Bill Redell won his eighth title to match the record; can one of our coaches catch him?

Eric Sondheimer wrote that Bill Redell of Westlake Village Oaks Christian has tied the Southern Section record for most championships won by a football coach with eight. Redell is tied with late coach Randall Johnson from Rio Hondo Prep who won eight eight-man titles and Harry Welch, who won eight championships at Canyon Country Canyon and San Juan Capistrano St. Margaret’s. If eight championships is the standard, you have to like the coaching resume’s in our little backyard. Los Altos legend Dwayne DeSpain is the area leader with seven titles, but there are several current coaches who have a chance to reach DeSpain and maybe reach eight before their careers are finished. Of our active coaches, who has the best chance to finish with the most championships. Personally, when all is said and done, I like Maggiore’s chances to finish with the most, he’s the youngest and in the best situation in terms of enrollment and football demographics. But you wonder, if West Covina keeps winning, how long before neighboring schools send them out of the area to compete for titles.

Lou Farrar, Charter Oak, 5 titles
Steve Bogan, South Hills, 4 titles
Greg Gano, Damien, 4 titles
Steve Hagerty, Bishop Amat, 3 titles
Mike Maggiore, West Covina, 2 titles

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  • Funny Thing About Success

    Jimmy Johnson won two straight Super Bowls for the Cowboys – the result – he got canned by Jones the following spring

  • 12th man

    Up until last year when Charter Oak got moved into a higher division my money would have been on Farrar~…Dont know about Maggiore winning eight titles thats a lil far fetched..but i do see him winning 1 or possibly 2 within the next five years & then the demographics will change as they do every five years…Hagerty is a great coach in the toughest division..I just dont see him winning 5 more titles..count your blessings if you get one more!! Bogan..sorry buddy!! your in the same boat with Charter Oak~

  • Sorry it`s not going to happen…just to hard and to many variables…

    Rather than comparing division strength (which we’ve been over, at length), here’s a relatively interesting fact…:

    3 teams have won the Inland in the past 5 years, and 4 teams in the past 8 years:
    2010: CC
    2009: Chap
    2008: CC
    2007: CC
    2006: Norco
    2005: Norco
    2004: CC
    2003: JWN

    3 Teams have won Pac-5 in the past 5 years, and 4 teams in the past 8 years:
    2010: Servite
    2009: Servite
    2008: LBP
    2007: LBP
    2006: OLu
    2005: Loyola
    2004: LBP
    2003: Loyola

    In both divisions, a talent heavy public school has the lead in the recent past.

    In both divisions, there are long established programs with a massively loyal fan base that seem to be on the decline, but still have 2 championships in the past 8 years and regular playoff appearances (perhaps unreasonably high expectations?).

    In both divisions, a team with young, newer coaches (Thomas at Servite and Leach and Chap) has a peaking talent pool believing they can be champions, though Servite was able to repeat and Chap was clearly way down.

    In both divisions, one of the championship teams is now almost entirely out of contention – JWN peaked in 03 with unreal talent but hasn’t been competitive since 06, OLu peaked in 06 but seems to be losing talent to area competitors and isn’t nearly the threat it once was.

  • Bulldog

    West Covina will probably not move up leagues because they are dominant in their leagues in only football and wrestling. In most of the other sports they are either borderline playoff teams or bottom of the barrel teams. There was an initial push this time to put both SH and WC in the Sierra League, but SH far outperformed WC in almost every sport that issue was thrown to the curb. CO was moved up in large part due to FB, but they have other sports they perform relatively well in. (Baseball being one).

    One thing that could happen is the whole league could be moved up divisions due to the success of the league in the division. With 2 teams in the finals this year and who knows next year, there is a case the Hacienda will change divisions after next year. I could foresee a division with hacienda, Sierra, Sunkist, Suburban, Mt Baldy, Pacific, Del Rio. Maybe 4 or 5 of those leagues in a division. Not sure Del Rio and Mt Baldy belong in that mix. That issue will come up in the spring next year. I do not see the division staying the same though.It is foreseeable that Sierra and Hacienda could be in the same division though.

  • John Strickland

    If/when I become a head coach I’ll break every record known to man!!!

  • S Cazares

    Gano vultured at least two CIF titles from Despain. Could’ve easily finished with 9 if he didn’t retire.

  • Hey Fred

    didnt you say all cif teams come out today
    well where are they fred

  • Fred Robledo

    Maybe you should ask CIF, that’s what they told me

  • careful what you wish for…if you win too much the area principals, ad’s and coaches start to gripe.look what happened to south hills. even northview and covina thought it would be better to have them change leagues then to get better themselves. now you’re talking about 8 championships. looks like the private schools have an edge…anyway…west co starts to win, then they will move up. after all football is the starting point for re-leaguing whether you believe it or not.

  • just sayin’

    Fred – the advertisers said they had to wait LOL!

  • Hey Fred

    Well when they post it you better have it up ole pal