Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Steve and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet. I lead the overall series, two years to one.
Last Week: Robledo (11-1); Ramirez (9-3).
Season: Robledo (189-55); Ramirez (184-60).

Last week: I was four-for-four in the Mid-Valley and Southeast, the only game I missed was taking Norco over Vista Murrieta, which wasn’t close. I blame our Norco blogger for that and me for listening. Steve missed one in every division, taking Muir, Covina and Roosevelt, who all lost.

This week: I’m going to be a mood spoiler, there will only be only one team left after the weekend, West Covina, who will go on to win the Southeast title, unless of course they run into injuries or a turnover-filled game that costs them. I can’t imagine them losing to Mayfair, though road trips are never easy. I have seen Bonita twice, against West Covina and Muir, and both times, didn’t come away extremely impressed. I do love how they battle, but they got a juggernaut in La Serna, who has won ten straight. The way Whittier schools have beat up on us in the Mid-Valley division, I’m taking La Serna, who does own a win over La Mirada. Speaking of the Mid-Valley, Monrovia will return the favor against San Dimas. It’s like the ‘Cats have two championships, Saturday’s to exact some revenge, then next week where they hope to win their first title after nine championship tries. We know they hate the name BillyCats, but until they win a title …well, they’re the Billycats. If you thought just because Bishop Amat was eliminated there was no football at the highest level, look again, Chino Hills is hosting undefeated Corona Centennial, who many believe are better than Servite and Mission Viejo. It’s the game of all games for the Huskies. I don’t think they win or come close, but what a treat for everyone. On Friday, Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and I will do dual Coveritlive’s. He will be at West Covina and I will be at Chino Hills. We will blog ’em both together, and you can join us during the chat. Should be a lot of fun.

This week’s games and predictions
CIF-SS Semifinals
Mid-Valley Division

Whittier Christian vs. Village Christian at Glendale HS, 7 p.m. — Robledo (Whittier Christian); Ramirez (Village Chr.)
Monrovia at San Dimas, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (Monrovia); Ramirez (San Dimas)
Southeast Division

West Covina vs. Mayfair at Bellflower HS, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (WCovina); Ramirez (WCovina)
La Serna at Bonita, 7 p.m. — Robledo (La Serna); Ramirez (Bonita)
Inland Division

Corona Centennial at Chino Hills, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (Cor. Cent); Ramirez (Cor. Cent.)
Rancho Cucamonga at Vista Murrieta, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (Vista); Ramirez (Vista)

Chino Hills with have their hands full with Corona Centennial QB Michael Eubank

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  • gralx

    Seriously… other than La Habra, when was the last time a Whittier area team did damage against a SGV team in D7? Bonita wins going away. (this coming from a CO fan btw)

  • Bulldog Parent

    Go Bulldogs…play smart and hit hard!!! Let’s go West Co!!!

  • CH Husky 4 Life

    For our Boys! so far you proved everyone wrong and right now you should be the other 12-0 team. Like Bub said if you want to be the best you have to play the best, don’t let their padded stats doubt yourselves! We need to walk out on that field knowing that this is the last year for you to ball together as one! Do this for yourselves. do this for your brothers on the field. our team is not hand picked and we are not from the outer cities living in apartments for weekdays, our team is genuine and put together by Faith and the Lord and we do belong here and together as One Team One Dream! Go out there and make us proud and play with your heart until that last horn blows. We are proud to be Huskies that is CHINO HILLS HUSKIES!

  • CO Sux

    Ask Walnut that question… Typical CO fan, large for sound, light on brains…But then CO never did recruit for academics… Next time, please engage fact before keyboard…BA Lancers Rule

  • 12th man

    Just like i said!!~ Norco would win one game & then be out!! They were overrated from the start of the season! Dont let there record fool you! Well atleast we see where they stand & they could never compete in Pac 5 football seeing how Vista Murrieta dismantled them! Vista’s only loss came to a mediocre pac 5 team in Crespi who lost to Amat!~ Well the good news is that the Norco blogger cant run his mouth anymore & brag about what his team was going to do lol.. He should of learned his lesson when Centennial annihilated his team!~ The lesson here is “Dont believe everything you hear & read & only half of what you see”
    Asta la Vista Norco!!~

  • Smudgepot game drew 5,000 fans

    Thanks for your insight Fred.

    Having gone to all the Bearcat games, I and many others have come away very impressed with Bonita! The determination this team has shown since the WC defeat has been terrific. Wins of 57-0, 38-10, 51-6 & 49-25 indicate a strong desire to continue striving for victory.

    A well balanced La Mirada team averaged 16.6 passing yards and 6.1 yards rushing in their 32-28 victory over La Serna. In that game La Mirada only threw to four receivers and two of them only caught the ball once each.

    Bonita has eight legitimate receivers they can go to all game long. Their run game and discipline proved to be the difference against Muir. Both La Serna and Bonita beat the three common opponents they played. Both team’s kickers came through in the clutch for victories. Calpreps has this game 34-24 Bonita. A win makes the Bearcats the home team for the finals!

    Good luck to all the teams! Lets hope for solid, fair officiating.

    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80


  • Bonita will win

    After the way La Serna played Walnut, i think there is no way Bonita loses.

    Bonita 35 La Serna 14

  • Aaron

    La Serna was a top seed and needed an over time to get by Walnut. That says more about Walnut than it did La Serna. They barely got past Norwalk. Do I respect them, yeah I do. They are 11-1 just like Bonita. They have a great quarterback just like Bonita does in Andrew Buenrostro who like Pendleton spent the time to get better. He’s putting up great numbers passing out of the single wing.

    I think the answers about athleticism, speed, physicality, stamina, depth, and toughness were answered against Muir.

    There’s no silver lining in this, play Bearcat Football and win. Someone said it last week, The Bearcats are excellent front runners 11-0 when having the lead. I expect much of the same, another battle but a win nonetheless.

  • Dan a BoCat fan

    Hears the Deal. Bonita was picked to be in the finals by your Paper at the beginning of the playoffs. They have passed the test at each level despite bad officiating. Now you say La Serna is a bigger dog? What changed?
    We had a victory over San Dimas who are still in it to win it in the Mid-valley repeat. Home against La Serna; The Bearcats’ balanced offense; a quick take a way defense should have Bonita running away with a win in this game.

  • El Toro


    Bonita and West Covina
    West Covina wins in the Finals (too much good stuff)

    San Dimas and Whittier Christian (sorry M-Town)
    San Dimas Wins Thriller at Whittier College

  • Steven Teixeira

    This is the game of the week…. Centennial Corona…vs…. Chino Hills… my pick is a very close game… with Chino Hills coming out on top. … watch out for us…. we have been playing our best football the last six games…. I know that they have us losing 42-21 already (cal-preps)…all Amat fans come to the game…. it isn’t that far away… TEX…

    Big upset…..

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J,
    Will you guys also be having dual coverage on Saturday with Bonita and SD ?

  • Xs and Os

    Aaron, the single wing is outdated. Teams that run that offense, run the wildcat now. La Serna runs the wing-t. Please do not confuse wing-t with single wing. Two completely different offenses. Both rely on misdirection yes, but like I said earlier the single wing is outdated, but did inspire the wildcat offense.

  • My Pal Aaron

    Aaron while I hope Bonita wins I have a bad feeling when people start hammering refs…especially when you’re 11-1. Does that make any sense?

    I seen Norwalk against St. Paul and Norwalk was tough, tough and tough with a big back that punished tacklers big time. I also thought they showed incredible resolve handling St. Paul at home early in the season so La Serna must be doing something right or that big back wasn’t healthy.

    I thought Muir would be a big test for Bonita at this time but the Bearcats came up huge even without Basic second guessing Podley who seems to be “smart” again…imagine that.

    Having seen Claremont against Damein it’s clear Bonita can beat many different styled teams but I also saw the West Covina game and in that game muscle won out over finese. Not saying Bonita is a finese team as much as they’re a precise team who follow instruction well.

    Either way Aaron I wouldn’t be surprised if the “bad officiating” drama doesn’t make another appearance soon, and not in your favor this time. Still perplexed that no Muir/Pasadena fans came on here and said what a poorly officiated game it was…AND THEY LOST!!!

    I guess all I’m saying is take one game at a time and forget the “ugly” win and be thankful the “bad” calls didn’t steal a “win” from you guys.

    One things for sure…La Verne will be rockin come game time!!! Win or lose…what a great season you guys are having.

    Go Bearcats.

  • Colt74

    Going with all our homies this week, why wouldn’t I?
    Taking Village over Whittier.
    Really want to see “Dogs and Cats 2:Cats…The other white meat” I’m not a Bohi hater, I am a WC believer. Big difference.
    After the Covina/San Dimas game I said here that I saw something in the Saints that I liked. That feeling is still there. Besides 0-10 has a nicer ring to it than 0-9.
    Centennial/Chino Hills looks like Godzilla meets Bambi. But, how can you not go with the underdog on this one? Huskies are no slouch. If David could do it to Goliath…

  • FredJ

    Amat 73, that’s the plan…We have two games Friday and two Saturday and will do a coveritlive on all four games. I will be at two and Mike will be a two and we will do Coveritlive together so you can follow both games as they happen….I’m going to be at San Dimas and Chino Hills, Mike is at West Covina and Bonita…

  • Red Barron

    Colt45 (I mean 74),
    Don’t hate on CH because of your own shortcomings, calling us out as Bambi’s? CH is ranked 19th in the state by Maxpreps, not bad. We know we are going up against a monster team, no doubt, they have stacks of talent and a lil swagger too. But stranger things have happened.

  • Jackboy

    My Pal,
    Obviously you werent at the Bonita Muir game On Friday. You seem like an intelligent person and Im sure if you were at the game you would have come to the same conclusion.
    The reason you dont see much Muir Pasadena fans complaining is; they dont normally blog as much as the east San Gabriel fans do on Freds side of the Trib.
    I really feel the bad officiating hurt Muir More than Bonita. I was over on the Muir side for the start of the second half and believe me, plenty of complaining; with good reason!
    I personally dont think the officiating will be nearly as bad as last Friday because Im sure CIF knows the situation and will make the necessary corrections.

  • CentennialHuskies1

    I think this game could get ugly fast. CH has never seen a team like Centennial. There big, strong, and fast. I mean you seen there qb highlights he has over 2300 passing 1000 rusing and 20 passing td and 20 rusing td. CH is probely a decent team but not matched up well againest Centennial. I predict it to be 56-21. If you think im crazy just wait and see on friday than you’ll know what im talking about.

  • Colt74

    Pink Barron ( I mean Red Barron ),
    Why do you love the word hate so much? I’m not a CH fan. Why would I be anymore than you would be a Covina fan? But I still picked them. It’s called respect.
    Don’t like my analogy? Here..lets try another few. Centennial/Chino Hills is like James Bond vs Maxwell Smart, Florida vs Florida State, USC vs UCLA, West Covina vs Bonita. I think you get the point.
    Now, leave the word hate to discussions about your life, your wife, or your job but stop using it because you don’t agree with someone. Look the word up in the dictionary because you seriously don’t have the slightest idea of the meaning.

  • Colt74

    Come on Chino Hills I know its a stretch but I have faith in you guys to pull out the victory. At least the Sierra is still being represented! Also I have Rancho beating VM mark my words!

  • ?

    It could also be like West Covina vs Covina at season end! 56-0… or 56-10… I could give Covina a FG and a TD in the final minutes!

  • Red Barron

    Horsey45, respect is all that CH asks for.

    The fact that your spew is on here more than Aram or Fred leads me to believe that you don’t know the meaning of the word “work”.

    Stick to the subject, stick to the subject.

    For Colt45,

    Go CH Huskies!


    ???? bottomline Covina won WESCO IN THERE HOUSE! All you have is ASSUMPTIONS! They took this team for granted and lost, GAVE UP A (PERFECT SEASON)!


    You know what they say about ASSUMPTIONS, THEY ARE LIKE A.. _ _ _ _ _ everybody has one!

  • Monrovia Mom

    Colt 74 – “0-10 has a nicer ring than 0-9.” How’d you like someone to say that to your kid who has worked their butt off to get that title? What a massive jerk you are. Do you understand that you are discussing kids in this situation or is your only concern your ego and winning the blog wars with the other mouths on here? Please take a breath and think about that before you come back with another insulting remark. Keep in mind that the comments and egotistical garbage about all teams is coming mostly from grown-ups posting on here. Not the kids who are actually playing the games.

  • Bulldog Parent

    @BOTTOMLINE said;

    Covina also lost to Walnut who West Covina beat. It really does not matter much at this point since Covina is out and the Bulldogs are still playing great ball. Covina had a great season…leave it at that and stop trying to downplay the accomplishments of a strong West Covina team. Go Bulldogs!!!

  • Anonymous

    Monrovia Mom:
    He is simply bitter because his team couldn’t make it past the second round.

  • wow

    YOU TELL’EM monrovia mom! COLT74, needs to HUSH his mouth. LOL… But he can’t help himself BECAUSE HE’S A BLOGGING JUNKIE and keeps coming back for more!

    So you last remaining BLOGGERS quit suppling the JUNKIE! LOL…

    COLT74, please go clean your dentures, or do something productive, like put up the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! HO, HO,HO,.


  • wow

    – — ——————————-

    Colt74 said:
    Going with all our homies this week, why wouldn’t I?

    I mean your in your SIXTIES… LOL…

  • Aaron

    X’s and O’s,

    I was only using the knowledge I had. I had been told that Buenrostro was passing out of the single wing.

    Mr. Corona,

    As far as the officiating was concerned. I obviously wasn’t at the Cal game but Bonita incurred 180 yds in penalties against Cal High. That’s a lot. The true reason I hammered the refs in the other thread wasn’t necessarily the penalties themselves…but that once they threw the flag the officials conferenced for what seemed to be five minutes at a time. The first quarter literally took over an hour. They would throw the flag, conference, make a call, not enforce the penalty notice that they didn’t and then enforce it. It legitimately looked like the three blind mice.

    But that’s not what I said in this thread, I said La Serna will be tough but as long as Bonita plays Bearcat Football they will make a trip to see West Covina in the finals.

  • Don

    Some of you here fail to see the problem most had with the officiating at the Muir-BoHi game was not with the calls but with the officials. Personally, I think the calls went against both teams equally and didn’t really affect the score all that much. The problem was HOW the game was run which was poorly and slowly. That did not seem to favor either team but seemed to work against both as the pace surely sapped the Mustang momentum at times and, at least when the game began, it looked like the white hat wanted to slow down the Bonita no-huddle O.

    The fouls or the no-calls were not critical to the outcome of the game, but sending, and paying, a five man crew who were clearly in over their heads out to work a playoff game is an outrage and needs to be brought into the light so it isn’t done again.

    To those of you who think the griping is part of some deep conspiracy to gain an advantage for Bonita I can tell you nothing is further from the truth,

    And enjoy that Oliver Stone film festival.

  • FC

    Don when one call affects a game how doesn’t 40? Now I hear what you’re saying about equal disadvantage but that’s almost impossible to measure as someone lost momentum and someone gained momentum on every call.

    Does any oen have a final tally on the calls and which team had how many by when. That would take a level of journalism that apparently we don’t possess here.

    Get the facts and let’s see what really happened. BTW did Aram or Fred find out if CIF has an offical opinion on the game at hand…especially with so great a source as the “blog” to go on.

    Seems funny that thsi issue has teh legs it does…some how it can’t be good in the long run.

    Now if Bonita loses a game with poor officiating I wonder if the blog might hit an all time high in hits!

    Don btw …how was the game itself? How did Podley attack Muir and which players came up big? I know this ref bashing is fun but I still would like to hear about the game and what a great job the Bonita coaching staff is doing this year.

    BTW …where’s Basic?

  • La Verne Online covers the Bearcats best!

    If you want to get the best Bonita reporting check out Peter Bennett’s work at

    Here is the link for the Walnut game:

    I hope you enjoy the photographs as well.


    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • Aaron

    Mr. Corona,

    I have a few answers to your questions. Podley attacked both through the air and on the ground. Giamani Johnson had a career night for almost any Bearcat Runningback in recent memory. SGV Trib, Mid Valley News, and LaVerne online all have Giamani Johnson with around 130 yards and 3 TDs. Maxpreps has him at 99 yds and 3TDs.

    Attacking, well the game seemed to be over quick and had Bonita not received a penalty the call I forget which was on the first possession making a FG instead of TD. It would have been 14-0 in the 1st quarter instead of 10-0.

    There were times when Garrett threw some bad balls, others that were just plain not caught. However, when it came down 3rd and long and even a 4th and long he made the pass that got his team a first down (the big money plays, ya know). When he got blasted by the Muir defensive front or when he made that 15 yard run and getting what gave me the image of the Aubrey Coleman facemask on Michael Ball: He got up and went back to work. That’s what a leader does. However on offense it isn’t all Garrett, you had Garrett Horine making a grab in the corner of the end zone and Austin Venegas catching a pass and going in. You had Cameron Griffith walking one in. Honestly I thought Giamani had well over 130 yards rushing because when Bonita needed him to tote that rock, he did so with violence putting gashes into the Muir defense. The O-line protected Garrett, at times Muir’s guys got through, they also run blocked well.

    He had three TDs in the fourth quarter, he was money all night and when it counted most he did it with 18 points.

    How about the defense: Mikity, Huth, McKenzie, Brungard, Gelalich, Horine, Pichotta, Lemmons, Johnson, Griffith, McCulley. The big boys up front penetrated and allowed the Backers to get in the offensive backfield and stop Tairen Owens from running roughshod over them and also containing Jeff Davis.

    But if you want four guys I’ll give you six guys: Johnson, Huth, Mikity, Horine, Brungard, and Venegas.


    Lets go SCHUSTER!!! your long over due! Get that ring!!! So you can show the AZUSA AZTECS and put that goal in them!

    Good Luck to you on Saturday, and I know Monrovia won’t make that mistake again!

    EX-HEAD COACH from AZUSA, now the defensive cordinator for Monrovia. I for one is pulling for you!




  • Mid-Valley Sports covered the game well too!

    Jt Orosian’s account of the Bonita vs. Muir ball game is well done! Nice photos there too!


    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • Colt74

    Monrovia Mom,
    Yo lady. Get a grip. If you think I’m supposed to appologize to you you are nuts.I’m supposed to like Monrovia because they have kids on THEIR team? San Dimas has kids on their team too and I’m picking San Dimas . So wheather you like it or not I hope San Dimas takes your record to 0-10. Don’t like it go read Ann Landers. This is a football blog. You will not tell me what to say or how to say it. Ever.

    “Keep in mind that the comments and egotistical garbage about all teams is coming mostly from grown-ups posting on here.”
    You just now figured that out? Newsflash there Blog Police….this is a football discussion predominantly being discussed by adults. No kids are named or belittled. I have every right in the world to input my predictions as anyone else. You don’t like my predictions or the way I word them. Too Bad.Don’t read them then. Yeah I guess that makes me a jerk huh? Almost as much of a jerk who thinks they can come on here and tell me or anyone else what to say or how to say it. That goes for wow too.

    Again…In case you missed it I myself seriously hope that San Dimas beats Monrovia and runs their record of not winning CIF from 0-9 to 0-10.
    And yes Covina only made it to the quarters. So what? Does that mean according to you and your sidekick wow that I can’t have an opinion on anything other than Covina? Yeah…hold that thought…

  • Don

    You asked Frank.

    The game was actually kinda fun. In that respect, I disagree with Aram. Besides, I was bundled up pretty well. lol

    Yeah, I know I didn’t like how long it took or the job the officials did, but the play on the field, the coaching was OK by me. As said elsewhere, the game was much closer than the score. And running a half dozen vanilla off tackle plays at the end of a game is NOT showing someone up. Also, don’t hold your breath waiting for a coach at La Serna or anywhere else to worry about some real or imagined slight by a possible future opponent.

    The Muir athletes were all they were said to be. The move that Kevon Seymour made in the first quarter could have made ANYBODY’S highlight film, even if he was OOB . . . The Spread DOES use the pass to open up the run. Still . . . Is Coach Howard really running John McKay’s offense and Bud Wilkinson’s defense? In 2010? . . . Biggest set of the night has to go to Coach Podley. Just showing up in the pain he must have been in was impressive. You go Coach! . . . Does this end the talk about BoHi’s ability to play fast teams . . . I hope opposing coaches keep underestimating Garrett Horine and let someone other than their best power forward cover him. NOBODY boxes out coverage like GH . . . Speaking of roundball players; how about that Muir QB? Does he have some hops or what? . . . And speaking of QB’s; another solid performance by Pendleton who shows that with a little time, he can throw against anyone. Some drops cost him some #’s too, but he would never say that himself.

    In the end, Bonita simply threw too much at the Mustangs on both sides of the ball and just wore them down, not unexpected to some.. Muir had to play all of their best hosses both ways, just like the Bearcats used to.

  • wow

    @COLT74, Hey calm down and I can see some of your steam coming out of my screen. COLT74, IF… Their were a BLOG POLICE, you would have been citied for the CORNIEST BLOGGER! Admitted your a BLOG ADDICT!

  • Anonymous

    Colt74 is a bitter old grandpa. Waaaa you wont tell me what to do waaaaa.


    Aztec Pride: Why are you still on here? you are just bitter cause SD beat you guys last year!!! Schuster left you guys high and dry!!!!!

  • CO Bro

    Well said Colt74, although I may not agree with what have to say, I do agree that you have EVERY right to say it.

  • shaming the sgv

    colt74 is a product of “c-town” need I say more.
    Therefore, do not be surprised at the inane things he spews.

  • AMAT 73

    Open question to the blog and Fred and Aram. As our football season in the SGV runs down, earlier for some (present company included ) than others I have a thought. I remember when it was announced that there would be a 24/7 blog strictly for football . Many responded back with joy and glee as football seems to be the sport of choice in our valley . Not slamming baseball but no hits like the hit counts during football season especially when AMAT and CO are in the mix. That is BLOG JOKE so don’t jump all over me on that . What the heck happened to Aram’s blog. On very rare occasions do threads ever go above the 25 count. Many times the exact same or similar threads are posted on both sites. Was Aram’s blog meant for the entire SGV , north , south , east , west to come to one place and post our views together . If so I don’t think there were many topics put forth where we could get on there and give our takes on general topics but instead it was mainly rehashing topics posted on Fred’s blog ( an example is why have the Bonita/La Serna on both blogs) or the various areas blasting each other when the different locals face each other which is ok since we should all meet there when cross valley games are played . I am not saying there weren’t some topics that hit it on the head as far as good subject matter such as the one on what if SH was still in the San Antonio and a couple of good ones on the CIF Monarchy .Don’t get me wrong , I am not blasting on Aram like My Friend Sparta but just my opinion and trying to see what my fellow bloggers think .You know without my LANCERS in the hunt these are the kind of things running across my mind instead of wondering how the hell we would do against MV .

  • chiefs

    La Serna wins, saw both Bonita and La Serna against Santa Fe. La Serna is very good! Go Del Rio!

  • BroncosNation

    RC Over Vista?….Really?

    A very focused and healthy Vista Murrieta 35 over Rancho Cucamonga 14

    Go Broncos!

  • 12th man

    Was reading some of theese blogs! WOW!~ LOL…I feel your pain COLT 74…THIS IS BETTER THEN CELEBRITY REHAB!~ LOL..

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