Saturday Final: Bonita takes care of La Serna, sets up rematch with West Covina in Southeast final; San Dimas’ six turnovers and Monrovia’s Nick Bueno too much, Cats win 47-14

Southeast Division Semifinal
Bonita 21, La Serna 16
The Bonita High School football team etched its name in the history of the program on Saturday in more ways than one, coach Eric Podley said. “Ugliest win in the history of Bearcats football,” Podley said, “but we’ll take it.”

Mid-Valley Division Semifinal
Monrovia 47, San Dimas 14
Monrovia’s determination was too much for the Saints to overcome, plus the Saints hurt themselves with six turnovers. Still, Monrovia was just better. Quarterback Nick Bueno completed 12 of 22 for 204 yards, rushed for two scores and threw for a score. Christian Blanco was big too, carrying 21 times for 178 yards and four touchdowns. Jay Henderson had eight catches for 157 yards. The Cats advance to their tenth championship appearance against Whittier Christian on Saturday. For the Saints, QB Shawn Kennedy was 7 of 15 for 82 yards with two INTs. Jordan Taylor rushed for 46 yards.

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  • Aaron

    GO BEARCATS beat La Serna!

  • Anonymous

    Stick with “GO BEARCATS” the other Cats are on the Prowl as well….Go Wildcats!!!!!! tonight is the night to erase the bad memory’s of giving away games to a team that is not better than you in anyway.

  • Colt74

    “to a team that is not better than you in anyway.”


    What is the excuse tonight going to be…The sun was in your eyes? You had your fingers crossed? Moonburn?

  • SaintsR4real

    Okay,pre-game blogging time is up, nothing left to say but…….


    Prayers for a safe game for all players.

    Fred, tailgate starts at 4:30 behind scoreboard.

    Billycats, hope you feel the same, one way or other, this is gonna be an awesome game!!

  • Anonymous

    Covina WHO?

  • Don

    Fred and the gang didn’t talk about the La Serna pass D too much during the ten minute drill because they ran out of time and Steve’s Mom was calling him home for dinner . . . BUT . . .

    One Lancer stat that caught my eye are the 31 sacks they have this season, six of them against Walnut who they beat two weeks ago with an field goal in overtime. (If that 13-10 score wasn’t close enough for you, you may also be interested to know the winning FG came only after Walnut missed a 30 yard attempt, also in OT.)

    Anyhow, 31 sacks are a lot, (Bonita has 27), and the work is cut out for the Bearcat front five to protect their QB. Gotta protect boys.

    La Serna at Bonita

    Record: BoHi 11-1, lost to West Covina La Serna, 11-1 lost to Downey
    Advantage Even

    Offense: Passing Bonita Rushing La Serna
    Advantage La Serna

    Defense: Pass Defense Bonita Rush Defense La Serna
    Advantage Even

    Special Teams: Kicking Bonita Punting Bonita Kick Returns Bonita Punt Returns – Even
    Advantage Bonita

    Mistakes: Fumbles lost + Interceptions Bonita (11+12) 23 La Serna (? +4) Unknown
    Advantage Insufficient data

    Takeaways: Fumbles Recovered + Interception + Blocked Punts + Blocked Kicks
    Bonita (19 + 16 + 5 + 9) 49 La Serna (15 + 13) 23
    Advantage Bonita

    Final Bonita 30 La Serna 24

  • New York

    You rep the saints well with a lot of class. Good luck to Monrovia and San Dimas. Leave it all on the field.

  • 12th man

    It will be a battle of unbeaten teams next Saturday at Angel Stadium in the Pac-5 Division championship game. We just need to find out which unbeaten team, Anaheim Servite or Mission Hills Alemany, will join Mission Viejo in the final.

    Either way, I think the Pac-5, Northern Division final between Westlake and Oaks Christian, and the City Division I final between Carson and Crenshaw, are going to produce more fan enthusiasm than any CIF state championship bowl game the following week.

    If the Pac-5 winner could play Corona Centennial, the likely Inland Division winner, in a bowl game, that would be the game of the year. But it’s not going to happen because California still hasn’t figured out how to put together a real state championship in football.

    So fans will come out in large numbers next weekend to see some great section finals. Then the real passionate high school football fans will come out in fewer numbers for the bowl games Dec. 17 and 18 at the Home Depot Center.

    That’s the way it works in California.

  • Colt74

    12th Man,
    Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times-Preps could not have said that better himself. It is simply amazing how much you both think alike.

  • Yeh yeh yeh

    “If you’re gonna’ talk the talk, you better walk the walk”…All trash talk aside, I’m looking foreward to a great game tonight! Seriously…Best of luck to BOTH teams.

    Don’t you just love High School Football?

    Yeh yeh yeh!

  • GAME ON!

    Lineman Pride – WIN the PIT! This is why we condition! Get yourselves some Lancer and defend OUR house!

    Stay Hungry – GO BEARCATS!

    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • Aaron

    If all of the La Serna shills will come out and blame this on the refs like the Muir shills did on coveritlive I’d appreciate it.

    GO BEARCATS! Thankyou for giving us a great season.

  • omar

    rancho score?

  • Congrats to Podley and his Bearcats on reaching the finals. La Serna was much better than I thought and a very tough opponent.

    Is there anybody coming up bigger in the postseason than Gio Johnson? Unreal.

    Congrats to M-Town, too. No shame for San Dimas. They got you back, but you guys made the semis as an at-large. Not too shabby.

  • shaming the sgv

    haha, “c-town” still looking for excuses. sad, sad, sad…………

  • reality

    Bonita’s defense is going to sleep good tonite. They won the game for their team, it’s that simple. Offense had a very off nite and almost non existent.
    The defense accounted for most of the scoring plus many critical defensive stands. Huth, Mikity, Lemons,Harriman and the rest played brilliantly. Podley you might have to buy your defensive coaches Medina, Medrano etc. a tall Starbucks. The stands were packed on both sides and the atmosphere electric and loud. La Serna played just as tough and the outcome was always in doubt. Let’s play the final at Glenn Davis.

  • Andrew

    i agree with reality, lets do the final at glenn davis. that would be epic

  • Colt74

    My dad taught me long ago that if you are wrong admit it. Well, I was wrong about Monrovia. Big time. They played great tonight. Bueno is every bit as good as the faithful said he was. Blanco tonight was a work horse and went through the defense like a tank. Whittier Christian doesn’t stand a chance if Monrovia plays like they did tonight. It won’t even be close. So yes…I’m eating crow and saw for myself why Monrovia is so excited. The drought is gonna be over. Bank on it.

    Went to the SD Tailgate and had a blast. SaintsR4real and everyone of the San Dimas parents were first class and some of the best people you could ever meet. Got to chat with some of the SD coaches and enjoyed the game sitting with Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy ( #4’s parents )and cheering on the Saints. San Dimas’s season ended tonight but they have a lot of players coming back next year and they WILL be tough. I have to give props to what SD accomplished this year. Thanks for the invite tonight, the hospitality, and the fun.

  • Observantcat

    Colt74, now thats the kind of Class and sportsmanship I can relate to, Win or Loose, both teams played like they wanted to win. This was just Monrovia’s year. Lots of mistakes and turnover’s on both sides but Nick took full advantage of those miscuse and turned them into points. By the way our linebacker Johnson has always been a difference maker on the defense his hits are felt around the stadium. This is really only step 1 of a 2 step process, Monrovia and Whittier both played emotional games this weekend, but If I have to give an edge to either team of course being a M-town fan I will go with Monrovia at home……… Peace out bro.

  • Shame on the Wildcats

    Congrats to Monrovia!!! maybe 10 times will be your charm…. chasing that ring maybe you can finally get sized for one….. cause SD’s are Beautiful!!!! But on another note!!! You guys play DIRTY !!! # 53 # 18 Shame on you boys!!! Good Luck to Whittier because They are DIRTY so be ready!!!!!

  • 12th man

    Just got back from the Alemany vs Servite game & it was one of the greatest performances by QB, I have ever seen! Amat fans..if you think the Alemany QB Vernon Adams was hard to tackle during the game when they played BA..You should have seen him running circles & making sick cuts vs the all mighty Servite defense..He was unstoppable making big plays on crucial downs..He was literally single handedly carrying his team on his shoulders..A one man wrecking crew..It was a shame watching the rest of his team not contributing & actually hurting there chances by committing so many penalties that nullufied alot of Vernon’s big runs..My heart went out to this guy seeing him leave it all out on the field..Unfourtunately the deficit was a little more then they could handle when they went down 28-7 late in the 3rd.. It would have been a Story book ending that not even Hollywood could have scripted any better if they would have completed the Miraculous comeback late in the 4th QT..The Football Gods were with Servite tonight as Alemany ran out of time & eventually lost 28-21 Great Game!! One more thing..Servite rides deep they have a huge support of followers & fans..they were super loud the whole game & had alot of wild chants thruout the entire night..As for there Defense they were solid..probbably the best DB’s in the state they swarm to the ball & wont allow any big plays to develop..The finals between Mission Viejo & Servite should be epic!~

  • Aaron

    Two ugly wins by both West Covina and Bonita the past two nights, one was riddled with penalties I think we counted 30.

    If this means anything it’s that we’re in for a show.

  • dan bocat fan

    It’s a strange win. To many mistakes. I thought La Serna was suppose to be a well disciplined group? Didn’t I hear that Aram. That they would beat us down with the run. It might of worked and like someone said over at SGV.(Mr. Robledo) Bonita is a great front running team with an opportunistic Defensive scheme. This was a Coaches victory tonight. When you face adversity and come through with big plays after big plays,that’s a sign to me anyway of a well coached team, and kids with Heart. Bonita coaches congrats for an amazing year.
    Remember Bonita We need to give no inch; work for every inch. Be Humble; Play hard; Play fare and finally play like warriors that you are. Trust each other and leave it out there on the field of battle.
    Matt Gelalich made a play tonight. He batted a ball away that saved a TD… Giomani Johnson blocked the field goal and wasn’t satisfied with that and ran it back all… the… way. Garrett Pendleton kept his cool and in that 3rd qt drove us down the field. Heart, team work, and playing your role. You guys settled down and got after it on defense tonight. You linemen just stuffed it tonight. Congrats to the team! I’ll be there next week cheering and will most likely lose my voice like I did last night.

  • pba bowler

    I was at the Bonita game last night and have seen several other Bonita games this year. That #31 Mikity maybe a little undersized but…WHAT A BEAST!!!! That kid’s name was called practicaly on every play!! Grant it…his position at inside LB is designed to stop the run…his effort and pure hesrt is a coaches dream. I do not know the kid personally, but..the parents of #31 must be extremely proud. Best of luck next week with your re-match against West Covina!!

  • dan bocat fan,

    Whatever you think heard about La Serna, you didn’t hear it from me. Clearly, you didn’t watch our video previewing the game. I didn’t think it would be close.

    Also, I predicted before the playoffs started that Bonita would meet WestCo again for the division title.

  • Don

    La Serna Lancer fans have nothing to hang their heads about. The fact they didn’t completely wither and fall apart in the face of the Bonita defense speaks volumes about their character, coaching and guts. Guess Crief is all but forgotten in Whittier.

    Also a shout out to the guys from West Covina, Diamond Ranch, and other Hacienda Leaguers who showed up. Not everyone was booing you guys, way to show the flag.

    How bout dem Bearcats?

    The gutty little Bearcats of yore have been replaced by the 2010 model: Bigger, faster, and a lot more under the hood. The usual nicely balanced offense was a little spotty but did I mention the defense? The Bear woulda been proud: agile, mobile, and hostile. There was a sideline scene at the half with two of the BoHi LB’s bracketing QB Pendleton, patting him on the pads. In my imagination, they were telling him, Don’t worry, we have your back. If we need to get it done, we will.

    What a group effort, Ruiz, Gelalich, Pichotta, Berghoudian, Johnson, Horine, Serrano, Balentine, McCulley, Griffith, and Brungard were all in on the fun along with the trinity of Harriman, Huth, and Mikity and of course, when heavy lifting was needed, Medina went to McKenzie and Tarez to Lemmonize the Lancer line.

    To beat the mighty bulldoggies, BoHi will need to eliminate the penalties, have the same kind of defensive performance as last night, and score TD’s on offense. It ought to be a whale of a contest.

  • Bonita Rocks !!!

    Gee Ken that’s two straight Championship Games for the Huth Family.

    The irony of it all is you “called” it both times and in “both” teams you son played a huge role.

    You must be doing something right for the Man upstairs to smile on you guys. Must be sweeeeeet !!!

    I know it’s still Football season for the selct few but don’t sleep on Bonita’s Boys and Girls Basketball teams this year.

    The real story is Bonita has done it the right way…home grown talent.

  • The Mid

    Colt74. SD has nothing other than their QB back. The OL is gone, and so are the RBs and WR. They will be WAY done next year. You guys should run through league.

    Monrovia didn’t play dirty, SD parents get a clue. #18 and #53 flat out kicked your butt…. Just read what coach Z said…”unblockable.” Hats off to Monrovia….. Don’t Choke.

  • Just a Saints Mom

    I am sad today, yes because our season is over,(that is a given) but, how we have to say good bye to our Senior Saints on the field. We have watched them for four years grow and become better every year. You and your familys will be missed. As for Monrovia, you guys played an outstanding game! Congradulation! Go get your rings, you have played hard. Saints are still the 2009 CIF Champs, and there is always next year. We have the “Dirty Dozen” …to be continued in 2012 woo hoo

  • ?

    Who is this dirty dozen? All I know is that there is only 1 junior worth mentioning and that is the the qb. Sd better get some transfers or they are in trouble

  • kh

    thank you bonita rocks,were not the only family.
    the gelalich and huths are on the right path,as people know 14 months ago i changed my life style. Matts family always has been a class act,so i am fellowing in different ways of life.k.c. and i are really on the same page, I am working 40 hours in a new job plus baseball lessons on weekends,just keeping busy.
    K.c. is far blessed from god with insight of interconnections,my feelings go deep when it comes to things like knowing Bonita is going to the championship games.
    it is not some guess my friend,ive spent thousand and thousands of hours working to get K.c. brain geared up to win at any reason,people think i push him to hard,iam not his coach,or i would have those boys doing monkey crawls up and down the field tell they called uncle, then start practice,sorry thats just me…
    i know now what it take to produce a pro athlete.
    i didnt make it to the big,but got released 7 times as a player and once as a manager,huths dont quit,watch k.c. he wont quit!
    thank you from our hearts K.c. and Kenny Huth/
    read this my friend, this is what gods talking about,It is not our glory, be the glory of God.took me 49 years but am feeling it and God shine has brighten our lives amen.
    roman 5 verse 1-5
    read this every night. we are just in his groove
    go bearcats. with out gods glory i had to think of kens glory no good.

  • Dan a BoCat fan

    Yes I know you did predicted Bonita would be there for the rematch. It was Fred that said he didn’t see them there. Sorry I didn’t make that clear. Thanks for your blog I really like your comments.Most of the

  • Dirty Dozen

    The Dirty Dozen consist of the 2012 class.. Corona, Torres, Zenner, Kennedy, Anguiano, Darling, Ojeda, Ly, Brown, then we add the Sophomores: Bugh, Espinoza, Barbosa and some other outstanding athletes… If I forgot anyone please feel free to add them… WE WILL BE BACK IN 2012!

  • Anonymous

    The dirty dozen, the bakers dozen or whaterver dozen you have may not want to play Monrovia’s dirty dozen next season. Yes without Bueno the train will still ride. Frazier at QB, DeShaun Ramirez will be back next season at TB and a slew of runningbacks will fill that offensive void. Our Defense will feature Ellis McCarthy (who should already be starting for UCLA) Lorenzo Casas, Anthony Craft, Bandon Wingenbaugh, Isaac Miravet. etc…and the recieving team will be off the chain…..names will be reveiled on the All CIF list.

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  • CATZ-22

    CATZ-22 said:
    The Mid,
    Was it the unblockable OL that gave up the (47) points? Need to blame the DC, his “D” gave up (81) points thae last two games vs Monrovia.


    Just in,
    San Dimas Saints Head Football Coach Bill Zernickow and the coaching staff are moving on to the University of La Vern. TBA at the team banquet. Gook luck!!

  • Dirty Dozen Update!

    Dirty Dozen Update,

    The Dirty Dozen consist of the 2012 class.. Corona, Torres, Zenner, Kennedy, Anguiano, Darling, Ojeda, Ly, Brown, Moore,Ojeda,Wallace.

  • What?


  • your kidding right

    the dirty dozen is this a name one of your mothers picked. its silly. dirty dozen lololololololololololololololo. what about the funky bunch class of 2022

  • LS Dad

    It was an exciting game and even though we lost, the Lancers showed they could compete against the Hacienda League. Oh, I have no doubt the cats felt threatened and for anyone of them to tell you otherwise is kidding themselves. We were one play from taking the lead for good, even though we caughed up the ball so many times. The Lancer defense stopped the cats in the entire fist half and for much of the 3rd. But, it is what it is. Congrats to the Cats and good luck in the finals. I saw WC the night before and they didn’t look that impressive (and almost lost to Mayfair). I said beofore that either Bonita or LS have/had the potential to beat WC. Well, it’s up to Bonita, but if their offense plays the way they did Saturday night, WC will take it.

  • LS Dad

    And congrats to LS. What a year. Did us all proud to come back from the the previous years record to accomplish all you did this year. We look forward to next season and have no doubt you’ll be challenging for CIF again.

  • Dan

    LS Dad,
    I saw both games too, that Mayfair team would put 40 on your Lancers, more physical than anything I saw on Saturday. Your defense would have been pounded,and your ball control run game would have been stopped.

  • Philly B

    SGV FOOTBALL- How sure are u that Coach Z is leaving to Univ La Verne?!? Where is your source? I think Fred would of been on that story if that were to be true.


    Philly B,
    Some stories just don’t get out to the papers until after. Fred should contact the school and talk to Coach Z. I’m sure the story will be out soon. Coach Z played at the Univ. of La Vern and he was the defensive end coach 1995, and 1996. His goal was to come back to La Vern as a Head Coach. The Head Coach was just let go at the Univ. of La Vern. Also, the freshman coach will not be back next year at SD. Should I say more.I have a very good source and it is true.

  • Mid Valley Football 10

    Who will take over the HC job at San Dimas next year since Coach Z is leaving?


    Is the rumor true that Coach Z is leaving SD and will be the new HC at the Univ. of La Vern?

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  • Pride of the Foothills


    I was told by a few Glendora people that Coach Z will be coaching at Glendora High School next season. The truth is that he will not be coaching at San Dimas next year. Have you received any news on this story?

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