Sunday Tribbin: Say goodbye to the Billy Cats; it appears Ruiz is back next season

Now that another football season has come and gone, we still start posting fall all-league teams on the blog and in the newspaper over the next week…..

Will never call Monrovia the Billy Cats again, they shed that forever with a 38-8 win over Whittier Christian on Saturday to win the school’s first title in their tenth championship appearance. They’re finally at piece at M-Town.

Speaking of Saturday’s game, I ran into West Covina coach Mike Maggiore who said nine starters return on defense, which includes all-everything Chris Solomon. Scary right? Maggiore also said the Bulldogs scheduled Loyola on the road in 2011.

Mr. L.A. Times Eric Sondheimer tweeted from Anaheim during Servite’s 41-27 win over Mission Viejo in the Pac-5 final: “Word from the pressbox at Angel Stadium. Father of Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz says his son is definitely playing football next season.” Further, word is Bishop Amat and Servite might meet next season, stay tuned.

Finally, Star-News reporter Miguel Melendez said police were summoned to the Arcadia High School press box following Saturday’s game between Monrovia and Whittier Christian. Melendez said police were called over a press box dispute that involved press box officials and reporters working the game, which did not involve Melendez or Whittier reporter Andrew Campa. Melendez said no arrests were made.

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  • Aaron

    Lou Farrar always talks about the loss of seniors and what they have to do to get to be where they want to be.

    Bonita loses 25 seniors

    West Covina loses 29 seniors

    Will there be a drop off, yes there will be. However, it will be exciting to see a new crop of Bearcats out there in May.

    Two teams to look out for in the Hacienda should be Diamond Bar and I see Walnut being good as well. Gonna be the toughest league in the division again!

  • jcaz

    These are all amazing possibilities, but what has really peaked my interest is in that West Covina Loyola game.

    That would be awesome for them of course, but these guys are getting so darn good, that they shouldn’t just settle for that !

    Get out there and go after CC, yes that CC !!

    BTW, Amat, are you listening ?

    In any event, I have to say that every now and then a few of the locals will pull a rabbit out of the hat, and when school like South Hills and Wesco schedule Pac 5 teams, then that’s a big bonus for the entire SGV !

  • JFR

    CO loses 32 seniors but the sophmore and freshman classes this year might be the best ever.

  • kh

    why are you talking about bonita co dr

  • The Guru

    No walnut will not be good you think Roach is going to have good numbers again?? haha no absolutly not COLEMAN accounted for 75% of his stats im sorry but walnut wont even make the playoffs next year.

  • Walnut

    Is Tsukada a junior or is he a senior? He was the other receiver that Roach passes to

  • 12th man

    This seems like Old News!~ I had reliable resources who personally talked to Rio & said…Rio is definitely coming back he “Didnt want to go out like that” meaning the turnovers & eventually the loss in the 1st round of the playoffs to Tesoro..On another note..Im glad WC is stepping up there game & playing someone in the Serra league where the real big boys play.. With a win or even a close loss it will help there strength of schedule….As far as the rest of the SGV goes..I just dont see them coming close in competing with any of the top teams in the pac5…Its a whole other lever of football where the kids are bigger stronger & faster…Those of you who think that Bonita or even WC could compete with Servite, Mission Viejo, Santa Margarita,etc. or even teams from another D1 division like Corona Centennial or from the Northern division, Oaks Christian, Westlake, St. Boni’s or Thousand Oaks..These are all teams that the majority of the SGV wouldn’t beat with the exception of BA who has the talent & almost the same size to match up physically..

  • Aaron

    NVM about Walnut…didn’t know Roach was a senior.

    Walnut loses, Tsukada, Roach, and Coleman.

    They could have a good year, but it’s a dark horse.

  • 12th man

    CIF State Bowl Games

    at Home Depot Center (Carson)


    Division IV: La Jolla Bishop’s (13-0) vs. Stockton Brookside Christian (12-0), 4 p.m.

    Division I: Corona Centennial (14-0) vs. Palo Alto (13-0), 7:30 p.m.


    Division III: San Diego Madison (12-1) vs. Escalon (13-1), noon

    Division II: Gardena Serra (14-0) vs. Folsom (13-1), 3:30 p.m.

    Open Division: Servite (14-0) vs. Concord De La Salle (13-0), 7:30 p.m.

  • Diamond Bar

    I know they have Henry Omana and George Katrib but they have no line. What could make them any better than they were this year

  • Dan

    Congratulations Coach Maddox and Monrovia, way to lift that dark cloud, CIF Champs! WC is
    represented on both sides of the 605.

  • Christian Minjares

    West Covina is improving as these years come along. Its going to be interesting to see what new young slots they decide to plug in for next year. #20 Chris Solomon is coming back for his Sr. season & #34 Aaron Salgado are going to be the premiere backfield. They lose #5 B.J. Lee & #3 Josh Johnson @ RB. Next QB for WC hmmm? Dont know enough to say.

    All set aside, any schedule with Loyola down on it will open my eyes if its not San Gabriel Valley’s Bishop Amat hosting. West Covina on the road @ Loyola in 2011. Thats a huge step but the Cubs have been having some off years lately going 4-6 last season & then finishing 3-7 this year. Needless to say their strength of schedule is beyond compare from pre to postseason annually (Mission Viejo, Newport Harbor, St. John Bosco, Valencia, Bishop Amat & the rest of the Serra League). I still think those rich Loyola kids are disciplined enough to shut down WC’s 1 dimensional offense. Loyola puts them back in their comfortable 2nd SGV ranking spot, below (1) Bishop Amat. Historically, Loyola Cubs always have excellent coaching with great athletes.

    West Covina stands @ (0-4) when it comes to playing Pac-5 opponents, serving 2 losses to both Bishop Amat & Mater Dei. Standing in the Serra League @ home, Loyola will only continue to do the same. I do see Coach Maggiore’s attempts to step away from the local SGV teams & play with the big boys of D1 football, trying to get noticed & more future student athletes in WC’s program. I dont blame him for scheduling Loyola next year, if he does, in that case. Great move Maggiore!

    Good & exciting game in Los Angeles, but Im calling it 21-7 Loyola over WC.

    Thanks Fred

  • already done

    Amat will play Servite next year, week one it looks like. Perhaps Mission Viejo as well.

  • The Mid

    DIamond bar is a JOKE. Come on Aaron, you ar better and smarter than that. Doesn’t matter who loses what. Good teams just go to the well and reload.

    1. West Covina
    2. Bonita
    3 SHOCKER: Los Altos ( 40 returners)

    Seriously I said it 1st these guys will contend. Arellanes took his lumps but will pay off.

  • Huskies

    If WC can find another kid like #60, then they will definitely be able to run the ball well! Kid took out two guys every time! Against Loyola I don’t know… WC DB’s got burned against the Bonita WR’s and I can tell you that the Loyola WR’s are twice as fast and twice as strong! WC with NO QB…

  • jcaz

    If Amat open up against Servite, it may well be a long night for the Lancers. I can remember over the last 6 years, that Amat has struggled in their opening games.

    In fact, about the only time they actually came out blazing was in that home opener against Los Oso’s a few years ago where Amat had them down 21 to nothing before half time.

    Only problem though, was that those guys rallied back and over came that big deficit to win that game…..OUCH !!

    Anyway, I just hope that if they do play Servite, that it’s at least week three before they match up with them, because honestly, they need to get well oiled long before that game.

    BTW, whats the latest on that rumor that Aram put out there earlier this year were Basset was going to possibly play Servite next season ?

  • Pat

    Diamond Bar does have some good kids coming up from the lower levels! however, now that Martin has had 2 seasons with the program…there will be NO excuses!

  • wc

    to replace #60 gibson wc has a guy named huynh he could have started at any school in their league but just happened to be behind gibson. WC o-line will be just fine next year

  • Clueless …..

    The Mid,

    You call Diamond Bar a joke then you project the 0-10 Los Altos Conquerors, who is really the joke. First off multi top players have already left the program again. West Covina’s JV program would beat Los Altos’s Varsity program this year. I will say this program may not go 0-10 next year, but making the playoffs your on durgs.

  • Dbarlover

    i love how people post that Martin has had two years so no excuses…uh, next year will be Martins fifth year. The only thing better for DBar this year besides Henry and George, they didn’t play Charter Oaks, Chino Hills, Glendora, Damien or Ayala..
    Non League schedule…Nogales 1-9, Wilson 4-6, Don Lugo 3-7, Brea Olinda 3-7….so let’s not get too excited about their record…The two teams they had incomin from the 2009 season they lost both games by 85-40 and in 2010 lost 92-27.
    This years 6-4 team is about the same as the 1-9 team of a year ago…just an easier schedule.

  • Dbarlover

    one more thing…how about Chino high school…the doormat (DBars only sure win each year) changed leagues and went 11-1, losing in the second round of the playoffs 42-41. DBar and Chino did have an opponent in common too…DBar beat Don Lugo 24-17…Chino beat Don Lugo 49-12…

  • Walnut Insider

    Walnut has a bunch of seniors going. The QB, WRs, and the entire O-Line. It doesn’t look good, but this time last year we were saying the same thing with Rhodes, King, and Cooper leaving Walnut was supposed to have another rebuilding year, but they surpassed most expectations. I had them finishing 5th or 6th, so a trip to the playoffs was nice.

    With that said, a lot of bounces went Walnut’s way this season. Hopefully, they can take this as momentum into next year. But I have no clue who is going to replace those guys.



    You sure know lots about DBar. I’m sure if your kid was still attending DBar it would be a different story. Hacienda league will be tough again next year. Congrats WCo

  • KH WHO?


    This clown picked Covina to win CIF.. What a joke!

    Party? for what, bonita losing twice…

  • SGV For 30 Years

    Here is the way I see the Hacienda League next season. I saw both Varsity and lower level games this season.

    1. West Covina-They still have size and speed. Plus there is a carryover from winning a championship. They were solid on both JV and Frosh levels. So they should have a good combination for success.

    2. Bonita- I’ve played them as soft in the past but I was impressed by the way they stayed the course this season. I think they well be hungry plus their lower level teams won league championships. Frosh I believe was 10-0.

    3. DRanch-They have to replace Price but they played quite a few young players. Their off field issues lead to their collapse at the end of the season. They had some real studs on their frosh team. If they can get control of those other issues look out!!

    4. Diamond Bar- They may have the best returning QB in the area. They still have issues with their defense. They got seriously rolled by the 3 teams above them. I don’t see that changing. Their lower levels couldn’t stop anyone either. Not a good combination.

    4a. Walnut-They were probably one of the biggest suprises in the Valley. They handed Covina their only regular season loss and were in the WC game for almost a half. That being said they also lose the farm. QB, WRs, RBs, Line, LBs etc. That doesn’t look to good. However who though they were going to have the season they did. O’Shields has a way of getting the best out of his players. I he will out coach DB to take this spot.

    6 Rowland-They lose Ball. I didn’t see another Ball type player on their lower levels. Snyder will have a solid defense but I don’t know how they will be able to move the ball on offense.

    7. Loss Altos- Say what you want, I saw their lower levels. I didn’t see anyone coming up that can keep them from repeating their o’fr league from this year.

    This is just how I see it. I of course can account for who comes and who goes at any of these schools. All it takes is a couple of key transfers in or out.

    SGV430 Ouuutt!!!!!!!!!

  • Ironic


    Your name is dbarlover yet all you do is bash db in every post. I’m sure if you were coaching db, they’d be CIF champs right?

  • @SGV Football

    DB’s freshmen team was 8-2 but I don’t know about the JV team. Doesn’t seem that bad to me

  • footballer

    SGV for 30

    Great observation of the Hacienda League. WC will be tough to beat again. They lost some great players but are well coached and have plenty of kids coming up and a good fan base that have class. Bonita on the other hand may be hungry but will fall short again. They are jinxed. Because of their classless ways. Their fans are horrible with crappy attitudes. DRanch has a good coach with a winning attitude They do have some tiny studs coming up but don’t think they will be as good as 2010. DBar head coach has to evaluate his coaching staff and take control. DB’s offensive coordinator is bad! plus they have way too many coaches on their sidelines arguing during the game. They will have a good core of kids coming back and think they will better than 2010. Walnut, Rowland and Los Altos??? Great season. I had the opportunity to watch the Newly formed Hacienda League and saw lots of great games and great players. WCo running game was spectacular the entire back field was great, DRanch’s back field were also amazing. Qb’s Bonita’s Pendelton and Diamond Bar’s Omana are studs, Bonita, Walnut and Diamond Bar’s had some good receivers as well. Thanks for a great season and can’t wait for the 2012 season.

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