State Playoffs: St. Lucy’s advances to regional finals, Chino Hills loses in four sets to Troy

CIF-State Southern California playoffs
Tonight’s regional semifinals
Division II

St. Lucy’s def. Downey 25-22, 20-25, 25-23, 25-15
Troy def. Chino Hills18-25, 25-22, 25-22, 25-21

Next: St. Lucy’s will face Troy on Tuesday in the Southern California Regional finals at the University of La Verne, 7:30 p.m. If the Regents win again, they play for the state title in San Jose on Saturday.

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  • Chino Hills


    Chino Hills playing great football and still no love. Thanks alot Fred, Aram, the amount of support you give us says alot. Thank You.

    Go Huskies!

  • GHigh

    Darn! I was hoping for the rematch.
    Just came back from watching two former Starlings Pomona players playing for Pasadena City College and leading them to the Southern California Junior College semifinals. Markisha Richie, who was all CIF at Pomona High, and Aliyyah Abdullah who made All-State this year at the Junior College level. PCC also has former South Hills setter Danielle Stewart, West Covina Alum Jessica Foley, and St. Lucy’s Alum. Brenda Moscoso.
    Pretty special to see these women play at the next level.
    Good Luck to St. Lucy’s and Congrts to Chino Hills on an excellent season.

  • Robert

    So much for SLPHS v CHHS Round IV
    Not sure what happened…..Hopefully some one from there will enlighten us and report on the game. Congrats to the Huskies on a memorable run.

    St Lucy’s is a word…………WOW.
    They played like Champions tonight. Battled for every point. When things weren’t going their way they stayed focused and kept their aggressive style of play. They received their usual effort(s) from the “usual suspects”-Dalton, Macy, Sifuentes, Young, Bast, Callen and Warmington. They got huge play from a player who does not see a lot of PT in Davis. She stepped in and stepped up. Isn’t that what BIG TIME players do?

    Good luck ladies with Troy HS. You have represented your school well and play the sport with such passion and respect for the game.

  • FredJ

    Sorry if some of your comments didn’t go through, been getting a lot of spam so I was tinkering with the spam controls and wound up sending a lot of comments to spam. I set it back to normal, so you should be fine again….I found a few of the comments in spam and released them.

  • Go Regents

    Can’t believe CH lost last night. Would be interesting to hear what happened. Did they get too complacent after what sounds like an easy first game win? I can say that CH was a better team than Downey, and Downey distroyed Troy in finals.

    From the article, sounds like they ran everything through the middle, which is great news for SL’s, since we happen to have two of the best middles in Socal. SL’s play was still sloppy, which pretty much handed Monrovia that second game. Davis was a good substitution and was able to come in and take care of business. Nice job from the young sophmore. SL’s needs to clean up the unforced errors and they should dominate Troy.

    Good luck Regents! Troy is marching on Sparta! Time to defend your house one more time and then on to NoCal!!!

  • Damien High School Overbooked

    here’s a conundrum. Bonita has their boys/girls basketball doubleheader against San Dimas scheduled for Tuesday at Damien HS

  • conundrum

    Don’t Bonita and San Dimas have gyms? Move over San Dimas and Bonita, you have been bumped by the Damien’s sister school, that would be the right thing to do.

  • SL Fan

    Congratulations St. Lucy’s on being in the State Semi-Finals. That is HUGE! The win against Downey was a team win. Everybody was contributing on every level. SL continues to show the balance of the team over and over again.

    A big shout out to Arden Davis. She did a fantastic job and shows just how deep the SL bench is. She came out like a rockstar with big swings and great defense. Dalton being the leader she is continued to come up with the big swings, Callen covered that net like no other (which is incredible given her injury) and Young and Warmington showed what Rocket fire looked like. Macy, as always, spread the love to her awaiting militia of assailants. Bast, SiFuentes and Rivera cover the back like the stars that they are.

    Thanks Robert, I agree the usual suspects fought hard and played well. For Go Regents, we had our sloppy moments of course but at the same time SL had some amazing plays during those less than organized moments and everyone saw just how talented each of those players are.

    Go Regents!!!!

  • conundrum

    No, I don’t think bumping San Dimas/Bonita is “the right thing to do”. Isn’t HONORING a contract – the right thing to do? Doesn’t sister Lucy have a gym too?

  • Really??

    St. Lucy’s does have a gym and was utilized for CIF. However, it does not meet State tournament guidelines. This is why Damien was called upon to assist St. Lucy’s.

    I do believe honoring a contract is important. However, St. Lucy’s reaching the Regional Finals/State Semi-Finals is monumental for the Damien/St. Lucy’s community.

    I am having a hard time believing this is even a conversation. If anyone was in St. Lucy’s shoes, they would be saying the same thing which is the Regional Game should be at Damien.

  • conundrum

    how about of you were in Damien’s shoes? Or San Dimas & Bonita’s? honoring a contract to two schools is less important than a playoff game for another?

  • It just doesn’t matter

    Damien is fulfilling their obligations so Bonita/San Dimas can stop their sniffling. Or they don’t have to break out in to a brawl over it (Insert Volleyball Smudgepot from 2 years ago here). Always a class act those two….

    St. Lucy’s has several sites in the works and this will be announced shortly.

    But to Really?’s point, yes a State Final should rank over previous committment of a preseason, non factor, doesn’t mean anything anyway game. Especially, since St. Lucy’s parents (who have Damien graduates/students) raised money for that center.

    To the private school haters, how interesting that Damien (a private school) opened their doors to two schools who do nothing but bash them on the blogs.

    From Damien: You’re welcome!

  • conundrum

    Really? and It just doesn’t matter – so you’re marriage (a contract) takes a back seat when a prettier ex-girlfriend (a State playoff game) comes along. Is THAT what you’re teaching your Catholic children.

    Your word is your bond. Period. Congrats to Damien for realizing that

    Feel good about it – you’re moving to ULV. Best of Luck.

  • This is a volleyball blog

    Conundrum-you need a life.

    These blogs are stating an opinion. That’s it. Damien never changed their mind and nor did St. Lucy’s ask them too.

    And after the “Brawl” Bonita/San Dimas should be the last to preach to anyone about raising Catholic children or any children for that matter because there were kids at that game. And for those who missed it, there was a phot gallery recap of the disgrace.

    Being in the State Semi Finals is a big deal that warrants a big venue. For the money these parents have raised and donated it is ashame that they can not use the Travers/Cronin facility for such an occassion. I believe that is what the parents/fans are trying to communicate. No more, no less. This has nothing to do with the “Contract” but parents stating their disappointment of not playing on the home court. Please, get over yourself.

    We wish the San Dimas/Bonita the best of luck in the basketball game. You will have to let us know how that goes.

  • Fred Robledo

    FYI, game has been moved to the University of La Verne at 7:30 p.m.

  • conundrum

    I too, believe it is a huge accomplishment to be in the State Playoffs. Been in quite a few myself – and not affiliated with San Dimas or Bonita at all. Catholic too. Which is why I applaud Damien for doing the right thing and upholding an agreement. That’s rare these days. And yes, St Lucy’s DID ask them to change their mind. They announced to EVERYONE (including the State CIF Office) that the game was at Damien.

    Just listen to yourself and your reasoning. “It’s a big deal” – “We helped raise the money” – “nothing to do with a contract” – “disappointment over not playing on their home court” (I thought that was at St Lucy’s?)

    Really? Sounds a bit spoiled and entitled to me. It has EVERYTHING to do with a contract – and absolutely nothing else.

  • Mike

    This should be a great match! Troy was swept by downey, but was up every game, 10 points at some parts. They lost at the end of the sets because they folded under pressure. After the first set against chino they changed their passing lineup to take out their worst passer. The first set chino’s serving destroyed her, hence the embarrasing first set. After that Troy beat them in every level of the game. Chino could not stop troys middles or their best outside. Chino could also not get the ball down on their defense. Not surprising since the libero and ds have committed to division one schools. This is going to be a great game. Troys middles are better than St. Lucys but St. Lucy’s outsides are better.

  • Clubber Lang

    Not sure why they have to play at La Verne. Chino has a perfectly good gym that they’re not using anymore.

  • Well wait a minute

    Congratulations SL Regents on a job well done! I agree it was a great TEAM effort.

    GOOD LUCK tomorrow night. Stay focused, play YOUR game like the champions you are & ‘Leave no doubt’

    GO Regents GO!!

  • Play On !

    Can’t St. Lucy’s use the old Damien gym on campus? What’s the big deal? Play on !

  • Extreme Makeover Gano Edition

    old Damien gym has been turned into Gano’s weightroom/fitness center

  • can we just get along

    Coundn’t San Dimas and Bonita fans just get along and play in their own gyms?

  • D High

    Extreme Make Over, thats the old old gym. The old gym, which was formally called the new gym, is the activities center now. They could host a game there for nostalgia sake, but I would prefer La Verne over that.

  • SGV Volleyball

    Its amazing the St. Lucys haters in the crowd (aka conundrum).

    St. Lucy’s announcing they were having the game at Damien’s gym was not a spoiled act or overriding Damien in anyway. This was a miscommunication between St. Lucy’s/Damien. Again, nothing more/nothing less. Their announcement was again based on the previous miscommunication. Conundrum is not in a position to speak for either school and was not previed to any information leading up to it.

    Tonight will be a great game. The teams sound pretty evenly matched.

  • conundrum

    Congrats to the Regents on a great season.

    SGV Volleyball – interesting that I’m a “hater” Trying to figure what statement was “hating”? Help me out.

    Actually, as I said – unattached. In fact – was present in Damien’s gym for their 1st round of State vs Mt Carmel – to support the Regents.


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