Finally, PrepXtra All San Gabriel Valley Football Magazine in Thursday’s newspaper

Above: This was our pre-season edition. To get a copy on the All-SGV edition, you have to be a subscriber, buy a newspaper on the rack or pick one up at the Tribune office.

BTW, signing day is on February 2, here is what we have so far.
Joseph Gibson, West Covina (UTEP)
Allen Brown, San Dimas (Fresno St.)
Chase Price, Diamond Ranch (San Diego St.)
Brandon Tuliaupupu, Claremont (Washington St.)
Ifo Ekpre-Olumu, Chino Hills (Oregon)
Chad Jeffries, Glendora (San Diego St.)
Sioasi Aiono, South Hills (Utah)

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  • SGV fan

    I heard your BP boys got their offers pulled by UTEP and Fred what’s up with NV baseball losing the ace will hurt. martinez was 2nd team all CIF D4 I believe. NV will be hurting for pitching they better recruit pretty quick…

  • Aaron

    Jackson has not been committed to UTEP for a good while, although the offer is still on the table. He has an offer from NMSU, which you could say he may be leaning towards since he un-verbaled to UTEP.

  • ???

    Freddy, what’s up with the prepxtra???

  • reality

    If local coaches were at big time programs. Podley-Boise Maggiore- Oklahoma Farrar-Nevada Las Vegas Bogan-Auburn Zernikow- Univ. of La Verne. Layden- USC Zavala- New Mexico Arellanes-TCU Would love to see that Boise-Oklahoma game.

  • FredJ

    Just got word today that prepxtra is going to press on Friday and will be in the paper on Jan. 27, a week from today.

  • Living Legend

    Word is that both the BP kids had their offers pulled from UTEP.

  • iE FB Fan

    Nate Harris Chino Hills = Portland St.

  • mr k

    Marcus Haigler WC going to San Diego St

  • I heard BJ Lee, West Covina, verbally committed to UCLA earlier this season for track and would walk on for football, but decommitted because they weren’t offering the deal he and his family could afford to take. I believe the offer is still on the table, but it depends on his performance during track season this year.

  • Dan

    Fred, this is off topic but one kid that you guy’s should heavily consider when choosing your all area team is West Covina’s Anthony Molina for DB, at free safety he had 9 interceptions for the year, last I checked Max preps had him at 8 but the real number is 9, He also had at least 1 fumble recovery that I can remember, at the minimum, thats ten turnovers for this kid.
    Even more remarkable is that he platooned on defense with Jimmy Fraizer for much of the season, I would guess he missed at least 2 to 4 games worth of time at the safety position. My only guess for the reason they platooned was to
    rest him because he was full time at reciever. You could imagine if he had been full time at free safety he would have had a few more picks
    for the season.

  • karma

    NV baseball….karma does hurt.

  • kh

    whats the deal,any word or dates on all cif football.
    so bj from w/c still wants to play football,should stick with track.
    i thaught after k.c. lite him up on the kick off team there was no way hes playing anymore

  • kh don’t need any help ….


    Those are the type of comments that don’t help your son. I call it self generated hate. You question why so many people give you and your son so much crap, your comment in a nutshell is the reason why.

    I really feel for your son, to have to put up with your crap for all these years, no wounder he has issues during the season, I throught it was roid rage.

  • Dan

    What do you have against BJ Lee? That hit was a month and a half ago, the way you keep posting about it one would think it was the biggest hit of your kids life. He got a nice hit on BJ so whats the big deal? Seen hits like that every Friday night, thats part of football, nothing new to BJ either he’s taken hits before, you saw him pop right up didn’t you? Anyways good luck to your son, hope he gets a shot to keep playing somewhere.

  • Vera Wang

    I don’t like BJ Lee either. He does not own one of my bridesmaid dresses. kh, however, is one of my best customers!

  • just sayin’

    why is it when I read kh I hear Dennis Hopper as “Shooter” in Hoosiers?

  • kh

    big sergent of blog arms.
    i still fill the love my son has for his coaching staff,thats all.did your kids make anything out of there selfs from sports.? learn to train, like the plane never know when its there last game.
    just having alittle fun with bj lee.
    is that ok with you.the boy has some god givin talent,plus without some topics you lonely bloggers have zero to blog about.
    its baseball season done with football,just waiting for all cif and allm area players to be announed.i wonder if my boy will have a some on team,sents all the studs are from w/c/ bulldogs,you think.
    get a life,my son and me are tighter then the vigin mary.

  • PETA

    Was Mary a vegan, or a virgin? Can’t quite understand from the ruminations of an idiot. kh, has your Village called? Is La Verne a VIllage? Is kh missing?

  • JFR

    Just sayin,

    Your are dead on with that comparison.

  • carmen

    Where are you located?

  • Blue and Gold Stud

    FredJ, AramT, SteveR & Co,

    Here is a condensed recruiting highlight of Michael Juarez from Bishop Amat that was sent out to colleges some of you might enjoy and I’m sure there are some that will voice negative comments.(Guru- pay close attention to what he does against your Crespi team)

    It is what it is, just completed a recruiting trip at Cal LU in Thousand Oaks, with a few more scheduled before finalizing his decision. One things for certain, he will be playing college ball next year. Good luck to all other players wanting to play college ball from the SGV.

    Go Amat! Go Big Blue!