Check out Aram’s latest football buzz

For those of you who get offended about speculative reporting, then please go somewhere else and save the journalism ethics stuff for somebody who cares. If you don’t like a town called Rumorville, then please keep driving until you reach Boringville, aka, the Mid Valley Snooze.

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  • oldschoolpanther

    Figures that you would make a loser comment like that Aram. Go back to Fox because nobody even noticed that you were gone in the first place. I remember when you use to work for that little paper in Temple City, back then you had more class.

  • Fred made the comment, not me. I agree with it, but I didn’t write it. Remember who’s blog you’re on, ace.

  • FredJ

    Old School Panther obviously can’t take a joke, do I complain about class when they run a picture of my behind? Sometimes you just gotta laugh

  • jcaz

    I know that when i’m on here and make one or more of my “comments” that I’m probably going to get a few folks ticked off at me.

    But for the life of me, I can’t figure out why so many people have a wild hair up their azz’s with respect to the way these reporters *Fred, Aram and Steve) give us this great forum.

    You know, as Aram said not to long ago, it may very well be just be the same guy posting multiple times, but even if it weren’t, I still just don’t get it……

  • JCAZ,

    Thanks, man. Yes, it usually is one person or the only four teabaggers in El Monte.

    Hey Fred, you’re 100 percent right. Guys who go to football games to take pictures of your ass, then post them, should have a good sense of humor.

  • Joseph Figueroa

    Polynesian All-American Bowl that will take place Saturday at Cathedral High at 4 p.m.

  • kh

    whats happening.
    is the blog still going on.
    fred the big guy in the sky,
    will be at bonita baseball games this season,\,.
    mark my work fred,
    couple kids are going to go to the dance.
    great peice on podley,love that guy.
    worked thru pain and passion for the love of the game.

  • Pat Haden and McKay vs. El Rancho Video!

    1969 – El Rancho vs. Bishop Amat Highlights!!!

    The Lancers are in the gold helmets! Too cool!