Tribskin Pick’em, your predictions and ours

Steve and I will go head-to-head in Tribskin Pick’em throughout the season for our annual dinner bet. I lead the overall series, two years to one.
Last Week: Robledo (5-1); Ramirez (4-2).
Season: Robledo (194-56); Ramirez (188-62).

Last week: Steve tried to make a run at me but I went 5-for-6, missing, you guessed it, taking La Serna over Bonita. Steve picked Bonita correctly, but missed taking San Dimas over Monrovia and Village Christian over Western Christian. So, for the second year in a row, Stevie owes me lunch.

This week: There is only one game left to pick, but I would like to point out if you go back to my pre-playoff division predictions I almost nailed it. I called Bonita-West Covina in the championship game of the Southeast. Called Mission Viejo and Servite in the final of the Pac-5. Called Corona Centennial and Vista Murrieta in the final of the Inland? And picked Monrovia in the Mid-Valley title game, though I had them playing Azusa not Whittier Christian. In any case, you probably figured I was taking West Covina in Friday’s Southeast championship. I’ll explain more on the two-minute drill later in the week, but Bonita hasn’t done anything in the playoffs that would make me switch, though I do think it will be a much, much closer game than West Covina’s 55-21 win earlier this year. West Covina will not play that good the same night Bonita plays that bad. Not again. Believe me, this game will be tight in the fourth quarter.

This week’s games and predictions
CIF-SS Southeast Championship

Friday’s game
West Covina vs. Bonita at TBA, 7:30 p.m. — Robledo (West Covina); Ramirez (West Covina)

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  • Bulldog Parent

    Good luck to both teams Friday…should be a great game!!

  • isn’t Ironic!

    Variations of Green and White vs Variations Red and Gold! Thats the Make up for the SGV’s Championship games.

    Bonita Vs West Covina

    This game is going to be closer than everyone thinks. The reason why, is that both teams are one demsional. West Co is a run heavy team. Bonita would just have to strap it up, and tackle guys. Put 8 in the box, get to 3rd and long, and force wesco to pass. If they don’t stop the run, they will not win. Bonita is a pass heavy team. The Secondary for Wesco is their weakness. Wesco will need to limit the quick scores and big plays. They can rememeber the Covina game, and make sure they don’t get caught on their heals.
    Can Bonita get revenge? Can Wesco beat this team two times in a row. I believe Bonita will play inspired football. This game will go into OT, and Bonita will come out victorious.Friday night is going to be great!
    Bonita 24, West Covina 21

    Monrovia vs Whittier Christian
    “This a rematch from last years Semifinal Game.”

    Since both teams had close losses last year, Whittier Christian and Monrovia have been waiting to be back in this moment. It just so happens to be in the Finals, and against eachother. These teams are mirrior images of eachother. Both have dual threat Qb’s. Both have D1 nose gaurds. Both have Big physical linebackers. Both teams have scored 40+ pts in the Semis. However the Monrovia has More athletes on both sides of the ball. With all these likenesses, The Cats D has given up a a total of 24 pts in the playoffs. That cannot be ignored. The Cats Defense is better. Whittier Christian does have two advantages, they did lose to this team last year. That will be a little fuel to help burn their fire over there. Also Monrovia has been known to have a let down in Championship games. This year could be different. Can The Cats get over the hump? Will the Heralds become a spoiler, and defeat the Cats again. Saturday is going to be great!
    Monrovia 31 Whittier Christian 24.

  • Aaron

    Straight homer on this one GO BEARCATS!

  • just asking

    West Covina can run the spread offence they have all the right players running qb and with those running backs look out. That would be a supprise to Bonita. this is the last game so watch out the coaches at WC know the spread because they use to use it a few years back and when in the red zone change back to the wing t. these are the numbers ive seen carring the ball for WC #1 #2 #3 #5 #9 #12 #20 #27 #34 #47 man they have alot of running backs but i think #2 is a recever. anyways good luck to both teams i want to see a good game.

  • Let’s Go Bulldogs!!!

    Let’s go out there and smash bonita!!!
    Let’s go out there and be motivated bulldogs!!! All bonita does is talk trash!!!
    Let’s go out there and run that score upp!!!
    Time to put them in there place even more so!!!

  • Real Housewives of Walmerado

    rip there hearts out west covina
    smash them
    remember the alamo
    choke them
    remember budlite on sale
    you can doit boys
    10000 to nothing
    tear there lungs out

  • Fred’s Picks

    Freddy – why point out that you picked Bonita and WC in the final, if you changed that pick last week to La Serna. Can’t have it both ways. You changed to La Serna so your pre-playoff pick of Bonita is out the window and means nothing…should’ve stuck with them. BTW -a lot of bloggers like to poke fun at KH…he’s any easy target, but his kid played out of his mind on Saturday night. He was all over the field. I think the paper had it wrong. I think he blocked the kick that was returned for the TD. Blocked another one later and recovered a fumble. Just a great game!!

  • Jackboy

    My Heart says…
    Go Bearcats!



  • JG

    Fred Picks KH son did have a good game, great young man way to go. KH still talks a lot of trash for a grown man. I was hoping he’d be hideing this week, i guess we will have to put with his nonsence for another week. Congradulations Bearcats on making it to the finals. This should be a very good game closer then the last one, Just remember there are no losers in this game reguardless of what people say,you are both winners, you have represented the hacienda league and the SGV Very well and made us very proud. Good luck to both of you. GO BULLDOGS!!!

  • funny stuff

    real housewifes of walmerado. i read this and started laughing. go bulldogs. lets repeat the win and prove “isnt ironic” wrong. best of luck to both teams

  • Dan

    JG. I agree with you, little KH is a playmaker, KH you have reason to be proud, but then so does every parent who has a kid in this game. I can imagine WC will have to account for #6 amongst others in their game plan.

  • You did a good job.