• kh

    thank god your not santa.
    13 days late.

  • FredJ

    Believe me, I’m not happy about it either, but some things are out of my control. Hey, look at the bright side, CIF hasn’t released its teams yet either.

  • reddevil

    Fred this is silly, the IE and OC already have their team posted with a great slide show. Maybe you guys can just do it that way.

  • Fan Of The Game

    Mr. Reddevil,

    Where can I find the IE team? Is there a website?


  • Red Barron

    Fred, just don’t make it an all everybody team. I know SGV has super talent but it really waters down the accomplishments when 16 other brothers make the same team.

  • kh

    sorry,we dont roll like o.c. and i.e. homie
    s-g-v- we fly are colors mighty high with pride.
    fred, my buddy A_RAM, and steve r. and the whole staff,
    are putting in some real minded thaughts,theres some speiacal kids in this years group that will carry the pride on into the future world of college and pro sports,even thou amat didnt make a deep run into play-offs,had a really good pre-season then league,proud of there part in our s-g–v- world of sports,w/c bulldoggs,champs,never quit,kept heads high and finished the race,studs the whole team and coaching staff and i have to say the fans won with honors,covia azusa walnut bp dr monrovia sd western c mantha,co glendora,wake up i.e. and o.c. teams like bonita 2-8 the year before,then 2010 12-2 get beat by a better running team with 29 seconds on the clock,bonita had off.qb of the year,should of had def. player of the year too..water under the bridge.we stand high with glory and pride,so relax,you can read about our s-g-v- kids real soon,i thinking about starting a day for all the bloggers will have a chance to meet and have all the all-area kids sign there copies of fred fred freds master mind project,time will be named later,try to see if fred will help put this together,make this a annull day.
    so in closing i.e o.c. lover.go to the track the ponies are running,snowbroading,exchange gifts back,great time to dig up some mountain nuggets,the ground in soft,or join wilson parent and help linch the coaching staff,theirs plenlty time to kill.

  • FredJ

    FYI EVERYONE, the blog is not functioning correctly, blog posts from today are not posted and we’re getting several spam comments. The blog techs are working on it, but not sure how much will get done until after the New Year.

  • Wildcats

    It could be worse you i.e. and o.c. bloggers could be like kh, a drunk that spell even when he is somber. By the way kh, I talked to a guy that had a kid on the same JA team as your son. He painted a totally different picture than you portray on this blog, whats up with that.

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