Sunday Tribbin: Bonita gets home game against West Covina, where should they host it? Citrus, Mt. SAC not options

Aram Column: Aram spent the first half at Bonita-La Serna and the second half at San Dimas-Bonita … wrote Aram, “If you would have told me back in September that on a cold December night I’d be splitting time between Bonita and San Dimas watching both play for a shot at a 14th game, I would’ve told you to stop smoking your newspaper.”

Breaking News: Aram talked to Bonita coach Eric Podley who said Citrus and Mt. SAC are not options. Apparently, Bonita is shopping for venues as I’m typing this. Looks like Walnut and Damien are options.

Bonita has the home game in the rematch against West Covina. If I could drive almost two hours to watch Rosemead play at Paraclete H.S. in a December championship (2008), why shouldn’t Bonita ask for a home game too? I thought Diamond Ranch buckled last year when they could have hosted the game at Ganesha instead of playing at Ayala. The year Diamond Ranch hosted the game at Mt. SAC, which was Charter Oak’s preference even though the Panthers had the home game. If Bonita could host a Smudge Pot, they could host a title game. I’m guessing West Covina will want Mt. SAC or Citrus, stay tuned. On Monday, we’re following the teams to Long Beach for the championships luncheon.

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  • GHS

    They should play this game at Citrus. Bonita is way to small of a venue for a championship game.

  • Aaron

    My guess is it will be at Citrus. It would be nice and all to play at home but it’s a Championship game and needs a championship atmosphere.

  • dan bocat fan

    I hope they elect to play it at Glen Davis.

  • M&G

    The visitor side was filled to the brim at the WestCo game Friday. With it being the championship game and close to home, I hope it’s at Citrus or Sac. Lot of people turned away if not.

  • M&G

    The visitor side was filled to the brim at the WestCo game Friday. With it being the championship game and close to home, I hope it’s at Citrus or Sac. Lot of people turned away if not.

  • M&G

    The visitor side was filled to the brim at the WestCo game Friday. With it being the championship game and close to home, I hope it’s at Citrus or Sac. Lot of people turned away if not.

  • reality

    Atmosphere? If you were at the game last night you would’nt say that. The air was alive with energy in the full house. Lancer fans brought their beach balls and bearcat faithful had their chant”DEFENSE”. I don’t see many more people going to the final than this game. Make it a true homefield game. A neutral venue that is to big takes away that edge. At the risk of sounding like a grouch or worse a perv, whats up with the Bohi cheerleaders? They perch on their boxes like chinese porcelin dolls looking great but don’t cheer or have any dance routines. How come? It’s their team they should lead the cheering, right? Or do the cheer and band coaches not like football? Not even a half-time show? I”m sure there is a local jr. high band that would love to strut on our field at the half. KEEP THE GAME AT HOME BOB.

  • west co

    how about playing the game at west covina. lololo. cant wait its going to be a good one 2 sgv teams. it was crazy last night how bonita fans were boowing us as we were walking out even the cheerleaders were screaming why are you guys mad at west covina oh thats right 55 10 we killed you cats. see you next week. lololo just kidding its going to be a good game you guys have a good team…. see you next week

  • Don

    Playing the game at Glenn Davis Field would be huge but I think there are going to be more fans out for this game than even the 6,000 or 7,000 the smudgepot games host. That’s a lot of temporary bleachers.

    Another possibility is Dick Larsen Stadium at Damien. The price might be right but I don’t know the capacity there; also, the idea of four thousand cars descending on La Verne at one time would probably stroke out the local gendarmerie . They’d probably have to pay both Barney and Andy overtime.

    My vote is Citrus. Only seven or eight miles from either school and much better parking than Sac and they have a turf surface both teams are familiar with. Besides, Mt Sac hosts a state championship game next Saturday and I suspect they are keeping everyone but groundskeepers off the grass.

  • LV Sports

    Both MSAC and Citrus Colleges are nice suggestions, however, saw the Glendora/West Covina game earlier in the season at Citrus and was surprised how empty the WC side of the stadium was. And both stadiums are close to WC.(Maybe WC now has more of a following since that they are winning so more would attend.) I agree with Fred in keeping the game at Glen Davis Stadium at Bohi—or at least in La Verne. How about at Damien High’s Larson Stadium? It actually has nice seating for both home and visitors and decent snack bar, restrooms and parking accommodations.
    Whatever the choice West Covina is a brutal team and any advantage BoHi can gain–especially homefield–can only help the Bearcats.

  • Fredj

    If I were Bonita I would want the game at Bonita for the simple fact you’re trying to win a championship and playing at home gives you the best opportunity to win. Still, my guess is it will be played at Citrus, great facility, parking and synthetic surface. But it’s not as intimate and atmosphere is what makes a championship better. That’s why I don’t like championships at the Coliseum or in Anaheim, feels to empty for a title. Too far from the action. I thought Covina District was a great spot for a title game, watched San Gabriel play South Hills there for a championship. Fans can almost reach out and touch the field because there’s no track, it’s a great football-only facility with parking and almost equal number of stands on both sides. Add in some endzone bleachers and you’re in business.

  • Championship GAME

    The game has to be a citrus!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • E

    Hey Fred, Charter Oak and DRanch played at Ayala High school last year for the championship, not Mt Sac.

  • JFR

    I’m with you Fred, district field is the greatest place to play in the valley, Covina also brought in stands in the 90’s championship against I believe Lompoc.

  • Fredj

    I know, that’s what I meant to say, the year before they had the home game too and went to Mt. SAC

  • Jackboy

    Bonita home game? The only place to play this game is at Glenn Davis Field.
    Add End zone bleachers and open the side gates, and there you are.
    Mt Sac. Almost Covina, Covina District. Covina, Citrus JC, almost W. Covina Charter Oak. So how do these fields represent a home field advantage for Bonita?
    If Diamond Bar or West Covina were home team would the game be relocated?
    Go Bearcats!

  • the district

    playing at the district field would actually help bonita, it’s a grass/dirt surface, takes away west covina’s speed, especially if it rains this week. anything that can mess up those guys’ footing and help neutralize the game is an advantage for bonita. the slower they can make the game, the better..

  • Fredj

    Aram talked to Bonita coach Eric Podley who said Citrus and Mt. SAC are not options. Apparently, Bonita is shopping for venues as I’m typing this.

  • Aaron

    Like I said on Aram’s channel. Let’s play at home, call the company up, get the stands set in on Tuesday…if you can bring in more than were at the Smudgepot it would be a start.

    Monrovia is hosting theirs, so can we.

    Not that I’d want to do this, but how about at one of the Claremont Colleges.

  • Andrew

    i vote for Glenn Davis stadium

  • Ron Padilla

    A home game is a home game is a home game is a home game, end of story. The boys played hard all season and the seniors deserve to play there fourteenth and final game at home. Bring in as many temporary stands the Fire Department will allow and keep the proceeds at BHS where the team earned them. Goodluck and “Go Bearcats”.

  • JFR

    The Claremont colleges are worse than your field, Mudd has stands on one side and a grass hill on the visitors and Pitzer has tiny stands on one side.

    In 98 CO hosted Harvard-Westlake and it was a great win but it did seem kind of odd having it at home instead of a mutual venue like it is 90% of the time. Hell, you guys are playing for a ring and revenge against the only team that handed it to you this year, I would settle to meet them at Ramona middle school at 3:00 in the afternoon if I were you guys.

  • Jackboy

    Citrus and Mt. Sac cost about $15 K to rent.
    My guess is Bonita HS.

  • Glenn Davis would have

    The ’42 Championship was hosted by Bonita and played in La Verne. The result Bonita 39 – Newport Harbor 6. We have been featuring the season of ’42 (Glenn Davis’ senior year) during the regular season game day programs. It would be very fitting to host the game at Bonita!

    GO BEARCATS!!!! – History matters!

    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • bohi fan

    Don: always enjoy your comments…(“gendarmerie” sent me running to the old Websters…) keep ’em coming…

  • truth

    word is that bonita doesn’t want to pay the extra money for the added bleachers.

  • Dan

    I understand Bonita wanting the game at home, it’s a title game and you want every advantage you can get for your team, What I don’t understand is why does CIF allow either one of the two teams to have a home field advantage? Both teams fought and battled to get to the championship, niether is more deserving than the other so why not a neutral site?

  • Aaron

    Because CIF doesn’t want to foot the bill for the neutral sites like it used to be.

    1999 semifinals were at Citrus and then the Championship was at SAC. Both venues have events but the thing with Citrus could change but there’s no reason for that. CIF made it clear that it’s Bonita’s choice ergo we should play at home. And I doubt we have issues with bringing in extra bleachers, we do it for the Smudgepot every other year so I’m quite sure Robert Ketterling would spring for it. The proceeds from the gate and concessions would more than pay for it…oh you could even charge for parking!

  • Walnut Insider

    Walnut would be a great place to hold the title game. Both sides have plenty of room for fans and the field is one year old. Plus I wouldn’t have to drive far to the game.

    Although, if they are looking for a “home field advantage”, Damien is probably the way to go.

  • Long time Bohi Fan

    Glenn Davis field is better than most in the general area.

  • Thanks, Glenn

    Glenn Davis would have said:

    “The ’42 Championship was hosted by Bonita and played in La Verne.”
    I wonder if that game was played at the “old Bonita Union High School” which is where Damien HS is today? If that’s the case it would even be more significant to possibly utilize Damien HS football stadium. I even think the location of the field is in the same place it was when Glenn Davis played; the field, of course, is now updated.

  • kh

    has anybody herd from the wizard,k.h.
    i know w/c/ players and coaches did last night.
    the game is what i watched,
    why dont we ask the league mvp were he wants to play////>>>>/////??????
    just chilling glad wc had chance to see the real full strenght bearcats.
    if they still think there going to blow by bonita defense,
    i wont waste anytime anymore on that things people dream about,
    last night i was told bonita d was on the field 41 minutes to the offence 7 minutes.
    bonita d should just rotate over and run the offence,most top players are d guys,so it worked out good for us,maybe podley not crazy like most of us fans think.hes been doing this for along.
    on offence all we should do is kill the clock and run the ball,no podley throws to stop the clock,
    i now know why..he wants his defence on the field,what a master mind,look like the back moved alitle better getting after the ref late in the 4th qtr.
    did anybody see some of the big plays or do we all want to talk about where the game is.bonita will beat down on the bulldoggs

  • sgv fan

    after going to the West Covina Mayfair game and then going to see the Bonita La Serna game what a big diference West Covina and Mayfair looked like a div 1 playoff game big stadium fog and some frinkin big players and some hard hitting and hard playing game. I found a cool web sit west covina high school great action football photos. Bonita and LS game looked like a JV game compare to friday night. any ways cant wait to go see the game Friday after seeing both teams I say West Covina wins big again but who knows anything can happen. WC is a dam good team. Bonita should be ok if they bring there A game. so are they playing at Bonita

  • westco

    KH do you really think Bonita is going to beat WEST COVINA or are you just trying to pump up the game if so that cool. WC has better running backs on JV than LS had last night, your funny man. if we had the ball 41 min the score might be something like 100 to 10. anyways good luck and i think when we played last time we scored 6 times under a min. so if we have the ball 41 min forget dude. One last thing Bonita dont want the game at there place because WC is going to make that there house. thats right thats going to be a dogpound not a litter box anymore…….

  • not fair

    dear Fred,

    i think when you say you dont like championship games at the coliseum or anaheim, because they are not intimate enough venues you are not taking into consideration the 2 most important facets……the participants. And if possible, i think, wait, i know these teams would jump at the opportunity to play at the coliseum, anaheim or home depot center…why? becuase for most, it is a once in a lifetime oportunity. Play on the field some of your heroes have played on…
    final poit, no championship should be played at a participants home field in FOOTBALL, key word…FOOTBALL!!!
    it just doen not work that way in this sport of all sports….
    Good luck bonita, good luck west co

  • GHS

    Home field advantage??????

    What did Bonita do to deserve a home feild advantage in a championship game against West Covina?
    A neutral field is the only real way to play a championship game. This coin flip crap is BUSH. Freakin CIF, they have to much time on there hands and over think everything. This is a great game for the whole SGV, a lot of want to come out and watch a REAL championship game between to deserving opponents with out getting crammed into some cracker jack box home field that is in adequate to host a game of this caliber. Come on Bonita show some RESPECT for the game!!!!

  • Dan a BoCat fan

    Money and the CIF. If we decide where we play, we should play it at home. GHS give me a break buddy, Put your silver spoon in your mouth and you have no say. It’s sour grapes. Damien? Not much different than our place. Walnut? Not sure I have to look at it.

  • you dont get a vote

    Shut up GHS you don’t get a vote your season end after passing league.

  • Heads I win …Tails you lose????

    when there is a coin flip both teams have equal chance to win so why the sour grapes by west covina fans or those upset with bonita winning the coin toss?

    fact is i always thought it bush for farrar not to accept ganesha as the choice by diamond ranch a few years back.

    every one plays by the same runs, or at least should. a coin flip is what decides it and until the rules are changed why complain or push for a differnt venue when the coin flip goes the other way

    no need to say charter oak would have beaten diamond ranch in either game when big lou complains about gansesha and that isn’t teh issue is it? the issue is both teamsd have a 50-50 chance of hosting, so it’s fair to every one concerned.

    bonita should host and west covina should deal with it. it’s not as if the first game was dictated by home cooking on either side

    bonita beat muir away and west covina won away during the playoffs, what’s the issue?

    or would peopel prefer the what baseball does it and have everyone go to the desert for a freakin baseball game?

    if not hosting a championship game, get there early and make it your home field by flooding the stands early.

    my guess if you really asked most coaches they could care less where teh game is played as long as they are in it, unless you’re charter oak who somewhow thought losing a coin toss entitled them to final say..what a joke that was!

    and yes I know CO won twice..further making my point!!!!

  • im trying to think but football is the only sport where games dont have to be played at neutral fields right? which is stupid As far as the game goes i think it will be a lot closer than the first time around Bonita’s a lot healthier this time around so that should help but overall in my opinion West Co will win this game they are a good smash mouth disciplined team im still rooting for bonita but im just being realistic hope bonita proves me wrong tho

    good luck Bonita and West Co

    prediction west co 24 bonita 17

  • @ Thanks Glenn

    Yes it’s true the old field of Bonita Union High School is now the field at Damien. In looking at the photographs from my father Rodney’s ’43 echoes it appears the orientation of the old field was the same as well as the location of Damien’s today.

    I’d have to ask my Uncle Daryl Brandt BHS QB ’44 to find out for sure. I talked to Daryl at church this morning. He was thrilled to hear of the Bonita victory.

    For my own two cents worth, if the game can’t be played at Bonita, I think it would be fitting to play the game at Damien.

    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • CATZ-22

    The Mid,
    Was it the unblockable OL that gave up the (47) points? Need to blame the DC, his “D” gave up (81) points thae last two games vs Monrovia. Rumor has it Coach Z and company are moving on to the University of La Vern. TBA!! Hats off to Coach Z down 5 scores, and still running the ball. It wasn’t the OL, more like HC, got out coached. Gook luck at La Vern with the Wing-Z

  • Don

    Dear mr westco,

    Before you set yourself up as a spokesman for the West Covina Football Team, you may want to check with the boys who actually will have to cash the check your ass is writing. I can’t imagine any of the kids who watched the Bonita game last night would be willing to come out, identify themselves publicly, and woof like you. Why? Because they know they’d be paying the price Friday night.

    You, on the other hand, seemed thrilled to come on here, anonymously of course, and bark like a dog behind a gate, knowing you’ll never have to get it on with with whats on the other side. Comfy?

    That makes you what?

    Me? I’ll tell you the BoHi Boys have great respect for the Bulldog Team that whipped their asses in October and look forward with great avidity to having another go Friday night. All barking optional. You think Muir were EASY? La Serna? Next time you want to go public wth your meanderings, check it out with Coach Maggiore first.

    As the man says, let your shoulder pads do the talking, not your lips.

  • Kevin Bacon

    JC National Championship Game on Sat.?

    Bob Jastrab: Mt. SAC’s Head Football Coach was a “Mountie of the Year” (FB MVP)
    as was Mike Maggiore.

    Jastrab: Played at FB at Edgewood High School.
    as did Maggiore.

    Jastrab’s brother Jim teaches at WC.
    as does Maggiore.

    Both men played for Coach Mal Eaton.
    who used to coach at WC……..

  • footballer

    West Covina by 20… Bonita just cannot keep up with WC… Sorry but thats the truth!

  • kh

    we have zero respect for wc.
    after next weeks game ,thats were we will talk about respect.
    you didnt see any players go to there game last friday nite,
    who cares.
    there in trouble,anybody can beat up on a wounded cat,
    not now,let the game begin,,
    go bearcats

  • GHS

    you don’t get a vote said

    We didn’t get our a$$ handed to us by West Co. 55-21.. If we had your weak a$$ Schedule we would still be playing too. Good luck Friday you’ll need it! 55-21 Dam!!

  • Aaron


    If I don’t get a vote, you definitely don’t get a vote. So SHHHH!

  • move on

    GHS why are you even worried about little oh Bonita don’t you have freshman QB to go pick on????
    After all thats what your best at.

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