South Hills win Cory Lidle tournament

South Hills defeated Temecula Great Oak, 7-4, in the final of the Cory Lidle Thanksgiving baseball tournament on Sunday. The Huskies’ Ryan Peterson hit a two-run homer in the fifth inning to give South Hills a 5-4 lead. South Hills’ Ty France was named MVP of the tournament and was awarded the Cory Lidle Foundation scholarship.

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  • Love it

    I am so glad to see that Dave Bletcher and Cory’s family and friends are keeping his memory alive with this tournament!

  • Winter Chill

    A great 3 days of baseball – over 100 teams competing throughout the Southland at a variety of locations. The Huskies survive the High School Division semis and final on a thin pitching rotation as 2 Freshman get them to the bullpen for Saylor and France to close. Down 4-0 in both games S. Hills shows composure and depth with the sticks. Despite the cold temps a great turnout in the rain against Bonita on Saturday night. The Cory Lidle Tourney along with the RJ Legacy game bring together the community and represent all that is good through sports.

  • Playing with a full squad

    Does south hills have any football players on their baseball team? If so, at least they could field a full team since they didn’t make the playoffs….many other teams were probably missing kids because they have successful football programs.
    Who the heck care about baseball in November? Kind of like getting excited over a february passing league tournament.

  • Baseball Wire

    Playing with a full squad,

    I guess you missed the good intentions of the Cory Lidle Memorial Tournament. It’s about community and raising money to help those in need.

    The Cory Lidle Foundation has donated more than $135,000 to the “Make A Wish Foundation” for children, baseball scholarships, the Tyler Stanger Foundation and so much more.

    Yes it’s winter baseball but this was about Charity first baseball second. It also gave a sneak peak at 2011’s Sierra League. Just like last year when Bonita won then went on to the CIF finals. It was great to follow and fun to watch their dynamics unfold.

    Most teams were probably not at full strength, and the fact the SHHS had two freshmen start the semi and final games is probably a pretty good indicator they we not as well. There #1 and #2 starters both out with injury. Good thing it’s winter and they have time to heal.

  • South Hills Alumni

    Playing with a full squad:

    Why are you hating on South Hills football? they have one bad year and now they have a terrible program?!
    go do something with your life.
    And to say they only won because other teams had kids in football still, is an ignorant statement because South Hills has had a dominant baseball team for several years now. Ty France and CJ Saylor led the varsity team to a Division III CIF Title as FRESHMAN!!! they are the reason for the recent success, so thats why they won the Corey Lidle Tournament.

  • kh

    good job s.h.
    but dont get to high on your selfs we won it last year and the whole valley down played the trny.
    great job hope you make it in cif so we can settle what you started,
    good ass hopping.
    your team size looks alittle small,
    not in numbers, in strenght..
    after i walked away from sat. game acouple coaches kept staring,what the hell you looking a problem with kh say something,
    i dont like your style of coaching baseball over
    except for maz,always working the umps,i hate that,leave the dame umps alone,they can blow the call with or without you guys,what i saw when you guys played amat last season,thaught i was watching coaching and umpiring cleint
    let the kids play ball its about them not you 6 coaches.
    i heard the umps called the game because of rain,
    three starters from bonita werent there ,good luck umps.

  • kh get over yourself

    Get over yourself man! We all know some teams were down guys but it was a great tourney non the less

  • kh

    hey over my self.
    let us take care of 1 cif at a time.
    working on friday night round # 3
    they after its all over the backyard starts to light up,its baseball season….

    i love it big guy.after another quest then and only then will i get over my bonita family selfs.
    go bearcats.
    will be umpiring c.o. bonita game sat at c.o.
    200 oclock,come watch a real ump working with the kids,its not about me brother,this is my four c.o, game.
    guess what have never had a coach talk trash to me, iam there working the strike zone so the pitchers and hitters know when i will call strikes,its alot of fun,thats all.and a bunch of pretty moms.
    woman love a man in a uniform,so ive been told,,hahahaha play ball
    guess what i really dont care who wins.its winterball get there work in and try not to get hurt.see you at the old ball park.

  • kh get over yourself

    No one probably argues with you cuz you just toss em!

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