All Serra League: Amat’s Jalen Moore and Julian Gener named offensive and defensive MVPs

2010 All Serra League
Most Valuable Player
: Vernon Adams, QB, Alemany
Most Valuable offensive players: Jalen Moore, RB, Bishop Amat; Jared Baker, RB, Loyola.
Most Valuable defensive players: Julian Gener, DB, Bishop Amat, Kyle DeVaughn, DL, Alemany.

Above: Bishop Amat running back Jalen Moore named co-offensive MVP of Serra League.

First team offense
QB: Vernon Adams, Alemany
QB: Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat
QB: Ken Stenhouse, Crespi
RB: Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat
RB: Jared Baker, Loyola
WR: Devin Lucien, Crespi
WR: Shane Drozdowski, Alemany
WR: Wallace Gonzalez, Bishop Amat
WR: Kodi Whitfield, Loyola.
OL: Akeem Gonzales, Alemany
OL: Sergio Figueroa, Alemany
OL: Jordan Simmons, Crespi
OL: Ricky Wolff, Crespi
OL: Christian Orduno, Bishop Amat
PK: Martin Meza, Alemany
First team defense
DL: Kyle DeVaughn, Alemany
DL: Julian Gener, Bishop Amat
DL: Reggie Coates, Crespi
DL: J.J. Sabatine, Notre Dame
LB: Tyler Dabovich, Alemany
LB: Mike Juarez, Bishop Amat
LB: Nick Huyah, Notre Dame
LB: Lawrence Wilkerson, Crespi
DB: Saladin McCullough, Alemany
DB: Jerico Ricardson, Alemany
DB: Nick Casarez, Bishop Amat
DB: Charles Washington, Crespi
DB: Cameron Walker, Loyola
P: Hayden Ross, Notre Dame.

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  • Huskies

    Again too many players! 13-14 here… What’s the point? Just give everyone a participation award!

  • Coach

    Three QB’s on the first team and you Bishop Amat guys were talking sh@t about the VVL, look in the minor.

    All this is, is a popularity contest. How do you give the guy that is second in stats on your team first team.

    Wallace Gonzalez, Bishop Amat 29 for 392
    A. Sanchez, Bishop Amat 30 for 546

    Numbers don’t lie …….
    Only coaches ……..

  • Joe Amat


    Each 1st team contains a Kicker/Punter and the MVPs are included in that list – not in addition to the list.

    If you took the MVP’s off the 1st team – there would be 11 on offense and 11 on defense. That’s how many you play with – isn’t it?

  • Joe Amat


    So you’re complaining that Gonzales had 1 less catch on the season … in 4 less games? Use your VVL math on that one.

    Plus this is an award for league play – not an entire season. That puts the total receptions at 17 for WG and 13 for Sanchez. Would you like to find something else to complain about?

    Time for you to “look in the “minor” LOL!

  • Coach


    Numbers wise on offense it is good except for the quarterback spot. When is the last time you had three quarterbacks on the field at the same time. Half you leagues QB’s made first team.

    On the D side of the ball you don’t play with 13 but I can see what they are trying to do.

    By the numbers looks like Bishop Amat don’t get no respect in your league. In most leagues the number of first team players should reflect the position your team finished. Those numbers don’t reflex that.

    Bottom line like I said a popularity contest.

  • Coach

    Let me get this right he caught 17 passes in four games. That is an average of 4.25 catches a game in LEAGUE. Your right he desires first team I don’t know what I was thinking.

  • FredJ

    On most of the league lists, its lists the quarterbacks/running backs under “BACKS” it doesn’t specify, I added their actual positions. It was the thing in the Sierra League, which is why they had two QBs on first team which is really three considering that Kessler was offensive MVP. It’s like this because coaches don’t want to argue it down to one player anymore, this makes everyone happy.

  • Joe Amat


    On the defensive side of the ball, 2 of those players were MVPs. take them off and that’s your 11. Same on offense, take out the Offensive MVPs and the League MVP and there are… 11 players.

    I disagree with teams being assigned a number of players based on finish. That creates an artificial list. However since you brought it up, the numbers go like this
    Alemany – 9 (and League MVP, Def MVP)
    Amat – 7 (plus Offense & Def MVP
    Crespi – 7
    Notre Dame – 3
    Loyola – 3 (Off MVP)

    How does that indicate a lack of respect based on the league finish?

    Those numbers, precisely, “reflex” that (LOL – again!)

  • Aaron

    What’s with these all league lists and multiple QBs…maketh no sense.

  • Aaron

    All of our ESGV lists are whack. The Rio Hondo League did it right…or at least in comparison:

    I hope the Hacienda league isn’t as dumb.

  • Coach


    What is amazing to me is look at the numbers on those three quarterbacks.

    QB: Vernon Adams, Alemany
    QB: Rio Ruiz, Bishop Amat
    QB: Ken Stenhouse, Crespi

    It’s shocking Ruiz has about 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns less than Adams and Stenhouse. Sorry and the same number of interceptions. That is a perfect example of what a joke this 1st team all league is. Ruiz has no business by the numbers being first team, but Had needs to take care of him or he won’t come back next year. I can clearly see by the numbers the other two and Ruiz second team.

  • Joe Amat


    The Rio Hondo League has 13 1st teamers on offense and 12 on defense (12 position players plus a kicker).

    IN ADDITION to that they have an MVP, a Back of the Year, an Offensive Lineman of the Year, TWO All-Purpose pLayers of the Year, a Linebacker of the Year, a Defensive Lineman of the Year, and TWO Defensive Backs of the Year.

    That’s an extra NINE players over and above your 26 1st teamers. for a total of 35 players. The Serra League only 29.

    How did THEY get it right?

  • Aaron

    You’re correct Joe…they gave separate awards. But the actual teams are the closest to 11 on each side.

  • Joe Amat


    No, after your “separate awards” the Serra League has EXACTLY 11 position players on a side. Not close. EXACTLY.

  • Joe Amat is a POS

    Joe Amat

    “Use your VVL math on that one.”

    Nice Joey. Any other derogatory, stereotypical remarks you’d like to make today?

    Way to take the religious high road, and show your true colors.

  • Joe Amat

    Hey POS – there was NO ONE from Amat that even commented on the VVL thread.

    If you come with unnecessary smack “turning the other cheek” doesn’t mean we’ll sit back and let you take cheap shots. Read the guys posts. I was nice only commenting on the math.

    “You reap what you sow!” How ’bout that one?!?

  • question

    anyone know if the 15$ they charge at the Home Depot Center is good for all 3 games on Saturday or do they charge for individual games???

  • All for Naught

    1st team second team what does it matter. I could see the Amat players that are 1st team as legit except for 2 players there, Rio Ruiz and Wallace Gonzales. These are second team players at best. Rio was ok but was nowhere close to Adams of Alemany and Gonzales was all size and missed almost 1/2 the season. Fact remains you could have all those first teamers but to get beat by Tesoro in the first round really tarnishes that honor of first team. Wallace fake punt and getting stuffed, oh yes thats a first teamer and Rios 4 turnovers in the 4th quarter, oh baby thats a first teamer. Not to mention getting some huge stat totals against a weak non-league schedule. Jalen, Orduno,Juarez,Cazares and Gener are true first teamers but all for what that embarrassing game against a beatable Tesoro team. Teach you to water down your field before a game. Works both ways and your ground game was pathetic.

  • Huskies

    Joe Amat,

    If you take them out! There on the list though, so what your trying to explain makes no sense! It should be 11, or 12 total, with punter/kicker on each side. That was my whole point. Pay attention!

  • 12th man

    If i had to choose a player of the year from the Pac5 it would be Vernon Adams hands down!!~ This kid is Amazing!! He can single handedly take over the game at any point! I got the privelage of watching him play twice..First time was against BA where he exposed the secondary & kept making big plays on 3rd down eventually proving to be too much for the Lancers..The second time was in the semis vs Servite..Adams was a beast ripping straight thru the all mighty Servite defense playing hardnose football & just making everyone on that Servite defense look like pop warner players..They just couldnt wrap him up..he would break tackle after tackle..His ankle breaking jukes were just too much for the Friars defense..even though they would end up losing 28-21.. Troy Niklas #55 from Servite who is a candidate for POY for Southern California who comes in at an amazing 6’6 245 lbs had this to say after the game..”best QB we have faced all year..this guy is sick”!!

  • all for NOT-Grandpa

    Gee Grandpa Ski…you never stop trying to knock Rio, no matter what, Hey old dude, just get over it already…you disguise yourself in different names, but it’s the same family jealously hatred all over again…Rio was the number 2 rated QB with 11 games played…and finished # 6 over all in the Pac 5…after all the games finished…Is Cody Pittman a loser because he is well below, how about Bridgeford from MV…No you idiot, it’s how you play against who you play…Those defenses in the Pac 5 are alot tougher than even WCovina, Pendleton had all day and a half to throw…incredible time because of no WC rush…Well Grandpa Ski, your nightmare will continue for one more year because Rio is coming back!…Oh and Coach or Uncle Ski…see you next year…Jerk

  • Yo Coach!


    “It’s shocking Ruiz has about 1000 yards and 10 touchdowns less than Adams and Stenhouse. Sorry and the same number of interceptions.”

    ~Perhaps, Coach, but Adams and Stenhouse did not have Bishop Amat RB Jalen Moore in the backfield who ran for 1,634 yards.

    Check your stats…As QB, Adams was (by far) Alemany’s leading rusher. Their top TWO starting RBs combined for less than 900 yards.

    Crespi’s top THREE leading rushers only ran for a combined 850 yards.

    Rio did good considering he had to share the ball a lot more w/ Moore and speedster Zachary Shay (when he was healthy).

    Cut the kid some slack, dude.

  • Amat D

    Fred J,
    I’m a DE not a DB come on G.

  • Coach

    Yo Coach!,

    That is the stupidest response you guys have come up with yet. So now you are saying that we should factor into the equation the numbers of the stats of other players on the team.

    In fact your theory down plays Rios numbers even more. Bishop Amat is a run first team, meaning that they are facing a run defense and their by inflating Rios passing numbers, the other two qps whom are a pass first offense are facing a pass first defense.

  • 12th man

    Look at the tough Servite schedule for 2011!!.. Servite will open against San Diego Section champion Oceanside, then play La Puente Bishop Amat, section champion La Habra, Huntington Beach Edison and Nevada state champion Bishop Gorman… & then league starts where they have to play.. Santa Margarita~ Orange Lutheran~ Mater Dei~ St John Bosco~ JSerra..WOW!!~ I couldn’t see any team in the SGV facing that kind of competition..Perhaps BA??? Thats why i feel that the Lancers need to schedule a Powerhouse from either the Inland or the Northern div. just to keep up with Strength of Schedule but mainly to prepare them for the playoffs!

  • Cif grad

    Favorite player: #37 LB – Servite (man among boys)
    Favorite QB: Bercovici – Taft (felt like i was watcing a pro)
    Favorite NFL long shot: mike davidson – Crespi (puts fans in the seats)
    Favorite offense: Crespi (QB actually plays QB, not just an RB that can throw)
    Favorite all around Athlete: n. Spruce – Westlake
    Favorite RB Danthony Thomas – Crenshaw
    Favorite helmet: Corona Centenial

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