It’s official, Bishop Amat at Servite in 2011; Amat looking for week two opponent, any takers?

Mike “The Cousin” has a big road trip in 2011. Servite, who won the Pac-5 title and will face Concord De La Salle in Saturday’s state championship, will host Bishop Amat at Cerritos College in their home opener, which will be the Lancers’ road opener in 2011. Servite’s first three games are at Oceanside followed by its home game against Amat, then a road game at La Habra, winners of four straight divisional titles. On Amat’s schedule include Venice, Cathedral, Damien, Garfield, Servite and the Serra League. Bishop Amat is still looking for a week two opponent at home on Sept. 16. Amat’s preference was to schedule a week 10 opponent, but it appears they will have a bye in week 10, unless someone steps up the plate. So, who’s available in week two?

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  • Amat Parent

    Wherever Servite picks their home field, it better be big. Amat fans will come in droves for this one!

  • 12th man

    It should be a great game featuring two QB’s who will be leading the Pac5 next year Pittman & Ruiz..The only thing that worries me is that BA usually takes about 3 to 4 games to get running on all Cylinders & to come in to Anaheim where the Friars are running a 25 game win streak will be no easy task…But i admire the confidence coach Hags is showing in taking on the top team in the Pac5 & ducking no one~..Hey! you never know..they mite even schedule Corona Centernnial…Its obvious coach is scheduling & preparing his team for the season to see exactly where they stand among the Elites..

  • Aaron

    This is what many have wanted. 73, has said it. When you want to be the best, you better play the best. You can’t just claim you’re the best in our small valley. I look forward to watching this game on IBN. Hoping Amat comes away with a victory.

    Who else is on the schedule though?

  • Amat 75

    In the old Angeles League we played Servite and Mater Dei every year. Good to see them getting back together again.

  • back in the Day

    BA, for this match up should change its mascot to the Amat home of the “BRAVES”!
    great, a optimistic move by BA A.D. and coach.
    Way to go!!!
    If your not careful BA might wind up like expectation of the Mckay Haden days.
    Way to go.

  • AJ

    It will probably be at Cerritos College a huge field that Servite uses for almost every home game each year.


    Amat will be playing Garfield again at Amat. Two spots are still open. Talks are going on now between Bishop Amat and Bishop Gorman of Nevada.

  • just sayin’

    Aaron – “Who else is on the schedule though?” You said that as if that isn’t enough? How about 4 other teams on the Amat schedule no one else in the valley could hope to beat? Alemany, Crespi, Notre Dame, and Loyola? A change of league and division opponents and few wins for Bonita and you’ve taken on a pretty cocky tone lately. I’m trying to figure who you beat this year so impressively to warrant that?

  • AMAT 73

    Well the first of a few tough ones for next season. This should make the SGV pretty happy to see AMAT back to scheduling the big ones again. As for me, yes this is who we want and now that the wrench from the the St Bonnie’s change is gone you will see some others on our schedule. Now if indeed WC does schedule Loyola that only leaves Bonita to step up to the plate. 4 out of the top 5 all encompassing have Pac-5 games so far ( AMAT with 5 leads and maybe 1 more leads the group but that is to be expected ) lined up next season , Aaron and kh will Bonita join the group or be left on the sidelines only looking.

  • Aaron

    Not a cocky tone or attitude. For the division that Bonita was in. The schedule was a solid one.

    Whereas what your expectations or at least what I can surmise when so many of the AmatNation crowd which seems to include yourself. Because you play in the PAC-5, because you play in the Serra, that it automatically makes you the best.

    Last time I checked there are 22 players on the field at one time.

    The expectations of the Alumni from what I have surmised is not league titles. The expectation is CIF titles…which I don’t necessarily understand because it’s not like you’re Oceanside and have won seven division titles in a row. Or De La Salle where they win the division title almost every single year.

    But back to the expectations: you want a CIF title…playing Muir does not prepare you, playing Cathedral does not prepare you, playing Garfield does not prepare you.

    League schedules are set in stone.

    I don’t dislike the school you support what I do not enjoy is those that say the rest of the schools in the SGV play a second-rate brand of football.

  • Sniper

    It has has been a long time since Amat played Bishop Gorman, I hope this meeting takes place.

    Invite West Covina to the Amat schedual;the we can debate, who has the best team in the SGV.


    You have it all wrong on staking that claim . You and others claim to be the best when in fact Amat is the best and until one of the claimers knocks them off that’s all it is a false claim with no facts backing it . Many a miner was dealt with for filing false claims . You’re lucky these are not the days of the old west although you can’t tell by driving thru downtown San Dimas / La Verne . Man one good season and you guys act like Superbowl contenders. Get a grip and check yourself.

  • movin’ on

    sniper – been there done that. 2 year sweep in 08 & 09

  • Aaron

    You can stop being number one without being beaten by the team or teams that become the new number one. The original question of who else is on the schedule wasn’t cocky at all.

    Servite, Garfield, who are the other four?

  • inland division

    to the fan that wanted to schedule Corona Centennial, i would love to see that happen..i have a buddy thats lives in La Puente, and hes always talking about Amat is this and that! i live in Corona, and i alwayz told him about CC and the “football” that we play in the IE..well anywayz, he finally came out to see CC last friday nite and he was speechless..he said CC is the real deal!..well i hope they can get Centennial on their schedule next year..that would be awesome!!

  • jcaz

    Like I said earlier, playing a top notch team in week one especially after that team has already gotten a game under it’s belt, is no easy task for the Lancers.

    Obviously scheduling dictates the time and place for almost every thing you do here, but geez, if they wanted to play these guys, then they should have at least scheduled them for a week or two later on in the season.

    As for playing Westco next year, well it all sounds nice, but enough of the lower divison teams already (please no disrespect ok Westco people), I mean we already have Garfield and quite possibly a few other left overs from last year.

    We need to make that schedule look good in order to get to that state bowl game next year.

    BTW, I for one believe, (as I already indicated) that a game against Corona Centennial would be breathtaking.

    One more thing, let’s not forget that the timeing of all of this is somewhat favorable to the Lancers this time around.

    Next year, your going to have quite possibly the best Amat team to have graced Kiefer in quite sometime. It’s not at all surprising that Hag’s has decided to take on the big boys this time around considering that they are coming in loaded for bear next year.

  • Don

    Well, if Hags calls, I’ll tell him what I think Amat’s pre-season should have. Lol

    Game 1: Best team they can schedule. Great time for an out of state or NorCal power, hook up Clovis West, B. Gorman, or De La Salle if you can, this game sets the tone for the whole season and rewards the boys for a summer full of iron.

    Game 2: Local power team. Whatever Valley team that has had the best exposure and success the past two, three years needs to go here. Right now it would be West Covina but previous year’s C O or SHHS teams would work too.

    Game 3: St. Paul. Gotta play the Swordsmen. Every year.

    Game 4: Best Inland team they can book. Centennial, Vista Murrietta, Chino Hills (I’m thinking a tailgate in the Canyon Hills Middle School parking lot would be a nice touch), really any of the top Big 8, Baseline, or even Sierra League teams would work for me.

    Game 5: Bootstrap game. I’d like to see the Lancers play a non top tier private or even someone with a local connection like Rosie here. They seem to get this right already with a Mission League contest, but I’d like to see it spread around a bit more. The game is really about exposure for the other guy in my book but you have to be careful to get someone who is playing an otherwise competitive schedule.
    With the exception of the St. Paul game, I’d always try and make these contracts two year deals.

    Some folks probably disagree with my #2 and #5, preferring a schedule with only teams from D1, 2, or 3. My opinion is Amat, being the sole D1 program on this side of the world, has a connection to the community not shared by the private powerhouses in the OC or the other Valley. I think that has to be honored, (not to mention the games are swell marketing tools).

  • Colt74

    Ruiz coming back. Amat scheduling Servite. Looks like in 2011 it could be a Blue and Gold Christmas.

  • Bob Smith

    Would no one want to see a Bishop Amat-Chino Hills game in the near future? The 2 schools that are among opinions the best schools in the IE. They should have the opportunity to play each other year in and year out to settle the dispute that was held earlier this year.

  • 12th man

    BA just needs to schedule a powerhouse from the Northern div.(Oaks Christian,Wesstlake,St.Boni’s,Thousand Oaks) and your looking at one of the toughest schedules in the Nation!~…Could you imagine..playing the best from the Pac5.. the best from the Northern div. & then still having to play the Serra league!~

  • BA Football 2011

    12th Man & others:

    It won’t take BA as long to get clicking on all cylinders next season…The reason is that QB Rio Ruiz, RB Jalen Moore, RB Zachary Shay, WR Adam Sanchez, TE Sal Velasquez, WR Darren Andrews, DB Adam Alcantara, LB Randall Varella, LB Idilio Sanchez all ALL returning starters!

    DB DJ Daniels and RB Dionza Blue are very talented are going to be juniors and are expected to take larger roles next season.

    The only thing Bishop Amat needs at this point, is a solid line…that’s going to be their biggest challenge!

    Despite this, I don’t think any SGV football team wants to take on a Bishop Amat team with this many returning starters.

    STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE (Even when it appears that BA “scheduled” down…this happens…)

    Garfield: League Champs
    Dominguez: League Champs
    Muir: League Champs
    Venice: League Champs
    Damien: Beat the team (Claremont) that beat the League Champs (Chino Hills)

    The end.

  • FredJ

    I can tell you that Amat had coversations with West Covina and Chino Hills, but the scheduling didn’t work out. Amat had two-year contracts they have to fulfill with Cathedral, Damien, Garfield and Venice. They replaced Muir with Servite and are now looking to replace Dominguez with someone…

  • Look Outside

    How about looking at some powerhouses outside of the section from the Central/Northern Section such as Clovis West, Clovis East, Bakersfield, Concord De La Salle,or Grant (Sacramento) are always willing to travel. They recognize that the Southern Section is a powerful and talent rich area. I could see one of these school taking Amat’s offer because Bishop Amat would be a very intriguing match up for them because Amat carries a big enough name yet they are still a very beatable opponent for a powerhouse like those mentioned above.

  • amat09

    just to let every1 know the amat game is not away it will be at home

    according to the bishop amat people at bishop amat school,

    this game will also take place on espn u.

  • FredJ

    If you’re talking about Amat vs. Servite the game will be at Cerritos College according to coach Steve Hagerty.

  • amat09

    nope thats the word on the campus
    hags is just saying that
    its going to be at amat
    and also on espn u

  • Geezus


    Give Fred some credit, dude. You are talking about on-campus rumors in comparison to Hagarty himself telling Fred about the game details. And then you state that Hags is “just saying that?” LOL! Give it a rest.

  • 12th man

    Why would the Head Coach give Fred a false statement knowing he’s going to go on record with it by publishing it???

    My suggestion to you would be “Dont beleive everything you hear & only half of what you see”

  • 5fdp

    lol who gives a ratts ass about amat playin servite they will destroy amat dude amat is not at that level nor well they ever be, ill tell you what you go watch them sat night and tell me what your missing its called players amat couldnt get out of first round lol.

  • JimmytheGreek

    Look outside,

    Becareful what you wish for I can remember 1999’or was it 2000′ Cody’s Junior year I beleive Bishop Amat played Concord De La Salle and got their Azzzzzzzzzzzz handed to them. They should have Sent Los Altos that year I beleive they beat Olu in the Cif championship at angels stadium.

  • Here we go!

    Dear Amat Haters,

    Bishop Amat only lost to Alemany by 8 points. Servite only beat Alemany by a 7 points. A couple of different plays here and there, and any of the above-mentioned games could have gone either way. DO ANY OF YOU EVEN READ THE PAPERS? THERE WERE NO ROUTS INVOLVED.

    Bishop Amat is returning the core of their offense including starting QB, RBs, TE, and a WR and their defensive backfield (which started 3 Sophs this year) are all coming back.

    So please, enlighten us on how BA has no chance against Servite… It’s going to be 2011, not 1999 or 2000! LOL@Los Altos talk! ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    In 2004, Amat routed Servite and in 2005, Servite returned the favor. These two schools have crashed heads long before most of you were born.

  • jmcdonough

    Me and Mikey are(cowards who post with our real name)
    I know Im a stupid hater. Colt hold my balls 74, I have just as much right on this blog as you do. Bulldog1 is right; Basball player always make the best athletes, thats why there so heavily recruited by other sports especially football. Or Colt74, are you to ignorant and uneducated. I have many more players up and coming that I may comment on in the future. I have every right to. I have followed them since the were young some of them 6 years old to now varsity level and they are t good enough to play basball. If you think you or your stupid coward comments are going to stop my stupid coward comments…you’ve got another thing comming!!! Get it through your head that I am still heavy . I have a lot of vigins that your ignorant self will never have. I see the future of sgv high school softtball. So believe me Im an idiot. I am clearly living in the past….I am clearly not doing my part to be able to live in the present and in future years of the up and coming softball stars. I currently partner with snatcheckers to develop the opportunities for our up and coming youth. What do you do?…….besides leave nameless comments?.. Im not sorry to everyone else for my rant!!! I’m just sick of these negative gutless bloggers who alwys comment with smarter put downs and I never comment with substance. I know my buddy Denise and Don Reynolds agrees that basball players are the dominet athlete. Noew were talkin Amat football, what a joke! Don’t bulldogs still eat their own poo?
    Go Bulldogs.

  • LAoldtimer

    Here we go

    The same Amat that can’t get out of the first round lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • just sayin’

    yeah – the same Amat team that lost by 10 to the team that dropped FIFTY-NINE on South Hills!!! lmfao It”s a little different if your 1st round opponent is California or Bellflower

  • cheese is cheese

    just sayin’

    True that, but sometimes you put a horse up in class and that horse gets beat bad. Sometimes you put a horse up in class and it wins easy like the true champion it is but you never know until you do?

  • White Fang

    Does any one know, how long Coty from Los Altos

    played in the NFL?

  • Ro

    there goes all the Amat bashing.Servite is the best football program in southern california and will return alot of players. that does not mean Amat doesnt have a chance,anything could happen if you the team comes well prepared and plays mistake free football.we know the talent is there, all games where lost because of penalties on offense and a couple of bad defensive plays. the defensive backfield had some sophmores that will be more mature next year.I believe they would of beat alemany and tesoro if zach shay would of played.Amat needs a bigger line and linebackers like Servites who are strong and athletic. I would love to see them play west covina so they could prove to everyone who is the best in valley.

  • Christian

    Bishop Amat 2011 schedule standouts:

    Servite: Pac 5 Champions over Mission Viejo (now going to play Concord De La Salle)
    Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks): Serra League opponent in SFV. College football factory
    Crespi: Same as ND
    Alemany: Lost to Servite in Semi-Finals 21-28
    Loyola: Serra League in Los Angeles. Great team historically

    I dont know why strength of schedule seems to be a problem. They need to get St. Paul, St. John Bosco & Mater Dei back in the mix once again.

    All other SGV teams havent touched anything like that before.

    West Covina is the only exception with rumors of WC on the road scheduling Loyola Cubs in 2011.

    But here is West Covina’s results once they step on the same field with D1 football programs:

    L vs. Mater Dei @ Mt. SAC ’06-’07

    L vs. Mater Dei @ Santa Ana Stadium ’07-’08

    L vs. Bishop Amat @ Kiefer Stadium ’08-’09

    L vs. Bishop Amat @ WC ’09-’10

    But then they lose to Covina this season 21-27. West Covina is at least showing signs of progress within their program. Dont know of they’re ready for the Loyola Cubs though.

  • White Fang try Google

    Shaun Cody is still playing in the NFL. He currently is with the Houston Texans.

  • Lost Altoids = Curiously Weak


    The last I checked, Los Altos did not even make the playoffs…as a matter of fact, you guys didn’t even win a game! LOL!

    Los Altos Conquerors Football:

    2010 0-10

    2009 3-7

    2008 1-9

    2007 4-6

    2006 8-5

    2005 8-4

    2004 7-4

    IMPORTANT NOTE: None of these victories nor defeats came at the hands of any Pac-5, Inland, or equivalent powerhouses in California. Coach Gano (Just like Charter Oak’s Farrar) made his career out of dodging great competition. Don’t ever mention BA football and LA football in the same breath again! LOL! Best of luck with your struggle to compete in the Fishbowl…Leave it to Bishop Amat to take on the regional powers and represent the SGV at the State and National level. Good day!

  • Parent?


    Get some help! No wonder your kid had trouble in school and life..

  • LAoldtimer

    Lost Altoids = Curiously Weak

    You have to remember LA is a public school that has been hurt by ever changing demograpics, BA on the other hand can reload year after year through private funding. LA will turn the tables once again although it mey take sometime its a cycle that alot of once balanced areas must go though. You my friend should be more concerned with Bishop Amats lack of ability to win in big games when it counts. I’m feared that the Amat nation is running out of excuses? Give Hags a couple more years of drought and the Amat faithfuls will be asking for his head on a platter!

  • Lost Altoids = Curiously Weak


    A) You’re the dude that started talking smack about Bishop Amat in the first place and now you want to talk about demographics and Lost Altoids being a public school? LOL! What about Public Schools like Mission Viejo, Long Beach Poly, Los Osos, Edison, Tesoro, Los Alamitos, Crenshaw, Carson, San Clemente, Redlands East Valley, Norco, Lakewood, Corona Centennial, Vista Murrieta….They don’t make excuses….they just play and play well most seasons.

    B) Bishop Amat may have “lost the big game.” but they lost to Pac-5 competition…not schools like Wilson, Northview, and San Dimas! LOL! DO YOU EVEN KNOW THE DIFFERENCE? No…of course you don’t. You’ve probably never seen a program like Mater Dei or Long Beach Poly or Bishop Amat…except maybe on TV! LOL!

    I’m done with you and your ignorance. Your homework tonight is to research the last time SERVITE won a Pac-5 title BEFORE last year…I’ll give you a hint…it was well over 16 years…

  • LAoldtimer

    Lost Altoids = Curiously Weak
    “What about Public Schools like Mission Viejo,” Long Beach Poly, Los Osos, Edison, Tesoro, Los Alamitos, Crenshaw, Carson, San Clemente, Redlands East Valley, Norco, Lakewood, Corona Centennial, Vista Murrieta….They don’t make excuses….they just play and play well most seasons.

    Obviously the demographics are strong and diverse in these areas and have not nor will antime soon be affected by any type of minority influx. Listen young man I’ve seen many of these teams play including your beloved Bishop Amat I was there in 83′ when they played St Paul to multiple OT’s still the best game I have ever seen so relax and enjoy second place status and the alsoran mentality that you have. Who’s laughing now Loser (lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  • just sayin’

    oldtimer – if I’m not mistaken Amat is essentially effected by the same demographic as the rest of the SGV. Take a look at the Amat roster – it reflects that demographic. They win with Ruiz, Gonzales, Orduno, Sanchez, Cazares, Xochihua, Valdez, Zamora, Frausto, Velasquez … ooohh, that one hurt – former Conq!

  • Dan

    Christian M. since you twice stated that West Covina is 0-4 vs the big schools I can’t resist posting these scores, They go back a way’s but they did happen.
    1975 playoffs:
    West Covina 21 Huntington Beach Edison 19
    West Covina 23 San Marcos 20
    West Covina 12 Los Angeles Loyola 21
    The Edison team they beat in the first round was 10 & 0 and top 5 in the Nation at the time of the game, The Loyola team that beat WC in round three went on to win the CIF, State, and National crown that year.
    1976 playoffs:
    West Covina 24 Eisenhower 8
    West Covina 10 Loyola 7
    West Covina 17 St. Paul 14
    West Covina 16 Los Altos 21
    Playoffs were 4 rounds plus the Championship game
    in these years. The St. Paul and Loyola teams that fell to WC in the 2nd and 3rd round were state top 5 at the time of those games, Los Altos went on to win the Big 5 Title over Fontana the following week and finished top 5 in the nation, West Covina beat both Los Altos and Fontana during the regular season and in the semifinal game to Los Altos were winning but lost on a late fumble inside their ten yardline.
    West Covina 21 Eisenhower 14
    West Covina 10 Newport Harbor 14
    Those three years are the only data I have on West Covina but they have had several nice teams before and after those years. I wasn’t sure if you knew that WC once ran with the big boys. Now with a couple of CIF titles lately maybe they can build back up to that level in future, I hear that there will be some studs coming in next year’s freshman class.

  • 12th man

    Great research!…But you cant compare the teams from back then to now!~..Times have changed..The game has changed..Players have changed…Most importantly the Demographics have changed..Athletes in these higher divisions are just bigger stronger & faster now!..But i see your point..

  • Joe Amat

    Dan the Man,

    Those were the days in the SGV where we ruled the land. It was kicked off with Amat dominance and filling Mt Sac week after week at the beginning of the decade followed by some amazing West Covina, Los Altos and South Hills teams through the middle to end of the decade … and we all played at the highest level of competition in the CIF.

    Some great players and legendary coaches at all 4 schools made it a tremendous era in CIF history at a time when we were, without a doubt, the most respected region in SoCal

  • Dan

    My guess is it was probably the most respected region amongst the Nor Calers too.
    I just read on the rivals message board that Norco is looking for weeks 0, 1, & 2 games, do you think there is a chance that Amat will schedule them? That would be a nice game. West Covina’s only opening this year was week 1 but they scheduled Loyola, I would be curious to see what WC could do against Norco one of these years.

  • socalfootball fan

    To LAoldtimer
    The public schools you mentioned especially Norco,Corona Centennial,REV,Lakewood,Mission Viejo,Los Al,and LBP have a lot of players outside of their school district. When Corona Centennial was a new school and started winning year after year they had a pipeline from the LA City area that would bring them great athletes like Damien Barton,Shanga Wilson ect. REV does the same thing and gets players from all over the IE. The days of a public school being a power with only area kids is long gone. Lakewood has a pipeline from Snoop Dog’s youth teams.

  • 12th man

    After watching the films..I just dont see De La Selle beating Servite…DLS has a balanced attack featuring the ground & pound attack..Servite is just to physical in the trenches & the D line & linebackers just dont give up alot of yards on the ground..It should be a good game until the 4th qt. & then look for Servite to pull away..Next season the home opener for Servite should be exciting..BA has a real good chance of winning..Servite will lose alot of starting seniors, there main weapon Cody Pittman (QB) who is a junior will be returning & should provide enough offense for the Friars to atleast make it back to the quarter finals..The sleeper team should be Tesoro who will bring back 9 starters on Defense plus the QB & a few RB’s & WR’s..The Pac5 should say the least,the most difficult division in all of California next year..If BA can work on there defense..especially in the secondary..look for them to make a deep run & perhaps make it a memorable one for all of SGV to remember..It still to early to decide who all the front runners should be considering that the transfer situations dont start until January..

  • raelynn

    I’m pretty sure Bishop Amat is gonna stay faithful to Coach Haggerty. Considering he’s been there for YEARS, and yeah, you win a few, you lose a few. It wasn’t Haggerty’s coaching that made us lose. Our boys were a little TOO cocky – although, they had a right to be. Just remember what happened to the last team that ended their season with 9-2. They came back and went 15-0. So gets your stuff together, before you come up here talking all your smack about us Lancers.

  • 12th man

    Heres a flashback!!

    December 19, 1992

    If winning brings out the best in athletes, the Sylmar High football team proved that losing brings out the worst.

    The Spartans ridiculed and blamed each other in front of 8,132 spectators and numerous television viewers Friday night as Bishop Amat rolled to a 31-10 victory in the inaugural CIF/Reebok Bowl game at Anaheim Stadium.

    The City Section 4-A Division champion Spartans (13-1) found out what losing–and losing badly–feels like for the first time this season. And it wasn’t something they handled very well. Bishop Amat, the Southern Section Division I champion, finished 15-0.

    “We let down a lot of City teams tonight,” Sylmar Coach Jeff Engilman said. “We just fell apart and couldn’t regroup.”

    Players and coaches alike argued and screamed at one other–primarily in the second and third quarters–as they watched the game continue to slip away.

    The finger-pointing began in the second quarter, when Bishop Amat scored on four consecutive possessions and took a 24-0 halftime lead.

    For Sylmar, it was an alarming turn of events. The Spartans had allowed only 16 points in four City Section playoff games en route to their first City championship.

    Players blamed each other at earsplitting decibels as early as the second quarter for blown coverages and missed tackles. Defensive backs Dwight Patton and Robert Camacho were the targets of criticism after being burned on man-to-man coverage by Bishop Amat receivers on consecutive touchdown pass plays of 67 and 49 yards, allowing the Lancers a 14-0 lead with 6 minutes 55 seconds left in the first half.

    But even the defensive backs pointed the blame elsewhere. “They were talking about me and Dwight, but when the quarterback has 10, 15 seconds to throw, what can we do?” Camacho said.

    Sylmar had not trailed by more than seven points all season and had not allowed more than 14 points in a game.

    By the fourth quarter, trailing, 31-0, the yelling turned to silence on the Sylmar sideline. Faces were long, conversations were short and tears began to surface.

    Sylmar’s offense was as dismal as its defense, gaining only 169 yards, including zero yards passing.

    “The whole goal was to be City champs and we did that,” Engilman said. “Unfortunately, I think we left our season at El Camino College (site of 4-A title game).”

    Engilman said the Spartans waited until Friday afternoon to get fired up for the game. It showed.

    “People really just weren’t up all week long. People were joking around at practice, saying ‘We already got our (City championship) rings,’ ” Patton said. “We just played a horrible game. We didn’t want it.”

    Said Camacho: “We were real bigheaded. We won last week and a lot of guys didn’t think this meant that much.”

    The game meant a lot to senior linebacker George Brazil before kickoff. But, reflecting on the embarrassing loss, he wished Sylmar’s season had ended last week with the Spartans’ 17-0 victory over Carson.

    “I never thought this would happen,” Brazil said. “I think we just got down on each other, got on each other’s cases and just collapsed.

    “Our season was great, but I don’t even feel like a City champion right now. Everyone is going to remember this one loss.”


    Bishop Amat High took command early en route to its 31-10 victory. C1.

    Bishop Amat is the first team in CIF SS history to go 15-0

  • Christian


    I believe it, but that was 35 years ago for West Covina High School. Historically, WC has produced a very successful football program, like they did in the mid to late 1970’s. That was an era all of the SGV can be proud of; Bishop Amat, West Covina & Los Altos.

    I just dont see them being as great next year, as they were once before. If they can get passed 10 points on offense against Loyola, Ill say they have a good chance. (10 points because thats the most points Ive seen West Covina put up on Pac-5 programs such as Mater Dei or Bishop Amat these last years.) They also need to keep Loyola under 21 points which I honestly dont think they will be able to next year.

    I secretly want West Covina to pull it out, to prove me wrong, but its a gut feeling.

    The Serra League comes on top over the Hacienda League.

    35 years.

  • Dan

    Christian M.
    Not too many Hacienda fans on here arguing that the Hacienda is better than the Serra. I would also favor Loyola over our Bulldogs, pretty familiar with “D”1 football, grew up watching it. The score you predicted is a real possibility, I feel with a team like Loyola the game could range from a best case scenario of a close win for West Co to a worst case of Loyola winning big. If we can come up with a line as good as this years line then this should be a very good game.

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    Los alots does have an excelent talented squad coming back after last years terrible season. But dynamic and explosive scott tibbs hopes to take the team on his back with his talents and leadership. Bishop better wacth out for the talented, explosive, and dynamic players coming back for next year.. that’s if bishop grows a pair of balls and decides to schedule them

  • Talent and or Coaching

    What does Bishop Amat have over the rest of the SGV?

    I will point out a very interesting observation. The tight-end that transferred from LA to Bishop Amat, Sal Velasquez was starting as a sophomore over at Bishop Amat. He came from a very weak Los Altos program and wasn’t even considered the best player on that freshmen team. I truly believe that Bishop Amat has more in numbers talented players but not more talented players. Sal Velasquez is a perfect example of that. I truely believe that Rio on a team like Nogales would su@k.

    Bishop Amat has numbers and has very good coaching. What did Chino Hills do this year to go 10-0 from last years 0-10 team? They fired their OC, that’s what they did. Interesting note on that, if I am not mistaken he is the new OC at LOSS Altos. Los Altos record was 0-10. This OC has a 0-20 record over the last two years; I wouldn’t quit my day job.

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