Aram gives Bishop Amat football a B grade

The emergence of Jalen Moore at running back and Nine at quarterback as two of the top performers in the Serra League was nice, considering the Lancers were replacing their top QB, RB and WRs from last season. Amat averaged 35 points per game this season. Those numbers helped Colonel Hagerty’s boys march to a 9-0 record and had Robledo and the Amat nation mapping out trip routes to Mission Viejo. It was an exciting first nine weeks (10 actually).

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  • Robert

    Other than the exiting FootBall magazine in January, when can we expect ALL SGVT teams for other sports-BWP, BCC, GCC, GVB, GG, GT and BFH ???????????????

  • FredJ

    First week of January

  • 12th man

    Amat for the most part should have a productive season in 2011… I just dont see them reaching the finals perhaps the semis or the quarter seems more reasonable..BA will have to work on there secondary & if possible put Ruiz somewhere in the equation..All of these top teams in the pac5 find a way to put there talented QB to go both ways..Alemani did it & Mission Viejo had the QB starting as a linebacker on defense..I dont know if the center is returning but he needs work..every game i attended the center would snap the ball high atleast 5 to 6 times a game when they were in the shotgun formation..Any time the QB needs to jump to get the snap its a recipe for disaster not to mention the defense just gained a three step advantage..but what i really want to cover is the Athleticism of the D & O line will they be able to match up physically & at the same talent level as some of these OC teams who can dominate you in the trenches..There are two things that coaches cant teach & thats “Size & Speed” so to try to figure out how to stop some of these high powered offenses should be a task in itself for Amat..