Already thinking baseball? Diamond Bar should be favored in the Hacienda; Sierra and Valle Vista up for grabs and what about Amat?

The slow time for us is between football and baseball (sorry basketball fans, that’s just how it is). Looking ahead, who do you like in the new Hacienda League? Will anyone challenge Bonita? Yes, Diamond Bar with Kenny Mathews, aka, the best returning pitcher in the Valley, will be the favorite in my opinion. How much are you going to enjoy Damien, South Hills and Charter Oak in the Sierra League? This is the most intriguing. I’m not sure what Ayala, Chino Hills and Claremont bring to the table, but Damien, Charter Oak and South Hills all in the same league for baseball is as good as it gets locally. How will our lone defending CIF champion, Glendora, do in the Baseline? They will continue to win because they’re a great baseball school, but what a shame they’re not in the Sierra … talk about wasting the perfect fit. Then of course there is always the Valle Vista, which a few years ago you could argue was the best league around. Not anymore, but it will be interesting with Wilson and Nogales joining to compete against Northview, San Dimas and Covina. Finally, will Bishop Amat have the pitching depth to be considered one of the best in the Southland again? Word is, QB Rio Ruiz will probably have to be a closer, that ought to be interesting ….

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  • Aaron

    We’ve got Adam McCreery on the mound…going to be hard for Diamond Bar to get past him.

    Go Bearcats!

  • ?

    D.Bar will only be as good as the coaching. They will be out coached and run Kenny’s arm to the ground. Good luck D.Bar!!!!!

  • DHer

    This will be an interesting baseball season in the SGV. Again, the Sierra, by far, will be the best league in the SGV. Here is my breakdown of some of the top team.

    DBar – Will win league and probably challenge for a CIF championship now that they have moved out of the tough SL and even tougher DIV. II bracket. Kenny (LHP) is a stud, now add Henry Omana (RHP) to the mix and they become untouchable in league. Two front line pitchers. Coaching is average.

    Bonita – One trick Pony. When Adam McCreery (LHP) pitches they win. When he sits they lose. Bats are average, but fielding and coaching is top notch. Will finish second to Dbar.

    Glendora – They lost a whole lot to graduation, but playing in the Baseline will be good for them. Baseline plays great football, but have weak baseball teams. Henley will have them in the hunt for a league title, but will make a quick exit in CIF playoffs. Pitching is a huge question mark.

    Damien – Two consecutive years of 2nd place finishes in the SL and qtr. final exits in CIF will push them. They have one stud pitcher, Antonio Gonzalez (LHP) and several young guns that will play huge roles in the rotation. They have big bats, but fielding is wait and see. Coaching is top notch. They have to be SL title favorites and again will go deep in CIF.

    So. Hills. – They have one of the best all around players in Cameron Saylor. They will have good hitting 1-3 but after that it is suspect. Pitching will be lacking, Saylor and France may have to carry load. Fielding will be solid. Coaching is top notch. They may struggle in SL without a true pitcher.

    Amat – Needs to develop piching in a hurry. Rio’s bat will be on fire, but will rest of team follow. They have some young players that they need to develop in a hurry. They play in a weak league so they probably will win it, but will make an early exit from playoffs.

    This season will be exciting, but as usual it will come down to pitching. The teams with the best pitchers will win league titles and go deep into the playoffs.

  • BaseballGuy

    Diamond Bar will have a strong front two with Matthews and Omana. Omana has been gunned at the 89-92 range this winter. The Sierra league is going to be tough but I think it will come down to Damien and South Hills. The league champions will have at least three/four losses. Claremont has Kenny Chapman(Fullerton commit) and Manny Argomaniz on the mound. The CF Melker is going to USD and the 2B Jackson is getting interest. Chino Hills usually has some guys, Sprague will be their guy on the hill.
    Amat will be very good offensively and defensively but pitching will be their key. They got a transfer from Arizona who will play short and Rio back to third….relax people…The kid moved back to West Covina and was already going to go to Amat as freshman before a job transfer forced them to move. Rio throw as he should since he is 90-93 when does.

  • kh

    freddy as we all have seen what happens to your early favorite picks over the years,
    d-bar loss too many good little players,why to many holes to far as the best area lefty,be carefull again its going to snake bite you my friend,i see you want to get the blog going.
    great job lets talk some american most loved pasted time game.


  • Bulldog1

    Aaron and kh,
    Bonita will be weakish this season; Kenny Mathews probably has the edge over your Atom McCreery, but has no team to back him.
    Your Bearcats are fair, but West Covina, however is the team to beat! We will roll this season. Who do you have besides your lefty?
    You had your shot last season and choked, just like football!
    Go Bulldogs

  • Don

    Baseball, sunny afternoon . . . ahhhhh.

    Here’s a take on the Hacienda. Sparky Anderson was fond of saying, Stay strong up the middle and nobody is going to beat you. Baseball truth there.

    Bonita: Came within one run of a division title last year and should return the usual well-coached, efficient, disciplined bunch John Knott always seems to put together. Gelalich and Meir bring back 80 runs, 78 hits, 51 rbi’s, 15 SB’s, and excellent defense to the middle; add to that a third year starter behind the plate, (Lindsey), and KC Huth who ought to bring a 20/20/20+ season with a gaggle of SB’s and you have a solid senior core who has been there and nearly done that. Henley will play one of the other OF spots with a stronger body/arm as a junior which gives you yet more speed. Q’s? AMAc is a great starter, but then who? Garza will give you some, then what? SS, 1B, 3B are all gonna be new guys or guys in new positions: Castro, Rojas, Heslop or maybe one of the youngin’s all need to either step up, grow up, or both.

    Los Altos: Returns about 75% of what offensively, was a pretty decent team in 2009, Luna, Camberos, De La Pena (X2), Munoz, Corona, Morales . . . only one senior in the bunch. Morales, Luna, and Munoz also should give you innings. They are slow, my God they are slow, but when you have kids who hit like this, you can usually wait for an rbi. Also, as you might expect with a very young team, plate discipline and errors killed these guys last year, they were way upside down in K’s and BB’s while committing 51 errors in 25 games, seven of which had more than 3; all losses. It will be on Coach Formano to keep these guy’s heads together, if he does, they should be the # 1 challenger in the Hacienda.

    DBar, like most of the Hacienda, lost talent to graduation Mathews is as legit as they come and Omana should be much improved as a junior and Johnson should provide some solid innings. To be at the top of a very competitive league, the Brahmas need to find some runs, Cavazos and Munoz will be a start but like everybody else in the league but the Conqs, they’ll have to find it in guys you never heard of. A team’s ace, like Kenny, will get ten starts in league if he stays healthy. The team that wins the Hacienda will need at least nine league victories, maybe ten.

    Diamond Ranch: Rouric Bridgewater is a beast. Make that BEAST; dude slugged like 1.100 last year in a tough Miramonte League. Gone though is the one guy the Panthers couldn’t have done without last year, Derek Goodwin. Also gone is Gus Viramontes; returning is Kevin Lengyel along with Miraflor and Hernandez on the mound. Did I mention Bridgewater yet? Back too are Dylan Goodwin, (he and Miraflors are guys to watch going forward), Hernandez and Hovesapian. Chase Price, he from fallsport fame, also roams the OF for D Ranch.

    Walnut: Is notorious for a lot of stuff they shouldn’t be like an AMAZING number of lost foul balls, field orientation and crabby parents (only on the blog, the folks there are always nice and friendly, even after dragging the snacks way out there to Snow Creek), and no OF fence. I personally have seen some of the longest fly balls EVER at Walnut. Freakin’ amazing; kids catch ’em too, stand out there about 400 feet from the hitter then just drift over. Best player is probably Bryce Harrison.

    Rowland: Is glad they still have West Covina and Walnut in the conference.

    West Covina: Has a really, really good football team and George Johnson plays baseball too.

  • kh

    dons the man.
    well w/c bulldoggs.
    your your little qb wont have 3 to 4 guys to hand the ball off to my baseball,you got it or you dont.
    when do you think they only carry 16 t0 18 players with 9 playing at football 11 play at once,
    they carry 59 t0 60 players.
    see what am getting at,your cant hide in baseball,
    it will find you every time.
    theres no 285 out of shape players standing in the middle holding ground.or taking ground.
    athletes only my friend and bonita is loaded with them just like every year.
    1 inning from cif ring,you want to call that a choke job.
    low class,theres only 1 winning ,we had a great year.took care of glendora,on there home tuff,s.h. 5a champs from vegas,won league smoke are way thru to the championship and got beat 2to 1 cif choke job great season and we will be coming out of the gate strong.
    as for other pitchers danny t- bone tesson will fire teams by the wayside like he did last season won the cory l trny,against chino hllls.
    brandy m will be the middle man all year long ,hes good. lefty mitchle and matt r will mix in innings and k.c will be brought in to close a few games this to say no pitching at bohi hi your high.

  • ? for KH


    Are you really bringing up games from the Cory Lidle Tournament…from 2009? I think you need to let that go.. It is 2011.

  • Bulldog1

    The Bullydogs play and blog with class and pride, we won the big one when it counts and unlike the Bearcats; who play and blog with their mouths. We will run the score up every time we play you, besides; who do you have? kh, stop choking the chicken and do it like we do.
    We prefer to play with our bat and our balls!
    Go Bulldogs

  • Wells

    Don was quoting Sparkey Andersen….awesome!

    Based on your quote….can you name the players up the middle for the Tigers when they were beating the heck out of every AL team?

    Just in case…Walnut alum Lance Parrish behind the plate…Sweet Lou Whitaker at second, Alan Trammel at short and Chet Lemon in CF. As good as it gets up the middle.

  • kh

    well fred give me something to talk about so lets talk.
    why would i bring up cory trny.
    underclassmen becoming seniors ,dawwww
    which way did they go.
    i thaught i saw a puddycat.
    i did i did;;;;;
    senior in center lefty matty g.
    senior in rt. lefty matt r.
    senior behind plate mark lindsey
    senior at 2b and 3b huth/mier
    senior on 1b with big power andrew rojas
    senior 6-8 lefty adam amac attack
    senior mvp jv # 2 starter danny t-bone tesson
    senior middle man pitcher brandy M
    senior ulty plays inf.and pitcher connor visley
    there 19 senior and will all start most of the time.
    coach knott loves to bury teams,thats what i love about him.
    castro henley garza johnson hessla woodie will all be right into the mix of things battleing there bats off.
    then the little guys.been working alot so have not seen bearcats at full strenght yet,
    the s.s./2b /3b only soph.was on the jr. usa team boys hes here to make some plays,back up soph.left handed hitting catcher will get some time in the mop up spots,thats ok hes a great kid,will learn from being with the big boys all year.then the big tall blondie rt handed pitcher,still a year short,but will muture with time as all the bearcats boys do.
    bearcats will run hit and throw to the top,big game.amat vs bonita
    thanks fred.
    fred takes care of buddy k.h.
    anything you guys want,let me know ill shoot fred a kite.

  • Ro

    looks like they got Amat playing Bonita at Mt. Sac this year.

  • Vera Wang


    Junior is only 1 inning and 25 seconds away from 2 CIF championships! By the end of May, you might be the father of a bridesmaid 3 times. I make pretty bridesmaid dresses, do you happen to own one or two?

  • Don

    Right you are Wells. Sparky also had some pretty good talent in the corners those days as well: RF Kirk Gibson, LF Larry Herndon, and Dave Bergman at 1st. The Big Red Crew wasn’t too shabby up the middle either: Geronimo in CF, Dave Concepcion and Joe Morgan in the keystone, and Johnny Bench behind the dish. God I hated those guys, they waxed my Dodgers for years.

    Little known Sparky Anderson fact: He attended LA City Dorsey HS.

    Less known about Dorsey HS: Big league managers Marcel and Rene Lachemann also went to Dorsey.



    Luck did not win that football game, superior talent (and a little defensive incompetence) did! Keep making excuses, call it luck, but we have the rings….. We will concede the baseball title, that is as long as we have he that shall not be mentioned as our coach…………..

  • ? for KH

    Who was on the jr. USA team? The only local player invited to National trials locally was Rio Ruiz and Robertson from Upland. What are you refering to? I guess Bonita was just not as lucky as WC. As they is sometimes better to be lucky than good. Haven’t you in the past use the word “choked” when refering to you own team in the past?

  • Brandon Cartright

    Ok, Ill give you;
    Matt G
    Bob Mier
    Atom M
    kc H
    Mark L
    All very average players at best.
    Who are all these other players you keep yappin about?
    Seniors; Matt R, Tesson, Visley, Brandy M?
    My guess is kc will be baking up the 1st baseman again not ss!
    With no team speed and youll need it especially in the outfield with the new BBCOR bats; your lack of team speed will kill you!
    Lets review, No team speed except Matt G.
    No team power.
    No returning underclassmen that can play.
    No pitching depth.
    Bearcats seem to be good at one thing, losing the big one! Kinda like the Coyote catching the Roadrunner, Good luck Beep, Beep.
    Oh kh, you so silly Mr. Wabbit.

  • Aaron

    What’s funny about all this is that Mr Huth knows baseball along with Don. I myself will confess that I know next to nothing about baseball.

    But I do know a tad about the Bearcats…and if you’re saying they’re slow by calling Mark Lindsay slow…well when they burn you with four stolen bases+ in a game I’m going to laugh. All the CO guys talked about how they were a one trick pony by being put into a tougher league and divisions for other sports. They only dominated in one sport and that was football, otherwise it was a tough and competitive rivalry with the Green, Black, and White.

    So in the end, when it’s Bonita with another league title…all I have to say is shhhhhh!

  • Aaron

    West Covina Baseball in the Maxpreps era for the San Antonio League 06-10

    2006: 13-14 (6-6)
    2007: 15-14 (6-6)
    2008: 7-20 (3-9)
    2009: 8-18 (2-10)
    2010: 7-19 (2-10
    Overall: 50-85 League: 19-41

    Bonita Baseball in the Maxpreps era for the Miramonta League 06-10

    2006: 11-14 (4-8)
    2007: 18-8 (8-4)
    2008: 19-8 (8-4)
    2009: 21-6 (9-3)
    2010: 24-5-1(10-2)

    Overall: 93-41-1 League: 39-21

    So do you really think the Bulldogs who have finished last in league the last three years running have a chance?

  • Don

    Any BoHi fan here may want to consider just ignoring the guy who likes to bait Kenny Huth here, since that person is clearly mixed up about about Bulldog Baseball who haven’t finished better than third in the San Antonio League over the past half dozen seasons. The last three, they finished dead last.

    West Covina is a fine High School and they do many things well, baseball is not one of them. If you live in the area and your kid plays baseball you send them to South Hills or Northview or Covina or Nogales. If WesCo wins four Hacienda League games this year they need to throw a pizza party. If they go .500, the city fathers will have another soiree at city hall.

  • Bulldog Backer

    Bulldog posters

    Are you kidding me? Really? You’re gonna sit there and talk trash? KH may post a lot of crap, some good, some overly biased, but I would drop the crap about beating them until you actually do it. Worry about making playoffs before you spout off about being the team to beat. I am a bulldog fan but be realistic, we were the worst team in the SAL, and you can’t blame that on coaching. Find 2 pitchers that can battle with likes of DB and BON and PROVE they can battle, then we’ll talk. Prove you can come up with a big hit, then we’ll talk. If I was you, I would LOVE to be the team noone is looking at. But no, you clowns want to put the target on YOUR back. NICE MOVE. I can remember back at least 10 years and I am hard pressed to think of a playoff win. The good thing about this year’s team is everyone is back. The bad thing about this year’s team is everyone is back from a last place team. Again prove it before you post. Bonita HAS proven it. DB has proven it. Football will not carry the baseball team. GOOD LUCK BULLDOGS. DONT TALK ABOUT BE THE TEAM TO BEAT, BEAT THE TEAMS TO BEAT AND THEN YOU CAN TALK.

  • Brandyn Hayward

    RJ Foundation presents 2nd Annual RJ Legacy High School Baseball & Softball Classic. April 25 7pm at Mt. Sac baseball game is Bonita vs. Bishop Amat. April 26 at Citrus College softball game is defending Div. 1 CIF Champs Santa Margarita vs. Bishop Amat. Please visit or Facebook RJ’s Legacy for more information.

  • jcaz

    Don – Wells,

    Wow, talk about bringing back so many memories. Gosh, I used to remember the great match ups between the Dodgers and “The Big Red Machine.”

    I can recall the intensity of that rivalry while during a prep football game back in the 70’s at Alemany high, the Dodgers were in a tight race with the Red’s. I remember how just as today, the announcer relaying the score to the crowd and how everyone started to cheer at the result.

    Interesting, because in that game, the visitors were getting smacked, and the score was about the only bright spot for them that entire evening….

    Also, in a way, it kinda too bad that the Dodges had both Lasorda and Alston as managers of the team, if only because of the fact that Sparky Anderson used to live in the Los Angeles area during the off season.

    It would have been nice to have had him coach the home team, but I guess you really can’t complain when you had guys like Lasorda and Alston as the Dodger coaches.

  • kh

    rowe is the kid am talking about on bonita who made some kind of what ever team they call it,hes is only a soph. but a good one.middle inf with speed.bonita has plently of speed.
    again over in bonitaland we dont ever worrie about w/c/ bulldoggs.
    get real.when do you think bonita is playing amat two best baseball programs in the valley.good night.
    whats up don and aaron

  • No INF

    TO KH

    One thing for sure with the line up! Kc will not be in the INF. Get real!

  • Check Mate


    Here we go again! Let it be known that KH doesn’t represent our BB program here at Bohi. In fact he’s a complete moron.

    Nice line-up, let’s see how close it comes out. LMAO!

  • Brandon Cartright

    Bulldog Fudge Packer,
    Please keep your mouth shut! You must have a kid that was cut from last years baseball awful squad; you gotta be pretty bad to not make that team. This years team is a different story all together my friend. Running through the Hacienda league should prove easy! We have a couple of little infielders joining the Varsity that can flat out play and Pudge Johnson is virtually unhitable!
    The only person with a target is #6 kc on the Pussykittens like kh said in baseball you cant hide.
    Target or no target, come see the Bullydogs kick the ever living crap out of the Bearcats and the rest of the Haciendas.

  • kh

    check mate.
    i am the rep for bohi baseball.
    dont forget it.
    iam the blog master of all masters,what i say is what i think only.
    dont worrie about where coach puts his players,not my yob,i help train him, he places him,so by saying that,shut your larry ass up you to faced punk.dont be a hater because some people can do multiple task.if you play only 1 position then you will sit when theres someone better at your spot.learn to dance the field,and the party will go on all night long.

  • please go away kh

    oh I will pray for you Bonita parents. having to deal with KH for 6 more months. God bless you and help you keep from kicking his a$$. let his garbage spew somewhere else after that. Amen.

  • kh

    please please kh go away,please please kh come back a raining day.
    do you know how sick and weak you sound.
    kh has helped the inner beast out from the outter guy here in bonitaland/
    we have looked thru the fog,raised above the haze.
    fought like a blinded ninja,slicing piece by piece,
    we the parent class of 2011 wont stop until are little warriors concure the mountain and take no prison .then and only then,will we steak our flag in the ground, high about the mountain,any thing less is like a flag blowing in the wind.
    hey partner,kh is now a roll model,people love to hang with me and son,did you see the championship baseball and football games,we have zero to hang our heads about in botown.i really dig all the folks in la verne,man this year s boys and parents have been together for along time my find feathered friend.a true bearcat dosent vannish from the pack,like don arron arron father mr. la verne newspaper ,big plowman chuck c the family will always hang back to to watch are younger cats prowl there way to bearcatland,we spead the wealth like the meir familys,we only get better in time .like are ex cats who play into the pros we will always come back to help,give back,ask the likes of scott nester another who loves the games play once by himself with bearcat pride…..
    please leave your negitive prays out of bearcat fever.
    i really dont think theres 1 lost sole in the pride of the bonita sports,who has a problem with myself…we are all on the same page education,pride hard work habits,and all for 1 and 1 for all.

  • No Inf

    kh, the 2011 bohi varsity baseball lineup and batting order,
    matt g, cf. tom c, 3b. rob m, 2b. mark l, c. nolan h, lf. adam m, p. justin r, ss. matt r, 1b. kc huth, rf. if grade eligible. w. covina and brandon c, bullpup; surely your kidding?

  • kh

    whos tom c.
    i heard of johncee gardner.
    he took over for the president when he was sick,and ran office like it was his garden.he planted in the spring so the fall would blosson. in the peter sellers movie.
    god would that be great to have our own tom c. gardener.

  • Big Red Machine

    Speaking of the BRM, they had an up the middle defense that is maybe best in baseball history. Bench, Morgan, Concepcion and the underated Chief, Cesar Gernonimo. Now that was a great team.

  • team speed

    Brandon, r u kidding…no team speed??? KC, Matt G, and Nolan H will make up the best defensive outfield in the valley. Hitters better smoke one in the alley, if they expect to get extra bases. Team D is outstanding in the OF! As far as pitching goes, Justin Garza has something waiting for opponents if they think they can beat our “#2”. He is the real deal folks.

  • garza?

    Garza may be ok. but hes been beat already!

  • anonymous commenter


    justin rowe played for the junior olymipic team. Im 99% sure that jake blunt played for the team also

  • kh

    you know whats great,
    we are talking baseball.
    anybody want to hit at h.s tomorrow around 230.
    let me know i will break out 5 boxes of ready to throw some b.p./
    just finished up in back yard cage.lot stronger this year boys…
    the team will much happier with k.c. in the inf.
    hate to rotate infielders,they need to work together on there angle,that takes most of the season,outfielders it really dosent matter,6 guys will benefit with leaving 1 of poisition for subs,
    but what do i know,
    should go with seniors rt up the middle.we can always wait tell next season to say,dame we should of ????????????be
    hey its a great problem for our coach,too much talent…….we will hit from now until we win the cif ring.

  • Jackboy

    As long as we are talking Baseball, Great to see you last night, you fit right in there with all the other baseball people. Strange Fred doesnt know or hasnt written anything about it; being our local sports writer, kind of a big deal wouldnt you say? Add a baseball glove to the raffle. Jr. will be there tomorrow to hit. Make sure you have an L screen to pitch behind.
    Looks like the fools at West Covina are trying to win a CIF Baseball ring with their mouths. Sorry West Co. wrong sex!
    Don, I like your style; Baseball, sunny afternoon . . . ahhhhh. It makes it feel a little like spring training, the only thing missing is the smell of Pine tar and a Rosin bag.
    Field maint. day yesterday and put the outfield fences up and the field looks good.
    Bearcats should have a strong team this season; seniors are strong with a good mix of underclassmen. As always it will boil down to hard work and determination along with a burning desire to succeed!
    Go Bearcats!

  • sng baseball

    northview looses the only good player they had Xavier Martinez great job coach.

  • Choke ……


    Rings ….

    Just like football …..

    choke …….

  • Ro

    lets see if Amat and Bonita are 1 and 2 ranked when they meet in April.

  • why

    what happened to Xavi?

  • sng baseball

    Fred how do you think Northview baseball team will do with out their number one pitcher Javier Martinez made all league last year had 8-2 record was the MVP player voted by his coach. Started 1st base in the under classment all star game but could not start first in his own high school great move coach. I guess you can play a 6’4 player that hit 360 had the most home runs in 2010 team. I can see how your 2011 stack team you have you couln’t use a player like Javy martinez great move coach.

  • Viking Express

    Javy Martinez is just one of those pain in the ass kids along with his Dad. So Dad, what program will he be going to infect with Cancer this year? What round do you think hell be drafted in? What a joke and if its true and not some sort of bluff, its just another terrible decision by Daddy. Wow, real Earth shattering stuff here.
    Go away Mr. Martinez!

  • kh

    dont think garza beat my friend.
    tall, hits ball behind runners.
    he should bat behind mark l great guy to have on team.will give you every thing asked of.
    play s.s. with anybody on this team,showed it last season,he just got aslittle tired at the end.
    was only a soph. last season he will grow and muture into a find college middle inf. pro prospect in due time,reminds me of a former college and teammate nobody gave credit to..well 9 1/2 years later,had a great mlb career.
    rosemead ,glendale, csla star,rene gonzales
    remember k.h. knows nothing because my heads stuck up his kids ass,right i go to ball games scouting mlb and d-1 college kids for g.m. and scouting directors friends of mine.
    just helped kevin swick walk on and make team at usc,and had a 4,0 gpa,last semester.
    so keep talking crap,if your kid can play at a higher level i will still help him.its not about us parents,were done,its childred time…love baseball..

  • Garza?

    Garza’s a head case. one hit and he’s done. seen it many times! he only hits behind runners cuz he cant catch up!

  • kh

    hey why haten bro on bearcat players.
    we dont do that on the blog.dame like i said maybe others see difference in players then you.
    dame unless kh gives you guy some fuel your a broke down train waiting for its diesel.
    so hang in there kh isnt going to run ooy of gas any time soon.

  • Check Mate

    kh, the problem is the underclassmen especially your juniors are terrible. none of them have any tools or talent. any juniors on the bohi football team?(crickets)the fact none of them are good enough to play on your football team is proof. my info is they may not be grade eligible! kh, no haten here just facts, you better pray your seniors can carry the whole load my friend.
    Check Mate my ignorant friend.

  • RR

    We all know about the Amat/Bonita game coming up soon at Mt. Sac. Although it should be a good game and it’s for a great purpose (RJ’s Legacy) please come out and see the great Amat team perform to the standards all teams should perform. Amat— the #1 team around, period!

  • insider

    Top Ten

    1. Dbar
    2. Damien
    3. So. Hills
    4. Amat
    5. Bonita
    6. Chino Hills
    7. Glendora
    8. Claremont
    9. Dranch
    10. Charter Oak

    It is a long season. The teams with solid 1 & 2 pitchers will rise to the top by seasons end. The top 5 is solid. Dbar will win a CIF championship.

  • kh

    so now you have grade inside infor.
    what about henleys 4.0 g.p.a. hes a jr.
    all four of those boys can play,went to the world series in colt this pasted summer.
    just like last season theres always somone out there baggin.
    i like all of are players,jordon orealas and woodie plus johnson is as good as any other jr. in there program,we have the coaching and work habits to smoke all the sgv teams as we will.oh i just took your queen,now your in check with my pond,weak

  • Check Mate

    kh, you couldnt be more wrong my moronic friend! lets see how wrong you can be here, heslott, garza, castro, grade problems! henley was not on your colt world series team last year, he didnt make the team, and how bad do you have to be to not make a colt rec. ball team? maybe henley could help the other dunces with their homework while he rides the pine! The others you mentioned, just white noise.
    kh, i only deal in facts and it sounds like you need to go back and do your homework! man you guys suck!
    i got my queen back, now i have two queens and, both beautiful women! Oh, you can have my king, hes more your type my friend!
    game set and match.

  • sng baseball

    viking express your one of three parents first your the snack bar parent that thinks your boy should start. Second the raffel parent that kiss a$$ to coach they think there boy should start last the san gabriel dad that every time his boy does not play there school wins when his boy plays the dad is blaming everybody in the team but does not see that your boy can not play. You talk about MLB draft I dont remember the last 5 feet first basement getting DH and their parents working the snack bar getting drafted. Why do you blame the parent and Javy when its your lack of coaching in northview thats to blame. NO IM NOT A PARENT FROM NORTHVIEW OR HIS DAD. You never answer how can Javy that has more playing experience then all the first basement in your program play first is it his hitting no he hit 360 most home runs in the program. pitching no he had 8-2 record one lose was chino hills when he got pulled out he was winning lost the game. second lose Bonita lost 2 to 1 and his best hitter was not hitting great move coach.
    He can play with good talent no wait he was all league 2010 started first base in the underclass all star game. Great job coach. He was your MVP voted by his coach How can we forget he beat San Dimas twice I believe thats why they won league.

  • ?

    Insider you are nuts to win a championship you have to have desipline and D.Bar lacks plenty of that which is a reflection on the coaches. I see D.Bar finishing 2nd or 3rd in league again. Knott will coach circles around Shibley.

  • Check Mate

    sng baseball,
    I know, youre just a non-bias person without an agenda just trying to do the right thing! Give it a rest Dad! Youve always tried to manipulate the situation. What about your other boy on the team Mr. Martinez? What an example. You are a family of quitters! What will be the excuse when he runs into a rough patch?
    A word of advice Dad, grow a pair and suck it up. While youre at it; please learn how to spell and get a little sentence structure going loser!
    You know who Viking Express is and if youre not the parent; come clean you coward! Im not hiding, why are you?
    Best player, beast hitter, best pitcher, best 1st basement(baseman) best home run hitter, biggest loser, etc
    Maybe youre right, it could be you, Javy and not youre Dad blogging, it makes sense.
    Either way; what a loser!

  • Viking Express

    Sorry Check Mate, didnt mean to steel your moniker, I got a little caught up in youre back and forth with kh and Checkers.
    sng baseball,
    I know, youre just a non-bias person without an agenda just trying to do the right thing! Give it a rest Dad! Youve always tried to manipulate the situation. What about your other boy on the team Mr. Martinez? What an example. You are a family of quitters! What will be the excuse when he runs into a rough patch?
    A word of advice Dad, grow a pair and suck it up. While youre at it; please learn how to spell and get a little sentence structure going loser!
    You know who Viking Express is and if youre not the parent; come clean you coward! Im not hiding, why are you?
    Best player, beast hitter, best pitcher, best 1st basement(baseman) best home run hitter, biggest loser, etc
    Maybe youre right, it could be you, Javy and not youre Dad blogging, it makes sense.
    Either way; what a loser!

  • Fred, u r unbelievable

    I take a little good natured jab to you about blog hits and KH and you deleted my entry. It was a freaking joke. I guess there was some truth in my comment. The same entry that told CHeckmate that his accusation about bad grades was way off and that the only reason that Henley was not on the Colt team was due to the league sending the league champions and it was not a true allstar team in the sense deserving players from other teams were left off. Let’s see, I hurt your feelings and you delete my entry, yet you let others come on here and make unsubstantiated remarks about kids and their grades. Very classless dude. Get some thick skin if you want to be in this business.

  • Jackboy

    Its only January 18th. Amazing!

  • javy M!

    Where ever javy goes good luck to him. But doesn’t his little brother go to south hills? And he’s supposedly working out with varsity?

  • Amat Fan
  • kh

    kh heea.
    sorry about last weeks comments.
    something was all screded up for a moment somebody said i was no longer a pieces,now i was a was some aqual fress color blue.still in the water sign,so i will blame it on that,well it only lasted 1 day forks back to my cool nature double fish sign.thank god,dont like major changes,took me 50 years to swin straight,
    things are good,what up with double queen bagger mate.
    i was wrong henleys a 4-5 student,and if he helped the other guys thats what makes for a team my friend good luck