The quarterback poll question …

For stats on all the quarterbacks, click on the MaxPreps leadererboard below

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  • SGV football

    If we are talking about just a passing QB than I have to go with Pendleton.His numbers are not as high as they could be because of a injury that he had before the season started and that his Dad says is still not 100% heeled. Also he has played in only the first half in most games because of the scores and also to get the back-up in who is also pretty good. What i like about him is that he does not get rattled, very calm and spreads the ball around. He does throw interceptions and seems to be under control the whole game.I have seen three of the other qb on the list and he clearly throws the best ball of the four.

  • FredJ

    This is an extremely good list of quarterbacks, but not one of them has stood out convincingly, which makes picking one so difficult…

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Maybe some stats on the play of each to seasons end would help on making a decision. This is probably going to be a popularity contest but a little more info might help in a honest selection by bloggers. As for myself with basically seeing Rio the most and getting a feel for the others by reading the blog it is tough to be even keel here. From what I have read I just might have to go with Pendleton as he seems to be able to play within himself and uses the weapons he has quite well . Rio is a very close second but is still a raw talent in some areas but man can that kid put some juice on the ball, he has a cannon of an arm. If he plays next season with what he learned and did this year he should be something to see .

  • Common Sense

    The numbers don’t lie. Daniel Kessler has the most passing yards in the whole Southern Section let alone the San Gabriel Valley. This should be an easy one for those with “Common Sense”

  • Aaron

    Let the popularity contest begin. There hasn’t been a game where Pendleton didn’t get his. There is one blemish that he is working to get rid of. Have to play La Serna this week though.

    The team goal of beating every team the Bearcats lost to last season was accomplished. Winning in the playoffs was another, now they will continue the march forward.


  • Aaron

    And he still couldn’t beat Bonita!!!

  • Michael

    Wow, I’m surprised that this question even needs to be asked. Come on people, just visit Daniel Kessler of Claremont High School absolutely killed in the stats! He lead the entire CIF southern section in both passing yards and touchdowns. I even just read some article about how Kessler broke Dan McGwire’s (Claremont alumni) school record for passing yards and TDs in just 10 games. A record that McGwire had set in a year that Claremont had won CIF and played 14 games. Who is Dan McGwire you might ask? Oh, just a former NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins, and brother to the even more famous Mark McGwire. Come on folks, this is a no brainer. I guess this popularity contest is fun for what it’s worth…but numbers don’t lie, and the numbers show that Kessler was by far the best quarterback in So-Cal.

  • jcaz

    Aram and Fred, just a few observations here…..

    73 said that doing something like this may be very well be nothing more than a popularity contest, and I couldnt agree more with that statement. However, in many ways, this thread may very well be a big deal more for you guys than for us because maybe it can let you guys figure out just how many football followers are still out there with us.

    Also, a similar thread right about now may even help you guys out in determining where to pinpoint your resources now that football season is coming to a close, because while baseball season is certainly a big deal for many, I was very surprised last year to see that there were almost as many hits on this blogg for some of the many girls sports, including softball.

    You know, I bring all of this up because on more than one occasion, more than a few blogers have written in to point out the obvious, and that was that Arams blog has often times carried the very same subject matter as your blog has Fred.

    This critique is actuality a valid one, but now, more than ever, that blogg can really start to serve the purpose of why it was created in the first place.

    Remember, Arams blog was created to serve the interests of the football crazy community, and I think, and I may be wrong here, that it was suppose to focus on that alone.

    If I recall, it was suppose to be be somewhat different in its purpose but it wasan’t really…..

    However, now that there is a clear changing of the guard with respect to prep sports, that blogg can begin to really shine. Simply stated, Aram, give us more football news and make it somewhat different than this blogg is here and you’ll do fine.

  • just sayin’

    if it was JUST statistics – the Sierra Vista running back would be player of the year – or the kid from Rosemead – El monte – Mt View. Look i t up. Most yards rushing. Are they the 4 best running backs in the SGV?

    We ALL know that is ridiculous. It’s stats vs who you play – and HOW you play. This one IS easy.

  • Michael

    And to say that Kessler couldn’t beat Bonita is pointless…I’ll give you two examples to prove that. 7 years ago an incredibly talented player by the name of ERIC WEDDLE (San Diego Chargers) played quarterback for an Alta Loma team that didn’t even make it to CIF. That same year another talented player IAN JOHNSON (Detroit Lions) lost several games during the season for the Damien Spartans, including a second round CIF game to guess who???? Claremont!!! I’d like to echo Common Sense’s comment when he wrote, “The numbers don’t lie. Daniel Kessler has the most passing yards in the whole Southern Section let alone the San Gabriel Valley.”

  • baby blue nutter

    B. Roach. Kid got cracked numerous times trying to keep a play alive…and always got up..sometimes it took a few minutes…but he always got up. WesCo, Claremnont and DRanch took some good chunks of arrrsss. I know the program said he weighs 165…but. With that, 4 times he led Walnut on late 4th quarter drives to tie games and force OT (Covina, DRanch, La Serna) or to win (Rowland). No doubt not all QB’s had those types of situations…but he did…and excelled. I also realize he had Coleman to throw to…but Coleman was injured in game 1…and was in and out of the lineup most of the season.

  • HSfootballFAN

    you need to do this with running backs freddy!!!

  • reality

    Just curious, where is the West Covina QB? I was thinking of voting for him and Im a Bonita fan. He is a great field general.

  • SpartanAlumni

    Hey Fred Are you asking this QB question and looking at Stats? because Schurr High Schools Aaron Cantu is better than everyone on this list except Daniel Kessler who is listed as # 1 in the Southern Section. Cantu is a fantastic QB he has thrown for 322 more yards than last year and managed to lead his team to the 2nd round of playoffs twice as a junior and a senior. Recognize talent regardless of where they go at 6’3 205 lbs he is a first class QB.

  • Amat forever

    Common sense never played a Down in the Pac 5
    In a system that features the running game, where the coach is trying to prove a point with his RB that it’s the system (not J. Anderson)…where the QB is usually just a wooden Indian handing off. Amat is Old School and tradition and the play calling is stuck in the 80’s…Young Rio threw over 30 times in a game just once (Tesoro) and that’s because he needed it to. The running game was gone, shut down by the Front line of Tesoro…Rio threw for near 250 yards and 2 TD’s to get us back in the game and RAN for over 70 yards that game, with a 30 yarder called back for holding late in the game…HE set a CIF record for 20 consecutive passes and only played just more than a half in 5 games and still threw for 2000 yards…He was 10 yards away from tying 2 of Pat Haden’s records when pulled after the second half…Pat Haden averaged over 40 attempts per game…Rio averages just over 20…He was the Western States Athelete of the week and featured in ESPN Rise…If Rio played at Damian, Gano would build a whole offense around him and throw 50 times a game, he would shatter every passing record in the Valley and Damien would be “it School” Gano dreams about from his LA Days…But Rio is a Lancer and I am very happy he is…Next year Hagerty better utilize Rio to his fullest, or no big time QB’s will EVER want to come to Amat and be a statue…Rio is the best athelete this valley has and his best sport is coming up in a few months…I can’t wait to watch this year. Rio is the Best QB in the Valley period!

  • QB insider

    RUIZ: Played big games but lost big games due to his turnovers, he has another year to prove himself if he chooses.

    PENDLETON: Good arm but still to slow, played in a weak league.

    SANTIAGO: Great athlete but how could you not shine at qb with receivers like he had also has another year to prove himself without those over 6’1″ receivers.

    JEFFRIES: Shame he didnt have any talent at the other end of the ball. Missed the last 3 1/2 games of the season due to shoulder injury in one of the toughest leagues around. Good luck at SDSU.

    KESSLER: Had the right mix of coaches and players to help him reach those stats, saw him at a few camps and didnt impress to much. Should get some late offers if not already.

    As for the others didnt see them play but I’m sure I didnt miss anything. I will not vote !

  • Aaron

    Seen, Kessler in person. Good QB I was wondering why he didn’t have any offers last season. Looks like some schools are interested in him now.

    It’s like blogging, like with hits, you only get votes when you play for Amat. I have no bone to pick with Rio Ruiz, solid kid but you can’t tell me you couldn’t have put Tyler Prsynski back there and still win nine games with the ground game Amat had. Ruiz has a cannon, however the majority of his passes were short and a lot his yards came on YAC from his receivers. I didn’t see it this year, saw it last year with Jerry McClanahan. If you think I haven’t seen Ruiz this year, think again, the joys of IBN when it comes to PAC-5 and Inland Football.

    However if I was going to go with toughness I’d have to say Brandon Roach, I would want to say Pendleton but Roach had to deal with the same thing Pendleton had last season. The kid got hammered and still came to play. Don’t get me wrong, Pendleton will stand in the pocket, deliver, get hit, and get back up.

  • sgv

    What about West Covina QB. He lead his team to beat Glendora(Jeffries), Walnut(Roach), and Bonita(Pendalton). Is now in semi-finals on to a championship and has to be the best runner of them all. He is more balanced than any of these Qb’s and doesn’t miss games.

  • AMAT 73

    just sayin,
    I hope you are not sayin that Rio is the easy pick.You have the formula correct but I think you have the out come wrong. Because Rio has good stats vs ND and Jefferies had equal vs CO doesn’t mean the nod goes automatically to Rio because it was against D-1 competition. That’s where you need to have stats and do the comparisons.Was CO a stronger opponent or was ND .Like the famous far,far,far superior theory. What you can compare one on one are when you have like opponents. Rio and Pendleton had a like opponent in Miur . Get the stats how did they fare against each other. Then you have to factor in time of the season , playoffs vs pre-league and a few other variables. I think a few SGV teams could have beaten ND or given them a damn good run for their money so in that case I would give Jefferies the nod due to tougher competition in that one game and maybe that’s why I gave the nod to Pendleton in an earlier post plus he’s still playing.You can’t punish a player because he excels in a lower division because you don’t know if a Pendleton or Kessler had gone to AMAT they wouldn’t still be putting up the good stats. Don’t get me wrong because if Rio does play next year he will own some of Haden’s records before he’s done.

  • kh

    what about bonitas # 6 1 pass 47 yard bomb td.donsnt get much better then that/
    notttt just joking take it easy guys.
    hands down nobody has better # then garrett for the time hes in..
    plus 3 rounder.
    go bearcats

  • Ro

    lets give it to pendleton,and coach of the year to bonitas coach. last year 3 and 8 and this year only one loss which they can avenge still. Rio was also great against better opponents but fell short in the end.

  • smallcity

    “… he (Rio) has a cannon of an arm. If he plays next season with what he learned and did this year he should be something to see…”

    I agree, but only if Amat gets a formidable line together.


    Big question?
    Did’nt Pendleton miss 6 or 7 weeks? I like the guy that played every game and was available every down!!!

    RIO by far…

  • Jimmy the greek

    I like Chad Jeffries you put this kid on BA’s team and its semi finals for sure. Rio does have a gun but not the QB savvy you need to be successful.

  • homie please!

    Can Anyone say overrated ,Fred please don’t fall into the trap. The measure of a great quarter back must begin with winning. Is Joe Montana A great QB without his victory’s under pressure?,Is Terry Bradshaw a great QB without his Super bowl rings? and last but not least is Tom Brady a Great QB without his super bowl titles? One word Wow! does Bishop Amat have that much juice? You can throw many QB’s into that system with that much talent around you and have tremendous success homie please somebody shake this fool until he see’s the light.

  • two&Que


    Are you serious? Eh! Wrong you lose the big game and your done no tomorrow second chances are far, few and in between. QB s’ are generals on the field period winning the big game is everything obviously BA has yet to a accomplish this and hard for you to understand. Your lost my man get a clue good arms, good short stops are one thing but great QB s’ are another. No way Jose one hit wonder ran into a brick wall are you fricken kidding me bro several great QB s’ out there who have been playing the position long enough and know how to handle the pressure of a good defense. Not since 1995 more like not since Pat Hayden has BA had a QB of greatness.

  • two&Que


    Are you serious? Eh! Wrong you lose the big game and your done no tomorrow second chances are far, few and in between. QB s’ are generals on the field period winning the big game is everything obviously BA has yet to a accomplish this and hard for you to understand. Your lost my man get a clue good arms, good short stops are one thing but great QB s’ are another. No way Jose one hit wonder ran into a brick wall are you fricken kidding me bro several great QB s’ out there who have been playing the position long enough and know how to handle the pressure of a good defense. Not since 1995 more like not since Pat Hayden has BA had a QB of greatness.

  • two&Que


    Are you serious? Eh! Wrong you lose the big game and your done no tomorrow second chances are far, few and in between. QB s’ are generals on the field period winning the big game is everything obviously BA has yet to a accomplish this and hard for you to understand. Your lost my man get a clue good arms, good short stops are one thing but great QB s’ are another. No way Jose one hit wonder ran into a brick wall are you fricken kidding me bro several great QB s’ out there who have been playing the position long enough and know how to handle the pressure of a good defense. Not since 1995 more like not since Pat Hayden has BA had a QB of greatness.

  • baby blue nutter

    Pendleton missed games…but 4 playoff games makes up for it. Get by La Serna and lead the team past WesCo…you gots a pretty good case. Still think it’s about the defense putting the offense in good position to score for Bonita…but hard to argue with a championship.

  • Dan

    George Johnson may not play qb in college but he is a great leader and game manager for West Covina, the few times he throws it’s usually on the money, and it’s a lot of fun watching him juke people in the open field, he could be the best running QB this side of Nick Bueno. He will also lower the shoulder if there is nowhere to go. He is a vital part of the WC offense.

  • Victor

    I would just like to say that last year Kessler played Bonita when Pendleton was healthy and Kessler easily is a better QB with a much better arm. Claremont went up 31-0 on Bonita, so basically saying Kessler didn’t beat Bonita is invalid because last year Pendleton couldn’t beat him. Pendleton has less than half the amount of yards as Kessler this year granted that he didn’t play as much, but he shouldn’t be in the discussion and Kessler has 3,490 yards passing and 37 TD’s and is #1 in southern Cal…’s a no brainer

  • Ro

    you cant be puttin down Rio for losing against Tesoro,he battled the whole game and had many good drives called back because of penalties. fumbles and interceptions happen when your a leader and try to make things happen,look at brett evryone is saying any quarteback can do a good job with the talent Amat has but during the year everyone was talking bad about amats talent. Rio must of did something good if espn put him as rise player of the week.if bonita makes it to the final pendleton should get the honor.


    Until you can think strait and spell right, just stay out of here…
    Let’s see if that carma comes back on your QB!!!

  • To Victor:

    Victor, what your saying is not true. Last year Pendleton played the first series and then they put another QB in. yes Clarmont got up 31-0 but Pendleton came back in and it soon became 31-28 with bonita knocking on the door late in the game. Claremont won but it was beacase of Pendleton’s second half that gave Bonita a shot. Yes Kessler is a fine Qb but he does not have a stronger arm and Garrett is such a great competetor. Both are very good but for my money I will take Garrett P.

  • To All Blue

    Hey all blue , your talking about KH and his spelling and you spell —Carma or should it be Karma.-hmmm

  • uncle pete

    Unless your going to take into account the peoples voting for all area qb (which you and I, and all of the readers know you are not. You should not even poll this)

    Bottom Line you have a team that may have been bounced in the first round of the playoffs but was lead by their QB. You give it to the Amat Kid.

    and FYI I am not affiliated with Amat or the ESGV at all.

    Uncle Pete

  • Facts

    Not sure if Whittier is in this selection process but Anderson’s numbers blow away Ruiz numbers. This guy produced under pressure in the playoffs. I’m sorry but how can you really have Ruiz even in the mix as the best QB in the valley. Your sales pitch on Ruiz pre-season was his wheels; he was going to give Amat that running threat they didn’t have.

    At the end of the season here are his rushing numbers;

    9 R. Ruiz 47 126 2.68 11.5 23 2
    11.5 rushing yards a game with an average of 2.68 yards per carry.

    Anderson over the hill at Whittier Christian rushing numbers;

    7 S. Anderson 111 578 5.21 48.2 7

    Here are his and Anderson’s passing stats:
    R. Ruiz 134 215 .623 2000 181.8 19 7 109
    S. Anderson 234 346 .676 2614 217.8 26 8 105

    Just to make it easy for you Anderson has 3192 total yards with 33 TDs and Ruiz had 2126 total yards with 21 TDs. This is a kid that you didnt even consider compared to Ruiz.

    Now I recall another comment you made about another Bishop Amat player, Brock Booth. After their scrimmage you claimed he was going to be of the top DEs in the valley. He ended his football career with two catches for a total of 7 yards for the year.

    7 B. Booth 2 7 3.50 3.5 6 0

    Two catches for a total of 7 yards all year.

    You wonder why people don’t respect your opinion, it is BIAS.

  • Walnut Insider

    I would vote for Roach, Kessler or Pendleton. Although Kessler didn’t hit everyone that night, he was making throws that were just amazing. He was probably the most impressive QB I saw out of the list with Pendleton next.

    Roach won’t win this thing, but in terms of being the biggest surprise it would be him. Like Baby Blue said he got hit constantly and never stayed down. He played with a broken thumb in his throwing hand against La Serna and took it to overtime. Remember going into the season some weren’t sure if he was the best QB for Walnut. Now people are asking how Walnut will replace him.

    As for West Covina’s QB, I would say that the ground game really helps him out as a QB. I’m not saying he’s bad, but I was far more impressed with #5 than their QB.

  • AMAT 73

    Not really to sure if you did post the comment on Rio but , that was totally uncalled for . I could give a rats azz what you post on the players from Bonita but when you come on here and make a statement like that about an AMAT player you have crossed the line with me . I guess because you played on one CIF championshiop team so you say does not give you the right to come on here with crap like that . As someone pointed out to you that you have had a big stumble or choked in life which is the true game and I do commend you for rising up and getting straight but give these kids a break . Mo need for that kind of post here on Rio or really any player at the high school level. If it wasn’t you well it goes for whoever posted under your name.

  • 12th man

    Facts said,
    Are you serious?? Theres no way you can compare Andersons stats to Rios..two totally different beast’s…Thats like saying the QB from East LA College had better stats then anyone from a D1 college..”come on man “…You honestly think Anderson would have those kind of numbers playing in the Pac 5??? Playing teams like Alemany, Loyola & even worse if you make the playoffs then you have to face the powerhouses from OC, Servite,Mission Viejo,Mater Dei,& you cant overlook the swarming defense that Long Beach poly or Lakewood put up every year…Lets just say that if the rolls were reversed & Rio played in would see state records being shattered..So lets not compare stats on here!~

  • sgv

    Kessler hands down, stats and making teamates better tell thje story, no disrespect intended but his recievers and rb’s are not a strong as Pendeltons or Rio’s. Rio is the future, GP yards are about great runs after the pass for the most part, BHS is a superior team with emphasis on team.

  • Aaron


    I know my friend Mr. Huth got in defensive mode there and went on the attack. Because some of the Amat guys are saying that the others that are on this list aren’t deserving because they play in a lower division. That’s the truth, re-read some of them. Is Rio Ruiz deserving to be considered for this award? Based on numbers? Yes he is. However I also know like you that the thing that runs the Amat machine was Jalen Moore and when healthy Zachary Shay contributed as well.

    It can’t be stats, because then why didn’t Graham Harrell win the Heisman when I know he got robbed of it. When he not only had the stats but had the wins.

    That said my vote goes to Pendleton, his stats would be much higher if he was left in the majority of games, but why blow someone out even more when you can build depth and get your twos and JVs in? I’ve also heard the same could be said about Rio Ruiz. Granted if Rio plays next season some records will be gone at Bishop Amat and his name will be firmly implanted on that wall as he will get his shot to play college football.

  • AMAT 73

    12th Man,
    What makes you so sure Anderson would not have Rio like numbers if he was at AMAT . It is evident the kid has talent or else he wouldn’t be putting up the numbers he has. Doesn’t matter at what level he plays and as a matter of fact the numbers say he’s head and shoulders above the talent level he faces. Like I wrote you can’t just say because Rio is in the PAC-5 and he puts up good numbers that he is the best. I think that is the type of thinking that has bloggers on our case much of the time. Remember the job Hags and crew did with plugging in J Mac into AMAT’S offense and how well he played which many of us didn’t see coming. Well with that type of coaching staff it is fair to say Anderson would have had success at AMAT as well as Rio having the success at WC. Let me just say unfortunately we only really know what Rio did against 2 of the 7 teams you mentioned and he was .500 against the 2.

  • bob bradstreet

    why not george johnson of west covina. he has only led the team to many victories.

  • 12th man

    Amat 73
    Your jumping the gun!! I never said Rio was the best..Im simply stating that its alot easier to get better stats playing in a lower division! 1st of all in the pac5 you have at least 3 to 4 players on every team playing defense getting D1 scholarships or offers..2nd the players are just bigger faster & stronger in the pac5..look at there physical attributions the players on the O line or the D line are averaging anywhere from 6″2 to 6″6 in the pac5, anywhere else they average from 5″9 to 6″2…If your saying that the Pac 5 defense is the same anywhere else…You my friend are sadly mistaken!..As for Anderson im sure he’s a great kid & a great QB..but you simply cant play Devil’s advocate & say “what if” or “could have” lets keep it simple & we should vote for the best QB in there respective divisions..If i had to vote on the Pac5 QB it wouldnt be Rio…I would have to go with the MV QB or maybe even Adams from far as the SGV goes lets throw out all the stats…we should vote for a team leader & someone who has made a difference..& of course someone who without a doubt would have put there team in the position that there in now..My vote would go to the West Covina QB…Although his name isnt on the ballot or his stats never make the Tribune..He has proven that he’s a team player & a leader on offense..Remember no touchdown gets made without the QB touching it first…Its takes a general to go out there & command the troups & the WC QB has shown nothing but leadership & percervience on & off the field!..Not to jump the gun but if WC does win have to strongly consider him especially if no other team in SGV wins it all~

  • SGV For 30 Years

    This is a tough call. Who gets it all depends on who picks it. I don’t really see Johnson from WC getting it. True he has lead his team to the Semi Finals. If it were a leadership award, I think no one could argue against him. He has done a great job. But he is kind of a victim of the offense WC runs. I like GP a lot, but Bonita still won against some pretty good teams with him out. So I really can’t go with him either. I didn’t see Amat so I couldn’t speak on Rio, Same with Nunez from Azusa but they were 10-0 during the regular season. Kessler really impressed me with how he ran the Claremont offense. I think he was the best that I saw. Roach from Walnut has to be in the conversation. His toughness and poise was at least that of the others. Here was a kid who wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar last year. All he did was lead his team (that was picked to finish 6th in league) to the play-offs. He beat Livingston (Covina) head to head. I can’t really say that he did it because of Coleman either. He spread the ball around to many different receivers. I know Roach probably won’t win this poll, but before the season started how many of you bloggers even knew who Brandon Roach was?

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!

  • AMAT 73

    I read the whole thread again and did not see one AMAT post saying anything bad on Pendleton to warrant a post like the choke post by kh. If you find one point it out to me please. I guess it really wasn’t kh who posted the choke comment because it is gone. But if you had read my posts I have stated you just can’t say Rio is tops because he plays in D-1 and has very good stats. Don’t confuse high school with college as they are completely different animals especially in Heisman comp. Afterall where did Moss or Brady rate out of college because of their schools and divisions . I gave the nod to Pendleton because of stats and as I said we have on like opponent but the key factor was Rio beat them in pre-league and Pendleton did it after Thanksgiving which says a lot on its own but I did say Rio is a very close second and I mean very close. Also if Prsynski was the QB you would have seen a different offense and who knows about the 9 wins. Like I said I can only really judge Rio because of seeing him the most and the others by what I read and comments on the blog along with stats . If you had seen Rio and what he brings to the field your thoughts on TP and those 9 wins would be totally different . Read you were in town for the holiday which was nice to hear. Good luck to you and thank you for your service to Our Country.

  • Playing time

    If u are gonna consider Pendelton u have to consider Jefferies. They both played partial seasons.
    My 2 cents neither played enough to get the vote.
    Side question if what is holding Pendelton back from being recruited?

  • Aaron

    You’re right, I just re-read the entire thing. I was trying to rationalize what happened and just based on the way these threads come out I could have sworn I had read it.

  • AMAT 73

    12th Man,
    Didn’t you play the devil in stating Rio if he was at WC would shatter many records. If so why is the reverse not true plugging in Anderson. By the way your average figures on O and D linemen Don’t add up to what we have at AMAT . No way am I saying PAC-5 defenses are the same as anywhere else . But using your theory, the O lines are equally as big to offset that advantage you speak of to level the playing field . What I am saying is basically the same as you . You can’t have an honest who’s the best just based on play because of the many factors of each division. We really are talking about the QB’s who have talent above the norm because if the QB’s from CH , SD , WC , I can only guess in Fred’s eyes they don’t match up to the ones listed even though they are still leading their teams in the playoffs and only one from this list is still in the hunt. That was one of the main reasons I picked Pendleton. Plus does this include playoffs or just until seasons end. But hey the thread is doing what it should and that is getting the hit count up .

  • football guru

    If you take the west covina Qb away from that team they are not in the semi’s. He leads that team without a doubt. He doesn’t have the stats like the others but that offense is developed around him. I can’t believe he is not even on the list. I think he has beat at least 4 of the above names head to head and has started every game since he was a sophmore.

  • http://roni RON

    1 Daniel Kessler(Sr)
    Claremont (CA) QB 5 -26 1665 1639 327.8
    2 Travis Santiago(Jr)
    Charter Oak (Covina, CA) QB 5 112 1278 1390 278.0 6 1.2
    3 Vincent Hernandez(Jr)
    South Hills (West Covina, CA) QB, P 5 116 711 827 165.4 6 1.2
    4 Andrew Chavez(Jr)
    Chino Hills (CA) QB 5 139 658 797 159.4 30 6.0
    5 Enrique Zaldivar(Jr)
    Damien (La Verne, CA) QB 4 -41 304 263 65.8
    6 Chris Gilchrist(Jr)
    Charter Oak (Covina, CA) WR, QB 5 21 21 4.2 14 2.8

  • 12th man

    Amat 73,
    Sorry!..Wrong guy! I never said anything about Rio playing for West Covina & as far as Amat is concerned thats why there at home watching the playoffs instead of playing in them! ..for the exact same reason that you stated…they just dont match up physically…check out some of theese numbers…

    Mission Viejo:
    52 Steven Evensen OG Jr. 6-2 200
    55 Colby Cyburt OT Jr. 6-5 240
    56 Douglas Hanson OL Jr. 6-4 265
    57 Joshua Antol LS Jr. 6-0 205
    58 Nick Coffey LB Sr. 6-3 194
    59 Ryan Takamiya OL Jr. 6-2 250
    60 Michael Contreras OL Sr. 6-4 290
    61 Daniel Brick OL Jr. 6-0 240
    63 Kevin Carroll C Jr. 5-11 250
    65 Joey Ruiz DL Sr. 6-2 250
    66 Joseph Pacheco OL Jr. 5-10 238
    70 Scott Paul Stephan DL Jr. 5-11 200
    72 Austin Maass OG, OT Jr. 6-5 285
    74 Jon King (C) OG, OT Sr. 6-3 285
    75 Issac Rasanayagam OL Jr. 6-1 236
    76 Keenan Griffin OL Sr. 6-0 270
    77 Chance McCall OT Jr. 6-4 310
    80 Elliott Washington TE Jr. 6-0 190
    81 Sean Vora WR Sr. 5-9 137
    82 Brandon Neville WR Jr. 5-10 165
    84 Dallas Porter WR Jr. 6-0 200
    85 Mitch Melugin DE, TE Sr. 6-3 215
    86 Darel Williams WR Jr. 6-4 190
    87 Thomas Toricivia TE Jr. 6-4 215

    Servite, Mater Dei,Edison,Rancho Santa Margarita,etc. all of those powerhouses from the OC are corn fed…Corona Centennial is the only other team thats not from the pac 5 that can put up the same level of competition because of the big players they have!~…Anyways the only way to determine who the best QB would be is if they were all playing in the same league..Stats mean nothing & you cant compare Mark Keppels defense to Servite defense..”Come on Man” No matter how you play it out the more physical, bigger, faster, stronger guys will always prevail..Thats just a fact~

  • jim

    You do not have to be a brain surgeon to understand what Daniel Kessler accomplished this year as the Quarterback for Claremont High School.Cool under pressure is what this kid is all about, he had to do it all.No running game to help him deceive the defenses he had to face. They all knew he was going to throw the ball,boy, oh boy,did he ever.Seven and eight men playing pass defense against him in every game and he still completed pass, after pass ,after pass.To think what he could have done with a running game is mind boggling.The defenses would have had to be honest in their defensive play calling. I have never seen a quarterback throw the ball in such tight windows. It would be interesting to review the running stats for the teams the other quarterbacks played on, I would bet they all had some kind of a running game.Congrats to Daniel!!!

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    Figured since you were talking about Anderson you could figure WC meant Whittier Christian so maybe now you can answer the devil’s advocate question . Well it seems the we did pretty well against Crespi,Loyola ,ND, and Alemany who was not all that much bigger than AMAT. Turnovers killed us this year not lack of size, plain and simple because no one really man handled us this season. We basically shot ourselves in the azz. And if you really know anything about AMAT football we are not usually the biggest kid on the block and haven’t been since the 70’s . We also did quite well against MD last year and I don’t think they added that much weight in one season and O Lu when we played them so size is nice but unless you have speed and agility it’s tough to move that 275-310 pounds around. Servite, we did have a lot of history beating them so I don’t really think it’s all that neccessary to have size to win . All I am saying is you can’t automatically say a good QB fron the D-1school is the best because it’s no fair to equally as good QB’s in lower divisions. Going by what you say the QB from Chino Hills is tops because other than Rio he is the only other QB from a lower division in the SGV to beat a D-1 playoff team and defense.

  • Facts

    Interesting comments about Ruiz and you can’t compare to the D1 competition. Let’s all jump off that Bishop Amat ban wagon and look at the numbers. Against the quality D1 teams here are Ruiz numbers;

    11/12/10 L 30-38 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) 12 20 140 .600 0 1 22 60

    11/19/10 L 21-31 Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) 17 33 244 .515 2 2 42 71

    A combined 29 for 53 average of 194 yards 2 TD’s and 3 interceptions.

    Now you throw in those stat padding games against the None D1 and real weak D1 schools you get Ruiz overall stats. Let’s be honest here Bishop Amat only played four or five quality teams. Against the top two teams Ruiz’s numbers are poor that is the main reason BA is watching and not playing. Don’t believe take a look for yourself.

  • 12th man

    Amat 73,
    To answer your question..The reason why you cant compare the switch is because any Athlete in any sport moving down into a lower division would be expected to excell…& as far as BA they havent won the pac5 since guess is that over the last 10 years teams have become bigger stronger & faster in size…Take a look at the last 10 years of champions from the pac5 they all have numbers that would indicate otherwise..Last years Champion!
    51 Michael Meyer DL, OL So. 6-2 235
    53 Whyte Riley OL Sr. 6-1 245
    55 Christopher Collodel OL Sr. 6-0 255
    60 Tyler Cordell OL Jr. 6-2 265
    63 Austin O’Shea OL Jr. 6-3 260
    67 Wyatt Baker DL, OL Jr. 6-2 265
    69 Nico Espinoza DL, OL Sr. 6-2 300
    70 Travis Averill DL, OL So. 6-3 250
    75 Kirifi Leuta-Taula DL, OL Sr. 6-3 285
    76 Matthew Jakubiec DL, OL Sr. 6-7 320
    77 Christian Reyes OL Jr. 6-1 245
    79 Kevin Farley OL Jr. 6-4 235

    And the team they played for the state finals was no slouch!~
    50 Nick Porter OL, DL Jr. 6-1 205
    52 Sam Dahm Torres , DL Sr. 6-2 190
    53 Tyler Heard OL, DL Jr. 5-11 215
    55 Vince Gibbs OL, DL Sr. 6-3 235
    57 Ethan Labelle OL, DL Sr. 6-2 235
    58 Matt Von Rajcs OL, DL Jr. 6-0 180
    59 Nick Cooper OL, DL Jr. 6-4 250
    60 Gurpreet Singh OL, DL Jr. 6-1 175
    64 Shaun Braly OL, DL Jr. 6-0 190
    68 Trevor Cooper OL, DL Sr. 6-0 240 71
    71 Daniel Opfer OL, DL Sr. 6-2 200
    74 Brian McNay OL, DL Sr. 6-2 215
    77 Jeff Vaughan OL, DL Jr. 6-3 240
    78 Scott Zorro OL, DL Jr. 6-3 240

    The bottom line is that the dynamics of the game has changed & not just in football in every sport..After 10 years or so you have to expect changes…although BA reached the playoffs & they do have a decent team..I just dont see them getting past the quarter or the semis without matching up physically with some of the OC teams..& to say that any QB could perform in the pac5 is a bold have to remember that your dealing with the D line that averages 6″2 around 220 & can run a 4’5 in the 40 & who are prospects for D1 colleges..& all those teams that you mentioned that Amat beat have not won the pac5 recently!~Its the sign of the times….”Size does Matter”



    One word for you- Your Qb is slow with poor mobility!

    Rio or Kessler

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – no worries. that happens alot here. people ass-u-me things about Amat based on perception – rather than reality.


    12th man,
    I have seen some comments here about corn fed O.C. boys and the size advantage they have… Take a look at the Mission Viejo team, they are crazy HUGE! Only two ways to get like that, one would be to work out 8 hours a day… Highly unlikely with school and practice!!! The other way is steroids…
    If they tested this team, they would lose half their team… Who regulates this? Who calls for testing? Where is the protection for these kids? Sure they will win the title, living in the moment… But there will be hell to pay down the road health wise… Seen it a hundred times…
    Good luck with that!!!

  • just sayin’

    if it was JUST statistics – the Sierra Vista running back would be player of the year – or the kid from Rosemead – El monte – Mt View. Look i t up. Most yards rushing. Are they the 4 best running backs in the SGV?

    We ALL know that is ridiculous. It’s stats vs who you play – and HOW you play. This one IS easy.

  • just sayin’

    Facts – Here’s some more facts for you. Amat opponents were still in the playoffs and played on Friday. Has anyone else played that many playoff teams – much less quarterfinalists? Crespi is Vista Murrieta’s only loss. Notre Dame played Taft to the final gun and they’re in the City semi’s – as is Venice, another Amat opponent. Garfield just gave Carson a run for their money in the City quarters and Dominguez is as tough as any team on any other SGV teams regular season schedule – they beat Crespi. As a matter of fact, Loyola is as good as any other team on anyone’s schedule – they beat Upland and gave Valencia their only loss of the season – and Valencia’s in the semis vs Oaks this Friday.
    This soft schedule is another myth right up their with Aaron not taking the time to read threads and ass-u-me what others say might be true. The reality is Amat faced tougher opponents in league AND in the preseason than anyone else on this list – and it’s not even close or debatable.


    One of the most impressive Qb’s is Henry Omana from Diamond Bar at 6’4″ 210 lbs. Jr. Earning his first start against LA as our phenomenal coach finally pulled his head out. Leading our Brahma’s to their first league win as he took over the game at the end of the first qt. losing 10-3 against Rowland on a dramatic come from behind win. Playing minimum min. throughout the season finally started the final two games. Again very little playing time and only two starts and put up almost 1300 yards and was the teams 2nd leading rusher. Look out for Omana he is a beast.

  • all right allready

    Fred just give it to the kid from Amat so all these Amat people can STOP crying on who they play how tuff it is and so on and so on dam i got a frinking headache…… Amat we know who you play you dont have to keep telling us and bringing up old scores. you sound so stupid. i think more people dislike Amat like my self not because of the school and kids but because of you guys keep going on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on ohh shoot im starting to sound like an Amat fan sorry for saying the same thing over and over and over and over…lollololo.. anyways if this was up to you guys your team will be up for player of the years for all positions right because you play in a tuff leauge right. Hey win another CIF and then come on the blogg and talk crap untill then your with the rest of the SGV not a pac 5 powerhouse…….. ouch…. im out

  • Grandpa Ski

    Number 16 was the best…remember when he out shined everyone in the QB challenge, I know he had 3 passes in his career and 2 where picks, but the one he threw it was a bullet and almost was completed….Facts said or Should we say Grandpa said!!! Is an Old Idiot…The only reason Amat is not playing right now is we could not defend in 3rd and long situations…the last 2 games our DB’s got torched in those spots and our corners got exposed to excellent O-Coordinators, they took full advantage of our weakness and exploited it. Rio gave us a fighting chance to win those games…It matters who you play and how you played against them. Rio was the number 2 QB in the Pac 5 and because Wittek is still playing moved to number 3 as of right now, there are 29 teams in the Pac 5 with 29 QB’s or more playing…and our guy was as high as number 2…Amat has not had a QB that high since…EVER…and really , your going to throw your DB guy who got to play against Los Altos, and try to come on here and say it’s equal…0 and 10 Los Altos, a team that lost to themselves in a scrimmage!…Stop the nonsense, Pac 5 and the Serra league competition Trumps all. Pendleton is ground slouth, Kesssler coach runs up scores and played nobody, nobody, and got shut down in last 2 games against a bad So. Hills Team and Damien…Come on- he is a winner?…George Johnson is a winner from West Covina- but his system is run, run, run! Hope he gets his ring, Good Luck George!

  • AMAT 73

    12th man,
    Ok let’s just say we agree to disagree on this one and we will see. But my point was each QB needs to be judged on playing in their divison or league equally and giving a nod to a QB just because he played at the D-1 level as good or maybe not as good as a D-5 or 7 QB should not make it automatic . By the way I did not write any QB I wrote that if you put one of these on the list they would have good numbers on AMAT’S team because talent is talent and all these QB’s have talent. Anyway in the end you picked Johnson who is not on the list and I picked Pendleton so I think you understand my point.

  • just sayin’

    all right allready – count ’em up. I bet there are as many comments supporting other QBs as there are comments on Ruiz. Also -not all comments in favor of Ruiz are from Amat people. Even the most vocal her (12th Man) is a self-admitted bandwagoner with no affiliation with the school at all. There are as many comments about Amats “weak” schedule as people saying it is tough. Count ’em up. Same mistake Aaron made – don;t guess – perception is NOT reality.

    You say ” Hey win another CIF and then come on the blogg and talk crap untill then your with the rest of the SGV not a pac 5 powerhouse” No one has said Amat s a Pac5 powerhouse. THIS is a discussion about the SGV – not the Pac5. So how about we just kick the rest of the SGV’s ass (as we’ve been doin’ – numbers back that up too) and leave it at that!


    Hey Fred,

    Why isn’t the West Covina Qb on the list. He has started way more games than anyone on this list, has more wins than anyone on this list, and has played in more playoff games than anyone on this list. He made it to the semi’s his sophmore year. Just wondering!!

  • AMAT 73

    Hey Grandpa Ski,
    I believe the fumbled lateral and kickoff against Alemany and the fumble at the one yard line against Tesoro and a couple of other turnovers are the main reasons why we are sitting at home now rather the the DB’s . Turn those’s into scores and the lateral into a non score for Alemany and they change the whole face of both games. Guess what that ground sloth you speak of is still running around and doing his thing in playoff games and is one win away from facing Johnson in the final . You as well as the whole blog knows I bleed nothing but AMAT BLUE AND GOLD and will defend Rio as one of the top 5 QB’s in the PAC-5 all day long but with a few of you still harping on playing the toughest and against the best concerning this QB poll is even wearing thin on me . You guy’s are the amat nation at it’s finest. There is a time and a place for the harder schedule and tougher competition argument but this thread is not the place.


    Hey Aarron and Kh Boyish:

    Want to see a stud QB, come watch BIG MIKE. Milk is real good in cows country LOL

    SGV is weak with the only exception of AMAT..

  • Following High School Football for the Last 20 Years

    I have been following high school football for the last 20 years. I have had the opportunity to follow all 7 QB’s this year. The one blogger is right about 1 thing the QB from Walnut High School, Brandon Roach has so much poise in the pocket, but more importantly would always get up after a big hit to lead his team and to show the leadership that you need to have in a QB. I was very fortunate enough to attend Walnut vs. Covina. Out of all the high school football that I have watched I have never seen a QB keep getting up after getting hit so hard. What an unbelievable comeback at half time Covina 21 Walnut 7. To see this QB throw to 9 different receivers and had 5 touch downs to lead his team into OT for the win 49-41. Was totally AMAZING! What treat for all the fans! To take one other thing into consideration, this kid, Brandon Roach was his first year as the starting QB at the Varsity level what a huge accomplishment, most kids have 2 or 3 years at the Varsity level. To look at his stats on max prep where he threw for 2,497 yards and 18 touch downs is so remarkable for a first time Varsity starting QB. According to another blogger, how many QB’s do you know that can play and lead their team to tie the game with a broken thumb after the 2nd quarter and finish the game. Good luck to all the other QB’s my vote is for Brandon Roach.

  • Walnut Insider

    Following High School Football for the Last 20 Year;
    You brought up a great point that even I didn’t consider; starting on varsity for the first time and really showing some poise and great leadership throughout the season. I’ll say it again, but there were quite a few people wondering if Roach even deserved the job.

    And SGV430 also made a great of how no one even knew who he was and now he is being mentioned for the All Area QB.

    I don’t think he will win, but I think he should be recognized for his accomplishments.

  • Facts are a B#$*!

    Just Saying said,

    “Facts – Here’s some more facts for you. Amat opponents were still in the playoffs and played on Friday. Has anyone else played that many playoff teams – much less quarterfinalists? Crespi is Vista Murrieta’s only loss. Notre Dame played Taft to the final gun and they’re in the City semi’s – as is Venice, another Amat opponent. Garfield just gave Carson a run for their money in the City quarters and Dominguez is as tough as any team on any other SGV teams regular season schedule – they beat Crespi. As a matter of fact, Loyola is as good as any other team on anyone’s schedule – they beat Upland and gave Valencia their only loss of the season – and Valencia’s in the semis vs Oaks this Friday.
    This soft schedule is another myth right up their with Aaron not taking the time to read threads and ass-u-me what others say might be true. The reality is Amat faced tougher opponents in league AND in the preseason than anyone else on this list – and it’s not even close or debatable.”

    What idiot attacked Bishop Amat’s schedule? LOL!

  • reality

    Mr. Facts: You pathetic little clown. Don,t you know the only fact that counts now is wins, and you guys lost in the 1st round just like Pioneer High. Season means nada if you can’t produce in Nov. Dec. Go Bulldogs & Bearcats.

  • FC

    Let’s have soem fun.

    If Kessler, Ruiz and Pendleton are on the same team Kessler starts at QB, Pendleton is a TE and Ruiz is a WR.

    Any one want to dispute that?

    Seen all three and Kessler is Aaron Rogers, Pendleton is a poor man’s Big Ben and Ruiz is Randel El( remember he playe QB in college before being an NFL multi purpose WR.

    I’ve seen Rio grow (seen him four times) and he’s made huuuuuge strides, seen Pendleton practice and play and he’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too laid back for my taste. If he really worked on his feet and ‘tude he’d be very very good. Seen Kessler twice and he’s just flat out the best Qb of them all.

    Many point to Rio’s one year at the helm but think about this, Jerry Mac was a second stringer when he went into the game for one of the biggest comeback’s in Amat history, played better competition and did even better his senior season. For of Rio’s athletic talents he did have a tough time when it mattered most, fumbling at the one and not eating the ball when he was being sacked. Both lead to 14 points for Tesoro. Yes he had an awesome 20 straight but what are we talking about here, best right?

    Pendleton is like Bob Greise in his Perfect Season, except Mora started about half those games and like MOra no one remembers who got it done early, hint…it wans’t GP, plus the back up beat Kessler. Last point about Kessler, he looks awefully good when he loses. Kind of like SD’s Rivers and GB’s Rogers. Hey 300 plus yards, tons of punishment and looks good doing it…what more do you want?

    Kessler, hands down if “best” is “best of” and not any thing else like “most valuable”. Which ironically isn’t a requirement of any other All Area position on the field. Funny huh?

    BTW if Rio doesn’t play QB next year, ala Gio from Bonita…who’s Plan B ?

  • AMAT 73

    My Friend Sparta,
    Basically that is what I have been trying to say . You could plug in almost any of these guys at AMAT and with the staff ( although lately with some of your posts I am sure you regard them so highly as you once did ) they would have success. Like you said J Mac ( and there is a story behind him being second string which is why Hags pulled the trigger so fast that season at QB ) did lead the great comeback and we had a very good year last seson with him at QB. I am not taking away from anything from J Mac but the system did help just as it helped Rio develope into that 20 straight completion game. That is the problem when you put such a great all around athlete at QB you sort of limit yourself on using him at 2 other positions because of risk of injury to your #1 QB. I have said Rio was a work in progress and excelled in every way but game managment and basically trying to hard on some plays but you can’t fault a player for his effort only try to scholl him on when to make the effort and when to take a sack or just throw the ball away. Another thing is I don’t remember any Mora but I sure as hell remember a Earl Morrell at QB for the Fins. If Rio doesn’t come back there is someone in the wings but I believe that after the way this season ended he will be back because of the caliber of person and player he is . Wouldn’t you want another season at QB with what we have coming back . Don’t forget , that was a very young team that we put on the field and this past season they learned what it is going to take to take it to the top. Sometimes you can get more out of a loss then a win or in this teams case losses.
    #76 as you can see the turnovers did us in and nothing else , change 2 or 3 of them and the games take on a whole different outlook and ending because the effort and the team was good enough but not great enough to overcome spotting equally as good opponents the ball that many times. No matter what people say or feel about the DB’s getting burned, you cannot turn the ball over 7 times in two games and expect to win either game . It’s not going to happen.

  • Michael

    Why is anyone still wasting their time commenting on any QB other than Kessler? Go to people. Look at the stat leaders for THE ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. No need to filter any further. KESSLER HAS THE SECOND HIGHEST STATS IN THE STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The next QB in this poll that comes closest to Kessler in passing yards and touchdowns is Billy Livingston of Covina who had 652 fewer passing yards and 12 fewer touchdown throws. Not to mention that Kessler played 11 games while Livingston played 12. And Rio Ruiz, the Bishop Amat QB who is in second place in this poll has an entire 1,490 less passing yards and 18 fewer touchdowns than Kessler!!!!!!!!!!! But still, for some unknown reason people continue writing as if it were up for debate.

  • Facts

    Now that I done throwing all those numbers at you guys?

    I am going to give you my real point; the numbers really don’t mean that much. A huge factor that goes into those numbers is how good your team is. Let me give you the Ruiz example, according to Fred one of the best in the SGV. Fred due to his lack of knowledge of the game bases his opinion on how well the team did over all.

    My next example will prove my point. Michael Ball, all god according to Fred the last few years. Fred doesnt even have Michael Ball in the conversation and why? The Rowland Raiders weren’t a very good TEAM this year and Michael Ball’s numbers reflected that. Or are one of you going to come on here and try and tell me that Michael Ball all the sudden forgot how to play the position.

    Ruiz is a great athlete, and Bishop Amat did well as reflected in Ruiz’s numbers. That is all Ruiz is, is a great athlete not even close to a great quarterback, sorry Bishop Amat. There are many other quarterbacks out there that had a huge impact on their team especially the way Bishop Amat finished.

  • Aaron

    Because being the best isn’t about just passing for a gajillion yards, it’s about winning when it counts, and leading.

    Mr. Corona, I’m not sure if you were at the game in Pasadena but the development you’d talk about was seen there. Everyone talked about the speed and physicality of the Muir corners. No interceptions and two touchdowns. Got knocked down, got horse collared, got facemasked so bad on a run that it made me think of the picture of Aubrey Coleman yanking Michael Ball’s head around.

    Kessler is a solid QB, I’d be hard pressed to tell you who I’d want in a blind test between him and Pendleton. Their physical measurables are roughly the same Kessler at 6’4″ and Pendleton at 6’5″ Both with rocket arms. Not having running game definitely hindered what Claremont could have been able to do this year, a year I thought could have been a renaissance.

    What’s interesting is when I was at the Wolfpack challenge over the summer, Bonita just went to the first day, got knocked out by Canyon Country Canyon in our pool in what was definitely a bad game for Bonita…but what was the most impressive was how well Santiago did rotating four QBs the entire way. The thing is I saw Claremont drop two games straight in the second day to be eliminated from the competition overall. I don’t know what Coach Collins has behind Kessler but they’re losing a lot of kids this year.

  • Lancer#76


    You have to be proud of our boy Rio.

    At least he doesn’t come on here pumping himself up for All Area votes. Its not like if our OLine would have given him more time he wouldn’t have like 3 million more touch downs or a million more yards. These don’t people don’t understand. Its Hard. Its Hard I tell you. Hard in the Pac 5!

  • Bishop Amat Supporters

    I can’t understand why all these people don’t understand that it is hard in the Pac 5. All these other players have it easy in those other divisions.

    I for one agree with that other blogger just give all the awards to the Bishop Anat team. To be a starter on that team you have to be the best in the valley?

  • Ignorance is Bliss

    The reality is that most of these fools have never laid eyes on a good Pac-5 squad. This is the Fishbowl, gentlemen…They know nothing of the world of competing against California’s Elite. I mean…look at that one imbecile from Bonita challenging Bishop Amat? LOL! Bonita of all schools!


    Chino Hills? COMMON! CHINO HILLS IS NOT SAN GABRIEL VALLEY!…I don’t care what anyone says. It’s way the hell out there and everyone knows this! This is the FIRST season the SGV Tribune has covered them.

  • Aaron

    Yeah, I could tell you’re ignorant right now. Shut it!

  • Amat Honk

    73 et al – C’mon guys, if you reeeaaaally read these posts by so called Lancer fans and supporters….you can tell that it’s just some (then again maybe it’s more than one)pinhead trying to bring down the blog wrath on the AMAT Family. Be smater than that Blog Nation, wait, is that an oxymoron? Or is that even possible???? Regardless, good luck to all the SGV Teams still alive!!! Good season for us but it just wasn’t in the cards this year. Final note, The Pac 5 is a damn tough league and the AMAT Family wants to play no where else. You can’t really knock it until you try it each his own. Bring home the Hardware guys. SGV Football!!!!

  • Lancer#76

    Even if we can’t win, we are the best.

    If Rio had 2 more seconds during those games Rio would have like 3 million yards passing.

    Also Kessler is overrated!!! The rest of the valley…don’t play the same competition. You don’t need to be talking down to Rio because of how good he plays.

    I’m just so proud of him because he doesn’t come on here under fake names and tries to pump himself up to try to get votes for the All Area QB. I think that’s awsome!

    Pac 5 is a damn tough league and the AMAT Family wants to play no where else. Even if we can’t win in it. Every year its one and done but we try and we try. Its Hard for us to win. Its Hard I tell you. Hard!

  • Bishop Amat?

    I will say this much you back up your players. Looking at the teams you lost to, by how much and how the simple fact is Ruiz is the reason why you aren’t in the playoffs. I ask you this question how can you even consider a player for All-Area when he is the reason this team is watching. We really need to be honest here, maybe he has the talent but when it counts he choked.

  • 2 seconds?


    If “Rio had two more seconds”, do you even have a clue what it takes to be a great quarterback. Not your line giving you two more seconds to throw the ball. Ultimately the quarterback is responsible for making good decisions, and “Rio didn’t do a very good job of that in the close games and that is why you are watching.

  • Sarcasm

    2 seconds? – I hop everyone reads the sarcasm in the posts by the sarcastic bloggers PRETENDING to support Amat by using Amat nicknames. Obviously, if you read them they are from some loser – whose team is also sitting at home and most likey would get blown out by Amat too

  • AMAT 73

    AMAT Honk,
    If you read my post on 12/2/10 at 11:00 a.m. I make mention of posts by the amat nation who are behind all these assinine posts . Just another ploy by haters (aka amat nation ) to swell the ranks of those who hate on AMAT. Let them have their fun and continue to make fools of themselves. It’s good for the hit count which makes the Trib happy so just enjoy it for what it is , azzholes being azzholes.What is so sad about them is why take the time to come on here only to add fuel to the hate fires by pretending to be over zealous AMAT blogger when you could add your opinion on a thread and be productive. Is their hate for AMAT that much of a issue with them . A sad insight on their lives in the real world.
    To Bishop AMAT ?
    Have you excelled at everything you have done in life or when faced with adversity have come out on top everytime to say what you did about Rio choking. No need to call out a fine young man and put that label on him. Unless you have been in those situations you have no basis to say that.

  • Lancer#76

    Mr. AMAT 73

    Don’t get so mad at these people. They don’t know what we know. They don’t know how we are far far more superior than they are. How HARD it is to be a Lancer of 2011.

    Even Fred wrote the following after we lost to ALEMANY:

    “The Lancers LOST last week’s Serra League title to ALEMANY, LOST at home a week later where they had won 17 straight games dating back to 2007 and LOST to the MIGHTY TESORO TITANS.

    Lancers junior quarterback Rio Ruiz FOUR SECOND-HALF TURNOVERS were too much and they fell to the MIGHTY TESORO TITANS 31 – 21 at home at Kiefer Stadium.

    Jalen Moore couldn’t get going, finishing with just 25 yards on 12 carries.

    “We made a lot of mistakes” Lancers coach Steve Hagerty said. “we couldn’t make plays, and when we made a mistake, they capitalized. What can you say? They won…”

    Amat had a chance to take the lead on the opening drive, but Ruiz FUMBLED on second-and-goal from the 1, giving it back to Tesoro. The Titans then went on a 10-play, 98-yard drive on Kyle Woodbright’s 20-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Matt Adam, who threw for 220 yards.

    Ruiz tried, but instead of taking a sack he was hit trying to throw, which turned into an EASY PICK for Blake Rodgers at the Lancers 31 with 8:23 left. After converting two third downs, Rodgers scored on a 10-yard touchdown run to give the Titans a 28-21 lead.

    Ruiz FUMBLED on third and short trying to scramble, and that proved costly: Gabe Sciolla booted a 39-yard field goal for a 31-21 lead with 2:47 left.

    Amat drove to the Titans 18 on a desperation drive, but Ruiz was PICKED OFF AGAIN and that was it.

    Amat’s risky fake punt on third-and-11 from its own 31 failed miserably.”

    Even if we CAN’T win, we will try and try again. We are the best PAC 5 team in the SGV!

  • Don

    One thing not talked about much is how some of these guy’s early season work is affected because they were busy playing another sport prior to the football season. The elite qb’s these days all train year round both with their team and with personal coaches as well as participate in clinics and other events specific to a quarterback’s skill set.

    I wonder how Jerry McClanahan would have performed had he not been so involved with baseball. Same with Travis Santiago and Rio; Garrett Pendleton to a sloightly lesser degree with basketball. I know Pendleton spent a lot of time off-season working on things he wanted to improve and it shows. Guys like Travis and Rio spend summers mostly shuttling between football and baseball events to compete when they can.

    It’s doubtful we will ever see Rio or Travis play fallsport at the next level because of baseball, but it would have been interesting to see what guys like Ruiz and McClanahan, both of whom have the height and frame for Saturday football, could do in college.

  • AMAT 73

    Give it up kid you’re as bad as sgvsworstidiotsince2007 and the blog only needs one village idiot at a time.

  • FC

    Amat 73 ever thought that the”aMAT NATION” feed off of the “hate”?

    I know that sounds strange but then again I always thought it was srange to see cholos in long shorts and kneee high white socks and black sweat shirts on 100 degree days. Some “nation-alists” love to hate, love to be “looked at” and love the misplaced “respect” that “hate” brings them. Some how it validates their non productive lives.

    Amat 73 I respect what the Lancers did this season but for the entire preseason every team the Lancers played…”played up”.

    Hard to dispute thos efacts, coupled with a down season for the Serra League overall and it looked very good for a while until the wheels fell, and they did against Tesoro.

    I do think, however, that not enough is being made of the injury to Shay who seemed to be the emotional leader that made the Lancers tough on offense.

    Finally Amat 73 I think when all is said and done this season will be looked back upon as a season that could have been rather than the season that too many thought it would be,.

    Here’s the short list of things this team didn’t accomplish that last year’s team did.

    1) Win a league title
    2) Win their first round playoff game
    3) Continue Hags home win streak
    4) Get to the second round
    5) Repeat as the top ranked team in our “extended” Fish Bowl
    ( Sorry Chino Hills who “beat” Tesoro gets the nod especially after winning the Siera and getting to the Semis in a game they )

    I also think a alot of credit goes to the teams that nutted up and played Amat this year and in years gone past. There is value in playing up and there is value in having 9 win seasons. I guess it’s what you get out of each…and that’s an individual thing no one can take from you.

    Going to see Bonita tonight and how that My friend Ken doesn’t blow a gasket..”regardless’ of the out come.

  • OneAndDone

    Tek It Ezzzy, AMAT 73!

    You’re too old to be getting this upset at this Amat young blood. You know he’s just trying to get attention for all area votes! Take a page from the CO Chargers and let it go already. Your season was over a long time ago. Rio has already moved on to Baseball and Amat to Girls Soccer and Basketball. He’s just pressing your buttons! Kids, these days. I tell you what!

    I agree with FC, CHINO HILLS gets my vote for the #1 team. After seeing them play and I mean play with Centenial, I have no doubt that they would have smoked Amat this year. I mean, its not even close! Not even for my Bulldogs.

    Somebody over at the Amat Nation please get Amat 73 a warm cup of something to calm him down! Anybody have a Blue Plastic Cup? 😉 Please!

    Go Bulldogs!!!

  • game time

    No question Kessler is best of bunch, but the game is changing, QB’s with foot speed and athletism follow the change. Frankly, Santigo and Ruiz are that mold, Jefferies too for sure. The lack of modiblity and expericence are catching up to Pendleton as Bonita plays quality teams each week, he is really not at the same level as the others. Good upside perhaps, speed issue won’t go away. Kessler faces that as well to a lesser degree.

  • Stats

    Some of you bloggers are clueless with your comments. Fred publishes that Ruiz is a running quarterback so now everyone thinks he is. Ruiz ran the ball 47 times for 126 yards, in 11 games. He averaged 11.5 yards per game are you calling that foot speed. If we didn’t have Fred and all these Bishop Amat bloggers pumping up Ruiz he wouldn’t have even been concidered for this award. Someone made the comment that Ruiz would have had huge numbers if he played on one of these D7 or D10 teams. I not only don’t think so, I think his numbers would be even weaker. Ruiz is playing behind a very well coached team, giving him a huge advantage. A excellent example of that is the running game this year. This is called a coached up line. Ruiz on a Workman or La Puente team wouldn’t even make it through the season (injury).

  • Rio Fan

    Stats guy why be a Stat straight hater>
    Rio was a 1st team selection “All Serra League” QB…I guess the other coaches in the Serra league respect his play and see his “athletic” feet.
    He wasn’t asked to run like a Bueno or?…But when they needed him he did, and made big first downs with his feet…I guess your son Kessler or Pndleton or whoever, is threatened by this super kid…All State last lear in both football and Baseball…and is 1st team all league his first year at QB…come on guy…why the hate, the PR machine is there for a reason, because he performs, He had 1 bad quarter in 11 games…Any QB coach would take that, he broke a CIF record this year, and if Hag’s uses him to his potentional, he will break some of Pat Haden’s records…Stop Hating and just appreciate his play. He is a once in a generation athlete.

  • Michael

    No one is saying that Rio is a bad QB. That’s why he was selected as a 1st team selection “All Sierra League,” (according to Rio Fan.) HOWEVER, and this is a big however, your precious little supposed super kid threw for 1,500 fewer yards than Kessler and 18 fewer touchdowns!!! EIGHTEEN!!!! ONE, EIGHT. That’s a difference of about two touchdowns a game. (just had to clarify for all those who apparently don’t know how to count) How anyone in their right mind can justify that Kessler is not the clear and undisputed choice for this award is besides me. And oh ya one more thing…extra extra read all about it…Kessler was named the OFFENSIVE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER for the Sierra League.

  • Do tell

    So Rio beat out the Alemany QB?

  • Michael

    Sorry, I wish to correct a typo…I meant to write that Rio was named first team all “Serra” League. I accidentally wrote “Sierra.” Kessler was offensive MVP of the “Sierra” League. Obviously to be offensive MVP is the greateast honor bestowed upon a single player while the next best level would be 1st team all league. These league awards are voted on by the coaches of the schools within the league. These results backup the current poll results; That although Rio is amongst the best QBs, Kessler is quite simply The Best.

  • Prospect Finder

    Yeah Mike I agree…Kessler definately showed that he can hang in there and play against the top teams in Southern Cal, OH WAIT! What league is Claremont in? Nevermind, give me a quick rundown of those defensive Gaunlets that Kessler went through to be, in your opinion,”The Best!” YEAH….RIGHT!!!! Not to take anything away from the kid, he is a Stud. Is he a Good QB? Sure. Talented? Yes. The Best? No.

  • anonymous

    hey prospect finder…oh ya Kessler didn’t play against anyone that was a top team in Southern California, just a Chino Hills team that beat Tesoro…a Tesoro team that sent bishop amat packing in the first round of the playoffs. Bishop Amat gave up 31 to Tesoro, Chino Hills gave up 13…do the math. And also Kessler lead Claremont back from 21-0 at the start of the 2nd half to beat a GREAT chino hills team 31-30 and threw for over 300 yards and 4 TD’s (the chino hills team that at one point was down 5 in the 4th quarter to Centennial, #1 in the state, and gave them their best game of the year. So ya but I guess he really didn’t play anyone good right?

  • Rio Deal

    Hey Mikey “Kessler” slash Stat man
    Did a little research of my own…your guy at Claremont had 377 attempts, Rio had 215…your guy completed 62%…Rio completed 62%…Claremont scored just 8 rushing TD’s…Bishop Amat scored 30 rushing TD’s… Claremont had a grand total of 721 yards rushing on 147 carries, the entire team!. Bishop had 2,243 yards and 371 carries… As anyone could see the point, Claremonts one sided offense was pretty much pass only, your running game sucked big time so you had nothing else to do but pass…Thus the inflated numbers…if Rio could pass 377 times, just doing the math on averages it would be about 3774 yards and about 29 touchdown passes…That is in the Pac 5 Division 1, not against Damian or Ontario, or So. Hills or whoever you play…All high end playoff teams and Serra league opponents…Give it a rest…You cant be judged, if your team is not balanced and all you do is pass…So all you relatives of D. Kessler can stop with the different names and stop with the inflated stats, it means nothing if thats what the whole team does, just pass. I hope you get a look at a good JC somewhere but you are a D1 athlete. Good luck Kessler family and Merry X mas.

  • anonymous

    hey rio deal “ruiz”

    I’m pretty sure this vote isn’t for “if Ruiz could’ve thrown 377 times, who is the most deserving All-Area QB?”

  • simple math

    Serra > > > > Sierra

  • anonymous

    anonymous Kessler fan- Dude you are talking about one game, against one team? And you are seriously trying to make point? Ha,Ha,Ha LMFAO!!!!

  • jim

    For those who have never played quarterback ,I went to the Claremont game against Chino Hills , the scouts from several college teams were there, one from Texas El Paseo told me that he was amazied how the Kessler Kid could complete so many passes when he had to throw against defenses that knew his team could not run the ball, in other words, Chino Hills had seven or eight players trying to stop Kessler from completing his passes/ four T.Ds over 300 + yards in this game.Kessler carried the team in this game , for a victory BY THE WAY.

  • Lancer#76

    Prospect Finder

    Don’t forget to remind the Kessler fans about all the powerhouse Defenses we played in our far far superior Serra League this year. PAC 5 teams Like:
    – Loyola at 0 – 4 AND gave up more than 25 points 7 times.
    – Notre Dame at 1 – 3 AND gave up more than 30 points 6 times.
    – Crespi at 2 – 2 and gave up more than 25 points 8 times. EIGHT TIMES!

    and of course, you should remind them how we beat all our Step Up non-league games like:
    – Garfield who gave up more than 20 points 7 times
    – Damien who gave up more than 25 points 6 times
    – Cathedral who gave up more than 30 points 5 times

    Thats why Rio doesn’t have all the stats he should have. If Rio would have played an easier schedule then he would have far far more superior stats for sure. Sorry Claremont!

    We are the best PAC 5 team in the SGV.

    Don’t forget to vote for me!

  • just sayin’

    Prospect Finder – obviously this guy is a Lancer imposter who is trying to demean the Serra Leagues Lineman of the Year.

    But what he was trying to point out was the Serra League’s #6 National Ranking according to CalPreps that can be found here.

    You’ve got to scroll a ways down to get to the Sierra League – at #102

  • OneAndDone

    I’ll repeat what I said to AMAT 73.

    “just sayin'”, Tekk It Ezzzy Meng!

    You’re too old to be getting this upset at this Amat young blood. Take a page from the CO Chargers and let it go already. Your season was over a long long time ago. The little guys already washed their pads and turned them in.

    Who do we play next? Servite, DeLasalle? Where do we play next? Angels Stadium, Home Depot Center? No! You don’t have to worry about any of that anymore.

    The little guys have already moved on to Baseball and Amat moved on to Girls Soccer and Basketball. Go Christmas shopping!

    He’s just pressing your buttons! Kids, these days. I tell you what!

    BTW, POY and QB is Ifo from CHINO HILLS. He gets my vote.

    BTW II, just sayin’ Calpreps stats are impressive but haven’t been updated since October! Ooops!

    PAC 5 Rankings are a JOKE. What’s #8 St. John Bosco with a 5 – 5 record doing ahead of Amat? That is travesty! NUMBER 8?

    Or what about perenial looser, JSerra at #16. They are god awful! Seriouly, go take another look!

    How can 2 -8 Notre Dame (Serra League) be #19 and Huntington Beach at 6 – 4 be dead last? Lakewood at 10 – 2 is #11? Eleven? Seriously?

    This smells like an SEC/BCS combo burrito and personally I think that Amat got robbed!

    AMAT should be much much higher in this far far superior division. May I suggest like #6? Oh wait, TESORO is #7!

    Oh and just sayin’? Umm, how about a PAC 5 championship? Do you think you could perhaps hop onto that stair anytime soon?

    I know I know, its Hard. I know. I get it! Your boy with the Not Since 1995 tag reminds us all the time, but the FishBowl is getting a little impatient. What with all the far far superior talk, you understand!

    The only way to shut them up is to win. You think you could perhaps “Step Up”?

    Somebody over at the Amat Nation please get these guys a warm cup of something to calm them down! Anybody have a Blue Plastic Cup? 😉


    Go Bulldogs!!!

  • Jim said Said

    Hey Jim…
    Was it the same Kessler that lost to lowly Damien and lowerly So. Hills. What did the Texas El Paso coach say after…he said “we’ll get back to you” and never called again, no offer, no trip. because it never happen, because if he was there, he was looking at Ifo from C. Hills. Kessler got lucky playing for a team with no running game so he could throw every time, and had great recievers. His guys made him look 10 times better that he is because of plays THEY made and not the throw Kessler made, You’ll see him on the depth chart at Chaffey college, not even MSac…Low division means nothing to the Big boys.

  • Amat8

    I’m sorry 109, but I could not hold back this time. As much as I would love to agree with you, it is obvious that you never saw Kessler or Claremont play. There are several great quarterbacks in the SGV, and yes, Amat’s league is obviously better than Claremont’s. But in their defense the Sierra League is far from a “little” or “weak” league. I watched Claremont play twice this year and I have to agree with Jim in stating that if a defense knows that you have absolutely no running game, like Claremont, it is much easier to defend the pass. What was impressive about Kessler is that in the games I saw despite the fact that teams would dropped 7 defenders immediately back into pass defense he was still extremely accurate and effective.

  • Just Sayin

    well, there are definately some imaginitive Bishop Amat fans out there…if, if, if, what if, only if, if only then he could, if only then we would of… come on…really???

    Let’s all calm down and take a look at the facts: The most succesful team has been Pendleton’s at Bonita. They’ll be playing for their CIF Championship tomorrow. Bishop Amat and Ruiz obviously have the most challenging schedule, and did very well this year. Kessler outshone all the others statwise as Claremont had a solid but not great season. What it all comes down to is this: You add up Ruiz’s and Pendelton’s numbers and they add up to what Kessler did. He flat out outshone everybody else. And Amat fans for some reason think that their league is the SEC on steroids or something, but get real, just because you’re in a great league doesn’t somehow magically make all your athletes demi-gods that are all superior to others. When was the last time you guys won CIF??? 1995? 15 years ago? Get over yourselves…

  • jim

    I do not know who “SAID” is , it is very clear you don’t know that much about football , to say Kesslers’ receivers made him look good in every game ,and, if they were not as good he would have never achieved what he did, is a stupid statement, sometimes they did make some excellent catches,but, please 34 TDS, 300 + yards a game, you have to be a idiot to think the recivers did all of this,did you know the two top receivers were out for four games, you didn’t, well next time get your facts correct. The games that CLAREMONT lost were because of poor coaching , sorry coaches, not to at least try to run the ball was insane, oh well , Daniel carried this team on his back and that is the facts!!!!

  • reality czech

    Ahh Jim – that’s how it goes. The games Claremont won were BECAUSE of Kessler and when they lost it was coaching? Are you Kessler’s dad? Just to put things in perspective – Claremont was banished form the Baseline League for a series of inept seasons. This season, the winless last place team in the Serra (that league”on steroids”) walloped Upland 35-10, who Claremont hasn’t beaten at least since 03 (how’s that Amat8?)

    As a guy below said:
    “Did a little research of my own…your guy at Claremont had 377 attempts, Rio had 215…your guy completed 62%…Rio completed 62%…Claremont scored just 8 rushing TD’s…Bishop Amat scored 30 rushing TD’s… Claremont had a grand total of 721 yards rushing on 147 carries, the entire team!. Bishop had 2,243 yards and 371 carries… As anyone could see the point, Claremonts one sided offense was pretty much pass only, your running game sucked big time so you had nothing else to do but pass…Thus the inflated numbers…if Rio could pass 377 times, just doing the math on averages it would be about 3774 yards and about 29 touchdown passes…That is in the Pac 5 Division 1, not against Damian or Ontario, or So. Hills or whoever you play.”

  • jim

    Wow !!!your just not getting it! I am not his dad, but would be proud to have him as one of my sons.Play quarterback ,and then tell me what it is like to not have a running game to deceive the other teams defense,and , yes I was a quarterback so I have some experience playing the position.( U.S.A. AND IN EUROPE }Did you even play football, if you did you wouldn’t state such dumb things. To say if Rio would have passed more, or if he would have played in another league, if, if, if …When you get paid for playing sports your stats are 90% of what a owner looks at when you get paid, not if this, and if that!Ask Jetter why he isn’t getting the 100 million dollar contact he wants, Stats baby, no stats no money!!I”m sure his agent didn’t state alot of “IFS” when he was negotiating with the Yankees. The reason you look at the coaching is ,Claremont did not have a balance attack, to not have at least a 30% running game plan is ludicrous, ask any coach how important it is to make sure the other team doesn’t know what your going to call during the game.

  • Just Sayin

    Well you’ve certainly made an argument for Amat’s running game. Bravo, let’s have a round of applause for reality czech…Oh ya wait a second, I forgot, and obviously so have you “reality czech” because the last time I “czecked” this poll’s purpose was to determine the best quarterback, and not which team has the best running game. I find it interesting how you completely ignore people’s reason. Especially your own fans! I’m glad that at least one Amat fan (Amat8) has some type impartial and fair analysis of the overall situation.

  • Ask a QB what he thinks


    I don’t think you’ve played Qb have you? I have and here’s a secret..the more you throw the more they know.

    Figure that out and you’ll know why Kessler is better than Ruiz is “this” year. Yes I do agree “coaching” did Claremont in and Kessler “bailed” that team out countless times. C

    Rio is a great athelete, has incredible skills and did incredible things individually and as a team, the diffence here is he’s not better, didn’t have a better season and isn’t a better QB with all the intangibles.

    Looked at diffently Amat did miracles this season and when they lost their ture savior on the ground “SHAY” the team wasn’t the same and the team depended more on Rio and he fumbled things away, literally, after his 20 straight night.

    Maybe the 20 “straight” game exposed him. I think it did. If you don’t know how a “great” night exposes you more than a “bad” night does you don’t know foootball.

    I’ve seen Kessler and Rio and Rio developed over the year while Kessler developed over years…that’s the difference in my mind and why Rio will never be what he could have been. In other words he wasn’t good enough to unseat Jerry Mac, that’s a fact. Besides Jerry Mac almost beat LB POly and should have beaten Lakewood until off filed stuff limited teh Lancers.

    See the thing that bothers me about the Rio worshippers is they never allow him to fail and take his lumps and at the QB position that’s life, it’s going to happen. Call it a becessary evil.

    Now if Hags had gone with Rio for three years instead of the one he’ll get Rio would be very very good instead of very very gonna bet great or could have been if this or that!

  • Amat8

    reality czech – Relax. No one is trying to say that our league isn’t amongst the best. All I’m saying is that Kessler deserves credit were it is deserved. According to Max Preps Kessler is amongst the top Quarterbacks in the state. You write as if Claremont were a Quarterback for an 8 man team or something. To compare a game in which Upland lost to Loyola doesn’t make too much sense either since Upland and Claremont aren’t in the same league, and didn’t even play each other this season. To compare Upland’s losses this season to their victories against Claremont in past seasons is just plain confusing. Nor does it prove the point that you’re trying to make. What’s in the past is in the past.

  • jim

    One thing should be noted about the past, Claremont has 1800 to 2000 students, Upland has 3300+ , the more the merrier or, the more to chose from ??

  • just countin’

    jimmy – CHS 20010-11 = 2449

  • just sayin’

    as I said before for all you guys tat are geeked over Kessler’s stats -if it was JUST statistics – the Sierra Vista running back would be player of the year – or the kid from Rosemead – El monte – Mt View. Right? Look it up. Most yards rushing in the SGV – hands down. So are they the 4 best running backs in the SGV? They are your ALL-SGV backs – right? Have to be – best stats. Competition doesn’t matter.

    We ALL know that is ridiculous – don;t we? It’s stats vs who you play – and HOW you play. This one IS easy.

  • Kessler family

    Why can’t you leave our little Danny Boy alone, Claremont has never had anyone, you big bad wolves from Amat and C. Oak are always blowing down our house. No matter what anyone says we will continue to debate until we wear all you Ruiz, Pendleton and Santiago fans down. We have the rest of our lives because if thats what it takes, we will continue to pretend to be coaches, ex pro players, scouts, General Managers, CIF officials, what ever it takes to pump up our boy Kessler, to try to influence anyone we can that we know what we are talking about…and talk about school numbers, Bishop Amat has 1400 students and half of them are girls…do the math that leaves 700 boys to choose to play football. And before you get on the recruiting bandwagon, most of the kids that played started as freshman at the school. Hey what about the kid from Rio Hondo Prep, he once threw for 8 touchdowns in a game for the Kares…He should have been put in the SGV hall of Fame right! NO, because it matters who you played. Hey My son was MVP of his JV middle school football team, ( That means something right) yes it does to him and his little school…but to the rest of the world…SO What!…your coach ran up the scores, and padded the crap out of your stat’s Kessler, you know it, I know it and the SGV fishbowl know’s it. If you were a legitimate player you could have gone to a D1 school and see how good you are, but you pussed out and went to Claremont because you wanted to be insured you would be the man…We’ll you were the man, but nobody cared, maybe 500 people at your games…Bishop Amat gets 7-8000 people a night and about triple that follow around the country…And before you give me some crap about not everyone can afford a private school…Look around your neighborhood, you live in Claremont fool…the average kid car there is a BMW…Kessler you played in a JV league and ran up your numbers, blew your league title by losing to Damien and S. Hills, after getting lucky with the ref’s help against C. Hills…Take your all league trophy and go home already…

  • good point

    it appears when you look at the stats tat Kessy-boy threw a couple interceptions each in the WolfPacks two biggest losses of the season. If we’re gonna harp on Ruiz’ turnovers – it appears that our big boy didn’t exactly “come thru in the clutch” either!

  • Just Sayin

    hahahahahahahaha, you Amat fans kill me. This is high school you morons! You guys make it sound like all schools are like your precious little private Bishop Amat who scout for players all over the country. We should have a little school lesson since obviously at Bishop Amat they forgot to teach you that a grand majority of the kids in this country go to a thing called “public schools.” You see, based on this concept kids go to school based on the geographic boundary that they live in, wow, weird huh? And why is every person that has actually seen Kessler play and backs him up on this blog a member of Kessler’s immediate family!? Wow, Kessler has a huge family because he currently has 352 votes, that’s about 100 more than Ruiz. You’re killing me Amantians!!! Get over it! You’ve lost and you just can’t take it!

  • Enrollment Numbers

    maybe the voting reflects the number of kids in computer classes at the 2400 student Claremont campus vs the tiny Bishop Amat 1400 student enrollment

  • Aaron

    Wow…someone made the case for shopping kids. Shut your mouth!

    Being legit does not mean you have to go DI. Or 5A or 6A school and quarterback them to the promised land.

    You want to know how I know?

    Colt McCoy played 2A ball in the state of Texas…so I guess he wasn’t legit and shouldn’t have been recruited to be a Longhorn and shouldn’t have been able to carry a Texas team for four years.

    Man you’re a fool.

  • AMAT 73

    Just Sayin,
    And what district do you live in . You are the one who is in need of a lesson on high school football 2010 and going forward style. Look at many rosters of your public schools and you will find many and I mean many kids who out of there geographical area pertaining to school enrollment.Take CO for instance as it is long been talked about their Pasadena connection ,maybe your new to the blog but at the beginning of the season there were many posts on this subject and it blew up when SH tried to object to the many transfers during the great exodus from there. Maybe Claremont is not the chosen destination for very many transfers or for a football stud with new age parents who see the path to riches in the future of their child by the program their young superstar plays at . As for me it’s great to see this young man win this contest but either way it has no reflection on what the braintrust at the Trib will pick .

  • Claremont

    To “Kessler Family”

    I know the Kesslers – they are one of the kindest families I’ve ever known and would never in a MILLION years write what you wrote. Don’t claim to be someone you’re not. Be respectful.

  • Kessler family

    Yes we are nice and, and our son is the best, Pendelton and Rio suck, Danny the is the best…did you see the Ontario game, one man said, Holy Cow!, really he said that. And he was 99 years old and had been watching football for 98 years. See how stupid you Kesslers sound, all your stupid friends, who jammed the computer to have more votes, but on all this fake hype about your danny boy…He could is not a D1 guy, sorry, he pissed away the league championship and lost to some sorry teams they should have beat handly…you can’t do that and run up stats, playing all the minutes throwing and see look at me….Just stop already Kesslers….Stop

  • Aaron

    I think Pendleton stated his case for being the All SGV QB with his performance against WC in the Southeast Championship game and I would believe that he also stated a case for being the ALL SGVN QB as well.

  • http://Roni Syco

    Ok “Kessler Family” (which we know your not part of that family). I have one word to describe you
    JEALOUS….HA HA HA YOU BIG DUMMY! Oh yea learn how to spell and how to use proper grammar, don’t they teach you that at Bishop “Amuck”, you must be a Raider fan!!! ha ha ha

  • Joe Amat

    as per Eric Sondheimer at halftime of Servite/Mission Viejo game tonight:

    “Word from the pressbox at Angel Stadium. Father of Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz says his son is definitely playing football next season.”

    Put that rumor about Rio hangin’ up his pads to rest please

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