Area teams featured in MLK Showcase today

Martin Luther King
Boys Basketball Showcase
At Los Osos High School on Monday

Bishop Amat 67, Monrovia 49.
Glendora 74, Jurupa Hills 23
Damien 74, San Dimas 35

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  • socalhoops fan

    Glendora should be playing either Damien or Chino Hills former sierra league opponents to prepare them for the 2A playoffs. They will have to beat some good teams like Peninsula or Gahr which just beat Los Al. You learn nothing playing a new school Jurupa Hills which has no seniors and not a good team. LeDuc already has enough wins to qualify for the playoffs.

  • whoop a$$

    Why would they pair Damien v SD? Damien will spank SD. I would love to see Damien paired up with Glendora instead.

  • just sayin’

    3 games – 3 blowouts.
    Remember when teams used to face other good teams in showcases?
    Now people are lookin for easy wins.
    Organizers would make more money with attractive matchups by attracting the basketball fan on a day off.
    Now they just get the typical fan from the participating schools

  • WTF

    What I absolutely don’t understand is why Damien plays San Dimas and Glendora’s plays Jurupa Hills when Damien and Glendora should have been playing each other. What are people thinking, after taking Glendora out of the Sierra League and ruining the best rivalry, at least pair them up today, the newspaper could play the game up and you a much better crowd, no brainer. Would Jurupa Hills and San Dimas been a better matchup anyway. What are organizers thinking, I’m sure if Leduc and Dunn asked Jurupa Hills and San Dimas to switch, they would have done it in a second. Again, I don’t understand, they play back to back, but not each other in a year it makes the most sense.

  • socalhoop fan

    I know Damien would love to play Glendora however Coach LeDuc will have nothing to do with a team that can beat him. 2 years ago he scheduled Ont Christian and some El Monte team in the 2 MLK games. This year he will play Baldwin Park on sat night at APU.
    When LeDuc was asked to play in the Riverside MLK classic he was scheduled to a good team however he requested a change to play Norco coached by my friend Jon Cabrera. Beating down Jurupa Hills only gave Glendora a W and no learing experience.

  • Ronald

    They should of at least gave Damien Los Osos or Rancho Cucamonga,that would of been a better game against a middle of the road baseline league opponent. But they get their tough game Saturday night against undefeated Mission Viejo.

    Is anyone else pissed that the APU and ULV showcases are both on the same day? They should of scheduled them on different days so the average fan can go to both.

  • socalhoop fan

    I found out that Jurupa Hills only has frosh-sophs and no upper classmen. Glendora should be ashamed of itself for scheduling this game. Perhaps next year they can play another new school scheduled to open Grand Terrace high school which is in the Colton School District.

  • FredJ

    I would have loved to watch Glendora, Damien too, but from Glendora’s perspective, I think they feel that playing in the Baseline is sufficient preparation for the Division 2A playoffs, where they were ranked No. 2 in last week’s poll before back-to-back losses, one of which was to Etiwanda. LeDuc knows that seedings are important and a good overall record is important. Remember, they might finish fourth in the Baseline, so a good overall record is important for playoff position, so I get their scheduling situation. As far as the APU and La Verne showcases on the same day, well, it probably wouldn’t have been like that if Lutheran were invited to play in the SoCal shootout. This is Lutheran’s way of saying if you don’t want us, we’ll create are own, which is exactly what they did.

  • Brian

    Fred? Not a ton of love for Claremont Basketball, is there? They did play in the Los Oso’s showcase, and won on Monday. Maybe you dont see them in the top 10, those are some pretty good teams, but they have beaten a few of them. They even took Gahr our of their own tourney over the summer. Sure they arent as consistent as they should be. Just sayin.