Coveritlive weekend’s fab four

Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and I will do live blogs on Coveritlive Friday and Saturday night. We will live blog West Covina at Mayfair and Centennial at Chino Hills on Friday. On Saturday, will will host Monrovia at San Dimas and La Serna at Bonita.

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  • Bob Napoli

    Fred, Steve, and Aram: On behalf of the San Dimas Saints, I would like to personally invite you guys to our annual tailgate. It takes place at 5:30 in the parking lot on Cypress right behind the field. Hope to see you there. The food is amazing.

    Bob Napoli

  • FredJ

    Bob, I just might take you up on that….

  • SD Strick

    Great idea Naps!!! I’d also like to send an invite out to my Covina friends. Let’s let by gones be by gones!!!


    Sounds good. Is this the first Annual tailgate event? Do I need to sign up with you? I know the parents of the SD players get together at all home games and tailgate.I don’t remember one last year. What is the cost or can I bring food?

  • westco

    its it cool for a west covina fan to go also. my brothers kids went to SD one played football and the other was a cheerleader a couple yeard back.

  • CO Conqueror

    I heard the all league teams are out do you guys have any information on them?

  • reality

    To Bonita fans: You cannot overestimate the value of full stands in a big game. You had plenty of good reasons to stay home last Friday night but did not. If our stands were not loaded it is doubtful we get that horse-collar flag in the 4th quarter. The foul, obvious on film was called after the flag was thrown late. I’m sure the reaction to the foul by our full stands aided in the refs decision making. See Ya’ll on Sat. and way to represent.

  • SaintsR4real

    THIS IS IT!!
    As far as I’m concerned, this game IS the Championship Game.
    Play hard boyz, focused execution and relentless defense. Real simple, leave IT all on the field, to secure success.

    “DIRTY DOZEN” doing it in 2010!

  • sgm

    Don t size up Your rings Yet , Kats Your still 0-9

  • J.T. Wrench4Brains

    Naps, stay off the blogs!!!!!!! Don’t you know that the tailgate happens weekly and not annually??????? SO SICK!

  • Bob

    Fred and Aram, you may get to chat with Coach Z and some of the staff. They have been known to have a bite or two before the game.

    What sidelines you guys going to be on? I know Steve is an SD believer but you two, who knows?

    Redzone, KFC is always a good idea. You are on the list.

  • Bob Napoli

    Sorry! I need to cancel my annual tailgate event. I forgot that I’m part of the coaching staff. I can’t cook and coach on game day!!
    Bob Napoli

  • Taco Man

    This weeks tailgate party at SD will start at 4:30 PM. All SD Supporters are invited. Come see how the “DIRTY DOZEN” do it…. TACO MAN IN FULL EFFECT!!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    I plan on stopping by and kicking it before the game. I’ll probably bring and kick in 4 or 5 cases of sodas. Pepsis, Cokes and Mt Dews..or anything else if someone specifies.Just let me know.

  • SaintsR4real

    Robledo Brothers, and Colt74 welcome,

    Saints tailgate is right behind the scoreboard on Cypress Ave. Taco Man will be there from 4:30 on. Hope you and all other supporters can make it.

  • J.T. Wrench4Brains

    Naps, you’re sounding more and more like me everyday! Stay off the blogs or you’ll be relegated to coaching just punters next season. Oh wait, I don’t even know what relegated MEANS! “Toot it and boot it”

  • WING-T

    It’s great to be part of the SD tailgate party. The pary gets bigger each week. I’m looking forward to the “TACO MAN” the best Damn Taco’s in the SGV!!! Come out and support the SAINTS!

  • Bob Napoli

    Colt74, we use red cups. Please bring something to put in them, soda is NOT welcome. I’ll be there since I just have camera duty.

  • SD Pastor


    Will there be any gravy for my red cup???

  • Steve Ramirez

    Thanks for the offer. I’m sure Fred will enjoy it . I can’t make it the game since I’m helping the newsgroup with the coverage of the battle of LA at the Rose Bowl. Again, thanks for the offer.

  • SD Strick


    Are you going to be in the booth with us?? It gets mighty cold up there little buddy!!!! Bring your snowsuit and a warm beverage..

  • Cat’88

    SD have fun at your tailgate cause it will be your last this year. Unless, of course you are coming to our championship game and care to tailgate in Monrovia. You guys are going down and Fred and the boys know it.

  • Colt74

    Let’s see if I got this correct….Blue cups and Prune juice..right?
    I got it covered. How many for? Rough estimate?

  • SaintsR4real


    Haha, u got it. Nah, soft drinks are cool. The Taco Man just provides tacos with fixins, donations are appreciated. Make sure you wear your Colt colors.

    We don’t promote any illegal drinking.


  • Saint4Life

    LOL!!!!!!! Fun times – GO SAINTS!!!!!!!

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