The best and worst of the 2010 football season

The Tribune’s PrepXtra 2010 All-Area football team will be published on Jan. 6. In the meantime, here are some bests from 2010, including the top three teams in the final top ten poll that will be released later, to the projected top three in 2011.

Below: You haven’t seen this, 15 minutes of raw footage of West Covina’s 37-33 win over Bonita for the Southeast title

Best teams
1. West Covina (13-1)
– After the Bulldogs beat Rowland 41-17, coach Maggiore said after this should have been the season they took on Bishop Amat. He certainly had the athletes, and they were clutch when they needed to be, rallying to beat Bonita in the championship to claim the Southeast title, finishing the season with 13 straight wins. Don’t know if they could have beaten Amat or Chino Hills, but they were certainly capable.
2. Chino Hills (10-3) – The Huskies were the top choice on Maxpreps, beating Tesoro (the same Tesoro that beat Amat in the playoffs), Redlands East Valley, Etiwanda and winning the Sierra League. But their best game came in a 42-23 loss to Centennial in the Inland semifinals that was much closer than the score indicated.
3. Bishop Amat (9-2) — Far and away the top team after starting 9-0, but losing the Serra League title game to Alemany and falling in the first-round of the Pac-5 playoffs as a fourth-seed was the worst two weeks in the coach Hagerty era.

Most improved
1. Bonita – Biggest winner, going from 3-8 to 12-2 and a spot in the Southeast title game.
2. Covina — Won the Valle Vista League in a year most thought Baldwin Park and San Dimas would fight for the title. The Colts finished 10-2 and beat West Covina … not bad after going 5-6 the year before.
3. Claremont — They were neck and neck with both above after starting 7-1 a year after finishing 5-5. But they lost their last three games to finish 7-4.

Biggest disappointments
1. South Hills – They were in trouble before they got to the Sierra League, losing to West Covina, Monrovia and others. They finish 3-8 and miss the playoffs a year after winning the San Antonio League and finishing 10-3.
2. Rowland – With QB Michael Ball back his senior year, many thought the Raiders would contend for the Hacienda League and Southeast title after going 8-3 the year before. But they finished 4-6, missing the playoffs entirely.
3. Baldwin Park – You thought a team with two division one signees on defense would do better than 5-6. They underachieved all season, losing in the first round of the Mid-Valley playoffs.

Most surprising players
1. Vinny Venegas, Covina — On a team that surprised many, Venegas was the biggest surprise of all, turning into one of the area’s best all-around players. Not just a threat at wide receiver, but he can do everything, and should be one of the most exciting players returning in 2011.
2. Jalen Moore, Bishop Amat — The biggest pressure spot in the Valley is not at QB at Bishop Amat, it’s at running back, where you follow in the footsteps of Bienemy, McCutcheon, Brown, Wagner, McCleskey, Sermons, etc. The junior was the Lancers’ best playmaker, earning Serra first-team honors.
3. Matt Fregoso, Rosmead – The running back was among the section leaders, rushing for 2,458 yards and 22 touchdowns, an average of 204 yards a game to lead the Valley.

Biggest upsets
1. Covina 27, West Covina 20 — The Bulldogs dominated for 3 1/2 quarters, but the last five minutes of the opening game of 2010 proved to be the one blemish on a 13-1 record for the Bulldogs. Each week Covina’s upset grew more impressive, all the way to the Bulldogs’ title game. People are still wondering how the Colts did it.
2. Village Christian 31, Azusa 24 – Statistically, the Aztecs finished one of the most dominating 10-0 campaigns in history, boasting six shutouts and allowing just 30 points all season, earning the top seed in the Mid-Valley Division playoffs, then losing in the first round.
3. Tesoro 31, Bishop Amat 21 — Considering the Lancers were the fourth seed and hadn’t lost a home game at Kiefer since 2007, it was shocking to see Tesoro win a playoff game at Amat in front of another enormous crowd.

Best teams to watch for in 2011.
1. Bishop Amat — With Rio Ruiz at QB and Zach Shay and Jalen Moore in the backfield, you have the core back on a team that averaged 35 points. The road game at Servite in week two should give us a sneak previews of things to come.
2. West Covina — Chris Solomon, the MVP of the Hacienda League, is back along with several returners. They do have to replace George Johnson at quarterback, but West Covina has more athletes than any other public school.
3. Charter Oak — With Aaren Vaughs and Kurt Scoby in the backfield and a year more mature, look for the Chargers to go back to pounding the ball like the championship years. With Travis Santiago back at QB, they should be favored to win the Sierra League.

And finally, best agony of defeat shot …

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  • who’s a guru? not freddie

    you put WC on top, okay.then you add that you’re not sure they could beat Amat or Chino Hills..I mean WTF is going on, are they a paper champion or what, lmao again at the Trib and just how weak a rag it is!

  • FredJ

    What should I have said, that West Covina is a slam dunk No. 1 and would have beaten Chino Hills and Bishop Amat hands down? Give me a break.

  • david rivera

    if you want the real truth the worse team in the valley has to be wilson going from the miramonte league into the valle vista and only getting one win in league. thanks zavala

  • What A Mess

    david rivera,

    Not sure if you know what is going on currently at Wilson. I heard a few coaches have already stepped down and that the principal is after Zavala, she wants him gone. This hiring of the Merril’s is starting to look like a plan that doesn’t include Zavala next season.

  • Bonita Who?



  • Most Improved

    I think you blew this one big time. Chino High School went from 0-10 to 11-1 this season. That clearly is the most improved team.

  • deal with it

    West Covina was a great team. They are The number one team. Yes the Pac5 is the toughest Division, and yes Chino Hills played Corona Centennial well. None of that matters. West Covina did not play either team. Bishop And West co does have a a common opponent, Venice. Both teams beat them by 2 or More tds. This years West Covina team was capable of beating Bishop and Chino hills. See here is the kicker, Chino hills lost to Claremont and they lost to South Hills, which west co dismantled. That does not mean too much, but it helps with perspective. So Anything is possible in high school football. West co is #1 Bishop deal with it.

  • not a typo

    I guess the correction speaks loudly, wondering why the earlier posts were deleted, it’s still an asinine statement to make, “heres my number one team, although I’m not sure they can beat either my number 2 or 3 teams, I mean give me a break!

  • Colt74

    Not one person outside of the Covina faithful even remotely thought that the COLTS would have the season that they did. Before the season started we had been swept under the rug. Fact. Predicted to be 5-5 and 3rd in VVL. 2011 is going to be the year of the COLT. Get on the C-Town bandwagon now and avoid the rush. Be not afraid…only believe.

  • Joe Amat

    deal with it,

    Really? “West co is #1 Bishop deal with it.”

    Is there anyone below who is not “dealing with it”? It’s posts like yours that cause Amat bloggers to come on and reply. No one has come on to say that West Covina should not be at the top of this list. They absolutely should. By virtue of Chino Hills win over Tesoro – they should be #2, probably followed by Bishop Amat at #3. But a postseason list is not a list of who could beat who. If it was – THAT list would quite different every year.

    Congrats to West Covina on a great year. Leave it at that.

  • Amat Dude

    Deal with it,

    Remember the 2 ass kickings you guys were handed by Amat. Let’s stay humble and be happy with your wins. Good luck with Loyola next year, you will be eating humble pie again, courtesy of PAC5.

  • football jones

    Wilson Zavala Haters,

    The Wilson lunatics were claiming all year how that team was loaded with talent.


    Question; why didnt a single Wilson player make All-league in either offense or defense?

    First team offense
    QB: Billy Livingston, Covina, Jr
    QB: Demetrius Counts, Pomona, Sr.
    QB: Mario Rodriguez, Baldwin Park, Sr.
    RB: Jordan Taylor, San Dimas, SR.
    RB: Marquise Thomas, Northview, Sr.
    WR: Demetrius Jackson, Baldwin Park, Sr.
    WR: Kevin Kolbeck, San Dimas, Sr.
    WR: Peter De La Cruz, Covina, Jr.
    WR: Vinny Venegas, Covina, Jr.
    TE: Samuel Guillen, Baldwin Park, Jr.
    OL: Adrian Guerra, Sr. San Dimas, Sr.
    OL: Allen Brown, San Dimas, Sr.
    OL: Moises Torres, OL, Covina, Sr.
    OL: Nick Hynes, OL, Covina, Sr.
    OL: Gerrard Kough, Pomona, Jr.
    OL: Christopher Auxier, Northview, Sr.
    First team defense
    DB: Kevin Kolbeck, San Dimas, Sr.
    DB: Jordan Taylor, San Dimas, Sr.
    DB: Demetrius Jackson, Baldwin Park, Sr.
    DB: Jamal Overton, Pomona, Sr.
    LB: Matt Murray, Covina, Sr.
    LB: Justin Bugh, San Dimas, So.
    LB: Fabian Abraham, Pomona, Jr.
    LB: Tony Montoya, Baldwin Park, Sr.
    LB: Wardell Crutchfield, Baldwin Park, Sr.
    DL: Nick Hynes, Covina, Jr.
    DL: Theo Darlington, San Dimas, Sr.
    DL: Chris Auxier, Northview, Sr.
    DL: Jose Franco, Baldwin Park, Sr.

    **Not one single Wilson player

  • Mid Valley thought.

    Colt 74, do you think Covina will make it to the Finals and beat Monrovia? Covina has alot of players coming back in key positions. The only issue is how small Covina is. All there skill guys are like 5-7. Venegas is not 5-10. The Only player with size is Ainsworth. It’s not as much a problem on Offense with the quick passing attack, but on Defense it hard to stick big and Fast Guys, like the WR at Monrovia.

    Mid valley 2011 preseason top four seeds

    1. Monrovia
    2. Covina
    3. Maranatha
    4. Arroyo

    After that it gets pretty muddy. Azusa won’t be back, La Puente will win that league. Rosemead won’t Be that good. San Dimas will finish Second behind the colts. BP is done, Schurr is done. I am not sure if there will be as much comp next year.

    Monrovia Repeats as champions.

  • muir guy
  • What A Mess

    Covina will be good next year, but Monrovia is clearly the front running.

    Football Jones you have no clue what you are talking about, please go back into retirement. If that Wilson team would have finished higher in league all the second team players would have been first team and the next level of players would have been second team. The amount of first team players each teams gets is generally based on the teams place in league. Everyone out their knows that coaching destoryed that Wilson team. That team clearly had the best receiving core in the VVL and this coaching staff was clueless. You continue to have senior moments, join a chess club.

  • anonymous

    Really Fred? What was so offensive that my name was removed? Notsince, Norco jmcdonough et al can post and I can’t?????

  • New York

    You have WestCo at #1, but then say South Hills’ losses to WestCo and Monrovia (two eventual CIF Champions, granted in lower divisions, but they were both convinicingly at the top of their divisions) as a sign of trouble before league? It turns out that South Hills had a bad record with a pretty tough schedule. Maybe they were not as bad as their record. Who did they beat in league play again?

  • Mike, The Observer

    Fred, I’ve read your articles for years and I have never felt compelled to post, but I must ask: Does Bishop Amat have you on their payroll? Do you get paid each time you use “Amat” in a sentence? Even when you don’t cover Amat, you always seem to find a way to put the school in your article. “Best Team”, “Most Improved”, “Best Ever”, “Undefeated Kings”, blah, blah, blah… Are they good? Absolutely. Do I want to see their name in every prep sports article? No. There are other teams out there that deserve some props every once in a while.
    Merry Christmas and for the New Year, I wish for Fred to only write about Amat every 3rd day, rather than 3 times a day…

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Amat Dude,

    Of course WC remembers those losses. Guys like you won’t let us forget. Although this is 2010 and those losses have nothing to do with this years squad. Sure, we will have some humble pie. Do you have any left overs from the Tesoro first round exit?

  • PAC5 football vs DVII football

    After Loyola Cubs trounces the mighty Bulldogs next year, be sure to share some of that humble pie with us. Lancers, Cubs and Monarchs don’t belong in the same sentence (even in a down year) with the Bulldogs, different division and a whole different class of football.

  • Great Point

    Bulldogs have bite,

    That was a simple but great response to Amat Dude. By the way that was a great game against Bonita. With kh spewing him family domination I for one am glad you beat them.

  • blogged out

    arams blog is def on my worst of the year list

  • Colt74

    Mid Valley thought: I think Covina has a lot better chance of going farther next season than Monrovia does. Everyone has their own opinions. That’s mine.
    Good things come in small packages.
    I seem to remember a certain Binky Benton fellow a few years back.
    I’ll take heart and desire over size any day of the week.

  • New York

    It’s hard to hear the name Ainsworth at a school other than Monrovia or Duarte.

  • Matt Fregoso had 29 total touchdowns, Max-preps stats do not credit him with 1 TD against Temple City in the first game snd the 6 he scored against El Monte. Also finished 2nd in Southern section and 5th in State in yardage gained, not bad for a 5’8 150 lb running back

  • Colt74

    Size doesn’t matter and you proved it. Thank you. Your brain size lets you continue to hide under another persons name. Your micro sized gray matter shadowed by the enormous yellow streak that runs down your back? See, even little cowards can post on a blog. Thanks for proving me right again! And thanks for being my biggest fan! I look forward to the next time you cash in your aluminum cans, your next bottle of Wild Turkey and your next post.

    PS.. Still have not received that Christmas Card from you yet.


    JCMCDONUGH; WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU! Your comments have completely become erratic. You can’t be the same person when the season started, or when Covina started winning.Either somebody is trying to pose as you, and if not you need to take a break my friend. I believe you need to take a break from the blog!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    PAC5 football vs Division VII football,
    A whole different class of football? As in mommy and daddy pay for jr. to go to school there? Sure i’ll buy that. Sounds like your folks wasted a lot of money on your schooling if you think different divisions means squat when talking about hs football.
    If you actualy saw Wesco or Bonita play this year, you would know that they played on a lot higher level than the rest of their division. All mighty Servite looked like 8man football vs. DLS, so don’t build up the PAC5 like some unbeatable super conference!

  • Red Barron

    Bulldog, congrats on a great season. But to state that divisional differences don’t mean anything is wrong. Look what happened to Chino dropping down, they go from 0-10 to 11-1 and look what happened to SH and CO moving up to the Sierra league. CH whooped up on Elsinore in the central division last year,then CH moves out of that div. and Elsi wins it all this year. Teams change, lose a little and gain a little but the class of talent in higher divisions across the board is always very competitive. No one will ever know what would of happened if WC played BA or CH this season. The anologies using Claremont or Tesoro to compare the teams are ridiculous. CH had Claremont down 21-0 at half, lead off the throttle and aloud a comeback. Never know what could happen on Friday nights, thats why we play the games.

  • P.S. to Football Jones

    To continue with “What A Mess” said:

    no one from Wilson is on the first team yet JR Nelson will be playing football next week at the NUC All American competitions – how many of those first teamers will be flying out of here on Christmas Day to go to S Carolina for a week of football??????????

    Wilson offensive coaches are only “wantabees” and if they are back next year – they will be worse than this year

  • P.S. to Football Jones

    To continue with “What A Mess” said:

    no one from Wilson is on the first team yet JR Nelson will be playing football next week at the NUC All American competitions – how many of those first teamers will be flying out of here on Christmas Day to go to S Carolina for a week of football??????????

    Wilson offensive coaches are only “wantabees” and if they are back next year – they will be worse than this year

  • P.S. to Football Jones

    To continue with “What A Mess” said:

    no one from Wilson is on the first team yet JR Nelson will be playing football next week at the NUC All American competitions – how many of those first teamers will be flying out of here on Christmas Day to go to S Carolina for a week of football??????????

    Wilson offensive coaches are only “wantabees” and if they are back next year – they will be worse than this year

  • BoHi

    Hey Fred,
    The best agony of defeat pic has to be GP’s pic in the daily bulletin after that game check it out and let me know

  • tcbruin

    P.S. to Football Jones,

    Only ‘requirement’ for NUC participation appears to be to pay a fee. WOW!

    Why go all the way to SC when the an NUC is coming to LA end of 2/11?

  • “another enormous crowd Fred” Tesoro – BA

    crowds are relative Fred – Trinity (TX) and Pearland played last Friday at the new Cowboy stadium – 43,000 plus in attendance in very dab waether outside – for a high school game – please revise a measley 6-7,000 as a good crowd for BA, not enormous in the future

  • tcbruin

    “another enormous crowd Fred” Tesoro,

    Context please.

    That game was for a state championship for the ENTIRE state of Texas and held at a professional[much larger] venue.

    Amat/Tesoro was one of about 150 games in CIF SS ALONE THAT night.

    IF Amat/Tesoro had been for a championship the crowd would have been MUCH bigger.

  • football jones

    Wilson Day Dreamers,

    The reason no Wilson player made all league is simple…theyre NOT that good.

    It doesnt matter how fast WR runs if he cant catch the ball!

    You can blame coaches all day long, but much of the blame belongs to interfering parents that undermine HCs authority and poison team cohesiveness.

    I listen to your loud idiotic screams in the stands, and Im reminded that volume and intelligence are inversely proportional.

    Scream On !!!

  • coltfan97

    People be serious here! I am a colt alum and fan, but rankings mean nothing this should have proven that! Monrovia should be ranked higher than Covina next year because they are the champs, and in order to be number one you have to beat the champs.

    Yes Covina is going to be great, but we will only go as far as our line can take us! Its just that simple.

    Fred, the fourth team to watch next year is Covina. Remember 15 starters come back to a 10-2 team. Everyone will improve, and they will be hungry.

  • SGV Follower,

    Wheres that Rivera kid from Sierra Vista on that Surprising Player list? That RB did as much damage as Matt Fregoso with 100 CARRIES less then him. Besides, Fregoso averaged 204 yrds a game but Rivera averaged 230. So, Fregos is NOT the leader in that category threw out the valley. Its sad how the Sierra Vista player has been overlooked all year. Doesnt matter what school it is, there’s always gonna be talented players in different places, and the Sierra Vista kid is one of them amongst others in the valley.

  • SGV Follower,

    Wheres that Rivera kid from Sierra Vista on that Surprising Player list? That RB did as much damage as Matt Fregoso with 100 CARRIES less then him. Besides, Fregoso averaged 204 yrds a game but Rivera averaged 230. So, Fregos is NOT the leader in that category threw out the valley. Its sad how the Sierra Vista player has been overlooked all year. Doesnt matter what school it is, there’s always gonna be talented players in different places, and the Sierra Vista kid is one of them amongst others in the valley.

  • I remember when

    To BA,Although you are not really BA. Do you know why Trinity,Texas draws big crowds, because they have nothing better to do.Football for them is everything;like a religion. Just like Fresno State! There is nothing in Freson so everyone loves Freson State. If Trinity,Texas had as much to do for excitement as in the Southern Section, I bet the crowds would be a different story. You are too young to remember. When there was no L A Rams,Dodgers Lakers,Clippers,Kings etc, the L A Southern Section would draw 60,000 plus. Don’t believe me! Do some research!Been there done that youngster,sonny boy mocoso(not sure of the slang).

  • AMAT 73

    deal with it,
    As Joe put it I have yet to see an actual AMAT supporter bash the fact of WC being number one. They won it all and desrvedly so should have the #1 ranking. All that we beat them who beat this and beat that is out the window because you fail to remember you lost to Covina . So I guess that means Covina should really be the #1 team shouldn’t it . Now what does that do to putting it all into a perspective view of the matter. Sit back enjoy the championship as it is a great thing but keep the perspective in check . Deal with that. And by the way I had WC penciled in to win it all in the beginning of the season and you can ask WC Dan about that.

  • SGV follower

    you know you are right. where is that Rivera kid on the most surprising list, i must agree, yes, Fregoso had more carries, but against better competition and had 29 TD to Riveras 14, the difference is that Fregoso wasnt a surpise this year,he did what he was expected to do, surprise? the yardage yes, but not the talent, and yes he had 7 fumbles, but if you see this kid, most were from trying to get extra yards, Rivera will have a great year next year, but Fregoso was a better running back and deserves the recognition this year

  • Dan

    I’ll vouch for you Amat 73, you did say you felt WC would win the division, in defense of “deal with it” his post was in response to the very first post on this thread.
    Only thing is he automatically assumed it was from an Amat poster, could have just as easily been from a Chino Hills poster or a West Covina hater, a bonehead post either way. If Fred had picked Chino Hills or Amat as this years #1, I think he still uses the same line of “I don’t know if they would have beat #2 or # 3”. 2010 has nothing to do with any other year, 2010 Bulldogs have as much validity as any other team in the SGV. I also feel Bonita is not given credit for how good they really were, people discredit them for losing twice to a very good WC team, the fact is they rolled over everyone they played.
    12Th man,
    I told you I would get back to you when I got a chance to see the WC/Bonita Title game. Well I bought a DVD of the game when I was at the team banquet, watched it last night and I don’t know how you came up with your analysis that Garrett Pendleton had all day to throw. Garrett played a near flawless game, on just about every throw during the game he got rid of the ball in under 2 & 1/2 seconds. Great decision making on his part. If he held on to it for three to 4 second he was either sacked, hit, hurried or he was able to scramble to give himself more time
    but WC was definately closing on him. Your credibility just went down a notch or two.

  • jcaz

    SGV Follower, I couldn’t agree with you any more…

    To, Dan and to Colt45. We had some awesome teams out of Covina this year, and I just hope that they continue to showcase this type of tallent in the future because I truly love going to CVD on Thursday nights to see some great football played over there.

    Keep in mind that I was the guy who called that big Covina win this year, when everyone else in the valley had them going down…

  • AMAT 73

    WC Dan,
    Thanks for the backing. I too had something for the 12th man as he was on here talking about cornfed behemoths and such . I just thought I’d mention to him on Aram’s blog on that little team from De La Salle push those big cornfed boys from the OC all around the field last Saturday as he is such a big believer in size and weight equating to domination . Enjoy the championship and as I said it is a great thing and just maybe the POY in George Johnson and also Happy Holidays to You and Your Family.

  • NotSince1995

    PAC 5 Football is 100% Correct!

    West Covina and Monrovia are CIF Champions…!!!

    The Lancers, Cubs, and Monarchs are in a different class…errrr The class that can’t win…!

    Where’s your ring BishopNation…? Its hard…! Its hard…

  • The True Mid Valley

    Mid Valley,

    You are a fool. San Dimas is a top 4 team in the Mid Valley. They have proved that year in and year out the VV goes through them. They don’t have big names but they just reload and out-coach stronger opponents.

    An average BP team would HURT Maranatha. They aren’t ready. They have a good QB but they aren’t physical.

    1. Monrovia
    2. San Dimas
    3. Covina
    4. San Gabriel
    5. Village Christian
    6. Schurr
    7. Baldwin Park
    8. La Puente
    9. Azusa
    10. Arroyo

  • Mid Valley

    The True Mid Valley,

    Where did La Puente and Baldwin Park come from. I am assuming you are talking about next season. LP’s big back is gone, they have nothing coming back the only reason why they will make the playoffs is that weak a@@ league they are in. They lost to 6th place VVL Wilson that goes to show how weak LP and their league is.

    Baldwin Park had Jackson and overrated Crutchfield now that they are gone so is Baldwin Park. This Baldwin Park team won’t even make the playoffs next season.

  • Wilson Coaching Staff

    Football Jones,

    Get a life anyone that watched that Wilson team could see that coaching staff didn’t have a clue what they were doing. Proof of that is coaches are quiting and Zavala is under pressure from the principal to step down. Would Ms. Paul be doing everything in here power to fire Zavala if he did a good job like you want everyone out here to believe. This coaching staff was the joke of the VVL.

    Football Jones you come on this blog and act like it was a couple parents that complained about this coaching staff. That wasn’t the case, it was hundreds of parents and the school administration. Why if this staff is so good did Ms. Paul hire Dave Merril to babysit Zavala and staff next year. These are facts and there are many more to back up our opinion of this coaching staff all you have is talk.

  • getaclue

    My previous post didn’t go througth but if it does see how Olu destroyed three DI teams and Mater Dei finished 6h in the state this year 2003′, Mater Dei also beat Bishop Amat 7-0. Olu destroyed Mater Dei Their only loss was 21-17 to LA thats right “Los Altos” my point being the differce between West Covina #1, Bonita #2, Chino Hills #3 and Bishop Amat an also ran is about 5 cents. Fred you put to much emphasis on divisions and lose sight on truly good teams (cheese is cheese dude)at any level.

    Mater Dei 14 Olu 35 division I
    Millikan 6 Olu 51 division I
    Santa Paula 7 Olu 56
    Marina 14 Olu 34 division I
    Valencia 0 Olu 35
    Katella 0 Olu 55
    Kennedy 17 Olu 63
    Loara 6 Olu 35
    Cypress 3 Olu 28
    Brea Linda 6 Olu 40
    La Mirada 7 Olu 35
    Wilson 20 Olu 48
    Los Altos 21 Olu 17 division VI Title

  • football jones

    Wilson Zavala Haters,

    Same worn out twisted logic, yet not one of you can answer the simple question;

    If Wilson had so much talent as some of you claimed all year on this blog – why didnt a single player make All League?

    Was it a conspiracy?

    Maybe, just maybe, they did NOT have much talent to begin with.

    Wilsons offense performed well, the defense was their weakness all year.

    Zavala had some very well respected defensive units while DC at NV.

    Maybe he just didnt have the players this year.

  • AMAT 73

    All that is fine but what we do have is actual head to head comparisons . In 08 and 09 WC and AMAT did face off and AMAT was the victor in both games.As you know it’s been ages since Bonita has played AMAT and CH has never played AMAT. The 08 game was virtually no contest and the 09 game was a bit more competitive.I truely wish the contract between AMAT and WC had run one more year and we could have seen this years WC team and what they would have done against AMAT. Also we faced O Lu a couple of years back and lost the first one on a 4th and forever play by O Lu and beat them the second game. Our last 2 games vs Mater Dei 05 our last year in the league and last years CIF game AMAT beat them both times. Now this is not being arrogant nor bragging but name me the last time an SGV team who faced AMAT beat them . I seem to think it was Glendora maybe 8-9 years ago . Before that I have no idea. I am sure if Joe AMAT reads this he can pinpoint them all . To me the biggest difference is when you go down the depth chart AMAT’s 2-3 players are better than the 2-3 players on other SGV teams. The whole vallry thought we were sunk at the running back position by losing Anderson but up come Moore and Shay and they both had a very good season and Shay’s would have been better except for the injury which had a huge effect on the teams outcome.

  • Zavala?

    Once again, you must be getting old since I have addressed this issues, at your age you probably just forgot again. The number of players on first team each team usually gets is based on where they placed in league. Noticed the 6th and 7th place teams both had no players on the first team. Also notice that the first place team has more than the others, just for the record I made that comment without even checking.

    Now you bring up Zavala at NV as the DC. Why don’t you check those numbers. Against the quality teams his defense was giving up in the 30’s and 40’s. The only difference was San Dimas wasn’t as good back then and they were last year and maybe this year also. The VVL in a whole was a much weaker league back then.

    I will give you three coaches comments about the talent on this team. All three coaches you know real well.

    “This team has way more talent than I have ever had on a team.”

    Coach Williams OC Wilson 2010

    “This team has more talent than Covina and San Dimas.”

    Coach Zavala Head Coach Wilson 2010

    I got one better than those two,

    “With the talent on this team and in the division they are in, CIF title”

    Coach O Wilson Head Coach 1999?-2008

    As you can see the coaches that I assume you have some respect for feel this team had talent. Maybe you know more than them, you sure believe that you do.

    Just for the record I can bring in comments from two more VV coaching staffs and they would not be as bold as those but the basic same concept.

    As far as the offense and defensive issues. Our defense was suspect just about the whole year. Our offensive issues were our OC wanted to run the ball, so we ran the ball and scored against the bottom dweller teams. Against the top tier teams the running game got blown out and we were done. Take our numbers against the quality teams and we got blown out by all them on both sides of the ball. We even got blown at against Pomona at least in the first half of that game when we were running only, Pomona.

  • Wilson Shaking my head

    So were do i begin? I guess lets just start with the teams performance, They started out well but faded. Young teams do that when the leadership is in question. Which leads me to my point of this i’ve been reading the blog all season been to 3 games seen a couple on film. And the from what i saw, and have read on here. There seems to be that there are a few parents and coaches that don’t see eye to eye. Some parents feel Zavala made promises he didn’t keep. So they feel they must come blast the man on the blog to get their point across. Ok do as you must parents. But that lead directly to field play. If a parent sits and tells his child your coach is a “idiot” or “Hypocrite” then exactly how is a coach supposed to lead the team? Many of you parents on here complained so throughly about who the QB should be, and that OC is incompitent. Well you parents seem to do a good job of teaching your kids a “ME” first additude. Not a “Team” first additude. From what I saw were kids bickering on the side line about who should be throwing who the ball. Or Rbs throwing tantrums on the sidelines when coaches removed them. Once again you parents took any kind of disipine the coaches tried to instill away by degrading them in front of your kids and at games. I heard awful things in the stands about these coaches. From insults that im sure had they had family members in the crowd would have been disgusted or angered. How could you parents act this way and expect a coaching staff to want to listen or want to play your child. Now from what i seen on film and at the couple games. The kids listed for all VVL Were honestly just better players than some of the kids on your team. I seen Jackson from BP 4 times this season and the Kolbeck From SD a couple times. Those 2 were the best WR’s in the league and Vinegas from Covina is the best player in the league. I hear all the time Wilson had the best WR’s in the league. Well in my opionion Nelson was the only one that may have a argument but the rest weren’t better than this kids that took first team. And if you wanna say its cause they didnt throw the ball then why do they have the number 4 and 5 passer in the VVL so they must have thrown sometime. They Wilson D, did not have a single player that made a impact all season so not one of them deserved the honor either. Now was some of that due to coaching probably. Maybe the OC should have thrown the ball more or Maybe Zavala should have called a different blitz. Who knows? The point is the coaches called what they felt was the best play at the time. And if the boys on the field were not good enough to successed off the play being called. Well maybe your kid isn’t as good as you think. I’ll end by saying this I think Zavala and that staff took a beating this year on and off the field. And you parents want a winner you say, but the moment something doesn’t go your way you yell to remove them. Try supporting Zavala and his staff this season show them and your kids if you work together maybe you will compete for that title you think is in your hands already. Good luck this season Wilson as a fan of the area teams i hope that you guys turn it around.

  • State of Wilson Football

    The rumors going around Wilson are much larger than what is being posted on this blog. If the players that are rumored to be leaving do leave this program will not be favored going into the LA game next year, that how bad it could be.

  • getaclue

    Amat 73

    The problem with your argument is Amat can reload every year with news paper adds ala recruiting and such while public schools get what they get, and possibly a couple under the table players lol. So in retrospect most will have really good teams once or twice in a ten year span the exceptions of course the CO’s the SH and Los Altos teams of years past had their. good runs from aggressive coaching staffs. So Amat has played most of the local teams in really down years and not in top years. I know for sure everyone would have love to have seen an Amat, West Covina or Bonita game for sure but it didn’t happen and most will agree Bonita and West Covina will be nowhere near as good as this year. Even Amat went through its turn over period and obviously now is starting to roll again.

  • SGV Follower,

    Let me ask you something, have you seen both Fregoso and Rivera run and carry the ball? Im asking because your completely discrediting that Sierra Vista RB. Personally, I have seen both RB’S and I can say both of them are great. Although, from the one game I saw the Rivera kid run I think he was a better RB. Significantly, I can give that opinion but I cant simply base it off of 1 game.

  • independent

    West Co you need to much more HUMBLE you were are dropt INT away from being a runner up.
    You lost to a average Covina team (truth hurts Covina).
    You won a division that was water down with the removal of CO.
    For that matter look what happen to last years champs when they moved up…just another season.
    we can go on and on but the bottom line.
    Humility goes a long way.

  • Joe Amat

    getaclue ,

    I think you really need to do what your name says.

    Do you really give Amat that much credit for happening to schedule teams in the 2 years that they are “coincidently” in a down cycle. All we hear is how bad Amat has been this decade. Charter Oak, West Covina, Glendora, Damien, even east to Rancho Cucamonga have all had a crack at the Lancers during that time and we JUST happen to catch them in those two years when they’re supposedly down? In each of those games I’ve come onto the blog and said I believed it was a game Amat “could have” lost. But we certainly don’t want to get into the point differential in those games either, do we? Luck?

    I find it a little laughable that each of those teams comes back AFTER the contract has expired and said, “Boy, if we could just get those Lancers THIS year!” Hasn’t this happened a few too many times to be beyond coincidence and maybe, just maybe, Amat is simply better year in and year out than the other programs in the valley. Doesn’t mean those teams can’t beat them – they just haven’t. It’s nothing to be ashamed of – be proud of being as good as you can be… but please don’t compare. As you said, it’s not fair to you. Amat should be better – and they have proven that over and over.

    Now if we are comparing Amat to other Pac5 teams, we have a little ways to go. But we’re a helluva lot closer than we were a few years back and at least legitimately back in the conversation

  • Huskies

    Amat maybe, but no way WC beats CH! You all have got to be kidding. CH would’ve pounced on Amat/WC and that’s a FACT. It’s like saying Covina beats WC again, no way in the world does that happen It’s really simple!

    BTW, WC never dismantled SH (42-27). Two INT’s inside the REDZONE, C’mon quit blowin up that D7 championship. CH dismantled SH, now that’s true! 52-7. Both scores are totally different.

  • football jones

    To the Wilson Deniers,

    Your proof of Wilson quality players is to make up quotes?

    Oh yeah, thats much more convincing than actually making an All League roster.

    LA went 0-10 and landed a player on All League.

    What is Wilsons excuse again?

  • Least Knowledgeable Poll:

    Vote for the Least Knowledgeable in Football Poll:

    a) Cindy Sheehan
    b) Head Coach Zavala
    c) Football Jones
    d) OC Coach Williams
    e) Pee Wee Herman

    All votes will be tallied by an independent agency

  • jmcdonough the true jmcd

    COLT 74,

  • State of Wilson Football

    Football Jones,

    You are an idiot, so you think Zavala and staff did a good job, who are you kidding. Your the only Wilson supporter(?) that has been supporting Zavala and staff on these blogs all season. We can go back and forth on this, if you don’t believe my quotes ask the coaches.

    It really doesn’t matter Zavala has created a huge mess. Two coaches have all ready quit, players are seriously looking to transfer out, and the school administration wants Zavala out. But according to Football Jones Zavala is doing a great job.

  • reality

    The reality is Keppel, San Marino, Rowland, Alhambra, Wilson, Los Altos, Diamond Bar,Nogales with large asian communities where the kids are now teens are severly diluting the football talent pool at these schools. These teams will have a very hard time competing for playoff spots in the forseeable future. Coaches jobs there are to make the asian athelete and there parents to play football and support the program. That will be a tough prospect. You can bitch about Zavala and Arellanes etc. all you want but it don’t change the demographics.

  • Getaclue

    you missed my point no need for head to head competition if LA had played Amat in 03′ the score would have been like 35 to 7. I look at match ups and Bonita’s pass game would have given Amat fits. I do believe that West Covina and Amat were similar in their run game but West Covina Has more speed and scores more points. Your QB Rio has a great arm and is a good athlete but not the experience this year needed to go deep in the playoffs. Some of you think KH is a crazy fool but on a serious note I think little Huth would have given the Amat backs a pounding. Many would have said in 2003 that Olu would have dominated a much smaller Los Altos team but heart, grit and tremendous athletes like B. Harwell make all the difference. Amat may be 2-3 deep in all positions but in a 48 minute high school game the true athletes that can go both ways step it up and this is why the small schools can compete. Now here’s a lesson for you the next time Bishop Amat plays a team like Del la Salle 56-6 in 2000′ make sure your the best team for the job that was the most embarrassing game I have ever witnessed from an SGV team. I’m still embarrassed to this day 10 years later. Its a good thing servite was beaten to a pulp this year to take some of the pain away. Will somebody please destroy all the fake turf fields in So Cal. It seems to me nobody knows how to play in the rain in real mud anymore.

  • 12th man

    Amat for the most part should have a productive season in 2011… I just dont see them reaching the finals perhaps the semis or the quarter seems more reasonable..BA will have to work on there secondary & if possible put Ruiz somewhere in the equation..All of these top teams in the pac5 find a way to put there talented QB to go both ways..Alemani did it & Mission Viejo had the QB starting as a linebacker on defense..I dont know if the center is returning but he needs work..every game i attended the center would snap the ball high atleast 5 to 6 times a game when they were in the shotgun formation..Any time the QB needs to jump to get the snap its a recipe for disaster not to mention the defense just gained a three step advantage..but what i really want to cover is the Athleticism of the D & O line will they be able to match up physically & at the same talent level as some of these OC teams who can dominate you in the trenches..There are two things that coaches “cant” teach & thats “Size & Speed” so to try to figure out how to stop some of these high powered offenses should be a task in itself for Amat..As far as DSL is concerned they have the best talent in the state they mite not have the biggest O line..but what they do have is speed & when you mix that with elite coaching teams dont stand a chance.. I watched the film & every kid on the O line knew there assignment inside out like soon as the ball was snapped they filled there lanes with deceptive speed…If your wondering if BA could do the same considering that they themselves dont have a big O line.. I would say there chances are slim simply because they just dont have the extreme athleticism as the DSL O line who can probbably average anywhere from 4’7 to 5 flat in the 40..Like i said before you cant coach against size or speed…Servite wasnt the only team to find out just how fast & talented DSL was..

    DSL schedule: 2010

    @ Serra (San Mateo, CA) Serra 45-7 (w)
    St Mary’s (Stockton CA) 40-14 (w)
    Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas NV) 28-14 (w)
    Foothill (pleasanton,CA) 49-7
    @ Amador Valley (Pleasanton, CA) 56-0 (w)
    Monte Vista (Danville, CA) 62-14(w)
    @ San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA) 28-0 (w)
    @ Granada (Livermore, CA) 52-7 (w)
    Livermore (Livermore, CA) 49-0 (w)
    @ California (San Ramon, CA) 31-17 (w)
    Heritage (Brentwood, CA) 70-20 (w)
    Granada (Livermore, CA) 49-10 (w)
    @ California (San Ramon, CA) 49-21 (w)
    Servite (Anaheim, CA) 48-8

  • Lovin The Heights

    Twas the Night B4 Christmas and all through the house…. well my last posting for 2010. so true “biggest disappointments” of Rowland not making the playoffs w/ the best 2010 QB and WR in San Gabriel Valley. Leading/contending until the 4th Qtr each game to be outplayed and miss the playoffs. You ask why is Michael Ball the best QB in the area, because he had one..if not the smallest ‘O’ lines in the area and still put his numbers up. He was disciplined, stuck to the plays, and even through adverse conditions, never gave up. He was running for his life in Bonita’s game… It’s very easy to claim the fame when you are winning and when you are losing no one takes a second look.. and even the teams that weren’t winning continued to receive ink because of past ancient history…. it was like pulling teeth to get some ink and when we finally did get the ink.. welll… okkkk i almost finished without going there…… It was a huge disappointing year for Rowland FANS, but we do have great memories. This team was undefeated as Freshmen, the 2008 season was definitely Rowland’s superbowl year, 2009 & 2010 were years that revealed “the real world” to those athletes that didn’t give 100% of themselves to the game. It’s easy to point fingers as to why sooo much talent was wasted… to look back at these two years and come to your own conclusions, but each player must ask themselves, did I practice hard, did I dedicate myself to the team, did I make excuses for not giving my all? I witnessed more excuses than heart this year. The reality is that some didn’t give ther all and it showed. Size does matter in football!!! To the senior classmen who gave the Rowland FANS good memories – QB Michael Ball; RB Ervin Crawford; WR Leonardo Freeman; DL Luis Valdez; DL Ryan Salausa; G Angel Morales; WR Danny McMahan.. kudos to you. to West Covina.. you were the real deal this year. I’m proud to say that it was a fellow Hacienda Leaguer that won the Championship. To all the football elves may you continue to spread your opinions and thoughts with and without wisdom.. to Fred. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  • AMAT 73

    Looks like you got a little bit of a clue but I will get that later. Yes De La Salle put it to us but unless you are a Lancer which I whole heartedly doubt why are you embarrassed because I know I’m not .Just as Servite was taken to the woodshed all night long by the same school their fans stayed put in a driving rain and cheered like all hell when they finally scored and stayed to the very end to watch the famous Servite team drill they perform after every game win or lose because that is what they/we do . Roughly 500 or more fans greeted them at the school after the game. And by the way it’s not a good thing Servite was beaten to a pulp as you put it to ease some unknown pain you speak of because for your information they are long time Brothers of AMAT going back to the Angelus league days but you would know nothing of that either. One thing I do agree is the KC Huth (probably should be defensive player of the year in my book) is one hell of an athlete ,not only in football but in every sport he plays and despite losing in the title game he has the heart of a champion and I would have loved to see him in the BLUE and GOLD of AMAT . Now to you getting a clue. You did realize going to head to head comparisons just does not do anything for your argument because you lose in the majority cases. Look back to when CO put us on their schedule thinking we were in a down cycle and the time was right to pick us off. Well I know you know what happened then. Yes WC,CH,and Bonita had very good seasons with WC winning it all but to base your theory that they would beat us based on one player or a teams run game matches up with us and that they score more points ????? is simply stupid to be blunt. Now here’s a lesson for you , before you look at teams on paper or how they played other teams or what certain players would do to AMAT and that they would beat us think twice because history and true head to head competition ( because I am sure on paper we should have lost many of the games against SGV schools ) and tradition proves you wrong almost every single time. But you did have the score right AMAT 35 – LA 7 . So my friend you really do need to get a clue if you really want to talk about football because by your posts you are seriously lack knowledge in that department. On another note I want to wish all my fellow bloggers a Very Merry Christmas and hope all your Christmas wishes come true.

  • football jones

    To: State of Wilson Football aka King Of The Idiots:

    I assume you represent those bright minds sitting on the 50 yard line screaming at the top of their lungs?

    Maybe I am the idiot or just maybe its Wilson blog-loving parents such as yourself- that deserve the title? Hmmm…,tough choice.

    Sadly its commentary like yours that has made Wilson the laughing stock of SGV and has effectively alienated EVERYONE on this blog.

    Wilson gets soundly beat by Covina, BP & DB, but rather than give a little credit the Wilson dreamers jump on this blog and make endless excuses.

    Most bloggers are fed up with Wilsons; whining, excuse making, coach blaming, QB debating, retarded logic making parent bloggers.

    Go ahead run out present HC and bring on the new Super Coach.

    Good luck in 2011youll need plenty of it.

    Go Wildcat parents!!

    P.S. Don’t bother with insults I won’t reply…

  • Aaron

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. If you celebrate something else then Happy Holidays to you and yours.

    I’d like to thank the SGVN for providing coverage of our area teams. To the Amat family: 73, JCAZ, Joe, jus sayin’, not that bad of a season. I know it is the design of you as fans as well as Coach Haggerty to get back on the map…well to do that you guys need to start scheduling a power from another state/section. Yes that means going out of state. I am not an Amat hater, I’ve been to Kieffer stadium and enjoyed the experience as all of the home fans were very upstanding. Next year should be a good one for you guys so enjoy it.

    To Fred…when you said: ‘Pendleton just hasn’t given me “that” performance…I’ve only seen Bonita twice this season.’ That means get out more and see more teams. You have 35-40 schools in your coverage area…can’t stay on the Bandwagon of one school. If you want to see “that” performance then you need to see that school more.

    However, that doesn’t matter that much to me. I wanted to see a human interest story on what was happening at Duarte, Bassett, or even Workman. A great piece on one of those schools…might just win you an award.

    I am a Bonita homer, that’s a fact, I am not an insider as I do not prowl the sidelines of practice or even have the pleasure of attending all the games. What I do is follow Bearcat sports rabidly and this has been an outlet to follow them. I’ve enjoyed the intellectual sparring all of us have had with each other.

    So in the end thank you everyone. Next season for the Bearcats looks to be tough, but for as many great players that are leaving there are many that are returning and coming up.

  • david rivera

    well if santa can bring anything to the wilson football program and the parents please bring us a new coaching staff. i am begging you,please please please

  • Dan

    Your unbeatable CH team lost to Claremont when Claremont was without their best player, Bonita smashed Claremont 42 to 20 with their best player, I don’t much stock in comparative scores but here I’m showing that anything can happen in a game. Your making Chino Hills out to be some unbeatable juggernaut, they were very good, so was Amat, so was Bonita, so was West Covina. By the way if you had seen the WC SH game you would have known the score was 42 to 14 when WC pulled their starters after three quarters, WC would have put 50 or 60 on them if they play their starters the whole game, it was the same kind of dismantling that CH gave them.

    Bonita played an outstanding game that night and played good enough to win that game. WC played a pretty bad game and still came out on top of a very good Bonita team, remember we had 4 turnovers that night and a ton of penalties, the two personal foul and the offside penalties gave them 35 yards on the drive where they scored their last touchdown. If those turnovers don’t happen the game may not have been as close but credit to Bonita defense and their coaches for those line drive kickoffs and fumble recoveries. Six turnovers killed us against Covina, anytime a team doesn’t take care of the ball like that they can lose to anybody. You bring up Charter Oak not being in our division
    but they would not have mattered anyway, Bonita and WC still would have been the teams in the finals, CO was not as good this year, WC would have ran through them and Bonita would have passed all over them. Humility does go a long way, but in most cases WC posters are responding to other jealous posters who come in
    here to tarnish WC’s accomplishments.

  • Colt74

    Just a simple question. Which would you rather have. Your team wearing a CIF Championship ring or being in someones top 25?
    That’s what I thought……

  • AMAT 73

    As I have said many times, the only ranking that matters is the number one CIF ranking at the end of the season. I’LL TAKE THE RING. Can’t speak for CH but for the Lancers it’s all about the title.

  • Colt74

    The best and worst of the 2010 football season

    The BEST

    Bishop Amat at 9-0 and the Blue and Gold faithful out in force on the blog enjoying life.

    Azusa undefeated and Aztec Pride grinning ear to ear.

    Hearing cousins teeth chattering from 40 yards away
    and the famous ” I can’t feel my fingers “.

    West Covina and Bonita playing one of the BEST games anyone could ever ask to watch.

    Monrovia drought ending

    Chino Hills scoring on CC first

    Fred and Aram disagreeing on 2 minutes

    kh when he gets going

    The WORST :


  • kh

    fred thanks for being the man that lets us parents bring it to the blog.

  • The State of Football in the Heights

    David Riveras comments about the Asian community and the coaching staff are valid points. The Asian community doesnt support the football program and the Asian principal doesnt support the football program and that is why Wilson cant draw in a quality coaching staff. With the level of talent at Wilson and a quality coaching staff this team would have made some noise this year. The staff didnt make the correct moves so now this program is most likely going into go a downward spin similar Los Altos. The administration can jump start the program with a quality replacement. This is a similar move to Los Altoss with the hiring of Arellanes but we all saw what happen with that move.

    This coaching staff is under heavy scrutiny and I doubt it will survive the off season. Parents were very upset with the direction this staff took last year and the results; talk of transfer was running ramped. That is talk, the big step is actually making the move, and you will think that isnt going to happen. Look at the state of the Wilson program and the similar situation Los Altos has gone through leads me to believe that if this staffs does return some players will transfer out. If you have a new staff and damage control is implemented then the mass exist may be terminated. Otherwise I see some key players transferring out of Wilson.

    The only clear advantage this program has over Los Altos is any local football player has to realize that Los Altos in the Hacienda League has no chance at competing. Wilson in the Valley Vista League with the talent in the Heights does a valid chance of competing with a quality coaching staff. At this time neither program has a quality coaching staff, but clearly Wilson has superior talent over Los Altos. This could chance If the school administration doesnt make the right moves and soon.

    Football Jones sounds like Zavala’s dad, he must be related to Zavala. This complete football season I have only heard two parents support Zavala, both are females and know nothing about football. I have been in those stands and those comments came from the 50, 40, 30, 20 and 10 yard line.

  • Dbarlover

    Your list of surprising players should have included Henry Omana of Diamond Bar at QB. When the coaching staff finally let him play he was phenomenal, especially looking at the talent, or lack there of, he had surrounding him. That comeback win over Rowland was his signature moment. The interesting thing to watch will be to see if he plays football his senior team with a worse supporting cast than he had this year or does he concentrate on baseball only with USC recruiting him…

  • Ro

    West Covina is trying to look brave and take on a Pac 5 school next year ,but come on they are playing Loyola who had a bad record this year and is losing one of the best running backs in the southland Jared Baker. Amat will be the best team in the valley next year and lose in the Semis.alemany and crespi are both losing great players and wont be as strong. mission viejo,tesoro,servite and long beach poly will be great.

  • SGV

    Biggest disappointments

    1. South Hills: Losing to West Covina shouldnt happen coach Bogan.
    2. Rowland: Michael Ball?
    3. Glendora: Chad Jeffries? No more miracle plays?

  • Love the Gridiron

    To Colt74:

    You know what your D-7 ring makes you…. it makes you ” The Best of the Worst” Congrats !!

  • Colt74

    Love the Gridiron,

    You know what a D-7 ring makes you?

    Bitter and Jealous

  • Love the Gridiron

    To Colt74:

    “BEST OF THE WORST” if it weren’t true you wouldn’t keep replying. Be happy with it, we all can’t say we are “BEST OF THE WORST”. Merry Christmas….

  • david rivera

    and one other thing i would like to say,mrs paul who is the principle at wilson as no integrity at all letting this football stay the same again next year. she knows darn well what going on with the illegal actvity with this football program and does nothing in reponse to the program. she has no integrity at all at wilson.

  • Wildcat

    I heard that two key players transferred out last friday.

  • Done w/ it!!!!

    Let me start by saying that the Principal and AD @ Wilson are a joke.. no support for the football program or for the coaching staff. If she wants Zavala out, just fire the guy n quit the b/s.. The key player that transferred out last Fri is Schreiman, not to be a jerk but he’s not a key to anything…all u bloggers come in here a trash the staff, but really what do u know bout football??? U guys r a bunch of dads that never saw the field in high school and now feel that can coach from the stands, not to mention the example u r setting 4 ur kids by screaming from the stands like drunken fools its priceless… just so u know, wilson will not be able to get a quality staff, 4 the simple fact that there’s no talent in that school, it dosnt matter weather the parents think they’re kid is an all valley, u guys r blind. he might be the best player @ wilson, but that doesnt mean much… one last thing to u parents,and Ms. Paul, all the varsity kids were academically eligible.. Im outs!!!!!

  • Wildcat

    If Schreiman did transfer out then Wilson is done next year. Moe is gone and the running game is gone with him. We have multi quality recievers but Morales is clearly a wildcat quarterback only, very weak passing qb. If Schreiman did transfer out more will follow in June. Where did he transfer to?

  • 12th man

    Enough Already!!!…This Wilson/ Los Altos stuff is borring!!! Who Cares????????????????

  • State of Wilson Football

    12th Man,

    Well I guess enough people to keep this conversation going, so deal with it or move on.

  • State of Wilson Football

    If Schreiman is gone so goes the offense next year. The coaching staff finally decided to go with Schreiman, then he leaves. Can’t blame the kid he got screwed by this staff. This team will have no chance of making the payoffs without him.

  • Catzzz

    One player does not make a team. If Wilson can play some defense, then there will always be a chance for wins next year. Whether you liked the QB choice last year, or not, Wilson still put up enough points to win most of their games. It was the defense that let them down all season.

  • Wilson

    Last years team had Moe Vega, yes we can beat a dead horse about what we could have done last year, but that is done and over we do need to move on.

    With the returning players on the offensive side of the ball we are going to have some major issues scoring against the quality teams. I am basing that on what happen this season. Don’t know how else to say it but Morales doesn’t step up in the big games.

    The defensive was a major issue last season and will be less talent next season. I don’t see this team even going 4-6 next season with this coaching staff.

  • walnutmvp


    You know Henry as we all do. Henry has always been a standout teammate/player with the best attitude on and off the field. A humble gentle GIANT with the the best qualities you want in a young man. You say USC is the ONLY school recruiting him hahaha ONLY USC thats not bad. ONLY USC. I wish my son was ONLY being recruited by USC one of the best recognized schools in the Nation. Come next year his phone will be ringing off the hook. Keep it up O Henry and the best of luck to you, mom/dad and brothers. Walnuter’s and Diamond Bar parents respect and love the Omana’s

  • What?

    How Fred?
    How can you say the Azusa Village was an upset? If you knew anything about football you would have known that Azusa played nobody all year and they really were over-rated. Azusa played schools that were terrible.

    The only thing good the Azusa football staff does over there is schedule cupcakes. Well guess what that does not pay off in the playoffs!


  • reality

    Obviously Wilson people or person are hijacking this blog to promote personel agendas. While trying to make the school look inept they ruin the other readers enjoyment of this blog. That is the worst part of 2010, these anonomous cowards that throw rocks from behind the safety of their computers and offer zero insight except for their tired vitriol.





  • david rivera

    well if schreiman did transfer out of wilson then good for him. this program is discusting to say the least. wilson couldnt even compete in the montview league under this coaching staff. so if schreiman did leave then you have my blessings and good luck to you next year. i just hope he transfered to another valle vista team so he can shove it in zavala and williams face

  • david rivera

    well if schreiman did transfer out of wilson then good for him. this program is discusting to say the least. wilson couldnt even compete in the montview league under this coaching staff. so if schreiman did leave then you have my blessings and good luck to you next year. i just hope he transfered to another valle vista team so he can shove it in zavala and williams face

  • 12th man

    State of wilson football,
    Its no wonder your program is in a state of shamples… It starts with the parents.. If you guys cant appreciate what the coaches are doing..then dont go to the game!! Its real easy to point the finger & start the blame game whenever your school starts losing..but the reality of it is that the coaches are doing the best they can with the amount of talent they have..Instead of bashing the coaching guys should get your lazy ass off the computer go get some coaching lessons & try to figure out how you can help the staff…Very immature how some of the adults are reacting and making a negative situation worse all you guys are doing is creating chaos..But if thats the only way you know how to handle things.. well hey!! “To each his own” Not to mention its funny & entertaining to see you all fight lol..

  • Man UP Wilson Parents

    You seem to be the biggest know it alls and jerks at the same time i have ever read on here. Well lets make this real simple. Why dont you get off your ass’ and go apply to be a coach at Wilson and make your great adjustments and call your great plays. And teach zavala and williams how its suppost to be done. Oh wait thats right you probably dont know s*** about football. And never got passed high school as a player. But if you some how did! Then man up and go do something go coach or do something. Just shut up here! You sound like a bitter parents with a sorry kid that can’t play. But i dont know why i just asked you to do something that makes sense, Considering you jackass’ havent made sense all season!

  • Catzz

    12th man

    “you guys should get your lazy ass off the computer go get some coaching lessons & try to figure out how you can help the staff”.

    Yea right, Buddy. Like that’s exactly what any coaching staff wants. A bunch of parents coming out to the practices trying to tell them what they think, they’re doing wrong. NOT

    Unless you know what’s really going on behind the scenes at Wilson, don’t go blog bashing on people’s posts. The coaching staff’s lies, broken promises, recruiting violations, bad role model behavior, etc, etc… And, I could go on at length, but you get some of the picture.

  • State of Wilson Football

    12th man,

    “but the reality of it is that the coaches are doing the best they can with the amount of talent they have”

    More like,

    “but the reality of it is that the coaches are doing the best they can with the amount of coaching knowledge they have”

    That is were the real issue is, most parents wouldn’t be upset with the young staff if they attempted to improve. But no, what this staff does is exactly what you are doing blaming it on the players. Not once have they taken responsibilty for a negative event. They always blame it on the players, and yes as a parent I am going to defend our kids. To bad we have to defend them from our own coaches, and to bad we have to defend them on this blog since the staff have no clue what it takes to communicate with the players and their parents. That is also why the majority of the Wilson parent’s will support Schreiman transferring out, because if it was my child that went through what Zavala and staff had put him through I would have done the same.

  • 12th man


  • The State of Football in the Heights

    12th boy,

    EXACTLY we care …..

  • anomymous fan

    12th man – Are you a R.R relative or something, FYI – I was at all the last two years when your son, nephew, cousin, RR was in the secondary and he was NOT the savior of the long ball and he sure as hell did not live for the contact. He was a solid player but definately a better receiver than Safety. Amat needs to leave RR at QB and let him air it out more next year. Talk about defensive nightmares. With our returning ground game, QB run threat and the ability to air it out we will be a force next season. One year from now my youngest will hopefully don the Blue and Gold and I can’t wait! Go Big Blue!

  • Huskies

    WC stop it already! CH is 5 levels above WC for a reason, and not just in divisions either, in game play as well. WC at their best vs CH at their best? CH 38 – WC 10. I’m giving you that FG and TD late in the 4th quarter just, because you have one player that is faster than our whole team. That’s about it though, he brakes one and that’s all u get!

  • david rivera

    hey wilson parent wake up and smell the roses. the wilson program is terrible and getting worse every year although nobody tops hoyd. im tired of certain parents sugar coating zavala and his staff telling all of us that there doing there best. this is about competing with teams in your league not about loosing by 37 points per game in league.and to top it off the VALLE VISTA LEAGUE which is a embarassment to go 1 and 7 in league. so stop the bs and tell it like it is ok

  • What?

    Aztec Pride
    I was at the game. And yes I can agree with you that Azusa should have won that game but they didn’t and you know why the coaching cost them that game!

    Yes the coaching! Are you kidding me a fake punt on your own 25 with less than 4 min to play and the score tied in the 4th. Punt the ball and give your kids a chance to win. That was not the only call I question but the Major call!

    Why would you fake a punt in that situation? Can you give me one good reason?

    And yes I know your excuse is the refs were terrible and yes there were some bad calls like the PI on the 2 point conversion but you still had a chance to stop the next 2 pt play.

    When you are playing against Village and the refs the best thing your coaching staff can do is rally the team not put your team in a bad situation so yes I feel sorry for that team because we will never know if they were any good because one and done in the playoffs tells me they were overrated!

    Your coaching staff cost us a chance to see if they were any good because of stupid calls. When your team is playing against Village, the refs and their own coaching staff what did you think was going to happen? They were bound to lose!


    WHAT?, QUESTION ARE YOU A FAN FOR AZUSA , or you just a Montview league supporter? I believe you’re not from AZUSA.

    Come on (WHAT), LOOK what happened to Covina and what they lost in the second round also. IF AZUSA would have drawn La Canada in the first round, they would have definitely won and moved on. AZUSA was flat that night and you can sense they thought they were just going to win easily.

    I don’t believe AZUSA’S defense had faced a team that big, and yes they were a lot BIGGER than AZUSA!! I’m not going to lie and say AZUSA’S defense WAS STOPPING their running back and their QB, BECAUSE FOE AWHILE THIER they were running threw AZUSA. BUT… AZUSA DID STOP THEM ON A KEY DRIVE WHEN IT COUNTED, when VC had a 3RD and long and a defensive player hit the ball carrier and he fumbled the ball that went forward for a first down. IF… AZUSA recovers that Ball, we WOULD HAVE WON, PERIOD!

    I’ll agree with you on some of those questionable calls, but I will not bad mouth any of those coaches. What they’ve accommplished so far has this entire CITY thinking about FOOTBALL, WHICH IS GREAT FOR THE CITY!

    Come on we could be LIKE THESE WILSON FANS who are pissed off!

    (What), you were pretty hard on your comments, ON STATING AZUSA plays HORRIBLE teams,and a cup cake schedule. Come is it AZUSA’S fault for blowing out these teams, and what last year Bell Garden BLOWS out AZUSA and barely beats Ontario Chritian, who REACHES THE FINAL CIF GAME LAST YEAR!!! LOOK WHAT AZUSA does to them this year and BLOWS THEM OUT!!! I believe the only way AZUSA can get out of the Montview League is by winning CIF several times like Charter Oak did and look what happened to them this year.

    I believe AZUSA won’t be playing those two teams again and Coach Scherf has a new contract with some stronger schools for the comimg season!

    WHAT, i’ll end with this. AZUSA has doesn’t have to be ASHAMED of nothing and owes no apologies to anybody and YOU, beacause what they’ve accommplished for last three years in a row has been an incredible run so far! Winning their LEAGUE three years in a row, AND NOMINATED #1 SEED IN THE SGV means SOMEBODY is doing something right, and YES KNOWS… FOOTBALL!



  • 12th man

    anomymous fan,
    No ties to RR or BA..I just call them like i see them…Im just saying in order to give yourself a chance to win you have to put in your most athletic player in there to come up with the big plays..I shouldnt have to explain to you the dynamics of the game & how its played its apparent you dont have a clue on how real football is supposed to be played..with the different schemes & formations teams come up with on offense im sure coach Hags will make the neccessary adjustments to prevent the big plays from happening..(this includes putting RR in on defense) if you dont think its possible??? let me remind you that coach put in RR for three plays rite before the half to prevent the big play from happening against Tesoro..Hmmmmmmm! Do you think perhaps this was coincidental???? “NOT” all the good coaches in the pac5 put in there biggest playmakers to go both dont have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out..Vernon Adams QB from Alemany played safety during the playoffs..Trey Madden QB from Mission Viejo was the starting LB on defense..Its not uncommon to see your best athlete to go both ways..Sorry to burst your bubble but thats exactly whats going to happen in 2011 for the simple reason Amat will have a young defense & will need a Senior team leader to guide them..just like when they made the switch to put in WG to punt & it wasnt because the coach read my was because it was the logical thing to do..coaches aren’t dumb…although i do sometimes think they coach little to conservative instead of going for the jugular.. but hey!!Different teams have different styles…Amat likes to play with class & not run up the score on anyone..I can respect that..So look for a lot of changes on defense in 2011 as far as defensive schemes..with a young defense your probbably going to see less blitzing & more coverage in the secondary until the team gels together..

  • State of Wilson Football

    So I figured you would delete it Fred, everytime you non-wilson bloggers want proof, and we give it, FRED deletes it. Fred why don’t you do your job and investigate to find out if it is true. Parent’s talk about the lies, broken promises, and bad examples you then ask for proof we give it and Fred deletes it.

    Of course if you make the call to the school you know they are going to cover it up, just like the LA Wilson incident last year. That was the biggest coverup every. Fred I have to say you were a huge part of it, to print what Felipe said and didn’t even really attempt to investigate what really happen is a joke, do your job.

  • The Mid Valley Informant

    Hey David Rivera,

    Zavala isn’t going anywhere so get over it. The Admin. really doesn’t care about wins/losses. Merrill is back to baby-sit so you know Zavala ain’t going anywhere. There isn’t any talent there. Zavala, or if for some reason he does get fired …..the new coach, needs to build from the freshman class up. Zavala screwed up by not doing that in the 1st place. Their lower levels are absolutely HORRIBLE!

  • ST G54

    best agony of defeat shot ?

    Was that really necessary? SMH..







  • Wilson

    OK Coach

    So you called Fred again ……

  • Question

    so where did schriemen transfer to?

  • Trojan Man

    WOW !
    On that last drive Bonita #33 had a chance to END IT with a pick six ! He’ll have to live with that one FOREVER ! Even if he doesnt go all the way , the possesion ALONE wins the GAME !

    Fight On

  • FBFan

    Good job pointing out the obvious there Trojan Man. I’m sure #33 has thought about that play enough and is probably something he has thought about everyday since that game, but you go ahead and point that out a little bit more.

  • Trojan Man

    Sorry NOT trying to make it a personal thing…

  • Wildcat

    Schreiman transfered to Pomona huge loss.

  • Catzzz

    He’s taking a chance that Wilson won’t try, and pull the “athletically motivated” challenge on his transfer (or any other footballers who transfer in the coming months). But, seeing as how the Wilson Principle is so apathetic towards the football program, he’ll probably be okay.

  • kh

    dont put that crap on # 33
    kid played the whole season .
    was a hugh part as the whole team of bonta was and still is,
    last season was air lifted off field with dislocated hip,so to even be on the field in the cghampionship game bro.where was your kid that night or you that night ,,,hopefully watching one of the valleys best hard fought games,,,
    a introceptions is a turn-over my friend,not a gimme,it was alot harder play then dropping some wr out pass,first he his to defend the run,second pass option,they spep in front of wr then make the play,was it his fault on the holding play before that,or why was there a hugh hole straight up the middle,the next two straight plays.
    why did the punters punt get block,bad line or bad punter???????
    why didnt we have are games leading rusher on the field for the 4th quarter..
    come on theres 10 what ifs in every game,stop trying to down play the game..

  • david rivera

    i just hope us parents at wilson would just please pray that we get a new coaching staff soon because another season could lead to real frusation and alot of trash talking again. zavala is really a descent human being and a believer in god so i have to take my hat off to him for that but coaching football there is some work that needs to be done. and loosing schreiman has just made this program even worse next year. i know alot of people like morales but his passing skills need alot of work. just running the ball aint going to get it done


    Do your thing schrimoantor your a champ kid. Good luck!!! Big Unk

  • What?

    Aztec Pride

    You still never answered my question, why call a fake punt back up on your own side of the field with less tha 4 min to play and the scored tied?

    You have not answered because even you, who I assume are not a coach, can give a good answer because it was a STUPID call. Your coaches cost your kids the game! I feel sorry for those players because now they are being called overrated because if you lose in the 1st round to an at large team I have to agree they were not really good they just played a CUPCAKE schedule!

    Which leads to my main point, you played nobody all year and it cost you. The first time you are challenged you folded. Your players folded (you said they came out flat, this was the playoffs how do you come out flat?) and your coaches could not handle the pressure of a close game and made some dumb calls. The playoffs are not the montview league you can not do stupid things and expect to win. And no Ontario Christian is not a tough team they are 2 divisions below the Midvalley division. And yes they were in the finals last year (BUT LOST 2 DIVISIONS BELOW AZUSA) but they graduate people this was not the same team as last year. They were 4 and 6 this year. Look out!! Yes I know they can not control their league schedule but they can prepare their team in the preseason by playing somebody tough. At least this could prepare their coaches not to choke in playoff games.

    Azusa will never get another #1 seed because 10 and 1 will not get it done! What did that number 1 seed get you nothing because seeds mean nothing it is what you do on the field!

    As for Covina they lost to the team that went to the finals who was a league Champion. Azusa lost to an At Large team. Why do you say they should have played La Canada? You have play somebody sometime that is a weak excuse! Now you want a soft playoff schedule to go with your soft season schedule?

    Oh no 3 Montview League titles means nothing. If this is the coaches, parents, and city’s goal for the program no wonder why people make a joke of the Azusa Football Program. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the goal to win a CIF Title? If your goals are a league title in the montview league what a joke that should be a given! By the way a patch (meaning a league title) is temporary and a ring (meaning a CIF title) is forever!!

    You make me laugh comparing Azusa to Charter Oak, They have a CIF title or two LMAO. Azusa has to get out of the 1st round to win a CIF title. What a comparsion. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! LMAO!!! That is close, I got an idea how about Azusa playing Charter Oak, or maybe Glendora, or maybe West Covina. That will prepare them for the playoffs!!! Or it might give them flash backs to a mid Nov. evening!!

  • Middy

    Pomona?????? WHo in their right mind transfers to Pomona? Parents should be shot. You have Walnut and Diamond Bar right there that are quality schools with cheap housing. Hell if he wants his kid to play, send him to Bassett, he could be a god their.

  • Catzzz


    Athletes, athletes, and more athletes. And, obviously by the Colony transfers from last season, the head coach knows how to push the envelope on bringing them in.

  • Coach

    Schreiman glad for you, you needed to get out of this mess. Coach Zavala and Coach Williams done you TOTALLY WRONG this season, now they are going to pay for it when they play Pomona.

    Wish You the Best


  • Dan

    Division levels have little bearing on what a team can do on the field, both WC and Bonita proved that when they were dominant against one of the teams that beat you. Since WC and CH didn’t play each other, your claim or my claim means zero, 38 to 10? your dreaming.

  • david rivera

    hey middy, what planet are you from. a quarterbacks dream is to surround himself with atheletes preferrably black athelets so going to pomona is a dream to a qb reguardless of how bad this school is. or would you prefer a qb going to a school that has nothing but asians. yey right?

  • kh

    i kind of miss the amat nation,
    so amat win something so fred can come out and screen play,,,,
    this wilson crowd sucks,they havent done anything in years,that i can remember.
    great good after the coach,
    look in minor and you will see your problems.
    its you ,no have zero talent to bring to the table.out

  • NotSince1995

    C’mon kh,

    BishopNation hasn’t won anything since 1995…! Hell, even Monrovia is a Champion now! Congratulations Monrovia!

    This 16 year old drought isn’t ending anytime soon either…It’s Hard…It’s Hard…!

    With all do respect to the people of the fine city of La Puente, kh, Can you say LaPuente Dust Bowl…?

    Not in 2011 Either…

  • Wildcat


    Did you see any of our games, all you non wilson bloggers are talking out of your a@@. Your on this blog complaining about a staff that took your team to the finals, please go back to your bottle.

    Our issues have to do with lots more than wins and losses. If we post the details Fred will delete the comment.

  • Middy

    Rivera….You are funny, you sure don’t sugarcoat anything. 1) Pomona can’t even make the playoffs. 2) THere are other QUALITY schools that have BLACK athletes that give a quality education. Walnut. Hell, drive back over the hill an go to La Habra. Oh wait, he wouldn’t play there. In fact he wouldn’t play anywhere in OC that is why he is looking in the Valley Vista of all places. You want great QB coaches, Podley at Bonita has always done a fine job. Pomona, Funny. Might as well go to Garey then. At least they make the playoffs in a big time division.

  • An amazing post, I just passed this onto a university student who was doing a little research on that. And he in fact bought me breakfast because I discovered it for him… :). So let me reword that: Thank you for the treat! But yeah Thankx for taking the time to talk about this, I feel strongly about it and enjoy learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me. Big thumb up for this share!

  • Wildcat

    Middy just maybe he is transferring to Pomona because that is where he is moving. One thing is for sure football wise Pomona is a much better situation than he has here at Wilson. My guess is the coaching staff knew he wanted to transfer out since they already committed to Schreiman as the starting qb next season. They have to also realize that their word doesn’t mean much to the Wilson parents and players.

  • Dan

    Great post at 5:48 Dec.27, when I first saw
    some of these posters calling the dropped interception a sure thing or a gimmie all I could think was this person has no clue, lots of things happening at full speed on that play, the kid played a great game.

  • david rivera

    hey middy, why not stay in the valle vista league and shove it in the wilson coaches faces when they play eachother next year. i will tell you what if that was my son who was promise the starting job last year i would take him out of that program no questions ask. and besides wilson got there qb for next year in morales so no harm no foul right. plus the offensive line at wilson next year is going to be horrible.


    WHAT, i know YOU have been waiting anxiously with anticipation. LOL… No time today to write back to your LMAO AZZ off little insignifgant message of your FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE!

    I will say this though, please read my message again what I meant about AZUSA and Charter Oak, AND i’m not comparing the two teams, so please read it real slowly again!


    YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE COACH TO KNOW THAT, (WHAT)! YOU SAID THE COACHES LOST THE GAME.WELL, I never seen any coaches on the field playing my friend!




  • Get A Life ……


    Three times champ or chump?

    If you guys go 10-0 and loss in the first round of the playoff what message does that send. Weak team, soft pre-season schedule and softer league. Until you beat a real team, don’t be pounding that chest. So far all your Azetec’s have proven is that you can lose to the quality teams. Until you win a few of those you haven’t proven nothing….

  • Get A Life ……

    By the way Fred why do you post a comment leave it up for hours sometimes days and then decide to delete it. Some of these comments make no sense why you are deleting them. You guys need to be just a litle more consistant.

  • Middy

    David Rivera…. I see your point. I just figured if the kid was “legit” he would go to a good program. If he was a serious student, he would go to a better school is all. But as for shoving it in Wilson’s face, I agree. Why are you so concerned about Wilson unless you have a kid there? You say Zavala is a good guy but horrible coach. Go offer your support and coach up the freshmen team. If you know Wilson like you appear to, then you know he isn’t going anywhere and it seems like this blog is just a place for you to vent your frustration.

  • Wilson


    I do know Wilson, and to say Zavala isnt going anywhere is so far from the truth. At this point I would be very surprised to see Zavala as the head coach of Wilson next season. I am privy to what is going on over at Wilson. Coaches stepping down gave Zavala a few months, the school and district isnt even close to done with this. Personally I am shocked with the next step that they are currently taking. The school and now the district have made it very clear they want him out as a coach and a teacher. These extraordinary measures are due to the teachers union protecting Zavala. Even if the teachers union protects him from getting fired, they cant protect his coaching position.







  • What?

    Aztec Pride

    Then you agree the coaches cost Azusa the game! Thank you. That is all I was saying. I went to the game to check out Azusa since they were getting so much ink, but I was not impressed with the coaching at all!

    The kids played decent but you could tell the coaching cost them! I do know a little about football and what I saw was bad coaching! SO Village was little bigger up front Azusa was faster and way more athletic. More athletic than I expected. I felt really bad for those players because they lost due to coaching they out played Village but when your coaches do not put the players in a spot to be successful then it is the coaches fault!

  • Middy

    Hey Wilson, don’t see Zavala leaving. All they have to do is let him go, he is temporary contract. Also, why are they keeping Merrill around to baby-sit? He’s not going. Also, what did he do that was so wrong except be a bad football coach and surround himself with really bad football coaches? Rivera says he is a good guy.

    They really don’t care about football over at Wilson and yes, there really isn’t any talent over there either. Just because kids like football doesn’t mean they are good football players.

    If Zavala does get fired, doubt it, they need to hire a character guy who at least tries to do things the right way. I don’t think you guys should question the system, but rather is the man coaching football the right way.

  • SGV


    Why so bitter ole’ boy? Where is your Alma Mater if you dont mind me asking?

    lets talk,

    we can exchange numbers or hold a meeting and talk this over because it seems to me that you hold a very steady grudge upon a fine football program that does to the best of its ability to righteously represent the San Gabriel Valley, just like the other area teams. Bishop Amat has always been in the run to try and reach the Championship title, which correctly speaking they havent achieved since Ralph Brown (Arizona Cardinals) and Brian Russell (Seattle Seahawks) were attending Bishop Amat Memorial High School.

    Where is this anger rooted from? I sincerely hope that you can provide reasonable response, with all due respect.

    When youre ready,


  • cali912

    I don’t remember who said it on these comments but I still don’t see La Puente taking league next year at all!!! We still have our returning football players for next year, I could see a close game but never league until a couple of years.

    Uggghh… Azusa, had that game.
    But it’s okay, the Mid-Valley totally messed up on the rankings,
    and two….
    the schools listed on the rankings should have not been in that section of CIF at all!!!

  • Wilson


    First I will address the temporary status as you put it. Zavala is protected by the teachers union which he is a member of. If he wasnt in the union California is what is called At will employment. So not sure at all where you are getting that temporary status from.

    Now what has he done wrong, CIF violation, Illegal recruiting last summer suspended game one this year. That is where it started, once again if post the ongoing issues that are being investigated Fred will delete the comment. I will say that the school district is involved and they have hired an outside source to validate these violations.

    Based on your comments I can only assume that you are involved with the coaching staff. No one involved with the Wilson Football program believes this staff will return and the only people commenting that they will are the coaching staff. You need to realize Ms. Paul needs no proof to fire Zavala as a head coach, if she can’t fire him as a teacher, she still can fire him as a head coach. Just the last incident that school administration was made aware of three weeks ago is enough cause to remove him from his head coach position.

  • Wildcat

    Wilson. Don’t know what zavala did 3 weeks ago. Can u fill us in? U r obviously an insider.

  • Wildcat

    Just about everyone on the team knows zavala, with other coaches and some of the players got caught using chewing ??????????

  • Wilson

    Using Chewing Tobacco while lifting in the weight room at Wilson

  • Dealer

    Deal with it

    If you think Bishop Amat or Chino Hills would have lost to Covina, you live in an entirely different high school football reality.

  • Dealer

    Deal with it

    If you think Bishop Amat or Chino Hills would have lost to Covina, you live in an entirely different high school football reality.

  • Dealer

    Mike, The Observer

    In its entire history, Maxpreps has never featured another squad in the San Gabriel Valley on their national front page. Give Amat credit where credit is due. This is at the national level which you and others have such a hard time grasping and accepting.

    Your homework assignment for tonight is to count the number of high schools in America. Once you are done counting, I’m sure a part of you will begin to realize what an honor that was and why Fred & company spend so much time on BA football.

    Or….you can simply go to a home game at Keifer and see for yourself. I guarantee you, it’s like nothing you have ever witnessed at the high school level outside of Texas or Ohio.

  • Middy

    Wilson…If he got caught chewing, then he is a true Moron. He has Merrill there babysitting him and does that crap. I knew he did that stuff but on campus???? That justifies everything I ever felt and said about the man. Not smart.

    David Rivera…. if this is true, he might be a good guy but your head coach needs to lead by example and this guy is an absolute CLOWN. An assistant who needs to be on a lease and told what is right and wrong.

  • Middy

    Hey wilson, that is pretty bad if he was chewing. He knows he is under the radar and to do something like that especially being baby-sat is pain STUPID. That confirms my ideas that he isn’t very bright.

    Head coach needs to be a role model. You can’t do that stuff in high school. It isn’t the 60s anymore on the plains of Nebraska.

    We will see if he gets the boot. THis should make David Rivera pretty happy. THis could solidify his removal. Better make a decision soon so the new guy gets a chance to start building. Still next year will be a wash because you really can’t get much done until summer with the old staff hanging around and influencing the kids.

    Prediction for 2011 no matter who coach is; 2-8. Need to build that place from ground up. Someone will have to come in and roll their sleeves up.

  • david rivera

    hey middy i never said is was a smart man just a good guy. and your telling me 2 and 8 next year. your dreaming i think 0 and 10. with schreiman leaving dont think nelson is staying with his senior season approaching next year. you think hes going to get looks with morales at qb. hey nelson you better get the hell out of there too if you think your ever going to play in college. just a really bad situation approaching wilson next year. and as a fan and a parent i am really sick to my stomach right now

  • Middy

    David Rivera,

    Well 2-8 assuming they fire Zavala and get a good coach. Nelson going D1??? Now that is a JOKE. Guy never touched a weight in his life and dropped balls.

    I can easily see 0-10 however, just giving benefit of doubt. I haven’t heard of any of Zavala’s assistants stepping down though. Let me know how the banquet goes.

  • Wilson


    Banzete and Estrada both stepped down.

  • saladays

    Football Jones,

    There is such a thing as a bad coach. You defended Felipe Aguilar at L.A. We told you he was a bad coach. He goes to Rowland as quarterbacks coach and all of a sudden Michael Ball isn’t good anymore. Put two and two together. It doesn’t mean he is a bad guy just a bad coach.

    Harry Welch = great coach
    Bob Ladoucer = great coach
    Butch Goncharoff = great coach
    J. T. Curtis = great coach

    Podley = good coach
    Haggerty = good coach
    Ancich = good coach
    Maggiore = good coach
    Mazzotta = good coach

    Morrison = bad coach
    Schref = bad coach
    Bogan = bad coach
    Gano = bad coach
    Aguilar = bad coach

    Hoyd = Awful coach
    Zavala = Awful coach
    Arellanes = Awful coach
    Crutchfield = Awful coach

    The aren’t any local great coaches. But many good ones. And why are so many awful ones ending up in Hacienda Heights.

  • Wilson


    I agree with most of your evaluation, but clearly Hoyd is the worse of the worse.

  • The real deal

    The real deal over at Wilson is simple.
    1. Zavala is safe for now. He took his lumps. Had some bad press from 4 parents on the blogs. Admin. did not bring Merrill to babysit Zavala it was to help the new A.D. fix all the mistakes hes made with the other programs. Also Zavala nor any the coaches were caught chewing. It was a player on the team. And the player placed the blame on the coaches.
    Also the so called “Investigation”, not gonna happen, what ever happened you really think people are gonna talk. This isn’t a police or FBI case get real!
    2. The qb7 did transfer, he wasnt gonna play over the 12 kid and his father knew it and transfered. Besides the Admin was also pushing them out the door. Smart move by the dad. To get out while he can get his boy to a team and play. No returning qb at Pomona. Good talent!
    3. The coaches that left the program left to coach at different schools. Nothing to due with the b.s. at the school. Just better schools with football traditions and admin that backs the football team not tear it down.
    4. The OC isn’t leaving either, heard he was next. He’s staying from what i hear.
    5. The kids that are thinking of transfering. Well good luck due to all the parents airing their business none of them are gonna be granted clearance by CIF. Remeber the South Hills/Duarte problem with the RB’s. Denied cause of the info that was posted on her. Besides pretty sure Wilson would block any transfers anyways.
    6. There are NO D1 kids on this team. Trust ive seen them play. I played D1 and none of these kids are there. 3 and 22 have potential. But neither make enough plays. And dont say it was the offense fault. or the other qb cant throw. D1 kids make plays all over the feild. On both sides of the ball. I didnt see those kids return kicks or play lights out on Def. And on Off. They ran sloppy routes and dropped balls. If they wanna go D1 they need to hit the weights and play all over the feild.
    7. And final, You parents need to drop it and move on! I started following this team 2 years ago. And man you parents have been the worst ive ever seen in the stands and on here. Grow up and your kids will follow.
    And that the Real Deal!
    P.s. I am not a coach. Like you I have family in the program and want to see them get better and hopefully they will!

  • kh

    dude breshing local coaches is so uncool.
    Morrisson,took a job nobody had the balls to do coach workman, after leaving demein,
    thats a stud coach,
    please now talking trash about Gano,
    ive met Gano a few times ,hes a up standing type of man,what you are is alittle piss ant,
    coach Morrisson is so what a friend i what say in passing,our boys played together down on the farm football games,his wife fills the spot of a stud wife,husband coaching long hour wee into the night and she being the athleteic mother,picking dropping off home work.there a team.workman will be a team,no matter what the record says.
    dont forget damein players for the next season are still Morrisson kids he molded,now Gano gets to pholish.
    for you to name all these coaches like any of us give a rats ass,
    get some help.find a basketball league or softball co-ed team,man you need to slam some brewskis with you teammate and then,see what it really means to coach a bunch of idioits like yourself.
    i take it back,drink gatorade,less chance of killing our children behind the wheel.
    i love all the coaches,dont have to agree with them,but respect what they are trying to do.teach are kids right from wrong,
    salabait,its not are fault you picked water polo and the coach made yopu wear the wrong size speedooosss,oocchhhsss.male camel toe,gross.reverse dental foss,dame
    not all coaches are like your old one….

  • NotSince1995


    I’ll be your huckleberry…!

    You must be new to my readings, so let me bring you up to speed. The little guys from the BishopNation football program have nothing to do with what I bring here. They are just the byproduct of an environment that teaches a destructive and irresponsible ideology that is driven by a sort of “cast” mentality in a “we are better than you” sort of way.

    SGV, “a fine football program that does to the best of its ability to righteously represent the San Gabriel Valley” does not develop, encourage, or outright breed a people that strongly believes that they are better than the rest of the valley. The “Chosen Ones” if you will. Many an idiot of the BishopNation routinely comes on here to remind the rest of the SGV how much better they are. This in spite of the fact that they haven’t won anything Since 1995!

    To say that the BishopNation has “always been in the run to try and reach the Championship title” is like saying that the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks are always in the run to try to reach the SuperBowl…! Of course they are. “That’s why you play the game…!” H Edwards. Are they any good…? Do they legitimately compete every year…? No…Not Since 1995…!

    I have no personal connection to the BishopNation or the SGV. However, 3 years ago, I began reading this blog and found the arrogance and ignorance of a generation of “has beans” that remains stuck in 1995 and prior. A bunch of morons that consistently reminded the SGV that they (the BishopNation) are the best of the “FishBowl.” Again, considering that these people haven’t won anything since 1995, I found them to be very offensive to various SGV schools like South Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, and many others. I found these morons to be offensive to my community. So, I have taken it upon myself to defend my community and remind them of your short-comings…! Things like:
    – Not Winning Since 1995
    – Illegal recruiting on other schools
    – Paying the LA Times to be in their newspaper
    – The Girls Soccer Coach
    – Flooding the field before the Tesoro Game only to find out that the local La Puente schools rejected them from practicing on the their schools. BTW, where did they go to practice…? Ask Gener what a Champion’s football field feels like!

    SGV, I am your conscience. I place the ugly spot light on the dark truth of who you really are. You are just an “Average” football program living from the past! Notre Dame like! I remind you that yours is a religious school, but that you are neither religious nor pure. Best of all, I do it where the entire SGV can share it.

    Not In 2011 Either…ol’e boy!

    Happy New Year SGV…!

  • Wilson

    The real deal,

    You are clueless based on your comments. As far as the investigation, yes there is one, there is a letter going around from Robert’s the assistant superintendent of the school district about the investigation. Now how would you know that there isn’t an investigation, unless you are part of the school board, you are just talking out of your a@@.

    Number 7 and number 12 were already both told and it was common knowledge that number 7 was starting next season. Once again you have no idea what you are talking about. Number 7 left the program for a totally different reason.

    The coaches left the program because of all the heat due to the ongoing issues, one being the chewing tobacco incident. As middy stated who was a Zavala supporter that he does do chewing tobacco. It wasn’t one player by the way it was multi players and multi coaches. Most of the players came clean when questioned by school administration, but none of the coaches did. Yes one player also gave coaches names and Zavala is one of them. Either way Zavala was a where of what was going on he is in the weight room with the kids all the time.

    Your evaluation of the talent is a parent’s evaluation of the talent. I can tell you this much I have talked to many other COACHES in other programs and there is D1 talent on this team. The COACHING is the reason why parents like you think there is no D1 talent on this team.

    As far as four parent causing all these problems you are clueless. Of the parents and supporters I know, I am aware of two parents that support Zavala and every other one wants him out. I heard number 12’s dad, one of the two Zavala supporters wanted him out, but now that that number 7 transferred out sure he changed his mind.

    In summary you are the clueless parent? I have talked to multi people that have had direct meetings with Ms. Paul the principal and she wants him out. It isn’t even close to over, the district just hired the private investigator, and its just started. If Fred would like the name of the private invesigator I am more than will to post it.

  • Middy

    Very interesting Wilson. But sorry. Ther is NOT d-1 talent on the team. Some possible good players but no d-1. This will be interesting to track. Hopefully Merrill has a coach in mind

  • Middy

    Very interesting Wilson. But sorry. Ther is NOT d-1 talent on the team. Some possible good players but no d-1. This will be interesting to track. Hopefully Merrill has a coach in mind

  • david rivera

    looks like wilsons football program is on the verge of forfeiting all there games. what a mess this program has become. if i had my way i would hire silva as the head coach of this program. i think this kid has potential but he needs to seperate himself from williams and learn under a legitimate offensive cordinator. other than that all these coaches are clowns

  • Truth

    Wilson school administration wants Zavala out, and is taking extreme steps to have him removed as the head coach and his teaching position. He will not be the head coach at Wilson next year the only question now is his teaching position.

    A matter of fact Zavala is actively looking for a new coaching/teaching job. He is very aware of the situation at Wilson. I was told that by the school he called looking for a job.

  • Wildcats


    You say we don’t have D1 talent, well I say we do and the coaching is the reason why many feel we don’t have D1 talent. I see at least three players on this team if coached properly would have a valid shot at playing D1, Nelson and George at the receivers position and Serria at D-end. All three of these players have no chance with Zavala as the head coach. Nelson and George also have no chance with Schreiman gone, Morales isn’t a quarterback and now that is all we have next year. The interesting side of that is Morales was talking about going back to Sonora since he was no longer going to be quarterback. With Schreiman we would have had a legitimate passing game with Morales we have nothing. Being nice the skills Morales lack you cant teach him. With no Moe Vega, Morales is going have major issues moving any offense.

    These guys can wait and see, but Nelson and George are both going to be seniors and with no passing game next year they really need to move on. With a new staff that can teach and develop Serria (sophomore) he can stay and still be successful.

  • We just couldnt leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the useful information you offer to your visitors… Will be back soon to check up on new posts

  • bbbbb

    Finally noticed Jim Arellanes has made favorites lead to the worse Head Coach in school history the lousiest coach of the year and it does not stop here. He lost 10 at NV.He orchestrated 10 losses at LA with playing favorites. Jim Arellanes has a disease he enjoys LOSING.He will lose 10 again if they don’t FIRE HIS SORRY A@@.It would not hurt if the AD Steve Garcia was also AXED.
    Hacienda Heights was a descent area until Heckle Arellanes and jeckle Zavala showed up.
    HLPUSD GET RID OF BOTH OF THEM they sleep at all times take the blinders OFF.

  • Wildcats

    Does the Heights have the talent they have had in the past? No

    The big difference between Los Altos and Wilson is Wilson does have more talent than Los Altos and Wilson is playing in a weaker league than Los Altos. Arellanes isn’t a quality coach, but with the talent Los Altos brings to the table in the league they are in no quality coach is going to want that job. At Wilson with the talent they have they should be able to win in their current league.

    Los Altos is going to have a tuff next four years, really no chance of winning in the current league they are in. They will win some league games in the coming years, the talent level at Rowland and Walnut will drop over the next couple of years. Im also sure Arellanes will be scheduling some real non-league cupcakes; he doesnt want another 0-10 season. At the next league realignment, in four years most likely you are going to see a freeway league with Los Altos, Wilson, Rowland, Nogales, and Walnut. There was talk of this during the last realignment. As we can all see the major objective in the last league realignment was to take care of the local powerhouses (Los Altos, Charter Oak, and South Hills).

    Wilson should have much more success, the program was dropped down into the VVL, but they didn’t. The issue most parents and supporters have with this last season isn’t even the record it is the way we lost to average and above average teams. We lost by 21 points to Pomona whom was a .500 team in the VVL. This team should be competing in the VVL that is coaching. Now the excuse of it’s the seniors is getting old, Zavala has been using that one for two years now. At what point is he going to look into the minor and take responsibility for the results of this team.

    It really doesn’t matter, he will not be returning. The reasons why he wouldn’t be returning have nothing at all to do with the team results on the field. The principal Ms. Paul doesn’t care about this teams record. What she cares about is looking like a fool with CIF and the school district. Zavala has done that on multi occasions, starting with the week 1 suspension. The finishing touch was the tobacco incident and his involvement in the illegal transfer this season. Real interesting angle, if Ms. Paul fires Zavala as the head coach but doesnt have enough on him to fire him as a teacher could be see Arellanes and Zavala hooking up again with Zavala as Arellanes DC over at Los Altos.

  • saladays

    If they hire a quality coach LA can win. The same goes for Wilson.

  • Dubb3trathree

    No real talent in the Heights,

    There has never been any real talent in the Heights for years and there still is none now. I have grown up in the area. And all that so called talent and winning that Los ALtos had and then Wilson’s 2 titles in the late 90’s. Were all TRANSFERS!!! And all you parents want to think that it was home grown talent and coaching your not paying attention. When Los Altos was winning in the early 2k’s that was the beginning of the Gano Era. With the Recuirting he did. He brought in players from all over the valley. Bishop bounce backs, west covina kids, Whitter kids. You name it. Gano went and got players. And the adminstration knew the simple truth. If the football program wins the school looks better and so do the adminstration. Gano was the AD. so he never worried about who played and were they came from he just pushed papers through. So when the principle changed and they said Gano was not gonna be able to keep his recruits and also he saw the talent coming in was not gonna be up to par as you can see. Gano Left. ANd as far as Wilson goes there talent is even worse,When they won those CIF titles ya Percy,Drake , And all those bishop Transfers. All came from out the area. All recruits. When they left it was still recruits keeping Wilson relevent. Bernal? Ya he was a LP kid, Gilmore ? Ya he was a Workman kid. All these studs that WIlson and Los Altos have had over the last 12-10 years were all outside talent. But now that both schools principles are only conserned with test scores and not wins on the feild. You have crappy stadiums, low attendance and still dropping. Low turnouts for football and lack of talent. So if you wanna win try and see if you can go back to your old ways. Recurit! its really your only way considering that you never had any real talent. So Wilson no you have a couple good kids. But its funny you wanna get your coach fired for a recruit, but thats what all your saviors and great coaches did before. Merrill, Oveado, Recruiters. And same at Los Altos Gano=recruiter!
    SO if you guys wanna win. Be smart help your coaches and go find them some talent to coach up. Its a lot easier to coach 4.4 forty recivers than 5.0 flat forty recivers.

  • Wildcats


    I agree with about 95% of your comments. I don’t agree with the Gilmore’s and Bernal’s. Those are players from within the district that decided to go to Wilson High School as freshmen. I don’t consider them recruits. That is the only way you are going to win is recruiting. The issues with Zavala and parents have nothing at all to do with recruiting. The issue the school administration does.

    Ms. Paul is after Zavala’s job because of the recruiting. Last season Zavala showed a group of JAA kids the Wilson facilities. This was his attempt to lure the players over to Wilson. Only problem with that was the players that ended up going to Los Altos reported the attempt to Los Altos administration. We all know what Los Altos school administration was going to do with that, dont we. He lied to Ms. Paul about the incident, when confronted by the parents he had to come clean. Lets just say Ms. Paul wasnt too happy about the situation Zavala put her in by lying to her. Now we have another incident with a player recruited by Zavala and another coach on the staff. Once again it got reported to the school, and the big cover up began. Yes the district has hired a private investigator to investigate this issue. It doesnt help that Roberts the x-principal of Los Altos is in charge of the investigation. The tobacco incident is something that came out when the school was investigating the recruiting violation.

    The parents are upset about the results on field. D1 talent or not this team shouldn’t be getting blown out in the VVL, sorry that is coaching. Yes promises were made by Zavala and not very many of them were kept. Obviously the quarterback situation didnt help, especially now looking back and looking at the future. With what we got returning on offense next year this team is going to have some major issues on both sides of the ball, especially if this staff was to return.

  • anonymous-SGV Fan

    Nonsense95 – You can write reams of garbage but no one reads it! You’ve censored yourself! Most bloggers (like myself) see your screen name and just bounce on by…You’re still an ASS in 2011!!!

  • Middy

    Very interesting comments about Wilson and la. Don’t know what is true. Only time will tell. The kids r ones who suffer they need to make a decision soon for kids sake.

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