Joy and Pain: A finale worth the wait, West Covina breaks Bonita’s heart in the final seconds, captures the Southeast title in a thriller, 37-33

The best game of the year in the last game of the year, the way it should be. Been doing this a long time and never felt for a team more than I felt for Bonita, a cruel way to lose, no other way to explain it. It was a game that will go down as one of the all-time greats, had atmosphere and a fourth quarter shootout in week fourteen, what more could you ask? Garrett Pendleton delivered the game of his career, passing for 357 yards and putting his team in position to win setting up Brandt Davis’ 39 yard field goal with 1:45 left for a 33-30 lead. Even on West Covina’s final drive, Bonita had a chance at a pick that would have sealed the deal, but it left the door open and the Bulldogs walked in. Chris Solomon’s 20-yard run was followed by Aaron Salgado’s 17-yard run to the Bearcats’ 1, setting up George Johnson’s one-yard touchdown run with 25 seconds left for a 37-33 victory and the Bulldogs’ second championship since 2004.

Game story, West Covina 37, Bonita 33: West Covina High School football coach Mike Maggiore knew he had arguably some of the best talent in the area. But the Bulldogs also showed another trait that can be decisive in championship football games — heart.

Aram Column: Yes, the Bulldogs are champions this morning. Victors over Bonita in one of the Valley’s greatest-ever games Friday … but not before giving their fans a major scare and allowing the ghost of their only defeat this season into the stadium.

George Johnson’s night: Numbers have never told the story of West Covina High School quarterback George Johnson.

Garrett Pendleton’s night: After breaking his arm the week before football season began, Garrett Pendleton somehow played 10 games in 2010. The Bonita High School quarterback would’ve given it all back for the last 24 seconds of his senior year.

For a look at Keith Birmingham’s championship photo gallery, click thread.

Highlights and interviews with the Inland Insider, Tom Kiss

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  • kh

    fred .
    its going to be a long night for bonita,if he refs let there big boys go down field and grab the first bearcat they see,
    watch two hours of film on there line last night,there big and plently.
    so in saying that,i can see another blow out for w/c/ if the refs and refs only dont do there jobs in the trenches,
    last time they held every other play,its right here on film freddyboy,film dont lie,…
    the refs have been going crazy throwing the flags at our games,so tonight zebras,watch inside # 80 76 74 the center my god he grads the first thing he sees.# 80 is way to big to grab a lb like nobody notice,
    do your jobs tonight refs and the valley will have a true champ.
    if not, it will get ugly,thats just the way it will be.w/c/ is to fast in the back field to let the o-line hold for just a second,that is all they need.
    good luck both teams.
    go bearcats.

  • Aaron


  • Don4Life

    Bonita has El Rancho HS full support. Big shot out to Coach Medina (Former ER DC) Coach “Boomer” Medrano (ER linebacker c/o 02). You guys are doing things right over in La Verne just like you did when you were at The Ranch.

  • Bulldog Nation

    Tommy Kiss has great interviews, coverage, and game highlights!!! but he needs to not put any gay ass music on the game highlight tape, like how he did for the first WC vs. bonita game…. that totally ruined the highlight… just leave it as is… everyone would rather hear the field audio!!!

  • M&G

    I love when dudes make built-in excuses before the game even starts. It’s pretty weak!

  • M&G

    I love when dudes make built-in excuses before the game even starts. It’s pretty weak!

  • M&G

    I love when dudes make built-in excuses before the game even starts. It’s pretty weak!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    West Covina, just do what you guys do! Dominate the trenches on both sides of the ball, play mistake free and run with decisiveness. Make them Bearcats wait another year for their revenge!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • GameDayatUSC

    No time for excuses, its time to step on to the field and play. CAL PREPS has West Covina winning 33-31, a huge difference from October.
    Weird thing is IF Bonita wins, then are they truly the CHAMPS? I mean it would be a split series. If so it would be great to see a three peat next week at Mt Sac.

    GOOD LUCK to both teams, and either way its been a very good season for both.

    My predection.

    CATS 34
    DOGS 29


    DOGS 22
    CATS 21

  • GREAT day to be a BEARCAT!!!

    Men, you have made us proud!
    Thank you SENIORS for a GREAT season!!!
    Leave it all on the field! – No regrets!!


    Eric Davis
    BHS ’80

  • Bulldog parent

    It will be an exciting game!! Good Luck to both teams tonight! GO BULLDOGS!!

  • JFR


    Your mugshot for this blog shows a hint of gray on your sides yet in the two minute drill your hair is jet black. What gives?

  • DaRanch

    Word is that Medrano is Medina’s son. He just took his mom’s maiden name. Good luck Boomer Medrano-Medina. Father/son combo.

    See you at TPhilips after. Rey will be driving Boomer home. Boomer likes to put ’em down and daddy is the driver.

  • Don

    My Holiday wish list from the Green tonight:

    Adjust the blitz strategy. Bonita has to reduce the bulldoggies ability to bounce around their attacking LB’s. My take was that the QB was calling audibles in Oct whenever he saw the BoHi backer charging in off-tackle and ran #20 right off it. (If this was done in the huddle, it was an incredible feat of scouting and play calling.) WesCo is good, but not that good. Change up the blitzes.

    Get a body on #7. This guy just teed off in the last game. McKenzie’s return is huge but personally, I’d have #64 Lemmonize this guy for a couple quarters and see if that reduces his enthusiasm a little.

    Finish the drives. I’m not sure about all this Red Zone stuff. In my world a TD is a TD whether you put it in from the 50 or the 15. Get the ball, move it upfield, no stupid penalties, score points. Repeat as needed. Just like all season.

    Make ’em stop the ‘Cat. I like that Pistol as well as the next guy but if you run a couple successful rushing plays, nothing says you HAVE to go back to it on 3rd. Make the other guy stack the box first, THEN attack it as you see fit.

    Play calling is great this year, but since this turned into a holiday wish list, one last request? No more stopstickslantspeed calls in 3’s. Purty please?

  • Dan

    Fred, Thank you and all your staff for the work you guy’s put in here, Not many area’s have an outlet like this blog where they can either read and find info on or write about their favorite highschool sports team, much appreciated.
    Bonita team and fans,
    Congratulations on your hard work and making it to the finals, no matter who wins tonight you’ve got an outstanding team, and you have had an outstanding season, no one can take that away from you. All you Bonita players who were interviewed by video and newspaper impressed me with your humility, well spokenness, and respect that you have for the game and your opponents, good luck in your game tonight and I pray for a good clean game with no injuries.
    Congratulations also on a fine season, but we’re
    not done yet, one more job to do tonight.Play smart, play hard, play clean, play well, and leave no regrets on the field. Forget about the first game it means nothing, zero, nada, zilch. Whole different team out there, you guy’s are a different team too,your better than before, prepare your mind and go to battle on every play until the whistle blows. Play with a controlled fury. Win the mental game, give it your best effort and let the chips fall where they may. Good luck, God bless, and see you tonight.

  • FredJ

    JFR, that’s called magic shampoo, works every time 🙂

  • FC

    Don are you a baseball guy? What exactly was your sport in high school and what position did you play and where?

    I’ve heard of arm chair Qbing but that usually starts after the game has taken place. Lemmonize a guy? Oh ..okay.

    Look Bonita played the first game against WC startled, confused, demoralized, out witted, out gunned happens! Get over it! Yes they were in teh Red Zone 7 times but look at it this way…WC held in teh Red Zone 7 times…push goes to WC.

    As far as audibles and in the huddle stuff and saying WC coacing isn’t that smart…oh okay…so un like you Don. You must be in game mode, lol.

    Look the first game was an avalanche of momentum carried out by a team who came to play against a team that couldn’t believe what was happening to them…pretty simple stuff really.

    In fact Don the holes the WC backs ran thru that night both of us could have run thru, me for 6 yards and you for 4! lol.

    Seriously what will make the diffence tonight will be Pendleton and the Oline on Offense and the DL on Defense. Pretty simple stuff. I do believe the holes that opened up the first time were scouted calls or why else where the backs in such a hurry, lol…they knew daylight was coming and they ran like sprinters rather than backs expecting to get hit, It was hit the hole break out side and “up the alley” to pay dirt!

    I do think Podley has some new wrinkles in mind but some how Bonita will have to make it a finese game that neutralizes the beef up front.

    You know I always thought Pendleton reminded me of Big Ben but with less pocket awareness and less foot speed in crunch time but tonight he needs to channel another big man QB and that’s Phillip Rivers who beats people with precision rather than with his feet..which are similar to Pendleton’s.

    IN fact I’ve seen Pendleton since his LV Satrs days and it’s incredible how stuck his feet are on the football field but how well he moves on the basketball court…odd to say the least.

    My guess would be for Bonita to flare out backs to hold linebackers out of the massive up the middle rush WC likes to bring. Holding in backs to block invites teh big time rush in my opinion. That also keeps the safety and corners in check and slows down the DL rush as they have to move sidelways rather than up the field with their ears pinned back.

    I also see WC having a huge advantage picking on “iso” players because of the beef they have on the OL. I know lots is made of Bonita’s blitzing package buuuuttttttttt if you know anything about the game you know why that’s more a function of personnel rather than philosphy.

    I do wonder which “key” WC is keying on…I think, although I got to the game late, is WC is keying on coverages for their running game and like Terry Donohoe used to do he’s keyying on the safety or safeties…depending on coverage for “running ” lanes conceding that his OL is better than the oppositions DL.

    That’s my gues, but I didn’t see film. I always think it’s best to attack a team in a “weakness” in their strenght. Figure that out and you’ll see it holds true.

    My head tells me WC 35-21 because it’s tougher to stop the run than to stop the pass but my heart wants Bonita to win…and if they do it’ll be crazy come POY and OY time.

    I think WC does one thing early and that’s set the tone and attack at a singular spot all night long. That’s what I would do. Bring violence in one area time and time again. For Bonita it’s getting a “roll” going on O. Qucik, quick qucik and deep…everything is like practice, effecient, effiecient efficient. Can they do that? I don’t know I’ve only seen both teams taht one time so it’s tough to say.

    Great match up for sure and like so many great match ups some one will go out early…it’s happened before.

    Best of luck to all the players and fans, let’s hope for an injury free game we’ll all be proud to say we saw. Stay classy in victory or defeat…that’s what people will remember most.

  • Jackboy

    Good luck tonight, Let’s make some history.
    Go Bearcats!

  • Go Bearcatsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


    And I played Quarter back for 6 years 4 in high school lol.

    Bonita and Coach P. need to establish the run period. While Pendleton has not thrown a pick lately he really has been a non factor in the last two games. The three drop passes early in the first quarter of the La Serna game obviously not his fault killed any confidence he had as evident in how much he took off his late passes which were all short. The quick scores in the first game is what hurt the bearcats limiting the returns, int’s, and keep the ball (time of possession) aka run the ball lol and you keep the powerful West Covina run game off the field. Bonita needs to be in striking distance late in the game. If they can do this ala Covina it might be an interesting 4th quarter and a chance for Pendleton to redeem himself.

  • forecast

    BHS will be beaten by WC tonite. WC has superior talent and no coaching in the world can make-up for that. Score WC 42-7 BHS.

  • FC

    Go Bearcatssssssssss

    You might be far off as more and more parents keep kids back to make sure they dazzle us with their brilliance!!!! Too funny!

    As far as a QB lacking confidence…well that’s in vogue now a days sin’t it. In the old days those kinds of insecure QBs became line men or if teh coach was nice they were converted TEs.

    I do agree with teh “taking something off the ball” comment. I’ve seen that over teh eyars at Damein and I always tell the QBs teh same thing. “If you’re not man enough to yell…”CATCH THE DAMN BALL!!!” If you’re not man enough to make sure peopel catch teh ball you’re not man enough to be the man.

    At least that’s the way I was taught.

    Look at the Westlake vs Oaks Christian game…kids just catch the ball better there than most places.

    BTW went to see Salesian play basketball at the El Rancho Tournament and saw the La Habra Alabama recruit play Center, all 6’2″ 315 lbs of him. He was a great team mate. Let me say that again…HE WAS A GREAT TEAM MATE! How cool is that, still playing Basketball with an Alabama ride in his pocket.

    Hopefully Pendleton has a great night and the ball stays in the right hands.

  • kh

    almost four o clock.
    getting ready to put game face on,
    went to bank walked out left money and keys on bank corner boys.
    theres only one thing on the huths tables tonight,

    38 TO 18 BEARCATS

  • Don


    Tried to read your reply on the little screen earlier but my eyes started to bleed. Sorry the reply took so long.

    One thing I want to make clear up front is that my reference to #20’s success running off the Bonita blitz was about scouting and play calling and had nothing to do with cognitive ability. I suggest you re-read the post. I would be the last guy in the world to suggest Coach Maggiore and his staff were not the smartest guys in the room.

    As for all of the rest, look me up at the game and we can compare CV’s.


  • mc


  • Colt74

    “Bonita needs to be in striking distance late in the game. If they can do this ala Covina it might be an interesting 4th quarter and a chance for Pendleton to redeem himself.”

    I’m sorry..this just CRACKED ME UP!
    So from now on a late come from behind victory shall be known as…
    “Pulling a Covina”

    Love it!

    Heres to a great and injury free game tonight!

  • Will

    Go West Covina!!!! West Covina all the way!!!

  • mc


  • mc


  • mc


  • mc


  • dan bocat fan

    Head line tomorrow Bulldogs unable to hold on.

  • Aaron

    To all Bearcats: Congratulations!

    To the kids I know personally: Garrett Pendleton, Garrett Horine, KC Huth, Giamani Johnson, Danny Harriman, Casey Horine, Matt Gelalich, Zach Brungard, Eric Mikity,Tarez Lemmons, Nich Pichotta and Brandt Davis.

    Go out and have a great game. You’ve made us all proud. Not many Bearcats Football teams have been in the position you are. GO OUT AND BRING THAT BANNER HOME!


  • Anonymous


    Stay off the blog, your team wasn’t even close to playing this week. Youre a joke buddy.

  • please please please

    If not for any other reason, West Covina please BEAT Bonita to SHUT KH’s big fat mouth…….oh wait, he’s from Bonita, if you do beat them he’ll just start whining about bad game calling, dirty playing or some other excuse that all Bonita parents whine about when they get beat in every sport.

    GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bonita 20 West Covina 14

    Bonita 20 West Covina 14.

    Fox Sports west!

  • Colt74

    That’s true. BUT weren’t they the ONLY ones to beat the NEW CIF champs? So guess that means you know what to kiss huh?
    So what do you know..down by 3 with under 2 mins to go..they march down field and score the winning TD. They pulled a COVINA!


  • Colt74

    Trying to post this with my laptop and using my wireless. Lets see if it goes thru.


    Was at the game and REALLY thought that Bonita was going to pull it off.Especially in the 3rd quarter where it seemed WC could not do anything. So many penalties, and Bonita played tough. BOTH teams deserved it tonight but WC earned it at the end.

  • Aaron

    The only thing there is to say: Bearcats, Great Season! You left it on the field, I know you’re hurting deep but you made us proud!

    A lot of ifs it seems, but that’s fine I’m sure as much as the coaches want to throw the game film away they will watch it and go “d’oh.” However, you coached your boys like the great coaches you are and made them great.

    One last time this football season: GO Bearcats!

    Congratulations to the West Covina Bulldogs Football team on their Southeast title.

  • Mike Robledo

    What an amazing finish tonight…

    Congrats to West Covina…

    Bonita… you played your hearts out!!!

    Thanks again for a great year!!! Hope to see you all next season!

  • Jim Shorts

    Bonita…great season. Could have been Champs if u had a coach that would run the ball and knew how to work the clock. To #6, KC, that kid is an animal! He plays like he’s 6’4, 250. If that kids size was as big as his heart, he’d have big time Div 1 written all over him. I guess his dad was right, baseball players do make the best athletes.

  • 12th man

    Amazing finish!! Wow!! A nail biter down to the last possession! High School Football doesnt get any better then this..West Covina deserved to win after watching a horrific 3rd qt. where Bonita got 3 straigh possessions on fumbles & couldnt capitalize & put the game away..Not to mention they couldnt stop the one dimensional WC offense when they needed to..This was my 1st time watching WC & Bonita play both teams did a great job playing hard to the final whistle..It seemed Bonita had the game won with a late field goal late in the 4th qt. with only a 1:27 but then WC rallied & drove the ball 80 yards..Hats off to the QB from WC who became a team leader & a captain and made some big time throws when he needed to..The game should have ended on a pass on the final drive where one of the defenders from Bonita had a pick 6 for sure but dropped the ball it proved to be crucial.. and in the end once again Solomon was too much down the stretch what a cluth performer..There was also outstanding plays by #6 from Bonita that guy is a beast & is all over the field..The final kickoff with 27 seconds left after WC scored the go ahead TD was ironic..the exact same pooch kicks that almost cost them the game actually secured the victory for them in the final seconds..I guess you live by the sword & you die by the sword~ …Good job Bonita!! Hold your head up high you gave it everything you had!!

  • forecast

    Like I said WC wins!

    Bonita choked again for the second staight time in a CIF championship game.

    2010 CIF Baseball Championship Bonita CHOKES!
    2010 CIF Football Championship Bonita CHOKES!

    Hey kh, do you see a pattern?

  • Coaching……

    I have to agree on the comment about kh, so glad that West Covina won don’t have to deal with kh and how great his son is. That being said I did watch his son play and he is a good high school player but that is it. Way to small and slow to play at the next level.

    That game was a perfect example of a team being out coached. Bonita made all the adjustments and they worked as we saw. Wasn’t enough but that Bonita coaching staff did a great job, West Covina just had to much talent.

  • Congrats to West Covina

    Colt 74, no one is talking about week 0 anymore ok.

    West Covina did not pull a Covina. They just won a CIF title! There is a big difference. That win was a fluke anyway. Stop bringing it up! Let West Covina enjoy their big night without bringing up the Covina mules. We will talk Covina Football August 1st 2011. Thanks. Lol Go Bulldogs.

  • Anonymous

    Colt 74 is going to be riding that week 1 win all year long. Everyone knows given another chance, West Covina would manhandle that Covina squad.

  • dan bocat fan

    The Headline will be: Bonita could not hold off West Covina. Great games boys this is hard to take. Great year! Thanks for allowing me to see this season unfold.
    To the only team we lost to this season….you are the champs and were we over rated?

  • dan bocat fan

    well I’ll try this again. Headline tomorrow will read, “Bonita could not hold off the Bulldogs.”
    Thanks Bonita for a great season. I know it will sting for a while. Hold your head up.
    Congrats West Covina on your Chapionship. Just one question I have Do you think Bonita is overrated now?

  • Karma


    Payback to the athletic director of Bonita…

    Next time do the right thing….

    It all comes back to you..

    St Lucy’s Fan

  • Colt 74

    Go to bed , nobody cares, let West Covina and Bonita fans have their day, yours is long gone, great game tonight, both teams and coaches,

  • JFR

    I’ve seen HS, college and pro players make a break on a pass and drop it. That happened to a great kid tonight and the outcome would have been different with 52 seconds left but it was not meant to be. I stood on the top shelf next to a BOHI parent at a pact to the lid house and witnessed a great game. I’ll stick to the sidelines in the future because I can”t believe the crap I hear in the stands from MORONS who never played or were cheerleaders from the sidelines. One minute Podley’s a Dumb@$$ and next second he’s a genius, bohi runs a scheme that gives the qb 3 to 4 options to throw it’s not the 80’s anymore people. Great game anyways.

  • 12th man

    Bonita coaches did a great job for the most part, they made all the necessary adjustments to stop the run & not give the WC playmakers a chance to show off there speed…especially on the kickoffs! It just seems that they folded down the stretch & were content on getting a field goal with only a minute & some change left on the clock.. they ran the ball three times in the red zone…Which in my opinion didnt make any sense..The whole game they were having success with the short passes & just passing in general..they should have gone for the jugular & put the pedal to the metal & do what they do best and thats PASS the ball..That was the only time thruout the whole game where i had to really question the play calling by the BH coaches..But never the less there was alot of factors that costed them the game & at the same time you have to give WC credit for wanting it more at the end!~

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Congrats West Covina,
    Colt74 can bring up the Covina win over the Bulldogs all he wants. It’s called bragging rights, and he happens to own them over WC this year. He also came out to the game to support our Bulldogs! Classy move! The defending southeast cif champions will visit cdf next year and have some payback for them scrappy colts!
    You guys had a fantastic season and have nothing to be ashamed of. Your only two losses came at the hands of the eventual cif champions! You guys came out and proved that the 55-21 loss was not indicative of what Bonita football was about. You guys did indeed belong on that field tonight and played well enough to win! My Bulldogs were fortunate to have an opponent as worthy as the Bearcats to play for the title. Kh, your son did you proud, treasure this season and the great memories rather than the anguish over the final outcome. I hope this is the makings of a great spirited rivalry, afterall it is cats and dogs!

    Congratulations West Covina! Go Bulldogs!

  • Colt74

    Congrats to West Covina/Anonymous,
    Look jackass…I posted about 20 posts earlier about what someone else called an ak Covina. I know asking you to read that far back would be too much work for you. Fluke? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Get over it. Oh..and I got your mule ….Stop trying to attack me here you little coward. Send me a nice Christmas Card instead. You are just pissed because we went farther than your loser team.LOL.
    Tell ya what..lets continue this another time. I’m not going anywhere.

  • oh yeah

    Oh yeah! Onto the West Covina bandwagon I jump! Sweats beanies stcikers everything!

  • WCFan

    Wow! WHAT A GAME !
    by far the best game i’ve seen this season. I’m so proud of the boys that played their hearts out tonight. Left it all out on the field. As for bonita being overrated, this is not so! They did SO good. Many WC fans were scared! You boys did good and should be proud of yourself! WC fans have a lot of respect for you guys! Again congrats to the WC BULLDOGS!!!


  • WCFan

    Wow! WHAT A GAME !
    by far the best game i’ve seen this season. I’m so proud of the boys that played their hearts out tonight. Left it all out on the field. As for bonita being overrated, this is not so! They did SO good. Many WC fans were scared! You boys did good and should be proud of yourself! WC fans have a lot of respect for you guys! Again congrats to the WC BULLDOGS!!!


  • Colt74

    Bulldogs have bite,
    Hey, I am ot trying to put down West Covina or take ANYTHING away from your great year and CHAMPIONSHIP by any mens. I was replying to a post where someone else called a come from behind win “ala Covina” and I thought that was funnier than hell. I posted so and now have a stalker using 5 different log ons to attack me and the colts. So I’m was playing up yours back with him..not attacking WC or belittling them.

    Great game tonight and bask in it. You guys earned it!!!!!!!

  • My takes:

    1. I can take or leave KH, but KC is one fantastic player.

    2. Something tells me that if WestCo didn’t lose to Covina in Week 0, and in the manner they did, they wouldn’t have won tonight or a CIF title period.

    3. If you don’t like mention of the Covina loss, then you’d better not read my column. It was WestCo’s biggest weapon this year, in case you didn’t notice.

    4. Podley and Maggiore, and their staffs, are just amazing.

    5. Crowd was outstanding. Totally electric tonight at Walnut.

  • JG

    Colt 74 I have been reading your blogs all year, Do us all a favor and go away, you are desperate and reaching, your season is over get over it!!! OVER!!! OVER !!! Quit making a fool of your self. Colts See you next year. Colt 74 see you next too. West Covina # 1 all year long baby!!!

  • Off the chain

    Told ya……great game played by both teams. Bonita ,you guys are a force to be reckoned with.
    Gotta get at KH though. Just for the record this is #5’s Pop. I was informed today that #6 is your boy. He played a good game. Put a good hit on my boy on that kickoff but he appeared to have a limp after that hit. Hope he’s OK. Hope you were able to retrieve your possesions from the bank. Congrats Bonita on a great season. KH no hard feelings pal.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Fantastic job this season! Just read your column and you’re right. That opening loss to Covina was a lesson the Bulldogs learned early and helped them realize their own mortality. They faced adversity three times against Glendora, Mayfair and Bonita and each time recognized the ghost of Covina and beat it back. Without that bitter loss they would not know the extent of how to dig deep and focus to fight back when being pushed to their limit!

    What a crowd at Walnut! The WC side was standing room only, with people standing on the dirt mounds next to the cement bleachers! Any estimate on the attendance? Full house at Kenny Gunn!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I know you are not trying to diss the dogs! And you don’t bring up Covina’s win over WC every chance you get. I actualy read the complete thread and understand what you are replying to! I was just pointing out that even though you don’t go about bragging and trash talking about that victory, you have every right to do so. Bragging rights is part of the fun if done in a classy respectful way! Thanks again for coming out to support your neighbors West Covina. So glad Covina did not turn my community into a landfill way back in the early 20th century lol!

  • Charter Oak hunk

    He Fred:
    You just saw two players that you need to put on your all area team RB Solomon and Qb Pendleton. Oh my Lord

  • Dan

    An exciting championship game,
    Great effort by both teams, Bonita you guys are winners, and no one deserved to lose in this game. I thought the game would be a lot harder this time around but I didn’t think it would come down to the last 32 seconds for someone to pull this out. Bulldogs you kept fighting and never gave up and it paid off in the end.
    Garret Pendleton played like a champion, KH your son can turn the tide in a game, he makes plays all over the place, pure heart. Bonita as a team met their goal of proving that the first game with WC was not the real Bonita, the Bonita I saw tonight was the Bonita that I thought would be when I saw them with all their athletes back in the summer passing tournament.
    There were times in the game especially with the turnovers and penalties in the third quarter where too many things were going wrong, and I figured it wasn’t going to be our night. Well I’m glad our boys didn’t think that way, they never lost faith, they kept battling and pretty soon a couple things broke our way and we came out with a hard earned win. A couple things of Irony, The WC running back who’s fumble after a big run helped start the Bonita onslaught in the third quarter, was the same running back who had the brilliant run to the one foot line that set up George Johnson’s game winning touchdown. Also like 12th man mentioned, those kickoffs that kept bouncing off the WC players and almost cost them the game eventually bounced off a Bonita player into the hands of a West Covina player to seal the win.
    Bulldogs great season, you earned this Title, enjoy it for a lifetime. Bonita you played with valor, keep your heads high you are Champions too.

  • Off the chain

    Kitty cats.. Freedom of speech OOOOOOK..
    Tell us how you really feel. I admit kh did a lot of “S” talking this year but all the kids played a good game. If tinkerbell had swung her wand the other direction and they would us picked us off there at the end..those crying jerseys would have been burgundy and gold. Better give thanks to the football gods.

  • shaming the sgv

    “C-TOWN”-week ZERO champs!!!! congrats muley74!!!

  • FC

    Glad to see the game with current High school coaches who appre3icated teh valor of both teams. They actually won a CIF Championshiop at St. Paul.

    That said, Ken your son is a freakin stud! When he hurdled teh defensive player to gain an extra yard or two said it all. He punts, kicks azzzz on defense and plays the wildcat and jsut about does every thing you could ask of a player, Clearly an All Area player for sure. To #5’s dad enjoy teh Championship but your boy got punked it taht’s what you’re trying to say didn’t happen. KC didn’t limp at all teh erst of teh game and actually ran just fine. Ask any palyer and plays happen where you win and lose soem but no one, and I mena no one punked all, anytime tonight. You’re freakin dreamin!

    A big shout out to Zach B. I’ve known Zach and his parent since my days coaching the LV Stars. I have always been a huge fame of Zach’s. Many, many times I’ve told his Dad “nothing happensds without Zach”. He’s a Champion in life, in teh class room and in competition. My heart goesa out to Zach and as I told both his parents..”no one could handled adversity with teh dignity and character “they” instilled in that young man.” To Terry’s credit he always deflects any praise I give his son. As you can see, thos ethat know teh family, know teh apple didn’t fall far from teh tree. Just an exceptional kid.

    Tonight game was heart wrenching. Sinmple as taht. Podley coached his azzzz off. His satff was incerdible as were his assistants. Just an incerdibel night!

    To Wc all I have to say is this…enjoy teh Championship. Thatw as a scare you won’t soon forget.

    To teh victor goes the spoiles but what was telling was this. When teh WC side started signig Nah nah anh…it stopped cold. Why? because tehre were no losers tonight and in signing that song it negated the Chgampiosnhip we won’t ever forget. WHat an honor to witness such heart, such resolve, such tenacity and such coaching.

    Arama nd Fred blew it for one reason, and it’s been their fatal falw as long as the blog has been around….tehy let KC’s dad get to them and ignored a great story. Oen taht few peopel outside La Verne know. Completely unexcusable.

    The story is these seniors who have grown up together, palyed together and loved each other since they were kids. Bonita does it teh right way. Too bad teh SGV reporters, as Aram said, “can do with or with out Ken…what a disgarce. Never let your personal fellings get in teh way of teh story…they teach taht in Journalism school Aram, thought you knew.

    The most heart wrenching and gratifying scene was seeing # 1 call Don Poppa and give him a kiss as tehy shared a hug and felt each others pain. Just a remarkabl;e sight.

    Don you’re aces in my book!

    To all teh Bonita players…just an incredible night. To WC and Dan the Man…tonight is your night. They will eb talking about this game for years.

    As it should be.

    ( My typing sux but I know every one knows that by now, lol)

  • Bob

    I could not go to the game, had to work. I drove by on my way and saw West Covina down 20-14. The place was packed!! The pictures in the photo gallery of Bonita players and cheerleaders are very moving. Students from Both schools will be talking about this game at their 30 year reunion like it was yesterday. Bonita walk proud and with your head up.Congrat to BOTH schools. This is why you play the game, for games like this. Friday night lights.

  • GameDayatUSC

    What a game!
    NO losers in my opinion. I predected the final score to be BONITA 34 WC 29. That drive the final 90 seconds proved me wrong.

    What a great season for BOTH schools, and hats off to a wonderful job from the guys from the TRIBUNE. Though I watched from afar most of the year I saw what great kids our tiny SGV really has. Again THANKS for a great football season, and to all who blogged this year. MOST know it was all in fun, and can take the bashing.

  • GameDayatUSC

    MR HUTH,

    There is NO reason for you to come here and apoligize for ANYTHNING! I haven’t seen ANYBODY say “sorry” for the idiot remarks they have made all season. If these kids, and or adults have had the respect and love from their father, as you have for your son, then maybe they wouldn’t be so insane, and remember its a blog where people can hide behind a wall and speak what they want without reprecussions.

    You have made brash, and harsh coments for the 12 calender months I have been here, and truthfully Most of us are so used to it we wouldn’t know what to do if you weren’t talking smak. And most really know its all in fun anyway.
    ALSO do not let anyone ever tell you your son can’t play ball. He probably played the BESt game of his life when it mattered most, and that actually attracts the next level, more than his size and 40 time. Is he too small or too slow for DIV 1 or anywhere the next level? maybe, or maybe not! But remember its the education, and NOT necessirally the NFL that will make the man. Who remembers Matt Grottegood from Mater Dei? Always a little too short and too slow, YET his senior senior season @ USC he was a first, and second team ALL AMERICAN in many publications. He didn’t get a sniff at the NFL, but his education at USC will let him live a solid productive adult life. Keep your head up, and remember its ONLY A GAME!

    BEST news of ALL is Gardena SERRA WR G.Farmer comitts via phone call to Lane Kiffin BEFORE last nights CIF final that he is going to be reunited with Robert Woods, at USC. woo hoo!!!!!!

  • Hey Aram

    Hey Aram – “You can take or leave KH”….out of line to comment on a player’s dad. You are here to cover the story, BUT, since you did bring it up, let’s be real clear….KH generates a ton of hits on these blogs and you should just say thank you. Also, looking at your blog as compared to Fred’s, it appears as though the public has decided to “take” freds blog and “leave” your blog!

  • Jesse Perez

    Just Like Zenyatta Bonita lost and broke our hearts and West Covina deserves this CIF championship.City of La Verne can be proud of the great effort by the team. It great to to see two schools play hard with class. These two school will benefit in life playing this game.

  • shaming the sgv

    Congratulations to both teams for making it to the champiomship and putting on a good show.
    Rep to West Covina, the champions of the SGV !!!!

  • jj garcia

    where’s kh?

  • JFR


    Does this feel like a WEdge Covina win for you?

  • the truth

    Thanks for the memories,

    this is to my fellow bloggers, TO:

    Aram, well said as I ve coached for years an always say you learn way more from a loss than you do a win (wish you would not have said anything about KH)

    Karma, payback for what???

    FC, great posts, and you sound like you are one of the only ones here that truly knows football.

    12th man, easy to say when the coach knows hes facing a run team.

    Colt74, no need to repond to jerks, really like your posts.

    Don, like your posts and the vocabulary you use that many here have know idea what some those words mean.

    KH, keep the posts a coming even after your son graduates. He has been a true athlete and competitor since I first met him during LL 9 yr old all stars. And then faced him in JA. My advice is take a football scholly full ride to D2 or NAIA for 4 years and not baseball. There are to many dirty little secrets in baseball with schollies and reductions and baseball programs shutting down (many things we parents do not ever hear about.) TAKE THE FREE EDUCATION, TUTORS, AND RUN WHILE THE COALS ARE HOT.

    Amat Nation, CO, and SH, must be hard to read others getting the respect and notoriety they deserve and not having you folks dominate the SGV during football in December. Its about time because there are and always has been fine coaches and athletes at other schools besides yours. And for all the crying about the league change by CO and SH you guys did just fine competing in the Sierra. So there.

    Aaron, I never have really liked your posts. You come across as to much of a know it all.

    Wcovina and Bonita, thanks for bringing a great championship game to our valley and congrats to all especially the coaching staffs. Loved that the game featured 2 distinct different offensive philosophies.
    It is most impressive that the schools did it from within their districts , as far as I know.

    Time for hoops, and then Baseball. Cool.

  • jmcdonough

    Georgie Johnson,
    Congrats on a huge victory last night! Wow, you led your troops like a leader always humble, never getting the recognition that you deserved.I am so proud of you, you have always been a great footbal player who has always played with your heart. If you didn’t have the great talent you had on the WC team, you could have been one of the best all purpose players on that team as well as in the valley. Instead you lead and allowed every other talented player on your team to shine by your leadership. It says a lot when your CIF championship team is shouting out that you are the mvp, wow what an honor. You deserve SGVS POY in my book, you definately have my vote.
    George johnson Senior:
    Congrats on yours sons accomplishment. You have coached your son and many other kids in the valley for years, giving of yourself year after year. You are a great coach and a dedicated father to your son. You deserve the joy you are feeling this morning. Its karma!
    West Covina Bulldogs our sister city, of course Colt 74 is excercising his bragging rights. Don’t be offended it was a great victory for us, and a great game. Aram was right, better to learn from a game like that in week zero, than learn in week 13. No matter what remember that colt 74 was there on your sidelines cheering you on throughout playoffs. He deserves the same respect he has given you|
    In closing, Congratulations to Bonita for your accomplishments this season. I know how heart breaking it can be losing in the last seconds of the game. In 2006, Covina lost in double overtime by a field goal, after we had driven down and had our field goal blocked. I remember what it felt like being so close, yet walking away without the victory. In retrospect, I see now that making it as far as we did, and the great season we had that year was what really meant something. In the end.
    You are still Champions respected by everyone in the SGV and the Inland empire. And most of all respected by the team that beat you in only the last minute of the game! Hold your heads high!


    Wow what a game! I had see West Covina twice this year and had not seen Bonita play. I thought WC would blow Bonita away. But that Bonita team plays very hard and with a ton of heart. Also The Bonita Quarterback( Pendelton #10)is a fricking stud. How many great throws did that kid make? That was the best quarterback performance in a big game that I can remember. Great job WC and I know that the Bonita kids are hurting but they left everyone impressed especially this AMAT LOVER>

  • jmcdonough

    Hey Aram said:

    With no disrespect to Fred, Freds blog is The blog that Aram created and Fred inherited when Aram went to Fox sports. When he returned he Started another blog leaving the orginal popular blog that he himself created with Fred. Not that Fred is not doing a great job, but Aram is so crucial to the history of the success of this blog. So don’t dis Aram unless you have been around long enough to know the history of this blog. I myself am guilty of just jumping on on the first articles that are shown and hardly have the time to scroll down to Arams blog. But your comment has inspired me now to make sure I participate in being apart of the original sgv prep sport writers blog, and enjoy the great controversial threads he has always inspired. Aram deserves that recognition love or hate his comments he deserves respect for helping to create this forum that we all love to be a part of.

  • show some football sense

    Great game last night! That is exactly what high school football is all about. It should be left at that.
    There are no 5’6 150 LB playing football at the next level period DII, NAIA or even JC.
    It was a great game and many players laid it on the line. Good job to all the boys you have memories to last a life time.
    Final #33 hold your head up real fans know many other plays lead up to the need for that pick. Like missed takles right up the middle on late long TD run as well as the dropped TD pass on the 5yard line forcing bonita to seatle for the FG. It all just part of the game.

  • M&G

    Spectacular game! I’ve been to a lot of sporting events and that was as exciting as any I’ve attended. That was as pure as it gets last night. Overflow crowd, all out effort on both sides, and a crazy final quarter. Congrats to Bonita on an amazing season. They made every adjustment since the last meeting and executed almost perfectly. They did everything right. Props to Pendleton, he shredded us last night. #6 gave one of the most amazing efforts I’ve ever seen. He sacraficed his body all over the field for that win last night. George Johnson is the guts for West Covina and he was huge again last night. Do you know how many times this kid has turned what looks like a drive ending stop into a first down by gutting and willing the extra 3 or 4 yards for a first down to save crucial drives?? Too many to count. Never felt as bad for an opponet as I did last night. Heads high Bonita, what freaking game!

  • M&G

    Spectacular game! I’ve been to a lot of sporting events and that was as exciting as any I’ve attended. That was as pure as it gets last night. Overflow crowd, all out effort on both sides, and a crazy final quarter. Congrats to Bonita on an amazing season. They made every adjustment since the last meeting and executed almost perfectly. They did everything right. Props to Pendleton, he shredded us last night. #6 gave one of the most amazing efforts I’ve ever seen. He sacraficed his body all over the field for that win last night. George Johnson is the guts for West Covina and he was huge again last night. Do you know how many times this kid has turned what looks like a drive ending stop into a first down by gutting and willing the extra 3 or 4 yards for a first down to save crucial drives?? Too many to count. Never felt as bad for an opponet as I did last night. Heads high Bonita, what freaking game!

  • M&G

    Spectacular game! I’ve been to a lot of sporting events and that was as exciting as any I’ve attended. That was as pure as it gets last night. Overflow crowd, all out effort on both sides, and a crazy final quarter. Congrats to Bonita on an amazing season. They made every adjustment since the last meeting and executed almost perfectly. They did everything right. Props to Pendleton, he shredded us last night. #6 gave one of the most amazing efforts I’ve ever seen. He sacraficed his body all over the field for that win last night. George Johnson is the guts for West Covina and he was huge again last night. Do you know how many times this kid has turned what looks like a drive ending stop into a first down by gutting and willing the extra 3 or 4 yards for a first down to save crucial drives?? Too many to count. Never felt as bad for an opponet as I did last night. Heads high Bonita, what freaking game!

  • Hey Aram

    i was here as well and he did start the blog, but Fred has taken to next level and Aram’s is now an after thought. Again, no class as a journalist to call out a player’s dad on a blog. Aram and KH are not the story here.

  • jcaz

    Hey, I tried to comment last night on the game as it was in progress but my posts never got on.

    Oh well….

  • Amat Stats

    Congrats to West Covina and Bonita for a great season and best wishes from the AmatNation

  • here’s an idea? move bonita and west covina up to the inland division and see how they do in the playoffs? well that is if they even make the playoffs…it would just be like charter oak all over again

  • Aaron

    I am who I am. I’ll always love my Bearcats even though the names will change every year they still wear the GREEN, Black, and WHITE!

    Again thank you Coach Podley for a great season. Thank you seniors! Underclassmen it’s your turn now, the torch has been passed.

    It’s finally basketball season, who’d have thought.

  • Excuses

    Kh deserves everything he gets on this blog, good or bad. The guy doesn’t have any room to talk and should look in the mirror some time. I totally agree with Aram. Take the bum or leave him!

    Now we’ll hear how great Bonita is in BB and how great his kid is! Same own @hit with no CIF ring to back up his bragging all year long.

    Bottom line Bonita losses again 2X by same team. Where was the defense in the final drive. No Where! How about a 92-54 nargin in two games.

    Next Excuse? Oh, wait no more games to play for us to hear the BS again…

    WC is the better team, and Bonita had all there horses didnt they.


  • WC Fan

    If that game is at Bonita High School. Bonita Wins.

  • Frank Corona,

    Despite your best efforts, I’m looking out my window and I don’t see the mob coming. Haha.

    Anyway, at least this time you’re using your real name. But I’m gonna do it anyway …

    schizophrenia [(skit-suh- free -nee-uh, skit-suh- fren -ee-uh)]

    A form of psychosis marked by a strong tendency to dissociate oneself from reality. Schizophrenia is often characterized by hallucinations, delusions, and inappropriate reactions to situations. The word schizophrenia is often used informally as well as scientifically to indicate a split personality.

  • BB

    I don’t check blogs often and comment even less often, because people mostly rip on kids and each other and/or make excuses.
    I don’t know this KH, but from reading others posts, I thought maybe they were being harsh until I scrolled down and read his bs pregame prediction that only the refs could beat Bonita.
    Ummm, no, dude……having a safety, missed xp and a routine dropped pick-6 loses title games in an unfortunate choke-like fashion. I like both teams/coaching staffs and I feel horrible for the kid who could have literally ended the game by dropping that pick and the bottom line is that no one can blame anything/anyone besides themselves for being human and making mistakes that were within their own grasp to clinch maybe the best game I’ve seen at this level.
    Lastly, Frank, if you’re going to write a novel and ripping a respected writer, maybe mix in a spellcheck here and there and if you’ve seen his girl, you wouldn’t be popping off.

  • Frank Corona,

    You’re more than welcome to express your displeasure with me. You’re also more than welcome to try and drum up community anger toward me. Believe me, I don’t mind. But you can’t do it using profanity. So switch out the “d-bag” stuff with cleaner words and I’m sure we’ll all understand the passion you feel when it comes to me and my writings.

    I don’t want to ban your IP address because without you posting under your 40 different names, ALL of our hits would drop. And as you know, that’s all I care about.

  • FC

    Back to the game.

    I thought teh WC DL got tehir second wind after the “bliocked punt thjat turned into teh saftey. Never seen that before..I mean like that any way.

    I also thought teh Bonita OL was flat out sick!!! They really stepped up and did the job all night.

    I thought teh WC Caoch touched on a few things taht really highlighted the game…Podley’s game planning.

    Hats off to Podley who coached teh game while dealing with incredible pain and having to use a wwalker to get around. Seen him coming off at halftime talking to his assistants about “inverting”…what a great call.

    Incredible to see thre recovered KO’s by teh other etam in a row…every one was just shakingtheir heads nbo matter what side you were rooting for.

    Pendleton was flat out “regal” last night. Just an incredibel night and if not for a few dropped balls might have gone for 400 yrads…taht’s huuuuge!

    The copaches taht I saw teh game with were sasking “where’s he signed to” or “he’s got a D1 arm” doubt about that. Kid’s incerdibel and might be a slow styart kid but teh potential for great things is there.

    Thioughgt WC showed a lot of heart. Tehy nevre gave up, never doubted tehmselves and never refused to not believe.

    Bonita was garcious in defeat. Their fans were incredible. Great city.

    Now it’s tiem for Basketball and mayeb another CIF run…who knows. These seniors are pretty special.

    What a great game.

  • kh


  • Colt74

    Is it really between $600-$700 for those rings? I mean you gotta have them but OUCH!
    I figure around New Years the city of West Covina could turn off the street lights at night and just use the sparkle from all those rings!

    Bulldogs have bite… Even though I went to Covina I was a West Covina kid. Puente and Vincent turf. West Covina will always my home town.

  • Aaron

    If those rings are anywhere near the size as the Water Polo ones I saw when I was in school then you’re looking closer to $1000 if not upwards of that figure.

  • JFR


    Maybe it’s me but I’m still trying to figure out how your words were harmful? I guess my parents wasted a ton of cash on me in college or is it colag.

  • dan bocat fan

    Sgvn prepXsports, Thanks for the blogs, videos the articles. You had a greatest fall high school coverage this year and I give you guys a lot of credit to keeping this old fart interested this football season.
    What a game last night. Bonita Coaching made all the adjustments and almost pulled off the game. You had your men get after it all season. You prepared them well. No regret, you and your team did everything it could to win that game.
    To the men who played the game.You did not let them get off on you with their run game tonight. You put it all out on that field I am honored to have watch you this season.
    West Covina, You had the greatest test and passed. Congrats! You wanted and we could not break your spirit.
    Have to mention Garrett Penleton. Great Season Just wished we had you all season. K c Huth. You were amazing tonight.
    George (Plain Vanilla)Johnson. The favorite flavor baby. Great job all season. Good luck.
    I am out now to winter sports. Go Bearcats!

  • Lancer#76

    I’m sorry but Amat is still the best team in the SGV.

    If we had like 2 more seconds we could have won CIF also.

    Sorry West Covina!

  • Franks at it again

    Frank is the kind of guy that hates everyone. He’s so misrable that he would even call mother Teresa out because she asked him for a buck to feed a hungry child.

    Frank is like a fungus growing on your toe nails. You thought got rid of him once (he said he actually canceled his subscription to the Tribune because he was leaving remember ?), only to discover that he always finds a way to come back.

    He always has something negative to say about everyone in here. But your right Aram, he does generate hit’s on this blog, because in the end, were both talking about him.

  • Frank

    Congratulations To West Covina! Sorry Bohi you guys stepped up and played a great game. Knowing how it sucks to lose, be proud of yourselves you fought till the end.The only great thing is to rub it into KH, but he brings it on himself.
    Now let’s go Monrovia !

  • Aaron

    Final top five:
    West Covina
    Chino Hills
    Bishop Amat
    San Dimas

  • Amat69

    Stop with your nonsense, we were beat fair and square by a better team this year, and we lost in the first round. I was at last nights game; trust me both Bonita and WC are BETTER! Your comment leads me to believe that if we were playing last night this Blogg would be filled with Amat crybabies like you. We had our shot let WC and Bonita have the spotlight. Lets come back strong next year.
    God bless WC and Bonita, both are true champions!

  • JFR,

    My words were not harmful whatsoever. It’s just that there is one blogger who follows everything I say and when he thinks it’s something he can get the whole Valley to hate me about, then he chimes in and tries drum up a mob. He did it a few weeks ago on the Star-News blog. He was doing it 3-4 years ago, too. It never works because it’s always him making a mountain out of a molehill. He’ll often go so far as to respond under different names to his own posts to give the appearance that momentum to his cause is building.

    Let me make this clear for everybody — KH, Mike the Clone, Aztec Pride, JMcDonough, Fred, Aram, Don, Colt74, EVERYBODY — when you come on these blogs and give your opinion, you open yourself up to taking heat. THIS IS A PUBLIC FORUM. KH has made himself a very controversial (and well followed and enjoyed by quite a few) blogger. Just like Aztec Pride did. Just like Jody did when her son was playing. Well, that means when things go wrong, you are open to the furor of other bloggers.

    I’m sure KH knows all this. Is it wise for a parent to come on here and go ballistic the way he does? Who knows? Most parents don’t do it, but KH does. More power to him. Who am I to say how any parent should enjoy his/her kid’s prep sports career? But it does it put pressure on KC and open him up to ridicule. For that reason, I can take or leave KH.

    I’ve watched KC in quite a few games and he’s an outstanding football player. A real throwback. I hope everyone can see that through whatever hoopla there is on the blogs about him or his dad.

  • Was my response to FC censored this am? I thought it was quite witty personally speaking.

  • Off the chain

    Aram was there a reason my blog wasn’t accepted this morning. I thought it had a humorous twist on it.

  • Denise Reynolds

    Your blogs are about as much fun to read as anal cramps, really, could we please have the readers digest version! Now I see youve jumped on our (WC) band wagon, next youll take credit for inventing High school football! Get over yourself, its not about you. You had your chance about a thousand years ago when they played with leather helmets. Face it, you had so so to no talent and you ate your way out of the game and never played above the college level. I suspect you have football player ides, a condition of the mind that affects the fantasy portion of the brain.
    We the Bulldogs won with class against a great classy Bonita team.

  • KH


  • Colt74

    I think the blogs are not for the thin skinned. The BEST example of how not to let it get to you is AZTEC PRIDE. He took a LOT of undue flak on here and held his ground. Nothing I’ve ever read in your replies to us has been questionable or undue. It’s sad when you see the cockroaches crawl out from under the fridge and chime in AFTER THE FACT with nothing but hate. Not a word from them till it’s all over and then they are the all knowing and all seeing. But it is what it is. Cowards will always be cowards and those that can’t discuss without resulting to garbage will always spew their drivel on the rest.
    Some here can’t stand to read anything by anyone from Amat but the truth be known there are a few of them that exemplify sportsmanship and enhance this blog. Everyone knows who they are. In closing..I’ve seen your job and there is not enough money in the world for what you guys have to deal with on a daily basis. I think after reading some of the nasty attacks just on the blogs alone half of my paychecks would be into Prozac and Jack Daniels….

    So…when do we start with the reviews for next years teams? Why can’t football be like NASCAR and go for 9 months?

  • Jimmythegreek

    KC you played your fricken ass off brother dam proud to know you since you were knee high to a bull frog. Kenny you should be proud and I know you are, much better to have won it all but KC is no doubt a game changer (Hercules Huth) and made huge plays that I will remember forever. Why they didn’t put him on offense more I will never understand. The Huths are welcome at our house anytime my brother. To the rest of the Bearcats trust me you earned the respect of the valley no doubt. West Covina earned the victory their qb is a stud with ice his veins. This was a game for the ages that couldn’t have been written any better. That was definitely worth the $9.00 lol.

  • kh

    still like your name





  • jimmythegreek

    Hey Fred I could tell in your face you were disappointed but happy at the same time All I want to know is what you, Aram and the boys would have written if that Pick six was caught. I would pay money to see it lol.

  • jcaz

    “Jest saying” and “Colt 45,” Man, I couldn’t agree more with “EVERYTHING” you two just put out there !

    BTW, Aram, don’t let that guy get to you. All of you guys (Fred, Steve, and others) do an awesome azz kicking job in here !

    If it weren’t true, none of these guys would be spending their nights posting on these blogs.

    Think about that for a minute….

  • I’m laughing

    jmcdonough isn’t a man, she’s a mom who loves the game and loves the boys from not only CHS but all the schools where her beloved Covina Vikings attend and she doesn’t have to jump on anyone’s bandwagon DENISE REYNOLDS. She has a personal relationship with Georgie and his Dad from the Covina Vikings days and is entitled to congratulate them along with everyone else so do us all a favor and shut up, with your man voice.


    COLT74!!!! THAT’S RIGHT BIG COLT74, you continue to stand your ground on here! because the game of FOOTBALL never ends! SEASONS end, but the topics keep going all year if you know what I mean! What keeps the blog going is people like you who LOVE THE GAME and continue to blog. It takes alot of heart to be on here after your team loses. If any anybody has the right to be on here is Colt74, because yes he’s been on here since the season began cheering on his Colts and look what kind of season Covina had, and THEY HAD some great SPECTACULAR FOOTBALL GAMES!

    By the way lets not forget the team Covina lost to, is the team who’s playing right now against Monrovia.

    COLT74, your post are great and are like reading the funny papers, and bring a chuckle everytime you read them!

    How’s this Colt74, AZUSA and Covina lost to private schools and didn’t do to bad!!! AZUSA, and i’ll continue to say, they shouls have won Village Christian.




  • Colt74

    Who lit the fuse on your tampon?
    Since you referred to “Anal cramps” you may want to read the instructions on those things. My guess is you are using them wrong.

  • Colt74

    We could BOTH be in the playoffs next year. Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas don’t count. We BOTH came up short but I KNOW we will be there next year trying again. Will Azusa? Only time will tell. So until next year the rest of this year is about West Covina. It’s all about them now.

  • kh

    WHAT MADE MY WHOLE NIGHT WAS WHEN K.C. STUCK # 5 .bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    i got a woody.
    that was for you coach.
    just check your notes again,kh said # 5 would get stuffed for the cheap the shot he took at our head coach coming out for the 2 half in the first game.
    you can go buy the ring my friends,but 7000 poeple saw bonita control the whole game from start to finish,we out coached you,with our kick offs,you guys were scared like little puppydoggs and you know the start of the 4 quarter,it was bonita game to lose,and we did,we lost you won the last 1;57 seconds,again great job no excusses.
    # 5 dad,when you play like k.c. dose he gets bagged up alot my friend,ill tell you one thing i wouldnt be popping off that k.c. got hurt on a play he smoked the crap out of your little jr. open field tackle ono on one,
    kkkkkkkkkkkk,ccccccccccccccc,,,,,, is my super hero bonita young bearcat for life.
    he never holds any bad thaughts after games.
    we will live for tomorrow work to prepare for the next championship game,
    little sisters cori and donna wilson both grad from w/c/ bulldogg high ,
    there was all kinds of love for both sides last night,my sisters are cheering and us boys are preparing,thats now we roll.
    huth nation under god with one liberty in which we stand.bonita bearcats are on the map to stay,theres so much history over here ,hessimen throphy winner glen davis. come over and stop in the office, its right there for every one to enjoy my friends,its right next to gio mier gold glove which he won two season ago for being the best s.s. in the nation,along with him being a first rounder,we will except the loss with pride,we got beat by one hellofa stud h.s. team

  • SaintsR4real

    Colt Pride and Azusa 74……GET A ROOM!! (JK) :0

  • Big Boy Ball

    LOL@ You all

    An extremely young Bishop Amat squad (w/o Zachary Shay)hangs with Alemany….Alemany hangs with Servite….Servite is beating the crap out of Mission Viejo at Angel Stadium! LOL!!!

  • Off the Chain,

    I didn’t delete anything of yours. Maybe Fred did, but I didn’t.


    SAINTS4REAL; REAL CUTE… I’M STILL WORKING ON MY NICE LITTLE POEM FOR YOU… BY THE WAY POEM WRITER,LOL… How’s the taste of defeat feel, not so good huh, so now your lashing out and your true feeling are coming out!

    By the way, HOW did it feel to get spanked in your HOME STADIUM.

    I’m sorry COLT74, I forgot it’s all about WEST COVINA! LOL…

    SAINTSARENOT4REAL, heard your coach is leaving? Maybe that nice little emotional icon should be with his lips closed, AND PISSED OFF! HAhahah…


  • Dan

    There is nothing “routine” or “for sure” in the heat of a championship game, the so called “sure pic six” that was dropped that keeps getting mentioned as “routine” was not so routine, but a nice effort by the kid just to get to the ball, give him some credit. If he had caught it it would have been a great play but near misses like that happen quite often from pro’s down to kids. In the video by Tom Kiss, if you pause it when the ball is just inches from his hands you can see that he had to stoop low, the ball was below his knees around his shins, he had to read the qb and react to the reciever in time to get to the play and it almost looks like his knee or shin could have hit the ball out of his hands, lots of things happening on that play, on top of that it was a pressure filled moment,the game was on the line, and WC was driving for the winning score, nothing routine about this at all.

  • Ro

    Servite defeats mission viejo,they will get the open division state game over CC due to there tougher I said early on in the season servite wins the pac 5.I also predicted corona centenial,west covina,oaks christian and Serra winning there division before league started.I still believe Amat was the best in the valley but being in the Pac 5 and losing 2 games will make it hard to get respect from the rest of the valley. the pac 5 is just to tough for amat to make it passed the quarterfinals.servite,tesoro and mission viejo are young teams and will return many players next year.

  • Dan

    Big Boy Ball,
    Laugh all you want at us, but by your logic Mater Dei who beat Tesoro by 17 would be 27 points better than your boy’s in blue. Will you buy into that? WC was 55 to 21 better than Bonita in the first game, they weren’t last night. Are you sure you want to rely on comparative scores? Each game is different, each year is different, tonight Servite was the better team, tomorrow maybe Mission Viejo, either way your boys in blue are not at that level, your in the fishbowl just like us.

  • SaintsR4real

    Aztec Pride,

    Sounds like you took my joke a little personal. Sorry little buddy, didn’t mean to pull your chain. I’ll try to remember that and not kid with you next time. I must say, if you’re gonna dish it out, you’re gonna need learn when folks are personally attacking you or just talking smack WITH YOU. I know Colt74 took it well, cuz he knows it’s all good.

    Soooo.. I’ll leave it at that, cuz some people get it.

  • Football

    Garrett Pendleton is a stud! If he does not win All CIF first team and ALL Area first team then something is wrong to have one of the greatest performance in a championship game ever is incredible and to do it against such a great team is impressive. If GP doesnt win first teams then FRED YOUR CRAZY AND SO IS CIF

  • Dan

    Frank C. and KH,
    I think you both misread the post from #5’s Dad, doesn’t sound like he was poping off but just mentioned that he noticed KC had a limp after the play and was concerned for him, try reading it again.

  • Aaron said:
    Final top five:
    West Covina
    Chino Hills
    Bishop Amat
    San Dimas

    You’re freakin high! How in the world would San frickin Dimas finish top 5? Really? You’re the little piece of poop that turns white first, me responding to this post shows how stupid it is. Give me the number of your dealer because he’s sellin you some primo dope… sometimes i think it’s my unresolved self-esteem issues that cause me to cut my leg, but then I realize it’s moronic posts like this that make me want to poke #2 pencils in my eyes. Please, for the sake of humanity, shut the ‘f’ up and sell your computer because clearly, your therapist is the only person that should be allowed to listin to your b.s. My goodness, it’s ppl like you that me want to extract my eyeballs from my skull and sell them on ebay so dumbarses like you can buy them with ‘buy it now’ so you can actually open them and see for yourselves that those douche bags at the almighty SD can only live on John fu*kin striklins sweet sweat for so long… Thanks for wastin mine and everyone else who hung on this long to read this entire p.o.s’s time….What an inconsiderate jerk you are…. Can it be zero week already????

  • Hey wsup guys. This is Gridiron mixtapes! Just want to show you guys A few highlight films from Corona, Centennial High school! Barrinton Collins 2026 yds going to the finals!!! One of the best backs around CA!

  • Aaron

    Why would San Dimas…be in my top five?

    Well they went to the Semifinals.

  • just sayin’

    Big Daddy ‘C’ – no, it is your self-esteem issues. Instead of going ballistic why don;t YOU tell us who you’d put INSTEAD of San Dimas. You can tell you have issues because not only did you spew foolishness but you went through the extra effort to add a hateful URL.
    I do disagree with Aaron in putting a 2 loss D7 Bonita team at 2nd. I’d drop them to 4th behind WC, CH, & BA, with SD at 5

  • Hacienda Homer

    Fridays night Southeast CIF final game was an great example of just how good the Hacienda League was this year. Both West Covina and Bonita are to be CONGRATULATED for your efforts. Both teams left everything on the field and show just what high school football is all about. The setting at Walnut was run very well and they should be proud of having a part in such a great game. Neither team had a home field advantage and both schools showed up in great numbers. The field at Walnut is one of the best in the area and the seating made everyone at the game feel like they were a part of something special. Thank you to West Covina & Bonita for a great game.

  • can’t read?

    Nonsense – Dan didn’t say they weren’t at Pac-5 level he said Servite/Mission Viejo level. no one else was this year – were they?
    and Dan – you may want to retract the fishbowl comment. The “boys in blue” are nothing like the rest of the fishbowl. proven time and again – and you’re smart enough to know that

  • kh

    whats next, A-RAM wasnt talking trash too.
    so was his dad concerded when little jr. took a cheap shot at our head coach coming out for the 3nd qtr. in the first match up.why was the whole team on the field and he just happened to be lagging back,then ram straight into coach podley,whos coming off a car accindent.
    it is what it is now it was what it was. to me looked like your boy went off the field pretty daze my friend,we didnt see him for acouple plays,oh by the way is jr. okkkkkk.just concerned dan..
    the game was greatttttt,thats the bottom line.
    go bearcats

  • IE Town


    Want to come and watch a bowl game? Maybe we can lend you some of that “Cows Milk” in the IE you talked crap about earlier in the year.

    The cream always rises to the top and that’s CC dude. Since you think Bearcat nation is loaded with talent, schedule us next year. We’ll see then what town builds stronger bones you little punk @ss talker..

  • Off the chain

    Jr.’s fine thanks. I was shocked when I heard your coach say at the luncheon that he had to have surgery. I was genuinely concerned for your boy. If my boy bumped your coach on the way out (in the first game) it wasn’t intentional. We don’t get down like that….. and since you want to continue clownin’….. As a matter of fact, we’re going to the jewelry store today to get sized up for a ring-how ’bout you? You could see from where you were through Jr.’s helmet that he was dazed. Wow you are the man! I could see your boy was limpin from the top row, 10 yd line with no binoculars.I said it was agood hit but he’s been gettin hit like that since Jr. All American. He’s also been blowin past defenders like he did in the FIRST GAME since Jr. All American since you want to keep bringin it up. My last piece of advice is you and FC’s word for the day…….wait for it…… SPELLCHECK! Anyway… jr. just woke up. I told him what you said and if I may quote him….GAME OVER! Look for us in track season. Merry Christamas and Happy New Year to Bonita fans and friends.Done!!!!!

  • Big Daddy ‘C’

    @ Just Sayin and Aaron:
    I do have low self-esteem, so you probably hit that nail on the head. Umm, how about putting anyone else? First off, I’m not entirely sure what the boundaries are for your ‘top 5’, but I would start with saying….Monrovia? But somehow I think they fall outside your lines. Just going to Semi’s doesn’t mean they’re better than a lot of the other teams out there. Take Covina for instance, they are a way better team and would be a more fitting 5 than SD. You have West Covina at 1 and the team that gave them their only loss you don’t even list. I mean really? San Dimas got their arses handed to them in the Semi’s so that game should have counted against them! Also, with using the Semi’s logic, how could you put BA at 4? They were 1 and done! Ah, but I must realize, that list is your opinion, no matter how much it resembles fecal matter. Look, if your going to grace the blog with a ‘list’, at least put some effort into. I mean c’mon, I’m just sayin…..


    SAINT4REAL? I Can take a joke, I thought you were serious. My mistake and takecare!


  • IE Town


    Want to come and watch a bowl game? Maybe we can lend you some of that “Cows Milk” in the IE you talked crap about earlier in the year.

    The cream always rises to the top and that’s CC dude. Since you think Bearcat nation is loaded with talent, schedule us next year. We’ll see then what town builds stronger bones you little punk @ss talker..

  • kh

    ie my daddy didnt raise no boy,all man over here boy,come see us at one of the h.s. football all-star games.
    kenny 6-1 212 thats not little ie.

    so daddy had to go to the luncheon with jr.
    thats nice of you.

    do you still wake him up for school too?.
    wonder why he smoked the back of our head coach,daddy wasnt there to tell him from right and wrong?

    cut the cored,let LITTLT JR. lift his own sit next time he takes a leak.

    sr. with all that speed why isnt he playing baseball,maybe i can help him in his drive to manhood.
    it takes a real athlete to play is so easy to be the best,others teammates can make or break you.
    baseball theres no others to help you,its all you baby.

    well i cant say its off to baseball so fast,
    maybe he will get picked to play in a h.s. football all star game,and who knows maybe your coach will have k.c. on his side..

    what k.c. brings to a football team,its a coaches dream veratillilty,spell check that word for me will you. i was busy winning my own cif ring in h.s. .come over ill show you it and we didnt pay for it the boosters did.t.c. rams1977 cif champs.
    not my fault bonita fell short.championships are not for everyone,this season w/c/ took home the gold.again great job bulldoggs.nice to have you in the club,welcome boys.

  • Coaching

    I have to say after reading that comment from kh where he calls out the officiating before the game. Those head games he was attempting to play with the officials could have just cost his team the game. I noticed many more holding calls against Bonita in this game. Just maybe the officials were sending a message to you kh.

  • To KH.

    Hey KH,
    Friday was the first time that i have seen Bonita all year.
    I was impreesed with your son Friday night. But I would like to ask you about another player on your team. Your QB. wow! that kid had a great game. I have been to many CIF finals but that was As good as it gets by a QB in my books. Can you tell me a little about that kid?

  • JG

    KH A lot of people feel sorry for you i don’t your son played his heart just like our sons played their hearts out. Now i know you cried alot friday night, get over it, pick youself up, shake it off. The reality is no matter how good one individule played. WC is a better team, we have many studs on our team. We beat you twice!!! twice!!! WC better team got the ring. BTW i am laughing at you while i am writting this, feel good to be on top.

  • Aaron

    Both teams deserved to be there, both teams played with efforts worthy of a champion, someone had to win, it was West Covina.

    So how about you stop tarnishing the game for your personal vendettas.

  • JG

    Didn’t say that! Both teams did deserve to be there. just saying when a team beats another team twice in a season, and ends up with a better winning record they are the better team. Pendelton had a great game, the fact is WC scored 37 points on BOHI defence. it’s our time to shine. Sometimes when you covinced youself that you are the best, and you fall, you fall hard. Some people on this blog have talked trash all year, well the year is over, take it, like you dished it out,the better team won……


    Little Kenny Boy

    That’s pretty weak and small for our neck of the woods. Sporting 6’6″ 284 like when I played in the big time. Our cows milk just makes us a larger breed. That La Verne’s milk is for pussycats that lose 2X to the same team. LOL

    Now my son heading to D1 and were heading to a bowl game. Go have a nice lunch, we’ll keep playing after we already earned a ring! Your Bearcats got punked again in a title shot.

    Keep talkin trash, you cannot PRODUCE A WINNER!

  • just sayin’

    Big Daddy ‘C’ – plenty of thought went into that list. The “boundaries are the same as this papers. You want Monrovia – go to the Star-News on the West side.
    WC must be rewarded for winning it all. CH has to be ahead of BA because they beat Tesoro and BA did not. No way BoHi passes those 3. who would beat who must factor in a little (if it was the only factor BA may be #1) Covina regular season win over San Dimas was close enough to be a push and look at other factors. Covina lost to Walnut who got destroyed by Bonita. San Dimas playoff wins were impressive enough to pass Covina (they did beat the #1 seed and Maranatha) and some of Covina’s magical wins were “fortunate” to say the least.The “look test” counts for something too.
    FAce it-you’re a San Dimas hater and that’s the only reason you;re arguing.

  • 12th man

    Everyone on here is giving the Bonita QB way too much credit..granite he had a good game..But any QB in the SGV who is given 6 to 7 seconds to throw from the pocket is going to have a big game passing… Theres no way any DB’s from the High School level to the pros that could cover a reciever for that amount of time..thats crazy!~ Give credit to the Bonita O line for giving Pendleton those numbers… Im sure he’s a great kid on & off the field & he did play the game of his life..I just dont see him playing D1 football~ he doesn’t have the speed to scramble when the pocket starts collapsing..or the arm strength to thread the needle in tight coverage..

  • Aaron

    12th man…just stop.

  • Dan

    6 to 7 second to throw? What game were you watching?

  • Dan

    Can’t read?
    No disrespect towards Amat, I just had to sling a little mud back at Big Boy Ball for the idiotic post he made. By the way this year I would put you guy’s right there in the bowl with the rest of us, No one is above reproach. Not saying we would have beat you this year, although I think we would of had a shot, but because of the disappointing ending you guy’s had. Last year and the year before you were out of the bowl.

  • 12th man

    Just an honest opinion…Doesn’t mean im rite..but it doesn’t mean im wrong!!Let the film tell the story…

  • To 12th Man

    Wow! what were you watching? 6 or 7 seconds? We were in his face all night long and yes I have watched the film 3 times. Arm strength? wow once again your wrong. he has a rocket and is still recovering from a broken elbow. But I guess you just have to get a negative shout out. and I can tell you that the West covina coaching staff thinks that he is a damn good QB.How do I know this? Because I am one of them. GREAT JOB BULLDOGS NOW LETS’S GET READY FOR 2011

  • 12th man

    I dont believe your part of the coaching staff…Anytime you give up 33 points & over 350 yards passing..That only means one thing..Hello???? The QB is picking you apart cause theres no pressure!! Im not saying that Pendleton didn’t do a good job or that the Defense wasn’t playing im just saying that the score mite have been a little different with more pressure..You my friend definitely didn’t watch the film & to come on this blog anonymously & to claim to be a coach is insulting not only to the team but to the game of football!~ To say you were in “his face all night” is dilusional…Unless you were speaking of the 1st time you both played when WC got 6 sacks..& the score was a lil different! Well thats exactly my point(more pressure = different score) WoW!!…& as far as 6 or 7 seconds throwing time..that was merely a figure of speech..I thought you as a “COACH” would know this~ lol…

  • randy

    i sure am gonna miss all the hate spewed here during football season…this sh*t is just to funny…the madness nevers stops!!

  • Aaron

    So the Offensive Line did its job and gave their quarterback, the guy they are charged to protect, protection.

    He’s a great quarterback, and he put a lot of work in from the end of last basketball season to even now to get to where he is. He injured his elbow in the last week of fall camp. One of his personal goals was to play a full season, and he’s done that, he got to play ten games. He wouldn’t have been able to do it without his teammates and they wouldn’t have been able to play 14 games without him.

    6’5″ 220, rocket arm, accurate, smart. Why am I even on here doing this? I shouldn’t be, his play spoke for itself. However, your ignorance of a great performance speaks leaps and bounds…or you just continue to come on here and toot your own horn. Amat started their off season program already, maybe you should go watch the weight lifting, or even better support the basketball and soccer teams.

    Because as of now it is winter sports season in La Verne. Oh did you know that the quarterback is also a Varsity Basketball player?

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – just keep in mind – 12th man isn’t an Amat guy, did not go there and never had any kids go there. TRy not to use his words to paint Amat fans.
    I know it’s hard to believe but some in the general SGV population post here to support Amat and are realistic enough to understand the pecking order.

  • Bulldog1

    Colt74, JUST SAYIN!
    Colt74 youre funny, lighting the fuse on my wife Denises tampons, you must like Bloody Marys.
    W/C played great Friday night but I think the best player on the field by far was #6 for Bonita. Anyone who thinks different didnt see the game!
    JUST SAYIN, we’ll put out the trash early so you and Colt74 can dig thru our trash cans for some of her tampons.
    Hey Bulldogs, Baseball, another ring! Another way to tear out Bonitas Heart.
    Go Bulldogs.

  • Colt74

    First, you are a fake. Glad to see my stalker is back and in good 2nd grade form as usual. Second, ….

  • Aaron

    He’s made it pretty clear whom he supports. What pecking order? Last time I checked you guys fell far below your own expectations and ours.

    A lot of bark, but not a lot bite.

  • ahhahahahahahah

    bulldog1, a ring in baseball?? now that’s funny

  • AMAT 73

    Congratulations to West Covina on a fine season and topping it off with a CIF championship .They were my pick at the beginning and they came thru as I thought their team had a little more experience with their seniors and their QB . Also hats off to Bonita as they as well had a fine season but just came up short in the end. Surprising that their defense which led them to some great victories just couldn’t come up with the one last stop they needed. Great game that the valley will remember for a few years to come.In my opinion that win sews up the number one position in the final poll in our area for the Bulldogs.
    Noticing lately you sure are quick fingered to put AMAT on blast when you read some post concerning Bonita. Not all posters who knock Bonita are from AMAT . The 12th man has in fact gone on record as saying the AMAT will never get past the semi’s due to lack of physical size to match up with the Servites and MVs of the PAC-5 .The 12th man is just another in the long line of armchair coached who can call a great game after it’s over and tell you what your team should have done and where they went wrong. I seem to recall him saying that Hags read his post on AMAT’s punting situation and switched WG to punter instead of Rio.

  • Bulldog1

    You have to be relevant before you can have a stalker, youre just pissed because were winners and you are losers and now were going after another CIF ring in baseball. I agree with kh, Don and Aaron, the best athletes are baseball players hands down, and we are going to rip your hearts out with our athletes.
    Go Bulldogs.

  • 12th man

    It seems i get alot of feedback whenever i leave some Constructive Criticism…Theres no order of teams that i support..I support the game of Football & when its played fairly with respect & integrity like the WC – Bonita game…Great display of two teams battling to the final whistle…The fact of the matter is…These blogs are going to have things that are Positive, Negative, Controversial, its up to you to pick & choose your battles…One last thing…”Dont believe everything you read & hear & only half of what you SEE”!~..

  • Colt74

    You are even more of a fool than I already thought you were. And THAT is saying a lot!
    Look here junior..I have been supporting West Covina this whole season and in actuality since I was a kid. Why? My friends went there. We played them. I went to the finals this year to support them. YOU on the other hand slither out from between the cracks in the floor of your double-wide and jump on the bandwagon AFTER they have won and proclaim yourself a fan. Sorry..not buying it or any of the other BS you try to pass off. Baseball..the best athletes? Thanks for the laugh. See…you are good for something!

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – Expectations? Go back and read August and September. y’all had us pegged for 2-8, 3-7 winless in league. That bites still there and has been proven vs anyone with the balls to schedule us in the valley (WC, Damien, DR, CO, Glendora, etc). Listen, this year we were reading how we lost FC’s boy-crush Jerry Mac and #1 playmaker Darien Johnson, lost defensive studs like Kane & Cazares, Anderson decided not to play, Blue transferred, Gonzo was too slow, Rio was a bust that shouldn’t have been on the cover of TribPrepXtra (much less National MaxPreps!) Expectations? At that time if someone told you 9-2 you’d be surprised! When the discussion is about who is the best in the SGV – y’all turn the discussion to who’s best in the Pac-5 – because you KNOW you can’t win the first discussion!

  • Just catching up

    Wow, 165 posts so far! I was surprised that the championship was played at Walnut, yet Bonita was the home team. It appears that the home field advantage went to WC based on the location of Walnut stadium, much closer to WC. One word comes to mind for Bonita, KARMA. Just a couple weeks ago, Bonita did not move their B v SD double header pre-season BB game to allow St. Lucys play their Southern California Div II volleyball Championship game at their designated home gym at Damien, the winner moved on to San Jose for the State Championship. They instead played at La Verne University’s gym which is much smaller than Damien’s gym.

    HaHa, what goes around, comes around.

    Great Job, West Covina!!!

  • umm where???

    For the record, the SD – Bohi basketball DH was not was the opening game. Where were they supposed to move it? San Dimas and Bonita gyms are too small. Bonita moved FB game to Walnut to accomodate all the fans. Not why they lost the game and Karma had nothng to do with it. WC was jsut the better team. Get a life and quit picking on HS students loser.

  • Bulldog1


    My wife Denise and I both went to WC, so I hardly think Im jumping on the bandwagon late like you. I really think your Bloggs are funny and colorful. But I must say; you must not know much about athletics to think baseball players arent the best athletes. I am a 100% football guy in a football family and I know this! No one but you has come on here to dispute that, not even the dumb ass jmcdonough, the self proclaimed football Guru. Our baseball team this year is supposed to be the best team weve ever had; West Covina has always been a hotbed for baseball talent and were going to dominate this year no doubt. So there Colt; another bandwagon you can jump on!

    Colt, come by the trailer in a couple of weeks for some more Bloody Marys, I think theyll be ready for you then.

    Merry Christmas!

  • clarification

    umm where???

    The reason the B and SD basketball games were played at the Damien gym wasn’t because the gyms were too small, it was because of both school parent’s behavior last year. They needed to separate them like 5 year old children and put them in a bigger romper room(Damien’s gym). BTW, Damien’s gym was nearly empty for the BB games.

    KARMA BABY, to both B and SD football programs, via BB. HAHA!

    Great Job WC!!

  • Dan

    12Th Man,
    I’m not a coach so I took your six to seven seconds as if you meant it, either way the gist of your comment was that Garret P. had a lot of time to throw. I haven’t seen the game film except for whats on this blog but I strongly disagree. The big difference between this Championship game and the first game between Bonita and WC was the turnovers and an excellent “quick pass” game plan by Podley & staff and just about perfect execution by Pendelton and his recievers. Pendelton got rid of the ball very quickly in this game, he made his drop and bam there goes another perfect throw, the few times he hung on a little to long we were able to get to him or close to him.
    From my perspective our lines were still dominant on both sides of the ball, for the most part Bonita couldn’t stop our run game, I can’t remember anybody that has this year. Santa Fe slowed us down for a good part but we eventually broke off some drives. Bonita also couldn’t do much running on our defense. What they did do very effectively was keep our offense off the field with their ball control passing game and occasional draws and screen plays. Pendelton was flawless, great decision making and near perfect throws all night, will he play at the next level? I don’t have a clue but I sure would like to see what he can do, either way he is deserving of whatever credit he is getting on here, he was a very big part of that game.

  • Aaron

    No Karma related in this game. It’s a classic, the end.

  • jmcdonough

    Me and Mikey are(cowards who post with our real name)
    I know Im a stupid hater. Colt hold my balls 74, I have just as much right on this blog as you do. Bulldog1 is right; Basball player always make the best athletes, thats why there so heavily recruited by other sports especially football. Or Colt74, are you to ignorant and uneducated. I have many more players up and coming that I may comment on in the future. I have every right to. I have followed them since the were young some of them 6 years old to now varsity level and they are t good enough to play basball. If you think you or your stupid coward comments are going to stop my stupid coward comments…you’ve got another thing comming!!! Get it through your head that I am still heavy . I have a lot of vigins that your ignorant self will never have. I see the future of sgv high school softtball. So believe me Im an idiot. I am clearly living in the past….I am clearly not doing my part to be able to live in the present and in future years of the up and coming softball stars. I currently partner with snatcheckers to develop the opportunities for our up and coming youth. What do you do?…….besides leave nameless comments?.. Im not sorry to everyone else for my rant!!! I’m just sick of these negative gutless bloggers who alwys comment with smarter put downs and I never comment with substance. I know my buddy Denise and Don Reynolds agrees that basball players are the dominet athlete .Don’t bulldogs still eat their own poo?
    Go Bulldogs.

  • Don’t bulldogs still eat their own poo?

    Jmcdonough, Colt74, Bulldogy1
    I totally disagree with all of you; Water polo players are the best most conditioned athletes. Figures jmcdonough, youre a bit of a bone head.
    Walnut and Rowland will give West Covina a Challenge this year in baseball.

  • whitey

    Dont forget about Diamond Ranch, threr goin to be in the hunt for the ring!!!

  • 12th man

    No one is trying to take away the performance that Pendleton had!..You should watch the film & see the amount of time he had to throw..Not to mention the defense maybe blitzed like 2 or three times..granite the recievers did do a great job in getting open..But why do you think that is??? Why didnt they do that in the 1st meeting??? I will tell you why..There was more pressure the 1st time they met..& the theory you have about turnovers deciding the 1st game is just a bad anaylization…Turnovers especially from the QB throwing interceptions are usually a result from the “DEFENSE” applying extreme pressure forcing the QB to make indecisive decisions…Question?? Do you think a QB who drops back in the pocket & has plenty of time to throw is going to have more accurate passes??.. rather than a QB who is running for his life & just cant seem to get a rythym going because of extreme pressure…Hmmmm! let me go out on a limb & choose the 1st choice…2nd Question???? If you had to choose between a QB having time to throw & one who didnt..Who would put up better stats??? Again if you know Football it should be a no brainer!~

  • Ricky said to Lucy

    To clarification:

    The Bonita-San Dimas basketball doubleheader was played last year at ULV—I was there; nobody was fighting. A bigger venue was needed and Damien was booked for this years event. Sure hate to think that the reason the Bohi-WestCo football game was not played at Damien was the result of some hard feelings about a volleyball game. Always knew that Pomona Catholic was the classier of the two sister schools of Damien. Thank you Walnut HS for being a great host for a classic football game that the Valley will remember for some time to come. And thank you Bonita and West Covina for putting on the best game in the Valley this year. Both of your teams should be proud.

  • Jimmythegreek


    Every time #6 touch the ball he was able to run at will watch the film he also had a TD. Why they(Bonita Coaches) didn’t use him on offense morethan a few plays is the million dollar question?

  • Don’t bulldogs still eat their own poo?

    Isn’t # 6 kc huth a waterpolo player?
    I rest my case!

  • Bwaaaaahhahhhahhahah!!!!

    BHS parent makes a judgement on class…….Bwaaaaahhahhhahhahah!!!!

    Ricky is funny!!!

  • Dan

    True, #6 was a stud, I remember about 3 carries for him, two jet sweeps and a run up the middle, I think it was a draw, not much else though.

  • I shocked the World


    I hate to be the one to bust your bubble but your boy isn’t a “Great QB” He had a great game, but that doesn’t make him a great QB. We could get into his negatives big time, but I will leave it alone.

    Your a homer of a guy that only see green and the blinders are so closed it beyond ridiculous…. What happen to the 2X lost? In big games, great players win games, and team win championships. Bonita did neither!

    To say any athlete in HS is “great” or to label them as such is just ridiculous and shows your lack of ability to understand any level of sports.

    Let’s just leave Great or Greatness to the guys like Manning, Montana, Favre, Rice, Brown, Babe Ruth, Ripkin, Smith, Peyton, Sanders,Marino,Elway, Ted William, Ryan, Seaver, get the drift?

    Enough said

  • Dan

    12th man,
    When I said turnovers I was talking about the West Covina turnovers in the third quarter of this weekends game, not the Bonita turnovers of the 1st game. The WC turnovers in the third quarter, plus the quick passing game of Bonita that kept the Bulldogs off the field is where I felt the difference between the first game and this game was. If you remember WC had just gained the momentum when they tied the game just before halftime. They also gained a little more momentum just after that when Bonita tried to score with a few seconds in the half and I believe WC sacked him. When they came out in the third quarter WC had that big run but fumbled at the end of it. Bonita capitolized and things went downhill from there. With Bonita struggling to stop our run most of the night I think without that fumble we would have scored and the disasterous third quarter with all the fumbled kickoffs would not have happened, but I’m glad it happened that way because it helped create a lot of drama and a great championship game. Much more memoriable than any kind of other game.
    Like I said, I don’t have any film of the game yet but from what I remember, the battle in the trenches was won by West Covina on both sides of the ball, what seemed to me was different this time was GP making great decisions and getting rid of the ball quickly plus the turnovers, not so much that he had all kinds of time. The passing plays on the blog video show him throwing immediatley when he makes his drop, when you get the ball off that quickly I would assume that it’s to fast for a blitz, maybe thats why you only saw three or four blitzes. You said you saw the game films and that he had a lot of time, for now I’ll take your word on it but only half heartedly because I remember it differently. When I see the gamefilm [hopeing to get some]I will post back to you on this.

  • Dan

    To shocked the world,
    By your standards, there would hardly be any great ones out of the SGV. I would say Troy Aikman could be in that catagory, but I think he moved out of West Covina during his highschool years.

  • jmcdonough

    Who is ever making those comments using my name is an idiot. what is your problem you fricken coward. use your own pathetic name, and stop trying to be me. I did not right those stupid comments. So be weary of what you read from me. now i have a stalker as well i see. You idot i dare you to say those things to my or my sons face. Say who you are…I dare you!!!!! you couldnt because you are a pathetic loser coward. you have nothing to say on here but imitate what everyone else is saying. Your really sick in the head!!! Dont you have anything you can write about or are you that pathetic? obviously you are.

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