Slowly moving into winter season, anyone want to suggest big soccer games we should cover, or talk about what’s happened so far?

Been checking the scores, defending champ Sierra Vista off to a pretty good start, as is the Bonita….at least that’s what I’m hearing.

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  • usc soccer

    charter oak vs covina: girls soccer at covina high 3:15

  • Soccer Fan

    Arroyo Vs Sierra Vista on 12/15/10 should be a good one. Arroyo gave Sierra Vista 1 of there 2 losses last year.

  • socco

    St. Lucy’s @ Walnut – Wednesday 12/15/10 – 3:15pm

    also the First annual Walnut High School
    -Friday 12/17 , Saturday 12/18 & Monday 12/20 –

    Sacred Heart
    Rio Mesa
    La Mirada
    Brethren Christian

    opening game Walnut v Shalhevet @ 12:30pm Wed.
    Championship game @ 6:45pm Monday night

  • soccer

    what day is the Los Altos, Amat game?

  • LA Soccer Dad

    The ‘Big Game’ to cover this week should be the Bishop Amat at Los Altos girls soccer game. From what I have seen so far from Los Altos, they are not as strong as they were a year ago, not sure about Amat (loss to Ayala?), but never-the-less, it is a good rivalry game and both teams will be playing hard for area bragging rights.

  • Go Bearcats

    Bearcats are undefeated this season !

    Claremont classic soccer tournament this weekend!

  • LA Soccer Dad

    ooops! Forgot to post the date….Thursday 12/16 3:00 @ Los Altos

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Saints went 4-0 in their tournament beating among others Diamond Bar in their pool and then winning 2-0 against Rancho Cucamonga for the championship. Did not give up a goal all weekend and this with Jimenez out with an injury. Los Altos ended up in the 5-6 game against West Covina.

  • GirlBearCat

    Bonita girls varsity dominated San Dimas 2-0
    The score dosent do justice…Bearcats dominated the entire game!

  • soccer lvr

    While it was true that Sierra Vista lost to Arroyo last year, it wasn’t because it was a stronger team. The SV girls lost focus for a game. But let me tell you, that I am glad that they lost that game, because it gave the girls a drive. They never wanted to feel that way again. Their coach made sure of it.

    Looking forward to their 3 games this week. Tomorrow Tuesday is an away game at Azusa, Wednesday and Thursday are home games. Not sure if the home games will be at 3:15 or 5 pm.

    Must say that the SV girls are coming along nicely. I like seeing them develop as players thanks to their coaches. Many of these girls didn’t play before coming to high school. Huge credit goes to their coaches who are doing an amazing job, what with losing 19 seniors last year.

    Keep up the good job Lady Dons!

  • robert


    dominate and score 2 to 0 are very, very far away!

    what was it couldnt score, great goalie for san dimas, or both?

    otherwise, good game anyway.

  • ahs 2010

    The big game this week. Azusa v. Sierra Vista. @Azusa High 315 pm.
    The Lady Aztecs are hungry for a win. The biggest competition for these ladies is Sierra Vista. Come watch!!

  • LA Futbol

    No Question about it Freddy! You NEED to be at the Amat vs. Los Altos Girls Soccer game this Thursday at LA! This was the battle of the year last year and YOU GUYS MISSED IT! Don’t make that mistake again! Everything about this matchup should be EPIC…except of course the God-Awful field at Los Altos! What a pathetic pitch that is!


  • kurmujin

    LA will do fine. The varsity and JV both are scoring, winning and looking good doing it. And, yes, the LA field is still awful, particularly after the football season chewed it up. They ended up at La Puente for the playoffs last seaqson because of the field. Maybe the district or the LA admin will do something about it, but it’s doubtful.

  • Jeff Wilson

    After suffering a 3-0 loss to powerful Saugus in 2009, the Tartans came into this contest wary of the Centurions. This year’s game seemed to be developing into a mirror image of the last year’s contest as the Centurions struck first with a well-placed corner kick to the head of Saugus’ tallest player, who buried it in the back of the net. As the first half drew to a close, Tartan keeper Brianna Rice made several spectacular saves to keep the Tartans in the game. As the second half opened, Glendora displayed a newfound purpose as they took their level of play to a much higher level. Throughout the half, the Tartans brought the play to the Centurions, keeping the ball on the Saugus’ side of the field. With three minutes left, Tartan senior midfielder Tiffany Dimaculangan delivered a perfect strike on a set-piece to the head of fellow junior midfielder Ally Wilson who spiraled the ball into the lower left corner of the goal. Tartan players celebrated a tough fought draw.

  • Jackboy

    Fred, I understand Mens high School Wrestling is popular, how come theres not much coverage? I hear Glendora has a monster team this year.

  • Wilson

    2009 Los Altos football found out dont mess with Wilsons kicker. Today Los Altos boys soccer team found out the hard way that the kicker also plays soccer.

    Hector lit up this kid !!!!

  • “J”

    Mountain View Boys Soccer Team played a good Santa Barbara tournament this weekend beating 1 and tying 2 top ranked teams, and they beat Salesian 1-0 today.

  • Exposed

    Wilson…I can’t believe you are proud of what Hector did! We at LA are very proud of our boys for keeping their composure and winning! Hector is done with High School Soccer. The LA administration now has video proof of what he did and as far as I know, he will never play high school soccer again. This kid let himself and his team down. The game was competitive until the Wilson team recieved two red cards! Great Job Wilson for once again demonstrating that the ghetto reputation you established on the football field was not a fluke!

  • Wilson Alum

    I was at the Wilson v. Los Altos game yesterday. I’m disgusted with the actions of the Wilson player who punched a defenseless Los Altos player. Absolutely COWARDLY! When I played years ago for Coach Schlesinger he would have NEVER allowed something like that to happen. Disgraceful to us Wildcats!

    Blame the kid, sure. But you also need to blame the refs for losing control of that game early on. Both Los Altos and Wilson players were jawing at eachother and fouling eachother HARD! The refs did not do enough to calm the kids down. They need to understand that this is a heated rivalry game that has had stuff like this in the past.

  • Soccer Lvr

    There was no competition at yesterday’s Sierra Vista vs Azusa game. It looked like the Aztecs weren’t that hungry. The Lady Don’s easily won 5-0. Scoring the first 4 goals in the first half. The coach then pulled out the majority of the starters in the 2nd half after they scored the 5th goal. Great job Sierra Vista! Azusa had only 1 or 2 shots at goal, spending the majority of the time defending.

    Jasmine Loera (M)
    Magali Moreno (F)
    Lizbeth “Chata” Rodriguez (F)
    Sandra Valentin (M)
    Jennifer Valenzuela (D)

    While Jessica Lopez didn’t score this game, she assisted in 3.

    With Jessica leading in goals (4. Chata and Jennifer both have 4 assists and Jasmine Loera has 2 assists.

  • Wilson

    Man you guys from LA are a bunch of cry babies. Hector got suspended for one game, due to the red card. Knowing Hector I sure he felt is was worth the one game suspension. You LA bloggers are starting to sound like you administration, please stop crying….

    By the way if none of those punches connected then why are you guys so upset……

  • Exposed

    Wilson…yet another amazing ghetto response to a very serious matter! Let me see…was it really worth it?

    1. Wilson loses the first ever “battle for the golden boot” a new trophy tradition organized by the LA and Wilson parents.

    2. A loss that was a close game until the red card.

    3. Bragging rights because one kid could not keep his cool, (I am sure his parents are very disappointed in his behavior.

    4. according to new CIF rules, two game suspension and other school discipline.

    The list can go on and on…but according to you, it was all worth it! Amazing!

  • Wilson


    “1. Wilson loses the first ever “battle for the golden boot” a new trophy tradition organized by the LA and Wilson parents.”

    Wow I’m so upset I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. We really lost the battle for the golden boot?

    “2. A loss that was a close game until the red card.”

    Why is the card red?

    “3. Bragging rights because one kid could not keep his cool, (I am sure his parents are very disappointed in his behavior.”

    I’m sure your right his parents are very disappointed with him. Party this friday, their house.

    “4. according to new CIF rules, two game suspension and other school discipline.”

    You need to check yourself on this one, Hector has experience with this rule. It’s up to the offical one or two games, sorry !!!!!!!!!!!!

    A little side note Hector is our kicker on the football team. As your football team what happen to one of your football players that messed with him last year.