Renkens speaks about recruiting at Diamond Bar

Jack Renkens, a former high school coach, administrator, teacher and a regular contributor for several newspapers and magazines, founded Recruiting Realities, which explores the myths and truth’s of high school athletic recruiting.
Diamond Bar High school invited Renkens to speak to student athletes and parents interested in knowing more about the recruiting process on Thursday at the school, which is open to anyone interested in attending. Renkens is scheduled to speak at 7 p.m. For more information, contact Diamond Bar athletic director Kurt Davies at (909) 594-1405 Ext. 154

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  • Good 4 DB

    Recruiting Realities is a great program. That is extremely smart of Diamond Bar to get Renkens to come speak. It’s only been a couple weeks but Maine is making moves to get students and parents excited about Diamond Bar again. Maine is what Diamond Bar needs to inject some life into the football program.

  • reality

    Don’t get what this guy is up to. What realities? College recuiting on campus, high schools recuiting to go to other high schools? Trying to keep local players home? Which is it and what’s his objective. All sounds highly suspicious deal. Hang on to your wallets.

  • EvanLeigh

    His presentation is about making people understand what many on these boards don’t… the number of people who are actually given college scholarships in any amount is miniscule and, if you are even remotely good enough to merit a scholarship offer, you dont need to transfer schools to do so.
    I have seen the presentation twice now and encourage any parent (and the many so called recruiting experts on this board) who thinks their kid is the best thing since sliced bread to go, listen and learn.
    It is nothing about high schools recruiting to other high schools. It is about the realities of the college recruiting process from a guy who has recruited at every level.