disguise. Seriously, nobody and I mean nobody again would want Bishop Amats or Charter Oaks transfers from our school now if they could get a do over. Did any of them have an impact? I think not ultimately in the end and others on South Hills have now been given the opportunity to shine. Everybody knows and you are each right our freshmen class is the best freshmen football team in the Valley. See the week 10 versus Charter Oak if you dont believe me. If I were a gambling man, I bet our freshmen class transfers into no pun intended the arrival of even more star athletes in the next few months. Come join the revival and be a part of the tradition. Oh bright sunny days are ahead for a long time to come, which brings me to my final point of the hour.

    You think Santa and his elves are fast at work this holiday season. Think again, because Bogan and his boys are going to be bigger and better than ever next year and thats right folks you heard here first after Bogan gets done with his behind the scenes makeover I promise that Corvette you saw him posing next to will be newer and faster than ever. Can you say next years team will resemble a real luxury sports cars like a Maserati? Buckle up boys, because were going for a ride so keep honking your horns now but well be the ones racing through the finish line 1st with the checkered flag in our hands in the very near future.

    The revolution has begun and the revival tour will be making 14 different stops next year if you want to get in on the action. So no, there never was and never will be a changing of the guard. Go ahead remind how many C.I.F. championships you have compared to us oh that’s right I forgot you guys don’t have that much tradition like our programs do and that’s why there’s a difference between temporary and forever.

  • Aaron


    Shut your mouth. Bearcats would tear the throats out of your Huskies this season.

    Yes the officiating was bad. As far as the last few play calls, I addressed that in a question in the wrapup thread.

  • Zebras have longer memories than elephants

    Aram I don’t understand the premise here, you made this point on “your” blog with far fewer hits and now you’re making teh same point on Fred’s blog (something you’re doing more frequenmtly) What’s teh point of having two separate blogs?

    On another point, does it do Bonita any favors by complaining so loudly about the opfficiating, while Muir fans are not? Seems to me Bonita has more to lose here in a close game next week. Officials, like players, parenst and copaches, read the blogs and are….ummmm…hunam.

    I do agree games are ruined by poor officiating but then so are poor field conditions. It’s all part of the game. Tesoro seemed to over come this and apparently so did Bonita who won again.

    On a side note…if it’s okay to point out poor officiating why isn’t it okay to point out poor coaching or , dare I say, poor reporting.

    Still trying to get a sense of Bonita’s huuuuuuuge win but I keep reading about the zebras who “ruined” a Bonita ‘WIN”.

    Now doesn’t that sound silly?

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  • Up in the Ohhhhhh-zarks !

    The guy sounds like a real red neck

    Check the other thread for an expliantion.


    Don’t worry about the changing of the guard in the SGV any more.Face the fact you no longer toil in the lowly SGV as you seem to feel about the teams left here. What you need to worry about is changing the guard in the Inland division. You see do to all your championships and winning tradition ( in case you need reminding where has that been hiding the last 3-4 years ) you are now facing the teams of the IE in the playoffs . I mean you will face them one day won’t you , as of this year you still couldn’t measure up to the teams you face from the SGV in the Sierra . Sound familiar , you remember them CO , CH , Damien but I guess they don’t count. Build all you want or retool as you put it but first you must win which is something sh did very little of this season. It will be a challenge for Bogan to see if he can win on his own merit with homegrown players. Now is the checkered flag you speak of holding in the near future from the Inland divison championship or are you already thinking of the glory when they move you down to the Montview or maybe a new league with sh, Bassett,Duarte, LA , Workman , which I think maybe you can dominate, maybe.

  • just saying

    born again huskie is the coach from south hills trying to sell his football program to new parents. very sneeky if you aint cheeting you aint trying.

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