Tribune All-Area fall teams for girls volleyball, girls tennis, cross country and boys water polo comes out next week; football later this month

The Tribune all-area teams for the fall are set and ready to go next week with the exception of football, which will be published later this month in our first-ever PrepXtra Magazine edition. We had planned on running the football all-area on Jan. 6, but that date has been pushed back to accommodate our advertisers. We do not have a date finalized as of yet, but it will be later this month. I will let you know when I get a firm publication date.

Girls Volleyball
Boys Water Polo
Cross Country
Girls Tennis

Above: Let’s just say the Tribune football magazine is on rain delay …

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  • kh

    fred .
    just put names in paper then finish your little project.
    kids need to start filling out questionaires for college,all area looks great to put on there resume if they made it,you all know whos in the mag,
    so let us all know.

    any word on who made all cif fred,are they out yet for football.
    fred one more thing ,the kids who made inland daily all valley team,1st 2nd or 3nd team,do they get a patch for there jackets,or just a that a boy .
    let us know,
    do see any thing on h.s. wrestling i know glendora hyren sracobrou is fighting to hold his crown,plus n.v. kicks butt every year,
    and amat dillio sanchez ill bet is doing real good,let us know please.or give us where theres some touraments are local…

  • Aaron

    As Mr. Huth asked any word on ALL-CIF lists?

    What happened to the WDN doing Prep XTra as well? Not gonna have an all encompassing team now?

  • Inspector Clouseau

    Freddie standing under the bleachers at West Covina……..perhaps a clue?

  • Get A Life ……


    Your son is a senior does that me you will be gone next season?

    I figure since your team is lossing all those seniors and is going beack to the weak Bonita team that we are use to seeing, we won’t have to put up with all your drunken crap.

    Have to say you are one subject that I do agree on with Aram.

  • kh

    every where i go people love the love,
    you hate the hate.stay with big boy you 2 can sallow some good old bobs double double together.
    i am not going any where,
    my cute little foxy girlfriend has 2 boys at royon middle school so ill take a break then come back to get coach knott and steff another cif championship like we are going to get this season,or maybe ill take the fressmen job next season to have all kids at tip top shape and ready for combat,when called apond dutie.for commander chief fort knott.
    thinking about taking a team back at the l.l where we the mets march on to victorie,three starter on last season mets were on are l.l.championship team k.c.huth greg victoria and matt rodriguz.k.c. and matt return this year and both will have stand out years.i cant take a l.l. this season because the next 20 weeks are filled up giving lesson to 10 – 12 year olds we love to give back,what do you do my friend.

  • Get A Life ……


    You picked the wrong person comparing giving back to the community. The only difference is I don’t take from the bottle. Being involved in LL for almost two decades and another ten in youth football with a few at the high school level football and baseball, YMCA, and Rugby I got you beat on that one. Don’t think you be coaching any freshmen team over at Bonita, they don’t allow drunks to coach at the high school level. For some reason I dont see the school administration aprroving you working at the school. Either way sounds like we are going to get a few year off of your drunken crap talking.

    Just for the record your real issue is you talk crap about stuff you have no business getting involved in, and all you end up doing is pissing off more and more bloggers. Focus in on Bonita you won’t piss off as many people. You don’t want to cross me trust me I have taken down much much bigger men than you:)

  • Aaron

    I don’t need to come on here and defend a friend on here. However, I will. If you really think people are drunks by the way they write…then you’re not only a fool but a damn fool. However, you are a keyboard commando because you do not put your name on the line when writing like so many other damn fools.

  • kh

    hes another lonely blogger with zero to bring to the table.
    hope c-mas was a bomb bro.
    k.c. went to the bb trny last night said team looks good,in semi,they plays amat tonight.
    the guy could be alittle larry the way he quoted himself, hes taken down way bigger men,then me.
    thats gay.
    thanks aaron,
    i see hes friends with a-ram,what a couple,couple of what i dont know…..
    kinda bummed fred and co are late with all area gig.
    maybe its going to be bad ass,thats worth waiting for,have support fred,see you soon happy new year all.

  • Johnny Cochran

    We’ve already established that kh is somewhat racist based on his Muir-rant several weeks ago. Now he’s a homophobe? What’s next Ken, you have something against Catholics or maybe Jews? Time to ban this moron and move on to less offensive subject matter.

    You choose to call this “man” a friend, Aaron? Somethings is very wrong in Bonitaville.

  • Get A Life ……


    Can’t spell, I can’t spell this guy is way beyound that. I mean really you know Ken, is their something mentally wrong with him, I mean that would example so much?

  • kh

    get a life
    kh your new buddy here,
    mentally sick minded soul.
    soft hearted beauty beast.
    awaked mosnter mush.
    buy product, of old fashion ass kicker.
    loves the nutter professor.
    will stop to he[p a older lad cross the street.
    then again will stop to beat the crap out of somebody messing with gods childred playing in the street.
    crazy is,crazy dose.
    5150 great year for a ball,shall we dance…..
    you lead or me,dont be like s.h. baseball players and step on my toes,am wearing stacy adams my new founded friend…
    lock me up please,but maddonna inside ,like a vigin,
    get real thanks i needed that,
    get real get your x sports copie,
    see my buy product,you tell me the mans nuts,grab him.
    see to make a great athlete,you need some kind of greatness in the genes,plus alittle out thereness help the body go thru the in thru the out doors,fill me,
    dont expose the negitive inless you want the picture my new found buddy buddy.
    see what you done,made me go deep into my second cup of java,it ticks the top of my clock.coouu coouu.coouu coouu.
    the only reason why to talk to because ,why?
    your buddys are spent,old tired,retired pasterized,to hang with kh what a clean way to live. sports sports and more sports.woman cant hang with k.h. too much sports sports and more sports,see womans world is all about them k.h. world is all about the kids and parents who really want there kids to excell leave them with me i will show them how to go thru the wall.bring the sladge hammer.see how easy it is,i dont crete problem today,i fix them my new found buddy,trying to popen up some time so i can teach kids down on the l.l. level again,see you

  • AMAT 73

    Get a life and clue while you’re at it ,
    First off where in the hell do you come off calling kh a drunk . kh is a recovering alcoholic as he has stated many times and if it bothers you then you are the sick one which is sad as there is no cure for your illness. At least kh has stopped drinking but you are beyond help . I would wager to say kh knows more about the game of baseball then you could ever wish you did. Yes he does go out on a limb every now and then but really who of the known bloggers ( not drive by artists as yourself ) don’t once in a while . A lot of us are very passionate about either our Alma Maters or the schools our kids attend. You know who and what we stand for and it easy for idiots like you to bash and ridicule us. A good measure of a man is to look at his children and by seeing and hearing things about KC it seems kh has done an excellent job with this young man . He is a leader ,a good teammate ,gives it all on the field, and most of all has the heart of a champion . Before you go knocking someone take a look at yourself and what makes you think you have the right to post what you did on kh. As far as taking anyone down I believe you would have a bigger battle on your hands than you think . I for one am in kh’s corner on this one. By the way just for the heck of it who do you back on Friday nights. Don’t come back with the standard cop out of I back all teams of the SGV because I get the feeling you root for someone Bonita took it to this season.Also at least register your blog name so we can see what you post and who you back on regular basis or are you to embarrassed to say .
    Johnny Cochran,
    Go back where you belong, six feet under .

  • wormseyeview

    Can’t we all just get along?
    So Fred….how about those cross country All Area’s asap. That’l cool this down.

  • Get A Life ……

    The only thing that will cool this subject down is a 40 oz. for KH.

  • kh

    thats getto,
    18 pack.
    i would share.
    u just showed your true colers……

  • Allison Longino

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