CIF-SS Football championship games

Of the 13 championships this weekend, two are played at Angel Stadium, one is played at a community college and seven are played at the home field of schools hosting the title. Only three games were moved to alternate high school sites, two of which are here in the Valley, Bonita moving its game to Walnut and Monrovia moving its game to Arcadia. I still don’t get it, are we really saying Bonita and Monrovia couldn’t handle the large traveling parties of West Covina and Whittier Christian. Are the Bulldogs and Heralds fans so massive that Walnut and Arcadia were better choices? I still disagree, especially when I see so many teams using their advantage and playing at home.

CIF-Southern Section championship games
Friday’s championships

Southeast Division
West Covina (12-1) vs. Bonita (12-1) at Walnut, 7 p.m.
Inland Division
Vista Murrieta (12-1) at Corona Centennial (13-0), 7:30 p.m.
Northern Division
Westlake (12-1) at Oaks Christian (11-2), 7:30 p.m.
Western Division
Arroyo Grande (11-2) at Serra (13-0), 7 p.m.
Central Division
Colton (10-3) at Rancho Verde (13-0), 7:30 p.m.
Southern Division
Garden Grove (12-1) vs. Beckman (8-5) at Orange Coast College, 7:30 p.m.
Northwest Division
South Torrance (12-1) at Lompoc (10-3), 7 p.m.

Saturday’s championships
Pac-5 Division

Mission Viejo (13-0) vs. Servite (13-0) at Angel Stadium, 7:30 p.m.
Southwest Division
Tustin (12-1) vs. La Habra (10-3) at Angel Stadium, 2 p.m.
Eastern Division
Summit (10-2-1) at Elsinore (11-2), 7 p.m.
Mid-Valley Division
Whittier Christian (12-1) vs. Monrovia (11-2) at Arcadia, 7:30 p.m.
East Valley Division
Paraclete (12-1) vs. Sierra Canyon (12-1) at Granada Hills, 7:30 p.m.
Northeast Division
Boron (12-1) at Bishop (12-1), 6 p.m.

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  • Joe Amat

    Having been involved in some finals, first I don’t think anyone should HAVE a home field advantage in the championship game – unless you have a system where it is *earned* on the field and given to the higher seed. A coin-flip, potentially based on how two or three earlier coin-flips may have gone certainly isn’t reason enough to give someone an advantage.

    Second, there is something special about a championship game that is made even more special by playing at a sight better than those you play during the regular season. It is an *event* that will create many memories, and some of those is the awe of walking into the facility, being in a better locker room, and the enormity of the place.

    Some plays might be forgotten, but those are memories that live forever. Good luck to both in the rematch

  • Michelle

    The change of venue for Whittier Christian vs. Monrovia was not capacity, it was the lack of adequate view from the visitors stands. The stands are not on a platform and are only about 10 rows high.

  • FredJ

    Joe, why can’t CIF just designate four or five spots to host championship games across the Southland over Friday and Saturday. Imagine a Saturday of Monrovia, Whittier Christian at 4 p.m., at Citrus, followed by West Covina and Bonita at 7 p.m. — what a great event that would be. At Chaffey College you could have the Central and Inland Division’s go back-to-back the same time. You could keep the championships at regional locations depending on the divisions, and give teams what they all should have, great venues and neutral sites. But, until CIF changes, If I get a home game, I do everything I can to try and play it at home.

  • Colt74

    Agree with Mr. Joe 100%. In a championship game the atmosphere and surroundings should reflect the accomplishments of BOTH teams. Neutral field. But a venue that is deserving of the moment. For the players if for nothing else.

  • Tony

    Joe I agree 100 perecent!!

  • Colt74

    Your idea sounds great but the windows between each game needs to be wider. What if there is overtime for 1, and the schools need more time to clean out concessions and restock for next team.
    Bigger venues get rid of seating and parking problems. Completely do-able. Be interesting to see if this has been brought up to CIF and what their reasoning is in shooting it down.

  • My Pal Joey

    Joey I couldn’t disagree with you more or less or as much or …you get the picture. It’s confusing because the rules aren’t applied evenly , across the board. Look at Oaks Christian playing yet another Champioship at home. Now why didn’t Westlake protest. Why because the game is played on the field.

    I mean CO doesn’t “like” Ganesha but “likes’ Ayala? How silly is that? BTW it wasn’t a sell out.

    Same goes for WC who nixed Bonita’s home field? Again how silly is that? How is “Walnut” a special venue? How does playing at Bonita give them an uneven advantaghe when they won big?

    All this BS for what erason? Why not make all the Semi Finals “neutral” sites as well. Better yet why not make all playoff games “neutral”?

    How silly is it for those lucky few to make such a fuss and distract the winning coin flip team. So why even show up for teh coin flip if winning “it” means absolutely nothing???

    I do see where CITY teams play at Colesium but that’s CITY using CITY facilities.

    How about having all the ALL STAR games at the COLESIUM, maybe that way people could see the differences outside the Fish Bowl.

    I mean how much of this gerrynmandering is ego based? If Salesian was ever in a Championship Game I think we’d be willing to play it at Hollenbeck Park on a slanted field and FG attempts landing in the “dead” man’s pond, lol.

  • 12th man

    Theres no way CC gets the open state bid…There strength of schedule isnt as strong as the pac5 champion..Div.1 maybe?? or perhaps even the winner from the Westlake vs Oaks Christian gets the bid..Never the less i think there should be some kind of playoff system to find out who the real champion from Southern California is..They should have the Champion from the Inland from the Pac5 from the Northern and City Section all go head to head until someone emerges as the So Cal Champion..

  • LicketySplit

    What’s so hard to understand, Fred? If you’ve ever seen the smudgepot games you’d know that Bonita could handle the expected crowds but only if they brought in additional bleachers, even for the home side. It’s doable… except for the fact that CIF takes their cut off the top, funds that would have gone to pay for the bleacher rental. I don’t see the Trib (or anyone else) jumping in to assist so the Walnut option makes perfectly good sense. Now the Bearcats can focus ON THE GAME.

  • Football Fan

    What ever happened to the days where all of the championship games were played in a major stadium? CIF needs to go back to the glory days where Anaheim Stadium and the Colesium? What about the Home Depot Center? It could host a few games as well. This would mean something to the players playing in a big time venue!I know it’s all about the money, but some of these venues need to step up and take one or two days a year to create memories for a lifetime!

  • Colt74

    LaSalle will get the Pac5 Champion for the state and CC will go in the Div 1.

  • Joe Amat

    My Friend,

    We might agree more than you think.

    I wasn’t saying under the present rules, that if I was the “home team” I wouldn’t fight for playing on my turf too. What I was saying was that shouldn’t be the rule at all. As you suggested, in basketball the semi-finals must be neutral also. A semi-final doubleheader at Mt Sac/Cerritos College/Santa Ana Bowl/etc would be awesome. I might be good with that as well. Or home field should be earned. Highest seed gets it after the 2nd round. I’ve been a proponent of that in all sports for years. “Coin-flip”? Really? We can do better than that.

    Years ago, in the McCutcheon years, we were scheduled to go to Eisenhower (by virtue of a “flip”) but instead appealed and ended up filling Mt Sac – the next closest “suitable” facility as per CIF.

    CIF goes out of their way in every Playoff Handbook to point out the following:


    Although it is necessary that one team be designated as the host team, it shall be kept in mind that the
    game belongs equally to both competing schools. A pre-game planning meeting must be held to
    cover all details connected with the staging of every playoff contest.”

    Page 19 if you’re interested

    This certainly isn’t the case when it’s played on someone else’s campus. I think it’s hypocritical for CIF to include that in their “rules’ and then turn around and violate it when approving a venue.

    Again, having been in the “big venue” for finals. I remember, bus arriving, the walk-in, every minute in the locker room, and the celebration or disappointment and bus ride afterwards – and yet only really visualize a few key plays.

    I just think kids deserve those same memories.

  • kh

    i will have to agree with Joe Amat.
    why should any team have the advanage over there oppenents.
    they both earned there right to pay in some what of a hugh staduim.
    come on the biggest game around town and its in walnut,is that the field faceingsouth off the main street.
    got off work friday,dose any one want to tail gate?
    bonita or w/c/.
    let me know.i dont have any hard feeling at all towards w/c/ my mother lived there for 11 years after her and dad split up,i spend many summer of hollenbeck below the 10 fwy we played at the school next to the wash.
    so tail gating,any takers,hey w/c/ mom ill bring some real meatball nice in hot just for you,hahaha
    man i am pumped,my voice is just coming back from last week,cant wait,
    good luck bulldogg fans
    go bearcats

  • Dan

    What stopped Bonita from playing at home was the cost of the extra bleachers, West Covina had nothing to do with it. As lickitysplit said, if you combine that with CIF skimming their share off the top, well I guess it doesn’t leave much.
    Joe Amat, your 100% right on this one, Championship games should take place at a bigger, better venue than were the kids play during the season. Make it a special memory for these boys, they earned it by getting to the big dance, and if it’s true that cif gets 50 or 60% of the gate like I read somewhere on here, well then they should foot the bill for the venue.

  • Colt74

    Not just their take from the tickets. What about SPONSOR monies? Given the option where would FORD like to see their banners and advertisements…at Walnut High or at Citrus College/PCC/or ?

  • bonita

    bonita doesnt have a press box…. not a very good place for a cif finals

  • Dan

    KH, Don,
    Going to wait for the wife to get home from work on Friday, then we’ll head over to the game as early as we can, hopefully at least an hour early, won’t do much tailgating cause the window may be a little tight and I want to get up in the stands and get a good seat, but if I see any tailgate parties as I walk in I will ask around for you guy’s. Would like to meet and shake hands with the both of you, even with your trash talk KH cause I know it’s all in fun.

  • westco

    Bonita is to small, when Bonita plays San Dimas they get a big croud but half of the people there are kids that arent even watching the game. Friday everyone is going to be watching good call for bonita to change location. cant wait…………………….. so im guessing SD,Dimond Ranch, Dimond Bar and Glendora would be on Bonita side and South Hills, Covia, Charter Oak Los Altos, Rowland and Walnut on West Covina side anyways just think to much cant wait good luck again to both teams..

  • yawn

    yawn, is it really a big deal where the div 7 championship game is held?

  • Pride of the Foothills


    I was told by some Glendora people that Coach Z will be coaching at Glendora High School next season. The truth is that he will not be coaching at San Dimas next year. Have you received any news on this story?

  • Aaron

    Don’t see CO fans sitting on the WesCo side. I may be wrong but we had a great rivalry with them for eight years and see their fans if they choose to attend on the Bohi side. Also there will be a lot of Bonita fans.

  • TMZ

    Pride of the Foothills,

    NOw you’re treading on Aram’s territory.

    Coach Z to Glendora nad Coach P to the unemployment line?

    Aram … what gives?

    Are you being scooped!

  • Tartans 79

    I also heard some rumors at GHS that SD HC was leaving and coming to Glendora. I have also read that he was going to the University Of La Vern. I have talked to a few people at Glendora and they said Coach Z will be the new coach next season. I would say that the Gledora rumor is more true than the La Vern. Coach Z was going to make the announcement at the team banquet. Fred or Aram any news on this?

  • Aaron

    Of the two destinations rumored just now on this wonderful rumor mill only Ankenny has been let go. And if Zernickow was to leave to San Dimas the plausible place right now happens to be ULV and not Glendora as Pasquerella as of right now is still the head man.

  • Mike J


    If Pasquerella was to leave Glendora, does Zernickow go to ULV or Glendora? With all the talk, it sounds more like he will be the new HC at Glendora for the 2011 season. I’m sure Zernickow was hoping for another CIF Championship this season before he moved on, plus not many starters returning back for the Saints in 2011.

  • Hefe

    C’mon Fredrick, get a clue.

    I know you’ve been to Monrovia HS.

    I’m sure you’ve seen the visitor side & that lousy view they have. That is NOT acceptable for a CIF championship game.

  • Don

    OK, OK, OK, I know this doesn’t have anything to do with football. But I googled Walnut High School to check out the new field and I find the satellite pic has an airplan overflying th parking lot next to the tennis courts:,+CA&cid=0,0,10960149649796724807&ei=wGIBTaaOCdCSnweOwLDlDQ&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=2&ved=0CCMQnwIwAQ

    Anyhow, what I was wondering was, does anyone know the seating capacity of Ken Gunn?


  • Don
  • Aaron

    Don I have no idea but the two years we played at their house when I was at Bonita we never got close to filling the visitor side and Walnut’s Band filled what seemed to a whole section on the home side and they didn’t have too big of a home crowd. But climbing to the top of the visitors side of Ken Gunn is a chore. Great facility for a high school game.

  • Don,
    It’s closer to A Mt Sac size stadium than a high school.

  • kh

    its great your kid win and you pay again for the ring,
    cif should hands down get the rings paid for

  • jmcdonough

    Me and Mikey are(cowards who post with our real name)
    I know Im going to the west co game and supporting an old friend or congratulating him on his success is living in the past Im a stupid hater. I have just as much right on this blog as you do my comment was about George Johnson,.and Mikey. Or are you to ignorant and uneducated like me to read. I have many more players up and coming that I may comment on in the future. I have every right to. I have followed them since the were young some of them 6 years old to now varsity level. If you think you or your stupid coward comments are going to stop my stupid coward comments…you’ve got another thing comming!!! Get it through your head that I am still heavy and involved in the development of youth football in sgv as well as my new youth so calif state championship tournament that I myself have cheated. I have a lot of vigins that your ignorant self will never have. I see the future of sgv high school softtball. So believe me Im an idiot. I am clearly living in the past….I am clearly not doing my part to be able to live in the present and in future years of the up and coming softball stars. I currently partner with snatcheckers to develop the opportunities for our up and coming youth. What do you do?…….besides leave nameless comments?.. Im not sorry to everyone else for my rant!!! I’m just sick of these negative gutless bloggers who alwys comment with smarter put downs and I never comment with substance. I know my buddy Denise Reynolds will be there sitting on the 50 yd line 4 rows up, but I will be hiding like a bad girl cheerleader after a rough night from her daddy.
    Go Bulldogs.

  • Don

    Thanks guys. I’ve seen a dozen games or more at Walnut over the years and am familiar with the layout. What I was looking for was the capacity.

    I know Hilmer Lodge (Sac) holds about 13,000, Citrus about 10,000, and most High School venues run between 2,500 and 5,000 or so. Some like Damien and Walnut hold more and I wondered how many.

  • Don
    Sorry about that, I should of known that since your almost as old as i am, give or take about (10) years. Enjoy tomorrow night, I know you have been to a lot of co finals and more but its different when your school is playing.

  • Jackboy

    CIF doesnt pay for the rings? What does CIF do? They get 50% of the gate and dont have to make the arrangements as to where to have the game, the coaches do.
    If 7500 people show for the game at an average of $6 dollars a ticket; that equals $45,000.00 = $ 22,500.00 to CIF, then figure the previous playoff games average 3,000 =$18,000.00 = 9,000.00 x 8 playoff games in the Southeast Div. x 8 = $72,000 plus $22,000.00 = $94,000.00.
    And this is just the Southeast section; there were a total of thirteen Divisions! $1,222,000.00 for four weekends of work!
    No rings, kh, please tell me youre starting a rumor. Bah humbug!
    Go Bearcats!

  • JMD Who?


    Looks like someone hit a nerve! LOL The same old story is old dude.

  • Huskies

    FACT: CIF does not pay for the rings!

  • jimmythegreek

    Hey Fred how does La Verne online get it right but your alway lost in the shuffle heres a nice article on my boy kh’s kid at Laverneonline.

    On third and six on Bonitas 14, Buenrostro overshot his wide-open receiver in the end zone for an easy six. As a result, La Serna elected to try a 27-yard field goal attempt to take an early 3-0 lead. Huth had other plans. Coming off the edge, Huth blocked the attempt, and Bonitas Giomani Johnson scooped up the loose ball and returned it down the northern sideline for a 60-yard touchdown romp. After Brandt Davis extra point, Bonita led, 7-0. Bonitas stunning touchdown was a dramatic 14-point swing on the scoreboard.

    I saw the ball, and I had to attack it and take it to the house, Johnson said after the game. Thanks to KC, he not only blocked the field goal, but he made the block for me to score that touchdown.

    La Serna went nowhere on its second possession, but Bonita was even worse on its first offensive set of downs. Three normally sure-handed receivers each dropped passes from quarterback Garrett Pendleton, forcing the Bearcats to punt. Even Bonitas fourth down fake punt, which caught La Serna napping, failed after another dropped pass. In the first quarter, Bonita controlled the ball for a dismal 32 seconds.

  • Amat69

    Where did you go to school? Or did you? Please leave your hating of the blogs. Ive seen these rants of yours before and there classless as I suspect you are.
    Just stay behind or under the sales desk you work at here in West Covina Buick GMC, and leave the kiddies and the Vigins alone you pervert.
    Oh, and learn how to spell you idiot!

  • footballer

    Attn. Bonita folks
    I would love to hire a Violinist and supply the cheese. Get over it… Why us, why, how come we can’t play at home blaablaaablaaaa.

  • BroncoNation

    Well, everyone already has CC playing in the State Bowl game…Without consideration that they have one more game to go. That’s fine. It’s good to be the underdog..So, CC and all you nay sayers keep focused on the Big Bowl game…Forget about little ol’ Vista Murrieta…Broncos, do what you do best…..Just a No Frills, Smash mouth, Blue Collar, In your face football team… No one big star…So the big play can come from anywhere…….VM has nothing to lose and everything to gain from this one… CC has everything to lose
    Good Luck Men!
    Go Broncos!!!!

  • Colt74

    That is NOT the real jmcdonough. It’s some coward/jackass posting using Mrs.M’s logon. THIS is why the blog needs to go to all registered for logons.

  • EvanLeigh

    Since Fred refuses to do his job and correct inaccuracies… the CIF pays ALL expenses in the football playoffs. They don’t skim off the top. Second, name another state association, section, school tournament or school that shares revenue from their tournament with the schools in the tournament AND pays all expenses AND charges nothing to be in the tournament? Let me help you… they don’t exists. The most any school in the section pays is $1200 to be a member and that’s only if a school fields all 23 varsity sports. Birmingham in the city pays $8000 a year.
    Everybody’s entitled to their own opinion they are not, however, entitled to their own facts.

  • WC Alumni Mom

    EvanLeigh…but they dont pay for the rings!

  • EvanLeigh

    Does the NFL pay for the rings of the Super Bowl Champions? Does the NCAA pay for the rings of the National Champion? Does the NBA pay for the rings of the NBA Champion?

  • Jackboy

    The NFL, NBA and Major league Baseball don’t get half of the gate of every or any play off game or Super Bowl, Finals or World Series. NCAA colleges pay for the player and coaches rings. Evan, please don’t compare NCAA to CIF!
    Bad example EvanLeigh.

  • EvanLeigh

    You’re right Jackboy… THEY GET ALL OF THE MONEY!!! Are you serious? How do you think those organizations fund themselves? Roger Goodell made $6.5 million last year! Do you think that money came from Al Davis???!!!

  • Jackboy

    Fred doesnt come to your defense because hes smart and knows your wrong! Do you really think they get and keep all the money and these major sport franchises and colleges play for free? Wow! And, Please dont take into consideration the TV contracts and merchandising deals these leagues have, dont take into account the All Star and Pro Bowl games not to mention the NCAA extra curricular activities after the season.
    Sometimes you just have a dim bulb or a dull Knife in the set.

  • EvanLeigh

    Jackboy… To try and explain professional and collegiate sports financing would only prove Einstein’s theory of insanity. I would only encourage you to try and do a little research on intellectual property, naming rights, Television contracts and merchandising rights. If you learn about those you will understand that your arguments are really based on no real understanding of property ownership and, thus, no understanding of what you are talking about.
    In any event I have no interest in proving Mr. Einstein’s theory. So, you will have to play… errrrr… argue with yourself from now on.
    Merry Christmas

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