The benefits of a Tribune subscription have taken a giant leap forward with the “E” Edition

For those of you who are Tribune subscribers, you have to take a look at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s E Edition, which allows you to sort through stories online like a regular newspaper. For those not subscribers, you can take a free tour. Basically, you’re looking at the newspaper just the way it is on the stands. To read a story, just lick on the story and read it the way it appears in the newspaper. After clicking on (View Demo), for sports, start on page C-1 (you will find the cursor near the top of the page) and thumb through (all sports pages in Cs), you will love it. Why is this huge for prep sports? Not only can you read stories, but you can read daily high school boxscores online just how they appear in the paper. Without a subscription, prep boxscores are not available online. In fact all sports boxscores can be easily read on the E Edition, including television listings and horse racing handicaps and results. For folks who live out of the area, this is like having your hometown paper wherever you live in the world. If you’re not a subscriber, this is another reason to join. For 50 cents a day, it’s still the greatest bargain there is.

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  • Amat

    This is awesome

  • JFR

    This long time loyal subscriber still prefers walking down the driveway, pouring a cup of joe and reading my trib front to back before I ever turn on the computer. Some old school traditions shall never change in my book but I guess it’s good for those “non-subscribers.” Hell, I delivered the trib on my bitchen JMC bike back in 80-81, I think I’m do for a discount FJR.

  • FredJ

    I did too. I remember when the Tribune delivered in the afternoon during the week and the mornings on the weekend. I use to come home from school, papers were there and I got them delivered inside of 45 minutes — not a bad part-time job for a 12-year-old. On the weekends I threw it from the back of my dad’s truck. That’s kind of funny, our whole soccer team practically got to soccer practice and back home in the back of that truck. You could even sit on the wheel well back then. If anyone tried that today, they would probably be arrested for child endangerment. But back then, that’s how it was.

  • JFR

    I hated folding on rainy days, especially trying to get those big a$$ Sunday papers in those little flimsy bags. I especially loved doing month end collections door to door as a young kid, that blew.

  • Colt74

    1. Folding Sundays sucked
    2. Throw aways ( for non subscribers ) sucked
    3. Porches sucked ( and not 1 tipped )
    4. Having 4 Apartment complexes sucked. They moved out so YOU got stuck paying THEIR bill out of YOUR money.
    But I got to win some cool prizes. BEST was Irwindale Raceway and meeting Mickey Thompson, Don the Snake, Tom the Mongoose, and getting to sit in The Hawaiian and Gas Ronda.

  • AMAT 73

    Now you’re talking Colt 74 . Remember the good old days of the 32 Funny Car spectaculars at Irwindale . All that and In and Out burgers . I would get dropped off when the gates opened and picked up when they closed by my parents.