Schools that need new stadiums for Christmas

Los Altos girls soccer coach Chris Reeder complaining about the field conditions again … at least I think that’s what he’s complaining about.

1. Los Altos — The worst field in the Valley, especially after it rains. If it wasn’t for the colorful blue and red stands, it would be a complete mess. It’s just old, even the lights are in a bad spot. It reminds me of the old Edgewood high field we use to play on, rock hard in the winter with more uneven surfaces than the moon.
2. Wilson — Is there a pattern here? The Wildcats’ field might be worse than Los Altos, but the stadium gives it an edge over its rival. You know, there was once a deal in place that after La Puente got its new field turf surface that Los Altos and Wilson would soon follow. When, In 2020?
3. Mountain View — More of a problem for its futbol team than its football team. You can’t have one of the best boys soccer teams this century playing on that gigantic crown they call a field. A few years ago they almost had a playoff game postponed because they had to fill in a sand pit that runs along the sideline. Terrible. And by the way, Mountain View beat super power Salesian in soccer recently, so give it up for that.
4. Bishop Amat: Nobody is complaining about the charm of Kiefer or the intimacy it provides for its fans, but at some point the turf situation needs to be addressed. They’re still snickering about the mid-week sprinkler debacle that left their field in a pool of water the week of the Tesoro playoff game … I’m just saying.
5. Covina District Field – Now let me get this straight, you have three schools, Northview, South Hills and Covina all sharing the same stadium and you’re still using grass. There is still dirt in the parking lot. You would think if Baldwin Park could deliver two beautiful stadiums for Sierra Vista and Baldwin Park HS, that Covina could build one state of the art facility at Covina District for three high schools, right?

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  • ghs soccer fan

    Glendora’s field turns into soup when it rains. If we get weather like last year, welcome to the mud-bowl!

  • jmcdonough

    Thank you! Year after year we bring up this point regarding our beloved district field. It doesnt due much good! I dont think it is ever going to change! Although I will say that CVUSD just gave Northview and Covina beautiful updated gyms. So I guess we can be grateful for that.

  • Wells

    As long as the grass is maintained properly, District stadium is awesome. (although it is narrow for soccer)

    Usually, grass fields do not get destroyed from sports teams…it is usually the band that ruins more fields.

    It would be nice if either Los Altos or Wilson would switch to Fieldturf. If it is a financial issue, they can just use one as a district stadium.

    Last year, the Wilson field was terrible. It is narrow for soccer and incredibly uneven.

    Based on the horror stories, I am dreading the trip to Los Altos this season.

  • Aaron

    Bonita needs a new home side, should be on the south side, new bathrooms and what would really be nice would be locker rooms.

    Field is great though…would have preferred a straight B, oh well.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    I am sure either Joe Amat or myself can arrange a sitdown with you and Mngsr about that new stadium . I can see it now , SGV NEWS GROUP in the endzones and FRED J ROBLEDO FIELD printed on the turf and Steve and Aram’s names on each goal post . We would still need to keep the Mnsgr Kiefer Stadium intact as he was our beloved and respected founder .

  • needs

    BA needs a new stadium and field, softball field, A/C in the classrooms, ect.

  • Wilson

    The real issue within our district is control. The school board has been taken over by the Asian Community. We have Asian principals at Wilson and Los Altos. Our district Superintendent is Asian. I think you all know where I am going with this.

  • AUSD

    When will AUSD ever build a stadium for Gladstone & Azusa?

  • Joe Amat

    First off, I’m a fan of natural turf. You can leave the artificial stuff off our campus – at least for now. I understand it for multi-use facilities where several schools/sports use it all the time. I am in favor of slight reconfiguration and upgrade of b leachers, if for no other reason to eliminate the yearly cost of renting the visitor side bleachers.

    In order to create enough room on the visitor side – the field would need to be moved. My feeling has always been to close the distance between the field and Student Activity Center (I refuse to call it by it’s recently adopted name). At this time home bleachers could be upgraded and the integrity of the old Keifer feel could be maintained. It;s my opinion that it sets us apart – as opposed to building some larger “cookie-cutter” personality-less stadium.

    There is a master plan that covers what could be the next 20yrs on campus. It can be found in the information brochure at

    It involves moving the football field to where the baseball field is and the football field to where the baseball field exists. What part of that flip-flop only MSGr understands. It makes FAR more sense to expand the footprint on which Keifer sits and reconfigure the softball/baseball/parking area that borders Orange and the corner of Fairgrove. It would even be possible to integrate the existing gym design and make direct access between the upstairs athletic offices and any new press box on an enlarged stadium.

    As soon as MSGr retires, logic will reign again and things might happen as to athletic improvements.

  • LACO

    Unfortunately, Los Angeles County had a lot to do with the final design/placement of the student activity center. There was much conflict on what the County wanted. So many parking spaces, an emergency exit plan, on and on. I think that if they physically connected the covered food area, then a different sprinkler system would have been required. Just a lot of red tape and not worth the cost of adopting County requirements.

  • Wilson Field

    It’s probably the OC’s fault that Wilson does not have a better field…

  • Joe Amat


    Understood. Had the foresight been present from the start – everything could have been undertaken at once – rather than the band-aid approach that was used. Covered lunch area, Gym, and Stadium could have all been in one complex for less than the sum of the three projects separately. Plus we bought a “stock” gym design “off the rack” that didn’t completely meet our needs and required some retrofit after the fact(at an extra cost). Again – no foresight from MSGr. Sometimes it’s better to pay up front for what you want/need – rather than pinch pennies and try to figure it out later.

    Since that time we have added the extra parking spaces where the temporary gym once sat – eliminating the need for the extra “parking spaces” between the gym and Keifer. This could open the door to move Keifer closer to the SAC rather than moving things all around campus – and requiring substantial more investment… and time.

  • Uncle Ben

    With the Asian influence throughout HLPUSD, Wilson is lucky that the football field isn’t converted into a rice paddy.

  • LA Futbol

    I hope the HLPUSD school board sees this! How pathetic is it that our two schools have the worst fields in the valley? Absolutely disgraceful! Someone mentioned the Asian factor. I don’t think race has anything to do with it. It’s more about what you value and what your priorities are when it comes to education. Are athletics something that make a well-rounded student? Do you believe that students deserve quality facilities in and OUT of the classroom?

    Are you reading this board members? You should be embarrassed! Our kids deserve better than this!

  • saladays

    It will be a sad day if Los Altos swithces to turf. I for one hope it never happens the same with Kiefer.

  • Tony

    Covina Valley Unified didn’t give northview and covina gyms…that was bond money raised by the citizens of that community…no money from CVUSD.

  • Question???

    Does turf or grass cause more injury’s in high school kids?


    The plan had been to build the football stadium
    where home plate now sits, before the school opened. At one time,Edgewood Acadamy next door offered the for sale of it’s present school, when plans were made to close the school.I can’t remember who was in charged at the time.
    The answer was thanks but no thanks! Then with a shift of admisitration, the idea was brought up
    about purchasing part of the school by Bishop Amat, Guess what they heard,thanks but no thanks.It’s nor for sale! I think the city of La Puente should consider offering the propery that extends to Willow Street. This can be a win, win situation for everyone! Then you can build a State of the Arts Football stadium, with a retractable roof on the home side. Let the visiting crowd leave because of the rain! I have seen the plan for the new construction of the school. In all honesty, I do not like the plan. It calls for building a pool on top of a parking lot… not a good idea folks. Bishop Amat, start contacting the city council about buying the Edgewood Academy propery! I will be willing to donate $5000,000.00, that is, when I win the Lotto!

  • FACT

    Bishop Amat technically is not in the City of La Puente. It’s in the unincorporated part of Los Angeles County. The City of La Puente city limits are many blocks away. It’s funny, but across the street from Amat is the actual City of West Covina. West Covina probably has more imaginary rights to call Bishop Amat part of its city schools than does La Puente. But seriously folks….unless it’s a public school, don’t even count on a city ever supporting a private school.

  • Bob

    Covina District Field, I’m sorry I disagree with you on this one. The grass on this field even with three school is always in good if not great condition.Just because a lot of schools are going to turf does not mean everyone has to have it. There is nothing wrong with grass.The two schools in the Baldwin Park School District got their two fields on Government Grants (lower income area which Covina is not)and it took years to get the grants. I don’t know if you remember but before BPUSD got their new fields they had the best grass fields in the Valley(their groundskeepers took pride in their work) If I’m a football player and I take a hit and go to ground I think I rather land on grass then a turf field…not everyone love turf fields

  • NotSince1995

    FACT is completely correct…!

    Remember when AMAT flooded their field…? Errrr “Over-watered”…? Charter Oak 8 miles away had to come to their rescue! Why…?

    LaPuente wants nothing to dow with the BishopNation…

    BTW. where you at IE TOWN…?

    This is what happens when you talk so much smack and can’t back it up…! Just ask the AMAT Honks…It happens to them every year…!

    Now you’re just the couldhavebeens…

    Not in 2011 Either…

  • HelpWanted

    Hey Joe, I am really surprised at your ignorance and I to am a big fan of a natural surface. The fact remains to maintain a natural surface and keep it respectable year round you need a grounds crew, the grounds crew at Amat consists of one and I think you know what he is capable of.

  • Saintstrackfan

    San Dimas needs a new stadium badly. It may work O.K for football but the track is horrible. The girls track team has to practice at APU because the field literally hurts the girls. There are rocks, holes etc..We are stuck in the 80’s with a dirt track. We have been promised a new field but nothing yet, it is sad that Bonita, same district has a beautiful track and stadium while the step child saints have nothing.

  • Jackboy


    The Field at Bonita was bought and paid for by (We) the citizens of La Verne. We decided a few years ago our High School and kids are worth it.

    The things the school district can control, the advantage goes to San Dimas HS.

    If you dont believe it, just tour the campus and other facilities along with the Gym and Varsity baseball field.

    Your stepchild comment makes me sick, Ass, if you want a nice new beautiful turf field and track like ours, and you think your school and kids are worth it, I suggest (You) the citizens of San Dimas pony up and get it done because, your tears arent going to make it happen

  • go2goalLA

    I have been involved with LAHS for many years…maybe I am missing something but am I the only one wondering why we had a new pool put in? Who voted on that when we had a pool already established? I still see them using that “bad” pool, so seems to me it was just an upgrade. Why not put those funds toward updating our stadium? Something to think about…

  • Uncle Ben


    It’s a numbers problem.

    First: Count the asian students on the water polo, and swim teams.

    Second: Count the asians on the football team.


    If LA and Wilson really want a turf field, they should get all the asian band members to start complaining about having to stomp around in the mud all winter while practicing.
    And, presto! Field construction would begin May, 2011 just after the spring showers.

  • jmcdonough

    wilso , los atos both losers, blow yeurself all the senior football players and parents. depression alwys sets in for me. but I can tell you to go to heal! Until next season, stop your cryin about yer football not futbol, we live in the USA, not vachina or mehico. get yer lazy ground crew to do there job I sweer i never see any grounds crew werk, i played on these very same fields ani didnt crybaby thats my thaughts. happy holadays to all my fellow fatassfattys in the SGV, and especially to a-ram and fred, kh and Steve. thanks i eat my poo!

  • Wilson Administration

    You want a perfect example of how screwed Hacienda La Puente Unified School District is. A few months after they start the building of the new pool at LA they close down the pool at Wilson due to the poor condition of it. For the last year plus all swimming activities have to be bused to another school just to practice. All this is Mark Hansberger doing; he is in charge of facility maintenance.

    You could open a thread just on this guy and some of the shady contract jobs that he has been involved in. The reason why the Los Altos and Wilson turf fields weren’t complete was the La Puente field over run its budget so much that there wasn’t even enough money left to complete one of the two fields. How much of that money ended up in Hansbergers pocket. This guy has overrun budgets by millions with no accountability.

    The Wilson administration has disused this issue behind closed doors but Ms. Paul fears for her job if she approaches the district with her concerns.

  • jmcdonough

    wilso , los atos both losers, hansbergers a freind of mine.mrs paul is freinds with me to.
    wilson administration and all you no good lazy punk ass parents of the lower sgv grab a schuvel and rack let go of that corona and grafitti spray can and get to werk jerk! That goes for you to chopstiks! We have nicer feelds cause we care bout are kids. imm watchin FOOTBAL todat not FUTBOL are you talking bout socer socer is fore pansys not a reel sport.
    you can alwys go swimming!

  • Another Lancer

    If and when Msgr. retires, is it true that Fr. Sezzi is being groomed to take his place or would they bring someone else in and would it have to be a man of the cloth?

  • Uncle Ben

    Thats what happens when you let too may illegals in, you lose control of whats right for your own community, and then all of a sudden its not your community.

  • CIF

    Courtney Gano check out of Los Altos and is checking into Bonita. Interesting how this is going to be cleared through CIF.

    I forgot Gano has some good hookups with CIF. Funny how the average student has to go through this transfer process and the Gano’s will walk through it laughing at Los Altos.

    I see a hardship being filed? What hardship? What has changed to validate this hardship? Nothing but it doesn’t really matter because I’m sure Gano got this transferred pre-approved. But I sorry you can’t do that per CIF.

  • LA Conq


    Where are you getting this information? As of Friday Courtney was still at Los Altos. Is she transferring at semester? I have a lot of respect for Gano, but if this is true then my opinion is going to drop tremendously.

  • CIF

    It came from one of Gano’s coaching buddies. I would consider a very good source.

  • LA Dad

    Apparently its old news at the school. Courtney’s transfer to Bonita is a done deal and she will play softball.

  • Uncle Ben

    Who is Courtney Gano? and what sport does she/he play?

  • Smell A Rat …..

    Fred opens up a thread on Joe Munoz going to San Diego State(big deal), but some how didn’t find out that his number one female star for the last three years is transferring to Bonita. According to LA bloggers this is old news.

    I guess if I was Coach Gano I would want to keep this on the down low. I sure would have liked to be that fly on the wall of the principal of Los Altos wall when Gano meet with her. I can see law suit all over this, if she doesn’t contest this move like all the other ones last year. The school and school district better be real carefull with this one.

  • FYI Jackboy

    The citizens of San Dimas have voted on bond measures that were slated to make several upgrades to SDHS including a new track and new stands. Funny how our upgrades always get caught up for years in planning.

    And for all you turf fans out there. Ask the kids what they would rather play on and many will say natural grass. It was a sad day when Charter Oak replaced their wonderful grass football field with turf. It was one of the best maintained fields in the valley.

  • Don

    Maybe you ought to hold on there Mr FYI . . . nothing funny about bogged down bond issues in San Dimas, it’s been happening for years.

    Fact of the matter is the good burghers of Mud Springs have always been slow to move any money that doesn’t end up in the pockets of their pals the developers and the contractors. I lived there over twenty five years and saw it happen dozens of times. School Bond money . . . err, time for another EIS, send it to the Attorneys, postpone, you name it. Need a cool $6,500,000 to rehab a 110 year old house nobody cares about? No problema. Hey, how about some more McMansions up in the hills? Plenty of room; nice view of Costco too.

    La Verne saw the need for the school and the community, found the dough, and got it done. Best thing is they leave it open for anyone to walk around or play on: Pop Warner and the local AYSO plays games there all the time. Ron Cuccia has used it for years for his Sunday QB clinic, (ask Coach Z, he brings his little ones), and you can’t find a day without people out for a stroll on the cushioned track.

    Try that on the SDHS track or field and let me know how it worked out for you.

  • jmcdonough


  • Jackboy


    Please dont confuse me with a turf fan. I much prefer natural grass field as anyone who knows me will tell you.

    To me its just as pathetic for your upgrades to get caught up for years in planning as it is for turf fields in Southern CA; its all a joke! Next thing you know, Hawaii will be importing Pineapples! When was the last time youve seen someone working on a field? Its amazing, the Bonita and all other districts have full time maintenance and gardeners, what do they do all day?

    Good luck with your field FYI.

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