Star-News issues a challenge, Tribune accepts

The Star-News just concluded two all-star volleyball games, a senior game and public vs. private all-star game. The word now is the Star-News senior all-stars want to challenge the Tribune senior all-stars in a mid-January showdown, which we have graciously accepted. I already spoke with St. Lucy’s coach Sean Douglas, who has agreed to coach the Tribune all-stars. We will release the Tribune girls volleyball all-area team in January, and members from the first team that are seniors are all invited to participate. The rest of the team will be selected the next few weeks. When I get a firm date and location, I will share it with, but this is truly a great way to send out the seniors, especially considering the great year it was in girls volleyball. I can’t wait to watch players from Chino Hills, St. Lucy’s, Bonita and Los Altos all on the same team.

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  • VB Fan

    Thank you for putting such and exciting match together. I can’t wait to watch the hitting firepower and fantastic defense of these great athletes.
    I will be there to watch.

    Thanks again Tribune!

    Volleyball fan

  • prediction

    The Tribune team will sweep the Star-News team in three.

  • CHHusky

    This a great idea, our sgv seniors will dominate. Almost all have been on the same club team in the past. Congratulations to all the players and coaches chosen. Another honor for all of you. Huskies deserving are Siko, Haebe, Bronson, & Coach Dana should assist Douglas.
    Good Luck!

  • SL Mom

    This is AWESOME! I had hoped the SGV would have something like this and now here is our chance. Thank you SGV. This should turn out to be a great night and will showcase the areas top talent on one team.

    I don’t think it will be swept in 3 by either team. I see this being a real match. They have firepower and execution too.

  • GHigh

    I’m hoping that players from all of the area’s leagues are represented and not just the four schools mentioned.

  • Regent Gary

    No offense to Chino Hills, you are a great team, but not in the SGV. Your’re in the IE and should be in their all star game with Los Osos, Rancho, etc.

  • Interesting

    I have to agree with Regent Gary as to when Chino Hills started getting coverage in the SGV? They are covered by the Daily Bulletin, The Sun (Riverside) and even in the SGV. And they still complained they didn’t get as much coverage!

    The fact that the SGV has the best Prep coverage of any paper in SoCal may have a reason or two as to why CH wants the coverage here. But then again, Fred/Steve/The Cousin and team have come a long way with this paper. Just looking at papers a few years ago, you can see how this section has evolved. Both paper and Girls High School Volleyball.

    As to GHigh, throw some names out there buddy. Who from Ganesha would you like to see out there representing and feel could show up big that night. I would say the same for any of the local coaches. What senior players would you like to see and think would represent and play at that level. The Star news All Star seniors has incredible kids who have scholarships to Gerogia, USC, etc.

    Whoever Sean Douglas brings out, he should bring out the A listers from SGV too. Lots of talent among these senior athletes in the SGV.

  • Robert

    I think the rosters are set.

    Based on what was proposed last year (and never happened) and what we are reading, it will be the Seniors on the all-Area teams from each paper pitted against one another.

    Senior All-Area Star Players vs Senior All-Area Tribune Players.

    The teams have been picked, we just need to await each paper’s unveiling.

    If I am correct on how the teams are assembled, you deserve it. Your hard work and dedication has earned you the recognition you deserve.

    Good Luck to both teams.

  • CHHusky

    I understand your point, but now is not the time for that. The Trib and their sports staff has done a great job for years covering hs sports. I have been asking for them to deliver to CH for years as well. I’m glad to see them include us, and I see it as mutually beneficial. There are kids from CH on StLucys and Amat. I hope they sell lots of papers and ads in our town. The publicity has been good for the area and the game. Go SGV and the Huskies!

  • Joe Amat

    I agree with “Interesting”. I understand that coverage is necessary in both papers now that CIF has releagued CH, Claremont, & Ayala with CO,SH & Damien – even though the Daily Bulletin is there primary paper. It’s nice to know what’s going on on the other side when you play those teams in league.

    Coverage is one thing, rankings might be OK, but post-season honors & all-star games is another thing. I don’t believe that ANY school should be allowed to qualify for those in TWO of the San Gabriel Valley News Groups papers due to arbitrary alignment by CIF.

    To be fair, I’ve been saying this for years in regards to San Dimas – and to a certain extent Bonita, and Damien as well. While they are primarily identified as a Tribune school – players still are recognized in eth post season by the Daily Bulletin.

    The News Group needs to get off the fence and make up their mind. The can cover teams in two papers, rank them if they ant to (although it isn’t right) but the line should be drawn when All-Area & All Star spots are limited enough as it is. It does not serve them well to limit the players that are honored by allowing kids to be on two lists.

    I’d love to hear Fred/Aram/Steve/SGVN response to this

  • Bring It On

    The teams are already set for the most part, which is all first team all area players. The coach has some latitude with selecting some additional senior players. He would have to in order to form a team since the All Area team was not selected by position.

    I have to agree that although it would definitely be to the benefit of the SGV, the Chino Hills players should not be included. Just doesn’t make sense that they can be selected for either geographical area. Needs to be one or the other.

  • ??

    Amat has a volleyball team??

  • Steve Ramirez

    Joe Amat:
    First all, the Tribune as far back as I can remember — and that goes back a long way — has always covered San Dimas, Bonita, and Damien. I can remember covering both a Bonita and Damien game when I first started free-lance writing for the Trib while a student at Cal State Fullerton back in the late 1980s, and I can remember reading about those schools in the Tribune when I was in high school back in the 70s.
    The Tribune didn’t just pick up those three schools, along with Univ. of La Verne and Cal Poly Pomona, when we became sister papers with the Bulletin/Sun. We’ve always covered them. I even have an old scrapbook of clips in my desk that I found a few years ago that has clips of Damien and Bonita games from the 1970s.
    Now we have picked up the Chino Hills and Claremont (who the Tribune did cover when I first began as well), not so much for the re-alignment, but because while we don’t deliver out there, we do have newspaper ranks, or at least that’s what we’ve been told.
    My take on this is you cover any team that is deemed to be in your coverage area, PERIOD. And if you cover them, then you rank them and include them in the pool from which you select all-area. Now I will say that since the umbrella of coverage from the Tribune and the Bulletin is different as is the coverage umbrella from the Trib and Star-News is as well, you’re going to have different athletes who will make the all-area list in a particular sport. A player in one area might not make the list, but he/she will make the list in another area, because the talent pool is different.
    Now if there’s a player from those cross-over schools who is on the bubble with a player from a school in only one of the paper’s zone, and the cross over player is say going to be on the Bulletin’s team, then yes, maybe we might omit that player in favor of the one who is just from our area and not theirs. But you have to go by the general rule of these are the teams we cover and these are the players who are eligible for selection.

  • vball

    So then why not cover Gabrielino? They have done big things with that program? Amanda is a huge middle!

    “All teams that deserve/deemed coverage”…. I think they qualify.

    The funny thing about this is that steve and fred know very little about vball.

    Lets hope they call up a few coaches and ask for their honest advise.

    Steve and Fred… 6-2 or 5-1 offense? left back or middle back libero? LOL, just giving you all a hard time.

  • Joe Amat

    I agree with you re: San Dimas, Bonita, and Damien. That’s why I said

    “…While they are primarily identified as a Tribune school – players still are recognized in the post season by the Daily Bulletin…”

    I think that’s a Daily Bulletin issue. I don’t feel they should honor kids in the post -season from “Tribune schools”. Cover them… sure. The more coverage the better for all the kids playing. But All-Star games & All Area selections should demonstrate some sort of cooperation and agreement among the Newsgroup Papers. My feelings go WAY back to when I’d see players from those schools play in the Tribs All-Star game AND the Pomona Valley game – while other kids are sitting in the stands watching.

    Pick one.It shouldn’t be arbitrary, as you say, where you MAY choose a Trib kid over a crossover kid. That’s not fair either and opens you up to criticism. A player, family, or reader should never have to think, “Well, SHE was just chosen because she went to a Tribune area school!” Why set yourself up like that… and why should either paper honor kids in both areas, simply by virtue of ambiguous geography, when that takes spots away from other equally deserving kids in the opposite area.

    You seem to figure it out between the Trib and Star News and not have any “crossover players”. Why is it so difficult for the Trib and Bulletin to cooperate?

  • Regent Gary

    Ayala, which is also located in Chino Hills until this year was a powerhouse in Girls basketball. The Trib never included the girls from Ayala in any local allstar game vs. the Star News, nor were they ever on the All Area team. Ayala won CIF and went deep in state playoffs, but was virtually ignored in the Trib., which is fine.
    Why now is CH included, what has changed? And Ayala still apprears to be ignored compared to the coverage and PR that CH is receiving.
    Both Schools are clearly in the IE and in the Bulletin’s coverage area.
    Players from any school in Chino or Chino Hills should not be included on any SGV allstar team or All Area team.

  • vball

    You answer!

    Why do you think Ganesha gets some newspaper time….

    If Ayala people would blog like Ganesha, then they would get some news paper time….

    Remember its also football season! Fred and Steve get pounded by football fans.. Volleyball just doesnt bring the same fan base!

    Fred and Steve dont go out of thier way to check up on scores, drama, stats, etc. If it wasnt for Max Preps and the Blogs…. They would have very little to write about!

  • Say what you want

    1) Chino Hills has been covered this whole year both football and volleyball. They were in the rankings and coverage. They will be included in the All Area and All Star games. Both football and volleyball went far in CIF. Not sure about Ayala. They were part of the volleyball rankings this year too.

    2) Joe Amat has been a blogger from way back (normally football). He brings great insight in to the paper and Damien/St. Lucy’s has been part of their coverage forever.

    3)Gabriellino’s middle? Is she a senior? Is she playing in college?

    4) vball-We are just happy Fred/Steve are coming to the games and covering. They will get it. As previously stated, the coverage has improved with girls volleyball over the last five years (Tremendously). Having nine DIV 1 & 2 signees for the NLI how can it not? And only more to come. Next year should have just as big (if not bigger) signing class for 2012. Keep it up ladies.

    5) Volleyball has evolved in this area alone. Beach schools were the only dominant forces. They still are but the SGV and Inland Empire have taken many by surprise. SoCal volleyball is alive and well.

  • GHigh

    Unfortunately this year I don’t have any top players at Ganesha to nominate this year, but I’m hoping the Montview league will get at least one on the team. I can’t agree more with Joe Amat. In 2008 we went to the Quarterfinals (Valle Vista League CoChamps with San Dimas) and finished the season ranked 6th in the area according to the SGV Trib. No one from Ganesha made the Trib.’s all area team, and the Daily Bulletin put Mayela Ontiveros, who was 2nd team all CIF and the Valle Vista MVP, on the 3rd team. That year their were players from St. Lucy’s and Bonita in both papers first team. I just don’t think it’s fair, especially for the players from the smaller schools. What’s also interesting is it seems that the basketball all star games are more all encompassing, as well as softball, and every school who nominates a player gets at least one in the game?

    I’ve been told that Ganesha also used to be covered in the Trib. when the Diamond Bar kids went here, but now Diamond Ranch is covered in both areas.

    Yes, Gabrielino’s MB is a senior and in my opinion she could start on any team in the area, but San Gabriel isn’t in the San Gabriel Valley?

    FYI-in my opinion most of the coverage that Ganesha has received in voleyball has to do more with our improvement, tournaments, and reporting our scores to the papers win or lose. We are very happy with the attention we have received and are thankful that Fred and Steve have included us in the area, so it’s hard to complain about being covered by both papers when we have received that attention as well (just not for all area teams).

  • Joe Amat


    Proud to have you in my camp. You are truly a champion for the sports of volleyball and i enjoy visiting the threads for your takes and updates – as well as a little more sane conversation!

    I think Gabrielino is a Star-News school and should be represented there. Like I said, those two papers seem to make a definitive split – the Trib & Bulletin – not so much!

  • been wondering

    why did Club West move form La Verne to Rancho? What’s in their old building now? used to be a hockey center – then volleyball – what’s next?

  • been wondering

    why did Club West move form La Verne to Rancho? What’s in their old building now? used to be a hockey center – then volleyball – what’s next?

  • Olympic softball

    Now the Tribune is involved with both basketball all star games and now the volleyball all star game. How come they support the softball all star in June so little?

  • Robert

    Oh Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    When things just started to seem calm on the VB scene, we learn (thanks to Peanut Regent Gallery) that St Lucy’s controls the coverage area of the two local papers. Incredible. What’s alumni solves the JFK shooting, the chemistry teacher discovers a cure for cancer and the basketball coach perfects the BCS.
    It is Christmas eve and that is the best you can write.
    They don’t pick the coverage area. That is an insult to the IVDB and SGCT staffs. They (and others) enjoy the recognition provided by the various media. If they are (or aren’t) included in a particular paper, I am sure they are fine with the decision and accept the results knowing the rules.
    Coal??????????? One lump or two.