Tribune Soccer Rankings: Mountain View still the best of the rest; Bishop Amat takes over No. 1 in girls with Los Altos climbing fast at No. 3

Right: Northview’s Khalalah Todd (35 goals) leads the Southern Section in scoring with Bishop Amat’s April Juarez (30 goals) not far behind and No. 3 overall in the section. For the first time in years, Walnut girls soccer has dropped from the top ten rankings. In boys soccer, Sierra Vista and Baldwin Park are tumbling and the Hacienda is proving to be a beast with four teams capable of winning it. Glendora is in first and loving its move to the Baseline League. And don’t sleep on former area power Damien, they’re at Claremont on Wednesday with both teams 4-0 in the Sierra.

Boys Soccer Rankings
1. Mountain View (7-2-3)
2. Claremont (12-0-4)
3. Bonita (10-3-5)
4. Glendora (9-6-5)
5. Ganesha (7-4)
6. Damien (7-2-5)
7. Los Altos (9-4-2)
8. Sierra Vista (11-4-2)
9. Diamond Ranch (8-3-1)
10. Baldwin Park (11-2-2)

Girls Soccer Rankings
1. Bishop Amat (16-1)
2. Ayala (12-4-2)
3. Los Altos (13-2-4)
4. Glendora (11-4-4)
5. Claremont (13-5-1)
6. Bonita (9-3-2)
7. St. Lucy’s (6-4-2)
8. Northview (15-3)
9. Diamond Bar (9-5-1)
10. San Dimas (11-2-2)

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  • GHigh

    Here is Ganesha’s Boys Record which is also on Southern California High School Coaches Association Website
    Boys Soccer
    Varsity Overall 9-5-1 League 8-0
    11/30 Diamond Ranch Def. Ganesha 5-4
    12/2 Garey Def. Ganesha 5-4
    12/6 El Rancho Def. Ganesha 6-1
    12/9 Ganesha Def. Los Osos 3-2
    12/14 Ganesha Def. Gladstone 2-1
    12/16 Ganesha Def. Azusa 4-2
    12/27 Chino Def. Ganesha 3-1
    12/27 Ganesha tied Alta Loma 2-2
    12/28 Diamond Ranch Def. Ganesha 1-0
    12/28 Ganesha Def. Damien 3-2
    Ganesha Def. Bassett 5-1
    1/6 Ganesha Def. Azusa 7-0
    1/11 Ganesha Def. Duarte 3-2
    1/13 Ganesha Def. La Puente 2-0
    1/18 Ganesha Def. Azusa 1-0
    1/20 Ganesha Def. Sierra Vista 4-2

  • saintsgirlsr4real2

    Oh man, we liked being off the hit list. So, did you add San Dimas back on when you realized that Northview still needs to get over Wilson, who is a good team and SD to win league? And can Northview still beat San Dimas without their getto fans verbal abusing our players since they will be in actual stands away?

  • D Bar playing D Ranch right now; wish I could have seen the game. Both teams are very good. Looking forward to seeing the score!

  • Anon


    I’ll bet you’re happy you’re off the CIF D6 hit list, too, right? Let’s review:

    You’re 12-2-2,
    your only losses are to Bonita and Northview (OT),
    you’ve beaten bigger schools (Diamond Bar 1-0, Rancho Cucamonga 2-0),
    tied bigger schools which beat Northview (Charter Oak 4-0 win over Northview, South Hills 1-0 win over Northview)
    and won a tournament in which Los Altos finished 5th, yet Northview is ranked #3 in D6 and you’re unranked.

    Go figure, huh? It’s always nice to have the target off your back though, right? Maybe you’d better start winning your games 8-0. Run the score up; let one player score 5 goals in a game. Apparently that’s what gets you your CIF rankings.

    But no, I have an idea: don’t run the score up. Rotate your scorers out when you’re ahead 3-0 or so, so non-starters can play, so different combinations of girls can play together, so girls can play secondary positions, and so you show sportsmanship to the other team. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll make it to CIF and show everyone what a good TEAM you have. Just a thought.

  • Valle Vista Fan

    To Anon and SaintsGirlsAren’t4Real,

    Blah, Blah, Blah here we go again with the sour grapes. For starters let me remind you that San Dimas also beat Pomona 8-0 earlier in the year so stop talking about running it up. If you are referring to other league scores (maybe the Covina game) 6 different girls scored for Northview so the coach has been doing an excellent job rotating players in. It seems that you both are envious of a certain scorer on Northview and who wouldn’t be? I was at the game today and if the coach would have played her the entire game, she might of had as many as 8 goals. Maybe you cannot deal with the fact that things aren’t status quo in the Valle Vista this year and you will just have to deal with winning games 3-1, 2-0 vs. Baldwin Park and getting scored on 3 times by Nogales.

    As for your record, it is impressive. You have a good win vs. Diamond Bar and another against Rancho Cucamonga and probably should have won the South Hills game. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In your own tournament, while Rancho Cucamonga, Los Altos, Royal, and Summit were beating up on each other, you were playing Chaffey and West Covina. Yes you did tie Charter Oak and Northview lost to them 4-0 in their first game of the season, but I know that a NHS vs. CO game would be a lot closer if it was played now.

    As for rankings, don’t find fault with Northview because they are ranked and San Dimas is not. Maybe if Coach K would report scores to, San Dimas would also be ranked. Rankings have nothing to do with how much you win by, but just the simple fact that you win. The Vikings have the most wins in Division 6 with 16. Besides being ranked,one more thing that Northview has over San Dimas… a win.

    And for the record “ghetto” is spelled with an “h.”

  • San Dimas Fan

    Saints Fans,

    Why are we talking crap with no purpose??
    That’s not our style. You are one or two parents which just can’t walk the walk. Whatever other teams, fans, CIF, Max Prep does, it’s not going to improve our team.

    Please don’t embarass us, your starting to sound like some of those other hater parents which we make fun of.

  • LA Soccer Dad

    Walnut Story?
    The team that I cannot figure out is the Walnut girls soccer squad? Although Los Altos beat them 1-0 on Monday, they are a very impressive squad, are loaded top to bottom w/ high skill level club players and have tremendous team speed and they play a much better brand of possession soccer compared to LA’s ‘kick-n-hope’ approach yet they are doing poorly in the Hacienda League. I dont get it, good athletes and good soccer should prevail…any insight from the Walnut parents as to why Walnut is not dominating the Hacienda League this year?

  • LA Futbol

    LA Soccer Dad…

    I hope to God that you are not actually a Los Altos Parent. “kick-n-hope”……really? Nice take “DAD”. I’m glad I don’t let my daughter read the blogs. You think LA got to be 13-2-4 and CIF Semi-finalists last year with a kick ball approach? Idiot.

    They may not move the ball around nearly as well as Walnut, but something seems to be working well. They have, in my opinion, the most physically dominant forward in the valley in Tara Cofer up front. They play a style known in the soccer community as “direct”. This is their strength when they play teams that can pass the ball better than them, and as I said, 13-2-4 makes that style look pretty effective!

    And against lesser teams they can and do play a control game, they just understand when teams are better than they are in the middle and work toward their strength, speed and power up top with Cofer, Stupin, Esparza, Avery and company.

  • Walnutproblems

    I’ll tell you what’s wrong with Walnut, coach Hansen is in over her head. Remember, she won three titles several years ago in an easy division with players far superior to their competition level. She had division one players left and right back then, like the one who won three titles for her then went to USC and won a national title. The past few years Walnut and Hansen have coasted in the San Antonio League and then been knocked out early in the playoffs. Now that she’s in a league with parity, with sort of equal talent, she’s getting outcoached left and right and won’t make the playoffs with probably one of the most talented teams in the area. It’s a shame, an AYSO coach can only take you so far, she needs better assistants around her to make tactical changes if she’s going to remain there.

  • LA Futbol


    Completely agree! We beat you guys, not because we are a better skilled team, but because we played a better tactical game.

    What was up with that crazy off-side trap every time LA had a free kick? The first time Cofer was wide open and put one off the post. The next time we scored. Terrible tactic that any decent coach will figure out.

    Your comments were right on!

  • Correction?

    Whats up with the “6 consecutive shutouts” comment on San Dimas. That was last month dude! Oh, and two of those three goals at Nogales were with the back-up goalie in so the goalie could play forward and try to get a goal. Her teammates bit that bullet for her. Amazing kids.

  • Just two questions

    Valle Vista Fan:

    Just two questions: Were you at the San Dimas/Northview game? Do the Northview parents and players condone the young male fans taunting the other player to tears?

  • Valle Vista Fan

    Just Two Questions,

    Of course I was at the Northview / San Dimas game. There were @ least 2 administrators there and a number of teachers keeping tabs on the crowd. I cannot deny or confirm any comments that would bring someone “to tears.” What I heard was nothing different than you would hear at a basketball game.

    Answer this question: Does your coach, and you as a parent, condone the profanity that was being used by San Dimas athletes in the game toward the officials, Northview coaches, players, and fans?

  • Confused

    Hey Walnut parents; stop using a name like “LA Soccer…”. You want to clean house, use your name and dont drag LA into it. We have our own problems with a Boys team that gets our hopes up with great victories over DB and DR but loses the ones that they are supposed to win.

    They obviously were not ready to move up in the rankings and will have repercussions at CIF [if we make it].

  • LA Soccer Dad

    “I hope to God that you are not actually a Los Altos Parent. “kick-n-hope”……really? Nice take “DAD”. I’m glad I don’t let my daughter read the blogs. You think LA got to be 13-2-4 and CIF Semi-finalists last year with a kick ball approach? Idiot.”
    Nice comeback LA Futbal! You dont agree w/ someone elses opinion and you resort to name calling…you make all us LA parents proud!
    And for the record, I am a Los Altos parent and stand by my original statements. LA’s form of ‘direct’ style as you call it, typically results in errant kicks to the other teams mid-fielders, I credit the great athletes that LA has on the roster for their current run of success, not on a superior ‘strategy’ by the coaches….I hope I am wrong, but IMO this ‘direct’ style you speak of will hurt them against the upper tier teams in our Division during CIF playoffs. Just one LA parents opinion.

  • SoccerLvr

    Nice, that Sierra Vista wasn’t even ranked, even though they are ranked #4 in their division.

  • Confused

    How does Div 5 [Boys] Mountainview get the #1 spot over Div 2 Claremount or Damien? Also wondering if the 3 teams from Hacienda that are Top 10 this week are going to have anything left for the playoffs? D Bar is right there too. Seems to be little or no room for errors or it could cost them a playoff spot.

  • Robledo Needs to Check Stats

    Fred, you need to check your stats or tell the coaches to place all of their games on the schedule. Los Altos boys does not deserve to be ranked. They have three preseason losses to terrible teams they didn’t even report. They should be 9-7-2

  • who cares?

    The LA boys team can careless about these rankings! Go ahead and remove LA from this list…we will continue to play hard! By the way…who do you represent?