Why Neuheisel’s job is safe …

Brett Hundley and Baldwin Park’s Mike Johnson .. I might get to talk trash again.

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  • Jastrab

    So is it time for that kid from Los Osos to transfer?

  • Colt74

    USC 28 UCLA 14

  • Trojan Man

    UCLA NEEDS horses in the stable to RUN the race . They HAD arguably ONE of the greatest offensive minds of all time & STILL were one of the worst offenses in the ncaa.


  • FredJ

    If Chow was that great of an offensive mind, then what happened? The problem with UCLA is they hardly ever have a decent quarterback. In my lifetime I can only think of two that were great at UCLA, Troy Aikman, who was a transfer, and Cade McKnown, who nearly got them to the national title but did nothing in the pro’s. That’s it, that’s terrible for a school in Southern California with a location like Westwood.

  • AMAT 73

    Fred J ,
    Not sure how old you are but I would think John Sciarra is in your life time. Gary Beban maybe a little to far back for you .

  • FredJ

    Okay, I was eight years old when Sciarra starred at UCLA and took them to the ’76 Rose Bowl, but that just proves my point, not enough good quarterbacks at UCLA over the years. Beban is going way back. Also proves that when UCLA has a great quarterback, they win.

  • Colt74

    Mark Harmon wasn’t too shabby. Plus, his sister Kelly was the tic-tac girl….and HOT!

  • QB coach

    Fred, Chow was not successful because the golden rule was broken which is you have to believe in your system. Chow is a standup guy and did his best to make the pistol work he offered no excuses for his failure. That being said it was a bad move by the HC to ask him to implement a system that is so fundamentally different than his west cost pass first offense. Chow was on Bill Walsh’s team of coaches that wrote a theses on the offense while Walsh was at Stanford. Chow will have success at Utah the question is will Neuhisel have sucess at UCLA Johnson could be a nice fit and Shannon would be a greta DC but risk hire for Rick because he could be hiring his successor.

  • Bruin man

    You forgot Drew Olson

  • Red Barron

    Hudley looks good, but not great. Good speed, OK arm = Great HS QB. We’ll see when he gets to play the top athletes in the PAC 12.

    Fred and Amat73, if you have to try to remember the good QB’s that came out of So Cal’s JV football program, that means there wasn’t much and we shouldn’t be talking about them.

  • AMAT 73

    Red Barron,
    I didn’t have to put very much into trying to remember Sciarra since he did graduate from AMAT in 72 . He went on to have a nice career in the pros in the Canadian league then with the Eagles of NFL. Not a UCLA fan but they have sent some solid players on to the NFL. Montoya out of LPHS to name another local player and I am sure there are more .

  • Red Barron

    Amat 73, my point was, UCLA is So Cal’s JV football program. I know SGV has produced many NFL players. I too came from a proud football program at TC back in the day.

    No disrespect, just not bruin fan.

    Fight On!

  • AMAT 73

    Red Barron,
    How soon we forget. I too root for SC but it was not too long ago when that JC program you speak of owned SC during Terry Donohue’s tenure. With UCLA they do have some fine young talent and they should be better as they mature and see more playing time. As for SC let’s see what the next few years brings with the NCAA sanctions against them as far as scholarships and no bowl games.It just might level the playing and recruiting field for UCLA . As for SC,lately they are not having the great success against Pac -10 now 12 teams the past couple of years either.