Saturday Morning Quarterback: West Covina’s late stand leads to 28-19 win over Mayfair and a title appearance; Chino Hills hangs with state’s top-ranked team, but falls in the end

Friday’s Results
Southeast Division semifinals
West Covina 28, Mayfair 19
— Bulldogs advance to next week’s Southeast championship, either at La Serna or Bonita. With the Bulldogs up 21-19, Mayfair’s Stephan Uribe popped up a 24-yard, go-ahead field goal and kicked it short with just over five minutes minutes left. The Bulldogs then drove 80 yards and clinched it on a George Johnson 14-yard TD run. For a team that hasn’t been in a tight game in months, you have to love how they dealt with adversity and got it done. That’s more impressive than another blowout.

Inland Division semifinals
Corona Centennial 42, Chino Hills 23
— What if, what if, what it … that’s how a lot of Chino Hills folks will feel about this. The three on-side kicks? The end of first half disaster, reminiscent of the way Amat unfolded at Alemany. But you found your answer, Chino Hills not only could play with this team, they could have beaten them too, giving the state’s top-ranked team their toughest game of the season. Chino Hills played absolutely flawless, scoring to go-ahead 10-7 with 1:25 left until half when an on-side kick and a quick three-and-out allowed Centennial to score 14 points to close the half, the second coming on a breathtaking finish by QB Michael Eubank, throwing a touchdown as time expired after scrambling away from trouble. Just like that, Chino Hills was down 21-10. They fought back again, closing the gap to 28-23 with 11 minutes left but by that time, Centennial had an answer, closing the show with big plays in the fourth quarter. The 42 points were the fewest Centennial has scored all year and the 23 they gave up matched the most all season too. Eubank threw for 205 yards and rushed for 122 more. RB Barrington Collins rushed for three touchdowns and 64 yards.

Mid-Valley result: Whittier Christian 43, Village Christian 42, OT

The Inland Insider with highlights and interviews from Corona Centennial’s victory over Chino Hills

LIVE BLOGGING: A Coveritlive special tonight co-hosted by Mike “The Cousin” Robledo and myself. I will be live blogging from Chino Hills-Centennial and Mike will be doing the same from West Covina-Mayfair. Just click on the thread and follow the action.

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  • OldMan in Chino

    Looking at the play-off brackets, the seeding seems to have worked out well. If (#1) Corona Centennial and (#2) Vista Murrieta do what they are expected to do they will meet in the finals. Apart from the Citrus Belt League, all leagues (Big VIII, Baseline, Southwestern and Sierra) are represented in the semis. #1 plays #4 and #2 plays an unseeded team. All the teams in the semis are league champions. Good draw and a tough division to be a part of. Heres hoping that Chino Hills catches lightening in a bottle Looking forward to a hard fought battle tonight and that the Huskies from Chino Hills come out on top.

  • 12th man

    Keys to victory: for CH

    1) Keep CC offense off the field,control the time of possession

    2) Create turnovers(fumbles,interceptions,strip the ball)

    3) Defense needs to create chaos on the los, Linebackers & Db’s need to “BLITZ” all night!

    4)Assign your most Athletic & fastest linebacker to cover short passes & to spy on the QB on every play.

    5)Limit the amount of cant give a powerhouse like CC an extra advantage

    6)Special Teams: Punts= dont give up your side of the field or over pursue..CC has too much speed & will make you pay!
    Kickoff= Stay in your lanes & keep the ball away from there big playmakers!

    7)Lastly~ Beleive that you can win! Play with Confidence..NO SOFT HITTING!!~ NO ARM TACKLES!!
    The only real chance you have is for the “DEFENSE” to play like wild animals & to swarm to the ball!! Gang Tackle on every play!! You need to use the Home Field Advantage and what better way to get the crowd involved by making some “Sick Hits”

    Im not involved in CC or CH football im just giving you my honest opinion..I wish both teams good luck tonight..& may the harder hitting best team WIN tonight!!..Im more of a pac5 fan…So tomorrows game between Alemany vs servite should be a epic thriller!! Dont know who in going for yet!..But i know its going to be a Classic battle!~

  • RCcougars

    Old Man Chino,

    Well Rancho Cucamonga is #3 seed playing Vista Murrieta. Will be a great game with alot of studs on the field. Dont be so quick to pick Vista over Rancho like everyone else, just because they are the #2 seed. Will be a great matchup to see who plays Centenial in the finals.

    Everyone has picked against Rancho all year, papers with so called experts picking us to go 2-7 or 3-8, finishing 5th in league. Keep picking against us we like being the underdog it has worked for us all year.

    Rancho vs Centenial in the finals!!!!

  • I’m calling the upset — Chino Hills stops Centennial on its first drive.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To RCcougars:

    My bad I seeded REV as #3 seed instead of RC. I did think that the brackets looked unbalanced, so thank you for setting me straight. Good luck tonight against Vista Murrieta and if the predictions do not come true, it will be a Baseline-Sierra League Final, makes you wonder why they were bumped to the Inland Division from the Central Division if that were to take place.

  • BroncoNation

    No doubt RC is a good team. If they weren’t they wouldn’t be here. Unlike some other teams (CC), VM never takes a team for granted. VM is not looking past this game. Each game is “the big one”. Home Game..12th man support..Always a packed house…Avenging a Bitter Inland Division Championship loss from last year (13-7)…Excellent coaching…Numerous weapons…No one star (Except for maybe a D lineman or two and the QB, and a healthy team this late in the season…..Advantage Vista Murrieta Broncos.
    That said, we know RC is coming to play…It should be fun. It will be a college atmosphere for sure…it always is..A lot of hometown support..And it will be Loud. Vista Murrieta is also MAX Preps Most Spirited School in the Nation second year in a row..
    GO Broncos!!! Good luck Son..These past four years have been a blast..

  • BroncoNation

    Will the Corona Centennial/Chino Hills game be webcast???

  • Aaron


  • AMAT 73

    Good luck to both West Covina and Chino Hills as you will both be reppin the SGV in the games tonight . Earlier in the season there was a lot talk on CH vs AMAT, well you were talking the talk and now it’s time to walk the walk . Go out and put it to CC and show those IE boys just how tough football in the SGV is played .

  • CH Husky Fan

    Foxsports sold the television rights to Time Warner Cable….It will not be shown until tomorrow @ 10am on CH 101. There will be a live blog on Coverlite….see info above.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Foxsports sold the television rights to Time Warner Cable….It will not be shown until tomorrow @ 10am on CH 101. There will be a live blog on Coverlite….see info above.

  • CH Husky Fan

    Foxsports sold the television rights to Time Warner Cable….It will not be shown until tomorrow @ 10am on CH 101. There will be a live blog on Coverlite….see info above.

  • Colt74

    Chino Hills and West Covina. Have a good and safe game !

  • 12th man

    WOW!!~ It does look scary on paper!

    Corona Centennial Schedule:

    @ Birmingham (Lake Balboa, CA)* 48-8 (W)

    Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)* 44-13 (W)

    @ Chaparral (Temecula, CA)* 45-12 (W)

    King (Riverside, CA) * 66-14 (W)

    Poly (Riverside, CA) * 52-8 (W)

    @ JW North (Riverside, CA) *
    Location: RUSD Staduim (M L King HS)* 49-7 (W)

    Santiago (Corona, CA) * 69-13 (W)

    @ Norco (Norco, CA) * 45-0 (W)

    Corona (Corona, CA) * 82-21 (W)

    @ Roosevelt (Corona, CA) * 63-21 (W)

    Yucaipa (Yucaipa, CA)* 56-14 (W)

    @ Upland (Upland, CA)* 52-23 (W)

    7:30 PM @ Chino Hills (Chino Hills, CA) ***

  • Ironic

    The stars r n alignment 4 a Chino Hills upset – the 12th man makes the 12th comment.



    Chino Hills is going to get destroyed by Corona Centennial…on Earth anyways…I don’t know where else you guys watch high school football! LOL!

  • Chalk n Cheese

    12th Man

    You are wasting your breath as usual. Corona Centennial and Chino Hills are on entirely different levels. Everyone will see this tonight.

    Corona Centennial 45,
    Chino Hills 7

  • Good Company

    Amat/Poly game starts right after Edison(NotSince1980) plays Lakewood(Not Since…Ever!) Are those teams anygood? LMAO

  • OneAndDone

    What the hell is this moron from “Good Company” talking about?

    Get out of here you idiot. This is a blog for teams that are still playing. Amat was done a long long long time ago.

    See you next year moron.

    Let Go Bulldogs!!! Go get your ring!!!

  • Anonymous

    21-10 cc over CH halftime.

  • never mind


  • hats off to CH on a great season…Great game tonight…

  • SaintsR4real

    Great job and congrats WEST COVINA!!

    Bonita, take it to the HOUSE tomorrow!! It’s not gonna be easy, but we’re all rooting for you.

    Bonita wins, equals one guaranteed EAST SGV CIF CHAMP!!

  • bearcats

    good luck to bonita and san dimas tonight
    represent the SGV!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Steve Ramirez, nice article on the West Covina vs. Mayfair semi-final game. One slight correction though, West Covina will not be playing for their first cif-ss title next week. It would be their third cif-ss title in football should they be victorious next friday.

    Go Bulldogs!

  • kh

    there is a football god.
    it wasnt ugly,but it was pretty.
    we will take it ,for what it is..
    bearcats turn tonight boys.
    so far so good.
    chapter 13 tonight,then next week the finale chapter, then my bonita book story will be all done for this years award winning novel.
    the title.
    in chapter 12 doggs come out and play catch up to a so so calibur team,it was the first real test for the big bad doggs all year,earlier in my book, the doggs took care of a wounded bearcat team, witch as they came then went with there tails between there leggs.
    as the story unfolds the doggs playing with poise, kept there chins high and played with almighty,intell they ran into a monsoon,barely weathering the storm,the ship it set to sail for another day to ride the seas.
    mean while the litle wounded bearcat has all growin up and healed it self of all it movements towards becoming all it can be.
    there speed of defense will sworm the l.s. like a hive of bee,
    l.s will take the first sting with ease,but after the hive attacks with mase,the swell will start to slow the body down,and then the d will attack to finishes with eases.
    as kh has done he will do again,
    predict not just a cif run.
    but this time my friend ,
    the bearcats will pound the doggs,and the cats will have fun ,
    the next day in the sun.
    its time to go,i will cherrish today.
    because gods plan for me .
    is one day ,at a time.
    go bearcats

  • 12th man

    Will any games be broadcasted tonight on Fox sports west?? Last night they had Westlake vs St Boni…1st time watching Westlake,I was impressed by there offense..Hats off to the Westlake coach who understood the importance of the game & played Isham the “STARTING QB” both ways..He came in on 2nd & 3rd and long thruout the game understanding the situation that St. Boni’s was going to throw..Like i said before you have to give yourself a chance to win by putting in your most Athletic & biggest playmaker on both sides of the ball…(Not like some Coaches) lol..On a brighter note congrats to West Covina they played hard & were in a real dogfight, this one wasnt decided until late in the 4th..What can i say about Chino Hills the boys played hard & left there hearts out on the field.Its not easy competing against one of the elite teams in the Nation..This one was a bit more controlversial with the play calling of CH coaches..Apparently they didnt read my blogs on keys to victory..
    1) Keep CC offense off the field,control the time of possession

    2) Create turnovers(fumbles,interceptions,strip the ball)

    3) Defense needs to create chaos on the los, Linebackers & Db’s need to “BLITZ” all night!

    4)Assign your most Athletic & fastest linebacker to cover short passes & to spy on the QB on every play.

    5)Limit the amount of cant give a powerhouse like CC an extra advantage

    6)Special Teams: Punts= dont give up your side of the field or over pursue..CC has too much speed & will make you pay!
    Kickoff= Stay in your lanes & keep the ball away from there big playmakers!

    You just cant give a powerhouse like CC half a field to work with..there gonna make you pay!! In my opinion a onside kick shouldnt be attempted until deep in the 4th QT..& unless its absolutely necessary! Never the less the boys played outstanding!..Cant wait for tonights game..going to checkout the Alemany vs Servite game..I will be cheering for Alemany simply because they play in the Serra league..& because they are the underdog & everyone is already expecting a Mission Viejo vs Servite finals..I hope Vernon Adams makes the front page of the LA Times with the upset!!~

  • GHS


    Ifo was the best player on the field last night. Ran the wild cat, Wide out, Safety, Return,. He kept Chino Hills in the game last night. That was a spectacular performance. Since you consider Chino Hills a SGV team. Ifo is in my opinion PLAYER OF THE YEAR.

  • bob bradstreet

    Wow. Mayfair was really something. Those boys have nothing to be ashamed of.They played a great game and we were very lucky, for once.

    Now go you Bulldogs. A great bunch of boys, who
    have worked very hard to get where they are at.

    To BH. You keep talking about how great Bonita is,but you won’t use your real name. Remember one thing. They have to beat La Cerna, before they even go to the finals…… We don’t take any team for granted. But ,we are darned good…..

  • kh

    not bh
    kh stands for ken huth. former cif champion from t.c. rams 77-78 check the books
    whats your name?
    ive been there and know what it takes to win it all.
    like i said from day one we have it now just go show it ,thats all.
    go bearcats



    I will have to agree with you on your comment. Hands down Ifo was a man amongs boys last night, he kept CH in the game almost into the 4th quarter. Oregon will be getting a great player! Fred if you are considering CH in the SGV Trinbune area now, he is definatly POY hands down sorry Bonita and West Covina fans… IMO Chino Hills coach should have had more faith in his special teams and should have gave his defense a shot at winining the game for them! Too many onside kicks giving CC the ball at the 50 every time, the defense played awesome, he should have gave the D a chance at forcing at least one punt instead of two TD’s with 30 seconds left in the second quarter. Nate Harris also deserves recognition, Chino Hills had a special team this year, lets see how they do next year when they lose a Sr. loaded team…


  • reader

    Sorry kh but your posts are so booring and tired already. Maybe you are sober.

  • Colt74

    kh is a super fan and you gotta like him. He is NEVER boring.

    CHills played one heck of a game last night and not one young man today should be hanging their heads. They made it a game till the end.. Hats off to them! The same for Mayfair. I’m sure WesCo was having flashbacks to the Glendora game. WesCo playing for the Championship!

    About the on side kicks last night. Teams with confidence take gambles. Teams just trying to survive play it safe. Not one person here can say CHills did not play with confidence last night. It’s easy to second guess after the fact. I wonder what people would be saying today had they recovered those on-sides?

  • Huskies

    A third vote for IFO!!! Sierra League Champs, Division 2 Semi-Finalist that alone would give him POY, then you add his outstanding play. I don’t see no Bishop or CO player that’s more deserving!

    Fred! Will CH be included?


    Big props to kh for his storyline and potential novel. One thing about you brother you are a true fan of Bonita athletics and your son. My hat is off to you – rave on.

    I am not a Bonita fan but I still feel we should come out in force to support them because with West Covina winning, Bonita needs to follow through so we can have a third consecutive CIF Finals domination for our league. I am speaking of the old Miramonte League with back to back years of Charter Oak defeating Diamond Ranch and hopefully this year with a West Covina – Bonita final. I realize that the Miramonte is no more and the Hacienda has been made but it still has hold overs Bonita, Diamond Ranch and Los Altos. Go Bearcats!

    I was at the Chino Hills – CC game last night and was extremely disappointed with the coaching from Chino Hills. I don’t think Chino Hills would have won the game but their coaching staff coached like they believed they could not win it and therefore only wanted to keep it close. All this BS about moral victory because CC only scored 42 instead of their average of 51 is a losers mentality. CC’s scoring was boosted because they scored 82 points in one game and 60 in another. With those scores in the normal 50’s their average drops into the 40’s – oh gee just like what they scored on you. How much field position did they give up each time with those three on-side kicks and the pooch they had – 100 yards or more. You mean to tell me that giving the 6th team in the nation the ball on their own 45 – 50 each time is great coaching. How about the time management in the last 2 minutes of the 1st half that turned a 10-7 lead into a 21-10 deficit. You get the ball back on the 15 with less than two minutes to go and CC on their heels a little bit so instead of trying to run out the clock and stick to your game plan of the entire game you decide to be tricky now and throw the ball which ends up in a grouding penalty that gives you a half the distance to the goal line and a loss of downs along with stopping the clock, then you also try a second pass that kills the clock as well and gives CC the ball on your own 40 after a bad punt with 1 minute to go — ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!! What a coaching choke job. RUN THE CLOCK OUT AND GO INTO HALF TIME 14-10!!! The score was not as close as it looks because other than a pick six by Nate Harris, the second half was clearly dominated by CC. Props out to Chino Hills defense they did all they could but it was desperation all night as well. They blitzed all their linebackers on every play all night hoping to disrupt CC which worked in the first half and early in the second but of course it cost them big once CC figured it out. You did not believe your kids could do it and it showed. This was the first Chino Hills game I have seen all year and I felt sorry for their kids they deserved better.

    IFO is by far the best player in the valley and should be an easy Player of the Year. He just played against the number 6 team in the nation and he was by far the best player on the field by a huge margin.

  • kh

    will come from next weeks winner of the finale cif championship game.
    poy needs to be the play who has mint everything to his team and city on the quest to win the ring.
    heading to c.o. umpiring bonita game there at 200.hen off to bonita cif game 3.
    just feed mini me a hugh tuna sandwich,it will kick in the 3 nd qter with a hugh td from the wildcat or intro on there swing pass play,hes sitting on that play..go bearcats

  • 12th man

    Normally i would agree with you about playing aggressive & taking gambles..But this is a different circumstance..Your playing against one of the elite teams in the Nation! …they dont need your help in scoring & thats exactly what your doing when you give a powerhouse team like CC half a field to work with..Your best bet is to make them go the whole distance of the field..& hope that your defense comes up with a stop before they get into field goal range or even worse a Touchdown~,,,But i can see your point..if they recover those onside kicks the coach looks like a genius…Its just too high of a risk for that certain situation considering what’s at stake..Go with the odds & kick it down field!~

  • CC fan

    great Game! way to play both teams !CH showed they have Heart, if the chain gang would of been awake before the half and would of moved the chains as they were supposed to the game clock would of expired before the half?? Thank you Chain Gang! We needed that boost….

  • Jackboy

    kh, I just watched you umpire the CO/Bonita baseball game. It was one of the best Umpired baseball games Ive ever seen, and absolutely the best High School job! Great strike zone, you got all your calls right. (and there were some close ones).
    Good luck tonight Bearcats!

  • OldMan in Chino

    Well it was not the blow-out that was predicted, and Chino Hills definitely played their hearts out against Centennial. Their spirited play was not missed by their Head Coach, QB or Running Back. All three of them commented on how they were forced to play all 4 quarters to win the game and how this prepared them to play in the Championship game next week. The Huskies from Chino Hills were able to limit Centennial to scoring only 42 points and tied with Upland by scoring 23 points. If the blogs about Centennial putting in their 2nd and 3rd strings toward the end of their games were accurate, Chino Hills scored the most points on their 1st string defense. The Huskies from Chino Hills represented their School, their City and their League well and while they did not win they earned the respect and admiration of the #1 high school in the state.
    Heres to a safe off season and to a successful 2011 football season for Chino Hills High School.

  • Dan

    Lots of respect to Mayfair, I posted last week that they were huge and would be a hard game because of their ball control offense, They had a line that would match most Pac five lines in size and ability,There was a reason why they could hang with the Los Alamitos and Lakewood kind of teams. West Covina finally figured how to slow them down late in the second quarter, although one of their scoring drives was kept alive by a terrible P.I. call on third and long, should have been a WC stop. Second half the defense played hard and shut down Mayfairs offense, stellar goal line stand late in the game.
    West Covina needed a game like this to test their mettle, both teams fought valiantly, glad our boy’s pulled this one out.
    Congratulations West Covina for never giving up.
    For all those on “Cover It Live” last night, there were two Dan’s on there and I just want to say they were not me, I’m a little behind the times and haven’t gotten into text messaging yet.
    KH I actually enjoyed your story even though it was against WC.


    You clowns from the SGV crack me up. Limited CC to 42 points and you lost by 19! That’s 3 scores to beat us and you didn’t.

    Aram, what game did you watch? You got beat down by a BETTER TEAM.. How many 3rd stringers were in the game?

    Give it a rest Judge, CH fan and all the guys were talked crap about IE. Were probably the best team in California.

    Will keep drinkin our cows milk out here! Hey KH, good luck against WC, let us know when you want to STEP UP and schedule us! Keep talkin trash about the IE, we’ll kick the living crap out of Bonita too!

  • Red Barron

    Gunner, what does refer to? Are you first team KO? Jackass, I was on your sideline and heard all the air leave your pathetic lungs when Ifo blazed thru your weak defense. CC has super athletes, but is nothing special. You can be beat by a disciplined team. Your o-line got owned by Johnson (3 sacks?). Collins is a quick back, strong, cuts on a dime,,, 64 yds. Impressive………NOT!

    Eubanks has a good arm and is strong, but not unstoppable like forecasted. 2 picks all year… through one for a pick 6, as I remember.

    You better thank the CH coaches for the on-side kicks and poor play calling, cuz you were 1 or 2 plays away of sitting your asses down for the rest of the season.

    Bottom line is, you know you played a quality team on Friday. Now get off the blogs and go back to studying your remedial math.

    Chino Hills left an impression!

  • ZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzz

    A Saturday Morning Quarterback Edition /w only 41 Hits?

    What happened? Did Bishop Amat take an early playoff exit? haha!

    And there’s still peeps out there scratchin their heads wondering why Bishop gets so much press. lol!

  • Dan

    There were more hits last year at this time because you had more East SGV teams involved in the semifinals last year, plus there were two semi finals with local ESGV match ups, you had South Hills vs Diamond Ranch and San Dimas vs Azusa, just those two games alone would produce more blog post because of the the smack talk between the four schools, then you also had Charter Oak and Chino Hills still playing at this time. This year there were only three East SGV teams all playing teams outside the tribune coverage area. So naturally there should be less posters.

  • Born Again Huskie

    Shut up Dan!

  • Red Barron…

    Your pathetic…all that sh!t you were talking leading up to the game and now all you can say is “CH left an impression?” bwahahahahahaha….BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! – PUH…Now you sound like the CH announcer…lol…CH played a good game…leave it at that…

  • Red Barron

    Norco, glad you were able to make it to Husky Stadium. Does your wagon really have GPS?

    You laughing at me? Your Cowboys got stepped on by the same team 45 to nothing. Your team got knocked out like some punk ass Tyson opponent, in the first round.

    It was a great football season, nice knocking heads with all you bloggers again.


  • OldMan in Chino

    Hey Norco:
    Apparently the Head Coach, QB and starting RB were impressed by Chino Hills. They said so in the post game interview as well as in the LA Times article on the game. Red Barron speaks the truth when he repeats what was said and documented. For your own edification please watch the youtube on Fred’s blog and the LA Times article posted on the CIF website. You are intitled to your opinion, but it seems to be in contrast to that expressed by the Head Coach and his players. All things being equal a 42-23 loss (losing by 19) looks far better than a 45-0 blow-out. Enjoy the off-season.

  • OldMan in Chino ….

    I congratulated CH on a very hard played game…But since you want quote players…Eubanks said they also underestimated CH…So now Red Barron speaks the truth? I guess eveything he was saying up to the game was all “bullsh!t?” Bottom line CH pretty much brought the house at CC and it still wasn`t good enough…they changed their defensive alignements for the front seven and it worked for a half…Now a loss is a loss period…Like I said seems to me you guys are happy with a moral victory….If I wouldn`t know any better I would think one of you guys were the CH announcers at the end of the game…

  • OldMan in Chino

    I am not much into moral victories either and I agree a loss is a loss. Yours just happened to be by 45 points vs. 19. I would also expect that if the blogs are accurate your shut-out at the hands of Centennial was the combined effort of their 1st, 2nd and 3rd string teams. Once again the 19 point loss experienced by Chino Hills was against their 1st stringers. It also needs to be noted that Centennial has a posted roster of 122 while Chino Hills has a posted roster of 56 over 2x as many players as Chino Hills. The majority of the players for Chino Hills play both offense and defense and Centennial has the luxury having players only go 1-way. Yes they were able to hang with Centennial for a half and then the fatigue of being out number finally caught up with them. No excuses Chino Hills played as well as they could and never gave up. While the other teams in the Sierra League may have moaned and groaned about being bumped up from Division V to Division II, Chino Hills accepted the decision and scheduled 3 step-up games and won 2 of them. They played against the number 1 team in the state based on several polls and they lost, but they did win the respect of Centennial and they became a better team for playing Chino Hills. The bottom line is that after all is said and done, it is a game played by high school kids and many of these kids will not be playing on Saturdays or Sundays after they graduate and knowing this they still enjoy playing the game.
    So Norco I wish your team great success next season and should Centennial win CIF and go on to the State Championships and win that too, you and the rest of the Big VIII have your work cut out for you next season.
    Take care.

  • Dan

    Born again huskie,
    Now who in the h#$% let you on here, get on home boy, come back when you get out of high school.

  • Yes we did lose 45-0…But also note we pulled our starters with 8min play, game was already out of hand and let our 2nd & 3rd stringers go at it with CC`s…live to fight another day…I don`t agree with it…but it is what it is…Also if you look at CC`s roster they included sophmores & freshmens players..we suited up a 100 kids for the playoffs not bad considering we only have 2100 students …I have nothing but respect for CH very well coached and discplined #7 was a joy to watch…
    As for next year we will be allright this was the first year in the spread and I think Norcos coaches learned a lot in the process…we have a ton of young talent that has gained a ton of experience this year we started 17 underclassmen….they got to see one of the best teams in the nation (CC …even though they kicked our arse)….we played other great competition like Vista Murrieta, Upland, Roosevelt and Crenshaw…..I think this years investment playing a lot of underclassmen will pay huge.dividends in our future….

    About this year….when we were good, we played REAL good….when we were bad….well, we were real bad….I will take 9-3 with a trip to the quarterfinals in a rebuilding year…


    Red Baron:

    What the hell name is that? A fat man Pizza name. Little less Pizza and you might be able to play with the big boys. You got beat down and lost by 19. Close? Now you blame the coaches?

    Heck check the ratings and see what they say @sshole.

    Now go eat your name and fly that Red Baron over our practice field and learn something about FB.

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