Wednesday’s Boxscores: Nick Colletta drops in 25 in Glendora win; Sierra Vista beats rival Baldwin Park; Bishop Amat, Los Altos girls soccer win

For your daily dose of results for boys and girls soccer, basketball, wrestling and girls water polo box scores, this is for you. During the week I will post box scores emailed or phoned into us the previous night. For you results to appear in the newspaper and on the blog, call your results to 626-962-8811, ext. 2233 or 2242 or email them to For Wednesday’s results, click thread.

Pool play
Garfield 59, Arroyo 55

Roche 21, Gomez 14, Meredith 7, Aholoka 7, Torres 4, Lupercio 2.
La Rone 20, Sandoval 18, Joaquin 10, Muoz 5, Camacho 2, Aguilar 2, Argueta 2.
Records: Arroyo 1-1; Garfield 1-1.

Glendora 65, South El Monte 45
Anthony Villacis 12, Antonio Berber 8, Christian Servan 6, Ray Natividad 6, Anthony Jimenez 4, Jesus Morales 4, Oliver Vega 2, Jordan Villela 2, Richard Natividad 1.
Nick Colletta 25, Kyle Gordon 9, C.K. Bolado 8, Michael Doering 6, Steven Smith 5, Wesley Burke 4, Kevin Blayney 3, C.J. Edwards 3, Sean Williams 2.
Record: Glendora 2-0.

Rowland 70, El Monte 27
Leo Olvera 14, Corey Lopez 5, Manuel Mendoza 3, Vince Medina 2, Steven Taveraz 2, Meno Silva 1.
Sharif Watson 17, Issac Thompson 15, Derck Mar 7, Andrew Tadros 7, Zack Yamamoto 7, Michael Ball 4, Joseph Dionisio 4, Jason Kim 4, David Lee 2, Raymond Lin 2, DJ Jackson 1.
Records: El Monte 1-2; Rowland 3-0.

Sierra Vista 72, Baldwin Park 59
Alex Baron 19, Danny Lopez 13, Jimmy Ramirez 9, Alex Delgado 8, Drake Guillen 7, Mario Rodriguez 2, Gabino Sandoval 1.
Bernardo Pagovich 18, Herman Pech 16, Ray McCarthy 12, Fernie Hernandez 11, Michael Ayala 10, Andres Monton 3, Dustin Souchaseum 2.
Records: Baldwin Park 2-1; Sierra Vista 2-1.

First round
Mountain View 64, California Academy 47

Evan Azzan 20, Bryan Mehrmann 18, Michael Doshi 4, Scott Nakatsu 3, Ethan Spalding 2.
Erick Martinez 18, Jeremy Acosta 13, Joe Angelo 10, Cesar Yerena 8, Jonathan Benitez 8, Edwin Moreno 4, Tony Munoz 3.
Records: California Academy 0-1; Mountain View 1-0.

First round
Glenn 65, Bassett 51

Pool play
Damien 67, San Jacinto 37

Reyes 15, Demano 10, Pavia 8, Chakbazoff 7, White 6, Tatera 6, Bartelt 6, Prather 3, Serafin 3, Hyland 2, Dizon 1.
Wilkinson 15, Kimbrough 5, Widgens 5, Murrieta 5, Collins 4, Sweesy 2, Gonzalez 1.
Records: Damien 2-0; San Jacinto 0-2.

First round
Diamond Ranch 56, Los Osos 45

Erika Williams 23, Chelsea Barnes 23, Tyvette White 5, Sydney Cabellon 3, Kassy Hall 2.
Haley Twindle 8, Amy Okokwo 8, Charice Harris 7, Shy Williams 6, Jenn Okokwo 6, Jess Whitfields 5, Jenna Seddique 3, Jenny Melton 2.
Records: Diamond Ranch 1-0; Los Osos 0-1.

Pool play
California 52, Wilson 48

Ivory Hallstein 19, Natalie Gallovich 10, Noemi Navar 8, Danelle Moldanado 5, Megan Palma 5, Amanda Pena 3, Xenia Carreon 2.
Kaelyn Kawamoto 16, Kelli Calton 10, Kaci Calton 9, Elizabeth Lau 5, Julia Reyes 3, Tiffany Lam 3, Angela Choie 2.
Records: California 2-0; Wilson 1-1.

Diamond Bar 49, Azusa 44
Norward 13, T. Nguyen 8, Woo 7, Laabi 7, J. Nguyen 5, Kpaduwa 4, Jagotika 3, McCabe 2.
AZUSA (44)
Chavez 14, Torres 8, Simmons 7, Arnold 6, Ramirez 3, Corrozco 2, Jackson 2, Afoti 2.
Records: Diamond Bar 1-1; Azusa 0-2.

La Habra 57, Azusa 44
Kayla Judkins 25, Allyson O’Brien 12, Katie Heard 11, Jenna Stokes 4, Nicole Desatoff 3, Lindsey Henson 2.
AZUSA (44)
Alexis Arnold 11, Andriah Afati 10, Danielle Simmons 10, Tonie Jacson 7, Marissa Torres 4, Marie Ramirez 2.
Records: La Habra 1-0; Azusa 0-1.

Walnut 39, Covina 34
Amy McDill 10, Nnenna Adaece 10, Camilla Yuan 8, Julie Robles 5, Tricia Choy 5, Rachel Lew 1.
Ashli Baddorf 13, Marissa Clark 9, Bobbi Nickels 6, Vanessa Zapata 4, Lily Hu 2.
Records: Walnut 2-0; Covina 1-1.

Arroyo 35, Rio Hondo Prep 20

Jayleen Wong 7, Karah Kirby 5, Hannah Martin 4, Hayley Murphy 2, Devanie Davis 2.
Angie Ruedas 8, Michelle Trieu 7, Jessica Lupercio 5, Arlene Reyes 5, Cassandra Magno 3, Ivy Nuez 3, Hien Tran 2, Liz Cruz 2.
Records: Rio Hondo Prep 0-1; Arroyo 1-0.

Bishop Amat 58, Rosemead 18
Kim Hong 9, Melody Gauthier 5, Sidney Ha 2, Priscilla Franco 2.
Vianai Austin 17, Leeah Powell 10, Janae Chamois 8, Leticia Galarza 7, Michelle Yamamoto 6, Jodie Arevalo 4, Andrea Villanueva 2, Kaysee Tayag 2, Adriana Galarza 2.
Records: Rosemead 0-1; Bishop Amat 1-0.

Pool play
Bishop Amat 5, Paramount 0

Bishop Amat 5-0 –5
Paramount 0-0 –0
Bishop Amat scoring: Kathleen Zamora 2 (Yazmin Montoya, Demi Lomeli), Lomeli (April Juarez), Juarez (Yazmin Slim), Miranda Joya (Lyanna Farran)
Shots: Bishop Amat 14; Paramount 5. Goalie saves: Nicole Ragano (BA) 2, Alexis Carillo (BA) 2; Stephanie Pech (P) 5.
Records: Bishop Amat 2-0; Paramount 1-1.

Bishop Amat 4, Bellflower 1
Bishop Amat 3-1 –4
Bellflower 1-0–1
Bishop Amat scoring: April Juarez 3 (Yazmin Montoya 3), Montoya (Juarez). Bellflower scoring: Clarissa Chavez (unassisted).
Shots: Bishop Amat 20; Bellflower 8. Goalie saves: Nicole Ragano (BA) 6; Karen Nuno (B) 6, Katelyn Brink (B) 3.
Records: Bishop Amat 3-0; Bellflower 1-2.

Los Altos 3, Wilson 0

Los Altos 2-1 — 3
Wilson 0-0–0
Los Altos scoring: Samantha Esparza (Malaysia Avery), Amy Shubin (Sirenna Dao), Maegan Garcia (Shubin)
Shots: Los Altos 19; Wilson 5. Goalie saves: Christina Lama (LA) 4; Kaylin Richards (W) 8.
Records: Los Altos 1-0; Wilson 0-1.

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  • SoccerFan

    Los Altos girls soccer has great speed on the wings and their chemestry is great. Wilson is young and with a new coach and a lot of freshmen starting it will take a while. they did beat Whittier Christian 1-0.

  • FredJ

    When we get into January, I will post separate basketball and soccer threads, but for now, I just want to make sure everyone is on top of all the scores called into our newspaper.

  • SoccerCoach

    FYI – for those who do not know – girls soccer scores this week should be taken with a grain of salt. Teams that have players at the highest levels of club do not have those players this week because of a college showcase tourney in North Carolina this weekend. Just thought people should know this when analyzing results.

  • LOVE IT!

    Fred, I love this. I know I can speak for a lot of my friends that love the local high school sports scene, especially boys basketball, but we can’t get out to the games to see what is happening and who is doing what, but can’t get out to the games. It seems like it was an eternity before the basketball season started!

    Can you get scores and stats from the Pasadena tourney? There are a lot of great schools that are participating there (not too many from the SGV I guess?)

    Keep up the great work.

  • jcaz

    Hey, didn’t the Amat girls soccer team win one of those 50/50 raffles at a football game this year ?

    They got some “bank” this year eh…..

  • BB Jones

    I thought Nick played for La Verne Lutheran’s State Championship team, what happened? No easy answers there, that’s for sure. Regradless, great pick up for Le Duc and teh Tartans who get his services for two full years.

    Wonder why he didn’t pick either Bonita, to match up with 6’5″ Pendleton and Co. or with Damien and 6’8″ Chris Reyes to retool the inside/outside game under Dunn.

    Damien always has a big time scorer and a big man in the middle…this year might be the first time the big time scorer is also the big man in the middle.

    Bonita has a well balanced, well coached and very disciplined team with great team chemistry, so they’ll be a force as well.

    Seen Glendora over the summer and Nick might be nearly their tallest player. Nick can shoot, pass and rebound. Intersting choice, wish him nothing but continued success.

  • Tycee

    I’m really looking forward to league play for girls soccer in the newly formed Hacienda League. Los Altos and Walnut could create a nice rivalry.

  • Interesting

    To BB Jones:
    It is interesting that you open your post with “I thought Nick played for La Verne Lutheran’s State Championship team, what happened? No easy answers there, that’s for sure”, but you end with, “Seen Glendora over the summer and Nick might be nearly their tallest player.” What is it? you didn’t know he left Lutheran or you saw them over the summer and noticed he is their tallest player? HMMM.

    Obviously you know (and knew that he left Lutheran). One can speculate about there being “no easy answer there”, but I think the answer really is pretty easy, don’t you think? He is a big fish in a small pond at Glendora which he wasn’t at LVL, wouldn’t be at Damien with Reyes and whomever else they have or at Bonita “with Pendleton and Co”. Not to mention Glendora is is home school. Also, since he is a sophmore, Leduc and the Tartans “get his services” for THREE YEARS. Sophmore year, plus Junior year plus senior year equals 3 years.

    I think he should be selected as a McDonald’s All American after a 25 point performance against a powerhouse like South El Monte. I heard that South El Monte is stacked and would compete favorably with Taft, LB Poly and some of the other powerhouses in California!

  • Back in Plaid.

    Interesting, You forgot to mention Colleta should be a junior? Another parents dream of creating a superstar by holding their kid back a year.

  • BB JOmes


    Sorry I happen to know the Glendora players as I coached a few an am friendsGwith others so knowing how tall they are is a reflection of knwoing them and nothing else.

    As far as Nick Colletta leavi8ng LVL all I can say is thanks for the money, as NIck’s Dad paid for lots over the years. If you know the truth, that’s it!

    Seen Glendora against Bell Gardens and still think NIck’s best bet was to go to Damien where he’s a shooting forward instead of playiong the 4 or 5 at Glendora. Yes Le Duc is a gret coach but GHS has a tough road ahead of them and Damien is primed for someone of Nick’s abilities.

    Maybe Damien gets that Serra transfer and it’s a package deal with Nick Colleta, Bryan V and Chris Reyes, that’s a State Champion in my opinion anmd one IO heard was going to happen years ago.

    I wish Cooper continued success at LVL but still wonder why he didn;t down load his players at Glendora seeing how mmuch influence and success the Murrays have had over the years.

    Look I think Nick should have always been at Damien so finding out he was at Glendora was a shock, no matter what you think.

    Hey there’s enough avenues for success to go around, don’t make it out to be more than it is.

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