Girls Volleyball: St. Lucy’s falls to Troy in five tough sets in SoCal Regional State Finals

By Clay Fowler, Staff Writer
Just when the St. Lucy’s Priory girls volleyball team was beginning to appreciate the CIF State playoffs, they were over. After claiming the first CIF championship in school history 11 days ago, the Regents found themselves 15 points away from a trip to the state championship Tuesday night. “Our goal at the beginning of the year was to win CIF,” St. Lucy’s head coach Sean Douglas said. “Getting re-ready for state was difficult because it wasn’t really on our radar.”

After ending the season of Sierra League co-champion Chino Hills on Saturday, seventh-seeded Fullerton Troy took out No. 1 seed St. Lucy’s in five games at the University of La Verne, winning 25-14, 21-25, 23-25, 25-17, 15-10 in the Southern California championship.

Troy’s ultratalented middle blocker Maddy Barrett dominated the game with a game-high 30 kills, and St. Lucy’s didn’t have an answer for her.

“She’s one of those players who you love to have on your side but hate to see on the other side of the net,” Troy coach Crystal Day said.

The 5-foot-10 Barrett, who was athletic enough to play back row, had four kills in the final game, including the one that ended the night after Troy (35-1) lost three consecutive match points to give St. Lucy’s (31-10) some late life.

It was the first 10 points of Game 5, however, that sunk the Regents, as they fell behind 7-3.

“It’s a short game,” Day said, “and if you’re not ready for it, it will be over before you know it.”

St. Lucy’s Deanna Dalton picked up four of her 12 kills in the final game, but it was too little too late.

“I was nervous (entering the final game),” Douglas said. “Their defense was so good. They never let the ball hit the floor. I could see that wearing on us.

“They just outworked us tonight.”

It wasn’t a pretty start for St. Lucy’s, which lost 11 of 13 points during a Game 1 stretch to fall behind 16-7.

In Game 2, St. Lucy’s won six of the last eight points, thanks in large part to three kills during that stretch from sophomore Arden Davis, who notched 14 kills, one less than team leader Jasmine Warmington.

St. Lucy’s won the final five points of Game 3 as Davis again closed the deal, with two kills in the final three points.

Troy took an early lead in the fourth game and created some distance at 19-12 before eventually claiming the game by a comfortable eight-point margin.

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  • Gary

    Not exactly home court for SL playing at La Verne U.Hopefully they had time to practice at LVU

  • It’s bigger than that….

    Best of luck to St. Lucy’s Regents tonight! What an amazing season this has been for these girls, and it is one that they will always remember. A quick look in the stands makes it clear that the support given to this team extends beyond the St. Lucy’s and Damien communities and has come to include representation from Sierra League schools, club families and coaches, and just sports fans, in general. It has been said that the volleyball world is pretty small, but after the last few weeks, it appears to have gotten a little bigger. Thank you! Volleyball is alive and well in the SGV! Do this, Regents!

  • The Regents should feel right at home as their Head Coach Mr. Sean Douglas won a National Championship as part of the University of La Verne Men’s team in 1999 playing for ULV. Sean was a beast on the volleyball court and he has done an amazing job with the Regents this year.

    Good Luck tonight Regents!

  • The Regents should feel right at home as their Head Coach Mr. Sean Douglas won a National Championship as part of the University of La Verne Men’s team in 1999 playing for ULV. Sean was a beast on the volleyball court and he has done an amazing job with the Regents this year.

    Good Luck tonight Regents!

  • The Regents should feel right at home as their Head Coach Mr. Sean Douglas won a National Championship as part of the University of La Verne Men’s team in 1999 playing for ULV. Sean was a beast on the volleyball court and he has done an amazing job with the Regents this year.

    Good Luck tonight Regents!

  • Volleyball fan

    Can anyone tell us how Regents are doing tonight? Go St. Lucy’s!! Thanks

  • Volleyball fan

    Can anyone tell us how Regents are doing tonight? Go St. Lucy’s!! Thanks


    just heard st. lucy’s lost…great season ladys

  • back line

    Was Troy’s back line play was unbelievable! The incredible digs. They also made very few errors.

  • SL Fan

    St. Lucy’s lost in five to Troy tonight. Hard fought game. So proud of our Regents!!!!! It was our time.

    St. Lucy’s you are an incredible team and we love you so much! You have so much to be proud of. I know you made all of us (parents/friends/fans) proud.

  • Mike

    Sush a high level game. could have gone either way, but troy played amazing.

  • Well wait a minute

    It was a very exciting game to watch, and yes it could have gone either way. Congratulations to Troy on their win.
    And Congratulations Regents on all that you have accomplished this volleyball season. You played hard with all your heart & we LOVE you. Seniors, good luck in your journeys to college. And the rest of the lot, Juniors, sophomores & Freshy, See you ‘Same Time Next Year’

    GO Regents G0!!!!!!

  • SL Dynasty

    How many volleyball coaches has St. Lucy’s had in the past four years. Is this the same HC and assistant coaches all four years? If so he built a dynasty.

  • TheVillageIdiot

    What about the $64,000 question???????????
    How did the Bonita and San Dimas basketball teams do?

  • better question


    TheVillageIdiot said:
    What about the $64,000 question???????????
    How did the Bonita and San Dimas basketball teams do?


    Better questions, did their parents get into a fight this year? Was the Damien gym big enough to keep them controlled?

  • SL Fan

    That’s hysterical. And we knew someone at the game in the Damien gym and they said no one was there. Thank goodness they had that big gym.

    There are so many things about the SL game last night but in short it was time. It breaks my heart and the Senior Leaders Alissa, Megan and Dede will be missed for sure.

    But there is SO much talent still there and I am excited for the St. Lucy’s Regents next year as well.

    As for coaching, we had three coaches my daughters freshman year (The Los Osos coach in the summer-who left to be a coach at Colony High School, Art Garcia and then the P.E. teacher Ms. Crampton). Sean Douglas came in the next year (Which he has been there the last three years). Of course SL had some pretty amazing players and Sean is a great coach. It is a good chemistry there at St. Lucy’s. Its healthy, its instructive and they are winners on so many levels. Sean was the perfect fit for this program and he will continue to do great things.

    Congratulations to Troy. They did have an amazing defense. Very impressive.

  • Gorilla In The Room

    Apparently no one wants to say it, but I wasn’t impressed with the SL’s coach last night. There were no adjustments to huge holes in the back court and the setting was predictable. What set St. Lucy’s team apart all year was the dynamic hitters they had and last night was do or die with Dalton. Not to take anything away from a great run, but I think they could have easily won that game with some coaching.

  • Mike

    Well it could be easily said troy could have swept that match if they hadnt stumbled the second set and end of the third set. Something can always be different, but it was a great game by two amazing teams. Either one of these teams could have won on any given night, troy was just better last night.

  • Its all over

    Troy was the better team at the Semi Final game.

    St. Lucy’s is a better team or we should say is capable of better play. We have seen St. Lucys go against superior teams even to Troy and do better but it just wasn’t their night.

    A big shout out to St. Lucy’s middle #9 Callen. That kid was running off the court in between sets with what you could see was the flu to be sick behind the stands and would run back out when it was her turn to play. Most players would have left and that kid was still fighting for her team. That is heart at its finest!

    The Regents parents/players were gracious after the game and know they made school history.They have a bright future ahead for next year.

    Its easy to blame the coach but there were many factors in that game no matter the adjustments. No need to point those out at this point. Best to keep things on a high note and be thankful. St. Lucy’s had an INCREDIBLE season. To win the Sierra League and CIF and then all the way to the State Semi-Finals and took it to five games even when they were not at their best. It was a great group of kids who did incredible things together.

    Callen, Dalton and Young will be missed on the St. Lucy’s court. It will be a different team next year. Look to Macy, Warmington, Davis, Hogarth, Si Fuentes, Rivera and Bast to bring the new leadership.

  • We will Be Back

    In the past after a loss, we would learn from our mistakes, adjustments were made and we would come back then take care of business. We Will Be Back next year.
    Yes, we loss a few seniors, & so did everyone else. But what we have that others may not, is a superb bench and a very talented j.v. squad coming back next year. And yes, a very well experienced Varsity squad. I’m sure with a season of club behind their belts they will be Even Better.
    Yes, better at passing, setting and let’s not forget those ‘dynamic hitters’ everyone was talking about. We still have the Powerful OPP #18 Warmington,(who took it to Troy all night long), Hogarth, Davis and the others in the ranks. . .Yes, We Will Be Back!

  • Volleyball Mom

    Congratulations St. Lucy’s you had a great season and should be very proud!! There are some of us in Hacienda Heights that were cheering for you. Girls, keep reaching for the stars!!

  • blah, blah ,blah….

    Listen to your selves,
    Who are u trying to convince? It sounded like Troy was a very good team. They went through the best of the sierra league in 2 consecutive matches. Boy Bonita’s and Chino Hills losses to them seem more reasonable now huh, or was it only the regents who didn’t play well?

  • A+

    The Regents seemed like they were a bit off on Tuesday. The Regents brought their “A” game. Troy brought their “A+” game, and that’s what it took to beat St. Lucy’s. Made it to the SoCal finals, not too bad. Good luck to Troy against St. Frances, they will certainly need it, if they play like they did on Tuesday, they will win. The unsung hero for Troy was #8. How many digs did she have and literally took kills away from Warmington, Young and Dalton, just great backcourt play. It must have been frustrating for the St. Lucy’s front line.

    …….and to blah, blah, blah: St. Lucy’s sweep bonita 3-0, and Troy beat bonita 2-1……come on……..really…

  • Mike

    Who said Troy brought there A+ game? Their second best hitter had to be subbed out for a 5’1 girl, because she was sick and was getting dominated by St Lucy’s all night. They won because St lucys could not stop their middle attack and could not put the ball away on their defense. They have played defense like that all year long year. I dont know when you had seen troy before, but if it was the Downey game then you did not see troy volleybal. They played horrible and made adjustments to their lineup for state. This match was great and I agree that St Lucys can beat Troy, and I also believe Troy could beat them again. I have not seen St Lucys play before and maybe they are a better defensive team then they showed but troy dominated them on defense, and I am pretty sure St Lucy’s was not used to that, neither was Chino Hills. Btw Troy swept el Dorado who beat St Lucys, so comparing Bonitas loss to Troy’s loss is ridiculous, especially since it was in a Tournament Championship. Obviously St Lucy’s win over Downey doesn’t mean they are better than Troy either.

  • Please excuse me

    Mike, did I read that correctly that you said “I have not seen St. Lucy’s play before”? If so, then I’m glad this is a Blog and no one, who was there will even consider your comments valid. There were those who were there and saw the Action. The battle between the two schools, it was Great!

    Remember, reading about a sports event in the news paper is based on someone’s opinion, but being there, you have no filters, you can make your own Valid comments, opinions and judgments from the ACTION. Next time buy a ticket, try going to the game, you might learn more and be able to make VALID comments instead of assuming what happened.

    Most important, you will be supporting the girls who played very hard.

  • Really

    First, we all know who Mike is which is why he is singing El Dorado’s praise and the middles that come from Impact.

    Secondly, you can not go by the previous losses that is ridiculous as Troy was swept in CIF by Downey which St. Lucy’s beat. In addition, the same tournament that SL lost to El Dorado they also beat teams that destroyed El Dorado. In sports (any sport), its all about who came to play that moment. You being a coach Mike should know that.

    I can’t speak if Troy played their A game or not. But whoever wrote SL brought their A game would have to be dillusional. The errors alone paint a different picture.

    The game is over and done. They went to five and St. Lucy’s lost. Someone had to win and someone had to lose. Troy has a very good middle (Barrett) and the #6 backrow for Troy saved the game for Troy time and time again. St. Lucy’s did have a horrible game. They (SL) had 13 service errors and 15 hitting errors. I won’t go in to the backrow errors. The SL MB couldn’t be substituted (stomach flu) and St. Lucy’s still took Troy to five even under those lackluster conditions. It is what it is. No excuses. That is how it went down and everyone has to move on. Congratulations to Troy and hope you win State. Congratulations to St. Lucy’s. The Regents have much to be proud of as this was a fairytale season. Having won the Sierra League, the DIV-AA CIF Southern Section Championship and 2nd place in the Regionals is much to be proud.

    Good to luck to Troy in State.

  • Mike

    I was at the Troy-St Lucy’s match, but I had not seen St Lucys play before then.
    To Really,
    So you agree with me that wins and losses previously to two good teams playing eacher mean nothing.
    hence:” Btw Troy swept el Dorado who beat St Lucys, so comparing Bonitas loss to Troy’s loss is ridiculous, especially since it was in a Tournament Championship. Obviously St Lucy’s win over Downey doesn’t mean they are better than Troy either.”
    What I am saying is that Eldo beating St Lucys and Beating Downey and Troy beating Eldo Losing to Downey means nothing about who is better between St Lucys and Troy, all this shows that they are all very good teams and comparing close matches to very good teams is ridiculous. I am not saying that Troy is better than St Lucys, St Lucys does many things better like the agressivness of their serves and their big offense, but Troy was better that night and thats all that counts. Great season and hard fought match to both teams.
    I am not affiliated with impact in any way, but good try.

  • GMAN

    Yeah, that game was a C+ for SL’s at best and that game wasn’t won or lost in the middle. Mike can try to promote his players all he wants, but doesn’t make it fact.

    The difference in that game was as someone else stated, the serving and hitting errors for SL’s, and the superior defense in the back row for Troy. #8 for Troy was phenominal and saved them time and time again. Troy is a good team, however also took 5 games to beat a very sub-par Walnut team, who SL’s destroyed, so it is all about who shows up to play, and that night, it was Troy’s night.

  • Mike

    You are mistaken, Downey was taken to 5 by walnut. Obvioulsy our defense is what won the game, but if Maddy Barrett had not played the way she did, Troy would not have had a chance against the offense of St Lucys. And yes I am promoting her because she had a great match, is that not a fact? I have seen alot of Troy volleyball and their defense was just as superb as it has been all year, the only difference for our side of their side of the net was maddy took over when our best outside could not compete offensively. I can not speak of St Lucys games because that was the first time I saw them play, they did make alot of errors but Troy’s defense and low error does that to teams. The same thing happened to Chino and Scripps.

  • Why???

    Why is this Mike guy blogging. Uncle…

    St. Lucy’s fans have said time and time again Congratulations to Troy, Good Luck Troy and the Impact VBC and El Dorado coach wants to continue to go on and on (and on…) And SL fans have even said Kudos to the two playmakers (and team) of Troy.

    I have seen enough SL ball that the play was sub par and that SL has faired better against better teams than Troy. Troy is a very good team but they aren’t the only good team SL has gone up against the season with a good defense.

    Mike, I hate to break it to you. The game was over on Tuesday. No need to promote as this isn’t even the coverage area for Troy.

  • Mike

    I know the games over, Gorilla in the room said St Lucys “they could have easily won that game” I think we all know that no matter the circumstance neither of these teams were gonna beat each other easily, so I defended Troy and I may have gotten alittle out of hand but I do not believe I said anything wrong, and please do not compare me to Craig(the coach of Eldo and Director of Impact that you are insinuating). All in all St. Lucys and Troy are two good teams with very talented athletes, it was a such a pleasure to watch no matter who the winner.
    That is all.
    Thanx, Mike

  • Regents in the House

    Great job St. Lucy’s Regents! Thank you for giving so much this season. You have accomplished what no other St. Lucys team has and you have made fans out of so many non-volleyball folks in the community. The fan base to come support these Regents was outstanding and rivaled some great boys basketball games. That is a real accomplishment for female sports. I hope this tradition continues.

    Thank you for giving the sporting community something to talk about. You did your school proud and to be the first to make school history is something each of you should be proud of. This is an incredible class of young women. Looking forward to hearing great things from the St. Lucy’s seniors who will be going on to play college and looking forward to the young women who will continue the legacy of greatness. A remarkable 2010-2011 Season.

  • have to agree

    For a school of 750 students, they sure packed the house, great to see.

  • Well deserved

    Congratulations to Troy for beating St.Francis 3-1 to win the Div. 2 State Championship!

  • TheVillageIdiot

    Well Deserved………………
    Bad info St Francis won in four. Troy took first game and then faded. Nice run.

  • St. Lucy’s Volleyball Mom

    Congratulations to Sean Douglas who was named CIF Div II-AA Coach of the Year and Deanna Dalton who was named player of the year for Div II-AA.

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