With Damien’s Greg Gano moving to La Verne, his daughter Courtney could end up at Bonita

With so many speculative comments on Los Altos softball standout Courtney Gano’s expected transfer from Los Altos to Bonita at semester, this is what I can share with you to clear the air. Her father, Greg Gano, also the coach of Damien High School’s football team, is in the process of moving. He is finishing up the sale of his house in West Covina and is moving to La Verne by the beginning of February, according to Gano. Courtney Gano, who already has signed a national letter of intent to attend the University of Washington, is still at Los Altos and will decide along with her father whether to enroll at Bonita or continue making the long trek across town to Los Altos once the move is finalized.

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  • Ugh

    Cue the haters.

  • Interesting

    Now let get this right, Gano plans on moving to the La Verne area early February. This raises some major issues for the family. So what happens when she transfers to Bonita and then the deal falls through and he doesn’t move into the Bonita attendance area. I have never heard of CIF approving a transfer on something that might happen in the future.

  • Jackboy

    Welcome aboard Courtney, any other great student athletes want to come?
    More the merrier! As long as youre of good character you are all welcome at Bonita!
    I dont think CIF should stop anyone from transferring in or out. Would you make a member of the Band, Debate, Math or Science team ineligible?

  • FredJ

    Interesting, coach Gano mentioned recently that he needed to sell his house in West Covina and was planning on moving closer to Damien. From what I understand, he already has found a place in La Verne and will be there by February.

  • @

    Courtney no need to make the long trek Bonita welcomes you with open arms.

  • GanoFan

    Gano is the sh@t!!! Bonita is Lucky to have her. Best of luck.

  • big deisel

    your an idiot and make no sense” the sale of his house has nothing to do with moving you can own 20 houses in different cities as long they live in La Verne with a legitimate address its a done deal.

  • Joe Amat

    This actually happens happen quite often, especially in the summer months between school years.

    CIF requires the transfer to submit paperwork indicating their previous residence is listed “For Sale” and that an offer has been placed, or a rental agreement on a new house has been made.

  • Let’s get this straight

    All gano has 2 do is list the WC prop. 4 sale and hav a friend put (fake offer) on the prop and/or enter into a (fake) rental agreement or buy 20 properties in 20 school districts (wow, great salary damien) then chose the team with the best talent?

  • Big diesel

    Let’s get this straight
    your even dumber then interesting wtf? fake offer are serious his house is gone sold fanito nobody puts fake offers in this economy give me break 20 houses how stupid are you? fricken retarded you move you get a new address dumb azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • bhsfan

    Let’s get this straight

    Nice of you to think Bonita has the best talent but Bonita lost it’s senior pitcher to graduation and starts the rebuilding process this year>.

  • Interesting

    Gano really don’t like to lose, even more than that is doesn’t like to work for what he wants. That is why he left LA in the first place, he created the mess and left Felipe to take the beating.

    I am sure he has taken care of everything within CIF. No matter where he decides to transfer Courtney to?

  • 12th man

    Anytime Following the First Day of 10th Grade
    When a family makes the decision to transfer the student after the first day of his/her 10th grade year, there may be
    limitations on the students athletic eligibility, depending on the classification of the student.
    Classifications of Transfer Students
    1. A valid change of residence student.
    2. A transfer without a valid change of residence.
    3. An involuntary transfer student (when a school/district forces the student to change schools).
    Regardless of the type of transfer, there will be paperwork, (forms and documentation) that the student and his/her
    parents/legal guardians will have to complete for the new school (School B) in order to request athletic eligibility. The
    new school (School B) will communicate with the transfer students privious school (School A) and work with the
    parents to complete the necessary forms to ensure not only residential eligibility but also academic eligibility.
    On the following page is an abbreviated explanation that describes the athletic eligibility process for students who transfer
    under these circumstances. It is hoped that families will be better prepared to make school choice decisions with an
    understanding of the impact of those decisions on their students residential athletic eligibility.
    When a student transfers schools (changes from School A to School B) regardless of the reason for the
    change, the new school (School B) must take steps to ensure the athletic eligibility of the student. These
    steps will include:
    The new school principal or administrative designee must determine if the student is academically eligible
    and has made a valid change of residence.
    The new school site principal/designee shall review if the student made a valid change of residence by
    following the process of its respective CIF Section for a Valid Change of Residence. The process will
    include submission of paperwork to the CIF Section office prior to participation in games/contests.
    o The new school must also verify the student has met the academic requirements of the school and
    o The new school must verify there was no Undue Influence.
    o The new school must verify that there are no pending school discipline issues existing at the prior
    school that could jeopardize the students eligibility at the new school; that the move (by voluntary
    transfer or change of residence) did not occur either to avoid discipline or pending discipline, or that
    the move was involuntary due to discipline issues.
    The new school (School B) athletic director/administrator may contact the athletic director/administrator
    from the previous school to inform him/her of the valid change of address and check on any other issues
    that could affect the students eligibility.
    This process will not begin before the student is enrolled and attending the new school.
    If it is determined that the student did not make a valid change of residence, the new school (School B)
    must take a few additional steps prior to determining the eligibility of the student.
    All CIF Sections WILL require that the appropriate forms be submitted to and APPROVED by the CIF Section
    office PRIOR to the student participating in contest/games when there is NOT a Valid Change of Residence.
    o The new school is responsible for determining if the student meets the academic requirements of the CIF,
    CIF Section and the school.
    o The new school is responsible for using Pre-Enrollment Contact Affidavit (CIF Form 510.) to determine that
    there was no Undue Influence.
    o The school must also verify that there are no pending discipline issues existing at the prior school that could
    jeopardize the student eligibility at the new school.
    Students may be granted limited eligibility by the CIF Section office once all forms and paperwork are submitted
    and approved under certain circumstances. Please refer to the definitions pages, 16-17, for an explanation of
    Limited Eligibility.
    It is recommended that the parents and the student-athlete discuss Limited Eligibility and the hardship waiver
    process with their new school administrator if they feel that there are extenuating circumstances as defined under CIF
    Bylaw 208: Hardships.
    The Frequently Asked Questions on page 14 are a guide to assist families in this decision- making process. If a
    family decides to pursue a hardship waiver, the process could take up to one calendar month to resolve. There is no
    guarantee that the Section Office will grant the waiver for the student, and the student may miss part or all of the
    sport season depending on when the application is submitted for consideration. Documentation of the hardship and
    additional paperwork will be required.

  • Mr. Big Diesel


    Name me one person who likes to lose and I’ll name you a million who like to win>

    So if Gano left Felipe a mess tell me Then who left Arellanes a mess 0-10? Your as but hurt as they come get a life dude or shall I say broad. Think of the bad weather were having right now would you want your kid driving a cross town in this shit? I think not, do yourself a favor crawl back in the hole of yours you call a home and don’t come out untill football season 2011′ if I see you again I’ll bitch slap you back in lol………………………………………….

  • Mr Big Diesel


    Name me one person who likes to lose and I’ll name you a million who like to win>

    So if Gano left Felipe a mess who left Arellanes the 0-10 mess lol. Get a life loser boy crawl back into your pathetic world you call a life. No time for your stupidity here.

  • Interesting

    My concern is that the Gano family should be required to go through the same process that the rest of these families out here. How many high profile players have transferred like Gano and ended up sitting out a few games or not even eligible their senior year.

  • senior year

    she has her scholly and has spent 3 and a half years at the same school. I know it is a bit a ride every day, but would think she would want to finish her sneior year at LA. But then again, who knows

  • Ummm


    So how is Gano not “required to go through the same process that the rest of these families out here”? This is a clear-cut change of residence. She doesn’t need to wait on a hardship waiver, or any other appeal. Unless Los Altos tries to claim the move is “athletically motivated”, Miss Gano will be eligible to play the minute her signed paperwork gets to the CIF Offices, just like every other valid change of residence transfer.

  • kh

    cant wait to see the girls roll the red carpet out,she is a class act just like her father.
    watch out for g- johnson,hes been knowin to hang around the old softball field…
    bonita is the town that huths has help build.we wont
    except losing.

  • Big Diesel

    Interesting loser,

    NO concern of yours is needed, of course Gano will go through the same process as every other athlete would have to. From what I here LA returns all of it’s starters from last season, while Bonita returns half and their all everything pitcher CW is gone. So athletically motivated is a non-factor your twisted little mind is a joke and should be studied under a micro-scope for cross breading lol……………………………..

  • go2goalLA

    This is a personal decision between Courtney and her Dad. I as a parent just wonder how she feels leaving the school she has made all of her friends at and built her future with her awesome scholarship to play softball at Washington. Either way, I’m sure she will make new friends and fit in just fine! Unfortunately, I do not follow softball at Los Altos or Bonita, not sure where she has a better chance of making something happen, but best of luck anyway!!!!

  • Except Accept


    Bonita won’t except losing? Accept for the CIF Finals…….done that twice in 2010!

  • way to go Big Diesel!


    I couldn’t agree with you more! Retards on this blog! Who said that the Ganos wouldn’t have to or weren’t going to handle the paper work that everyone else would have to? Of course they are going to handle things appropriately!

    The dude is selling his house and moving closer to his job, the one that pays the bills for him and his daughter as a single father for the love of Pete! Last I checked, the people paying the bills usually make the decisions and the kids go with as I would imagine is the case in this instance!

    Who would want their kid driving over an hour from La Verne to Hacienda Heights during rush hour traffic? I drive the 60 everyday to work and it takes over an hour just to get from the 71 to the 605 or thereabouts.

    what and how the Ganos do what they are doing is NOBODY business and I assure you it isn’t athletically motivated! The girl has had her scholoarship offer since she was like 9 (I am exaggerating, of course, but you get the picture).

    Coach Gano is a class act, always has been and his daughter is an absolute peach. Good luck to them both and to hell with the nay sayers, haters and idiots. By the way, what does his salary have to do with anything? Do any of us begrudge the $7.60 per hour that interesting and the other retards on this blog make for flipping hamburgers?

  • Rumor

    The rumor around Los Altos is that he didn’t sell his house in West Covina he lost it and decided to move to La Verne. They aren’t even sure if he purchased or is renting. My question is how do you go from a 75K job to over 100K job and lose your home?

  • Hey rumor

    If that’s true, it makes even more sense. There are a lot of people making over 100,000 losing their homes because of bad loans. Maybe Gano had to short sale his house to get out of a bad loan and decided to rent closer to Damien until the market is better. Either way, it’s obvious he had to move. This is interesting, because from everything I’m reading this is a financially-motivated move more than athletically motivated. This is why CIF is getting sued in court over the rule. Though Gano is moving and obviously it’s a legitimate move, will CIF step in and not allow Courtney to play if they believe her move is (in part) athletically motivated. It’s such a stupid rule, or stupid language of a rule. How you you legitimately not allow her to compete at Bonita if her father is in a situation where he HAD to move?

  • Big Diesel


    Even if he lost his house or not? truthfuly who really cares but you. millions of people were suckered into low interest loans and equity lines, myself included. I know hundreds of people and or friends who have lost their homes or on verge of losing it all while making $75 + k a year. Many of us paid way too much for our homes 4 to 5 years ago most of which our now worth 1/2 or less of what was paid. You do the math keep it and pay what it’s not worth, short sale it or just let it go, does it make him less of a person? nooooo but it makes you azzz whoolllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  • westco

    if he is selling his house in west covina why was she going to los altos and not west covina

  • You want answers

    Okay Mr. Investigator, you see Gano was the coach and teacher at Los Altos and with his daughter entering the ninth grade, he can legally petition his daughter to go to school where he is teaching, obviously transportation being of vital importance to parent and child. When Gano took the job at Damien, little Gano found a way to school on her own, driving I believe. Moving on to La Verne, the drive would be twice as far, and anyone who lives in La Verne and has made the drive to Los Altos knows timewise, that’s like driving to Los Angeles on the 10 in rush-our traffic.

  • LA Transfers

    You want answers,

    If you are going to give answers at least have a little knowledge of what you are talking about. From La Verne you would take the 210 to the 57 to the 60 or the 57 to the 60 you never take the 10 freeway to get to Los Altos. Either way this is a very interesting move from what I am being told, Gano and the head softball coach over at Bonita don’t get along at all. Out in that area it would be Bonita or St. Lucy. St. Lucy is private, don’t see Gano spending the money. Both schools have a fairly good softball program. Personally he is going through what most out of attendance area parents are going through at Los Altos, why? Why make the drive, for what LA has nothing to offer any more. A few of the girls programs are doing well (softball not one of them). The ghetto enviroment that has mirgrated into that school is chasing away many of the quality out of area student athletics. Look at the Ortiz’s and Franco families both talking about transferring to Damien. Both families live in West Covina and have always lived in West Covina. The only Ortiz left isn’t going to be much of an impact on the football team over at Damien but Franco could be on their baseball program. Interesting Franco is the best sophomre football player on that Los Altos team, if he transfers to Damien I don’t know if he would even start. Well I should factor in that the Ortiz’s are very good family friends with the Gano’s so that may play a huge factor in the transfers.

  • bothyoumtf’sarewrong

    Both you MTF’s are wrong depending on where you live in LV? the wealthy take the 210 the poe folk take the 10 to 57 to the 60 and exit on Hacienda lol.

    and this statement below is bull sht!

    “Gano and the head softball coach over at Bonita don’t get along at all”.

    They really don’t know eachother very well and Bonita and LA have been softball rivals for years battling for league supremacy so a little interleague tension is all that has been. Trust me KC knows how good CJ is and will let her play her game both on offense and defense so stop stirring the sht so much, any team in the area would love to have her including Bonita.

  • LA Dad

    The Gano family has helped raise up LA sports. Good luck to Coutney this year wherever she plays and next year in college.

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    With Damien’s Greg Gano moving to La Verne, his daughter Courtney could end up at Bonita – Best High School Sports Blog – Fred Robledo Talks Prep Sports