The softball season just got interesting, Courtney Gano leaves Los Altos for rival Bonita

At least in softball, it has been a good rivalry, until now. Courtney Gano, who has been one of the Valley’s best softball players since her freshman year, checked out of Los Altos and is at Bonita like so many have speculated. It’s not a surprise, her father Greg Gano, also the football coach at Damien, sold his home in West Covina and is now living in La Verne, which should make it a textbook change-of-address transfer as far as CIF is concerned, so you can already start thinking of Gano in the green and white. Bonita already was good, but adding Gano, who batted .458 her junior season and is on her way to Washington on scholarship, gives them a huge boost and a senior leader that steps right in.

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49 thoughts on “The softball season just got interesting, Courtney Gano leaves Los Altos for rival Bonita

  1. Welcome to Bonita. I know next to nothing about her except that she is a great talent. Work hard in the classroom and on the field.


  2. Nothing better than taking in one of Courtney’s games with Coach Gano nearby. I’ve lost count of how many steak dinners he owes me.

  3. eagle says,

    this is textbook athletically motivated move. courtney should have attended west covina or south hills but instead went to los altos for 3 years and now right before softball she transfers to bonita…..i don’t think so.

  4. theeaglehaslanded

    Your right about one thing the eagle has landed and great news for a young Bonita team on the rise. Atletically motivated? My azz think about bro Glendora is the big dog returning a good senior and junior pitcher and after losing their shortstop to graduation why not transfer there? you obviosly know nothing about softball.

  5. Eagle you are exactly right about athletically motivated moves. Which is what this is. If it’s not that then she shouldn’t play softball at Bonita. After all, she is signed and sealed to Washington next year. She should just focus on her travel team. Travel ball is what really counts right? (That was sarcasim) I have seen CIF deny a player elegibility in this very situation. I feel pretty confident that this isn’t going to happen here. Especially if Loss Altos isn’t going to say anything. Looks like Gano has pulled another fast one in the SGV.

    SGV430 Ouuuttt!!

  6. The ignorance is overwhelming.

    Her Dad is the Head Football Coach of Damien High School and where is that everyone? LaVerne. He bought a house to be closer to work. Where you might ask? La Verne. The only public school in La Verne is what everyone….That’s right….Bonita.

    This is textbook for a CIF Transfer. How it could be athletically motivated is beyond me. Bonita is a good team (and just got a whole lot better) but this kid didn’t relocate to an apartment, her Dad bought a house in LaVerne, she is transferring to the local public high school, I believe she has already signed her NLI in November, so it wasn’t to be recruited somewhere else.

    Way to go sherlock (or theeagleslanded), you have solved the case….

  7. Yesterday I went to the local mom and pop’s to have my breakfast and bought a copy of the Trib to go with my coffee.

    What caught my attention was that there was an add in the paper for Bonita high that was similar in almost every way as an add would have been for Damien or Bishop Amat.

    They were actually asking parents to enroll their kid’s in the school as if they were some kind of a private institution. I have to say that I was shocked because I have never seen a public school activity recruit kids before by placing add’s in the local paper.

    Now, am I missing something here ?

    Is Bonita on some kind of a special deal where they can actually recruit and enroll kids from outside of their geographic boundaries ?


  8. I’d have to ask for you to post a picture of this because it seems too good to be true. However I wouldn’t be surprised as I’ve seen public schools do it before.

  9. SGV For 30 Years

    As dumb as they come, Los Altos knows this is a perfectly legal transfer. Los Altos returns all of their starting players, Bonita lost several seniors including its all area pitcher so how is this athletically motivated in a rebuilding year? Your a hater plain and simple admit it man up or bitch up one of the two? If she was the worst player from the LA varsity that nobody knows there wouldn’t be an issue right? Her dad simply had to move he works in La Verne, now lives in La Verne so it is only right for her to go to school in La Verne then to drive multiple freeways through rush hour trafic to go to school Hacienda Heights. Would you be crying if it was La Verne Lutherne? Give me a break take a chill pill and pull your head
    out of your azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzloser boy ……………………………….

  10. shan said:
    I can’t WAIT for the South Hills/ Bonita game!

    South Hills sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  11. jcaz

    So what sport does your kid play? I’ll check with the coach and see if there is room? Lol
    JBRown pays x amount of dollars for every kid enrolled bhs just getting a jump on next years budget cuts. lmao

  12. jcaz,
    Of course we activity recruit kids to Bonita and it just keeps getting easier to get them here. Bonita High School has been the highest academically rated High School in the San Gabriel valley for many years now, and all of a sudden you add a great sports program; and its a no brainier to come here! Who wouldnt want to have their kids come here?
    Actually, Bonita turns away more kids than it accepts, but you already knew that didnt you jcaz?
    Welcome to Bonita Courtney, youll fit right in; you seem like a class act kid, Welcome to a 1st class school.
    What do you think about jcazs statement Fred?
    Go Bearcats!

  13. Actually if I’m not mistaken the new laws allows any public school to pull kds from any area. Don’t start crying Bishop Amat supporters. Just because you can attend the school doesn’t mean that CIF will approve the transfer. I checked last week CIF had no plans at that time of changing their rules on transfers. You willn’t need a release from the school in your attendance area.

  14. I didn’t see the ad JCAZ was talking about, actually saw one for a Rowland elementary school, point is, it wouldn’t be the first time public schools have advertised. Public schools want to show they provide a quality education and that by enrolling in your neighborhood school, you will get a quality education. Maybe they advertise in hopes prospective students don’t enroll and nearby private schools. Nothing wrong with that.

  15. SHAKS AND SHAN, get a life. Season hasnt started and you’re already on the blog starting drama. SH can’t suck that much, they made it to the big show last year. Don’t remember seeing any you losers there!

  16. This post has taken a bigger veer than a Ladouceur offense. Gano moved, the kid wants to go to school near her house. She plays softball. What is the big deal?

    Has anyone made their way from La Verne to Hacienda Heights during rush hour lately? You’re talking 45 minutes to an hour in traffic. I made the run from San Dimas to St. Marks (up the hill from LAHS) for about six years in the late 80’s; tolerable when you could cut across on Sunset but that is no option anymore. No way I would put that drive on a teen age girl every day.

    As for the stealing of kids from one district to another, check this story out :

    Amazing to me that in these days of budget crisis’ and threats of laying off teachers two school districts would incur these type of legal fees. Gotta get rid of these wanna be politicians and their lawyers.

    The Trib’s online version was running a front page ad from the BUSD soliciting parents to sign up kids for school. It isn’t there anymore but I’m pretty sure it didn’t mention softball anywhere.

  17. Open enrollment,
    One AMAT person makes a statement now a blanket statement of Bishop AMAT supporters crying. Get real .
    I have seen many public schools advertising for students to come to their schools. In fact I seem to remember some even having open houses for incoming students of all areas. In these times every school is fighting for the tax dollars to come their way and the more students you have the money you get. I think it is a great idea as schools have to raise their standards to compete for students. The winners are the kids who can go to a school high in academic offerings and also have good athletic programs. To me the biggest issue here is for a student who has been in the spot light as a top athlete and put in all the hard work for 3 1/2 years to suddenly leave your school in your senior year ???? Where’s the loyalty or feeling of school spirit in this decision. Yes it will take a few more minutes to get to school, by the way Don Sunset is open now, but to leave the friends you have made in the 4 years and all the trials and tribulations you go thru in those 4 years is mind boggling to me . Maybe for those who are putting the athleticly motivated spin on it should look at what’s in store for LA softball this season compared to Bonita and maybe that will help your angle.

  18. Amat73 aka(rachel maddow)

    Are you kidding me were talking about loyalty and friends now, fricken pathetic when was the last time someone felt sympathy for the job they just quit? your a piece of work you know! A few more minutes my azz try 20 more minutes if your lucky, in no traffic. Why is it the all mighty Amat who always perpetrates political correctness? Please do us all a favor and save your Sunday school rhetoric for people who care. Maybe the kid hated the drive, really had no friends and leaving was as you would say a blessing from above. Stick to what you know parochial business not everyone is like you and thank god!

  19. As a longtime friend and supporter of Greg I welcome him and his daughter to our great little city. This gives me the opportunity to take my daughter to watch his daughter play and to catch up on old lies with him. Win win for me.

  20. rushto,
    I am not judging anybody , only commenting on my opinion on the subject.Sounds as if you have had a few bad jobs in your time.Loyalty and friends at the high school level are entirely different then a job situation. If Courtney hated the drive or whatever great as I have no beef at all with the move. About that Parochial business you speak of , maybe that’s why I commented about leaving your school and friends after 3 1/2 years because 38 years after graduating from AMAT some of my classmates are still to this day some of my best friends. I believe the “Steadfast,Loyal , and True ” words in our alma mater really do mean that when it comes to AMAT . Either way I do wish her the best and a great season this year and good luck to her at U of Washington. Now to turn it on you why is it when someone sees a post from someone from AMAT they have to come down with all they got as far as insults. Did you even bother to read my total post or just the parts you don’t agree with because I did mention open enrollment is a good thing when used in the proper manner .Maybe if someone had cared enough for you in your youth you wouldn’t have such a large chip on your shoulder concerning people from AMAT because there are a few posts far worse then mine but in your eyes they were ok because you couldn’t pin them down to someone from AMAT.

  21. Was the move athletically motivated, of course it was, who are we kidding. LAs baseball program sucks this year and Bonita will be in the fight. Now does LA want to fight it is the question. Being that it is Ganos daughter most likely not. That being said we all know that about 99% +/- 5% of all moves are athletically motivated. Gano has good hookups down the street at CIF, Im sure this has been pre-approved; sorry CIF doesnt do that do they?

  22. I know that this is a thread regarding Courtny and her transfer to another school, so I can see why the comments that I made the other day would appear as if it had everything to do with athletics.

    However, it didn’t really….

    All I was saying was that I was more than surprised to see that a public school was recruiting students to enroll in their school.

    I just have never seen an add like that before that’s all.

    BTW, the add did mention that Bonita was a school that offered outstanding academic programs, and it really went out of the way to showcase all of the various programs and offerings that were available to students if they were to enroll in that school.

    So believe me, my comments were in no way an attempt at taking a shot at Bonita ok.

    Still, wen I saw all of the responses to my comments, I was even more surprised by the reaction that came from all the pro Bonita folks.

    Anyway, the thought that came to my mind here was, that there exists an incredible paradox when it concerns athletics and academics especially if that transfer is for what is obviously an athletically motivated reason.

    Why punish an athlete by not letting him play his sport, when you don’t do the very same thing to the kid who wants to enroll in the band or the debate team or for that matter, the chess club ?

    Ya I know it’s a silly argument, but we always seem to have it don’t we ?

    Look, in my opinion, kids like Courtney should be allowed to go to school any where they want to go to, without any type of restriction so long as there are no issues with the school she want’s to enroll in.

    Plain and simple people !

  23. 23 comments later and people are still negotiating? Really?

    I am a Damien/St. Lucy’s supporter. I live in the La Verne area and Gano spends a great deal of time in the La Verne area. I have run into him many times in the local LaVerne area.

    The man moved closer to his job. I am sure there are statistics attributed to moving closer to where you work. And his daughter will only be here six more months. Is someone really going to sell their home, buy a new home, all to go to a school? Really people. La Verne is a nice place to live too.

    As for loyalty to your school, if a senior can make the hard decision to transfer mid-way in to her senior year than I am positive she has examined all aspects. Why ridicule her (Amat Mom) just because you had a magical experience doesn’t mean every teenager does. That is pretty narrow minded expressing every teenagers journey is the same.

    This is not about athletics. This is about a Dad who made a decision that was right for his family and his family is doing their best to make it all work. Athletically motivated conspiracy theorist really (and I mean really) need to get off this bandwagon. The NLI is signed. She could have easily sailed the “I am taking it easy” road until she graduates. The speculation needs to stop and leave this kid alone.

    Good Luck Courtney.

  24. Who cares where Courtney plays!!!…At the end of the day you as a coach have to prepare your team for whoever comes your way..Last time i checked Softball was a team sport..let the kid play wherever she wants…

  25. Aaron,

    When they found out the KH lives their, it dropped out of the top 10 where have you been. Sorry but now that Gano move their it dropped out of the top 100. Hope your town don’t have to many buffets, they are going to close up, then unemployment shots up and everyone is going to start moving to Pomona. You may think it’s no big deal, but wait and see.

  26. Ken Carlson just had Kobe Bryant handed to him. What unbelievable luck. Greg Gano is first class all the way to me, I look forward to seeing Courtney play for the Bearcats, she is the Pete Rose of softball, tough as nails,I have seen the damage she has caused us in the past.

  27. OK. If your DDs are good enough to play for college they, like CG, are signed. High school ball is about playing with you friends and having fun, unless of course your DD is borderline so which of course you are scrambling to make sure she get a spot. Don’t worry, Mt Sac or Citrus might come to your games 🙂

  28. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Easily said, she left because she knew the LA program was/is going down the drain. Its expected from her father to do such a stunt. If you ask me, goes to show her character and how much she cares about those girls @ LA, which should be considered her family.

  29. rushtojudgement said:
    Amat73 aka(rachel maddow)
    Are you kidding me were talking about loyalty and friends now, fricken pathetic when was the last time someone felt sympathy for the job they just quit? your a piece of work you know! A few more minutes my azz try 20 more minutes if your lucky, in no traffic. Why is it the all mighty Amat who always perpetrates political correctness? Please do us all a favor and save your Sunday school rhetoric for people who care. Maybe the kid hated the drive, really had no friends and leaving was as you would say a blessing from above. Stick to what you know parochial business not everyone is like you and thank god!

  30. Gee and golly gosh, you would think your girls playing high school softball is going to make a difference to what happens to them for the rest of their lives. Let me share a quote that a winning team was told today before their game “ten years from now you may not remember the score from today’s game, you may not even remember who won or lost. What you will remember is that you had fun playing with your friends and that ____ is a B%^&*, They all had fun and won. If Courtney and her teammates are going to have fun, that is what matters.

  31. So, I guess the freshman pitcher from DUARTE who plays for Bonita doesn’t mind the drive…

  32. I don’t know who that is…but he’s a freshman, parents can enroll their children anywhere they want. In fact if the child hasn’t seen the field during his frosh year he can move transfer anywhere without penalty.

  33. IMO… seems Bonita as a whole is on a mission to do whatever they have to do (good or bad) to WIN a CIF Championship!! I’m sure they are tired of coming up short (if your not first, your last)season after season. Is the claimed, one of the best sports programs around the SGV becoming another Monrovia??

    Just a thought…. no hate.

  34. I remember reading years ago about a player in Long Beach whose family finally achieved the American dream of home ownership – but could only afford a home in Corona, as it was just developing.

    Because of the relationships that he built, he made the drive from Corona to Long Beach to go to school, sometimes staying with friends after games – so he could graduate with kids he grew up playing with.

    To each his/her own. It depends on the relationships built. If the memories are valued enough, and a commitment has been set to make more… to some it may be worth the hardship.

  35. Whatsamatter there sainster, not getting enough attention lately? Been awhile since one of your teams has beaten BoHi, huh? Well don’t worry, there is always next year, right? Let’s just see how the ole Saints have been doing against those gutty little Bearcats.

    Baseball-Softball: Gotta go back to 2007 for a SD W. Fat chance getting better this year. Bummer

    Hoops: Well, you did win a girls game back in ’06. whoooooooo . . .

    Football: I must admit, you guys were on a nice roll until this last season when lil’ Bill forgot to put in the 200 lb RB’s. Let’s see how that memory holds out next season.

    Soccer: Not so red hot in kommie kick ball either; gotta go back to 2006 for a TIE. Weak.

    I’m guessing that you don’t even want to get into the head to heads in Water Polo or Volleyball. Good choice.

    Pretty clear to me why you are always so eager to take a swipe at the Bonita athletic program, it’s your best chance of scoring.

  36. Joe,

    The good news now is that those Corona kids don’t need to take the 91 all the way into LB, they can stop in Aneheim and drop ’em off to play for Troy.


  37. whatthe?

    Stop the bullshit Duarte to La Verne is a 15 minute drive against traffic both ways you know that there is no comparison as to the drive from La Verne to Hacienda Heights.


    I don’t like what your comment is insinuating? regardless it makes no sense. Bonita has a young team and no doubt is in a rebuilding year. Now if she had come last season I could see some questions being asked but this year Bonita could very well come in last place in their new league a CIF championship is not in the equation. Your twin brother above should know that just be thankful for what you have (no hate).

  38. **Kid signed NLI. It doesn’t matter what high school she finishes at.

    **If she moved from Los Altos mid-way her senior year, you have to imagine a whole lot of love wasn’t sent her way from the school/friends/teammates. Adios

    **Dad and Daughter moved. Daughter is enrolled at Bonita. Its done. Get over it.

    ** There are other positions on a softball field and she has one. If LA, or BA or SD you know better than anyone that one player doesn’t make a team and if it did, obviously you didn’t have much of a team.

    Move on people.

  39. As an athletic program Bonita was pretty dominant when I was in high school. The girls soccer team had not lost a league game for fifteen years…and then I was a senior and they lost two. Remember the boys water polo dynasty? You know, those five championships in a row…

    I will give you the Smudgepot though, it is in your favor. But not right now!


    Oh and to the person that thinks I’m clueless…that’s cool.

  40. Bohi –

    Im a bonita parent with a soph daughter. I think it is strange that she did not elect to finish her senior yeara at the HS she has been to for 3 1/2 years, BUT, the Gano family moved to LV…bought a house. To think they did that so she could play at Bonita is plain stupid. Who is going to make that kind of fianncial commitment for 1 year of softball when you already have a LOI. this seems to be completely legit.

    As far as Bonita being in a rebuilding year, think again. Yes, they lost Chloe and Spathias and am prob missing someone, but that have boatloads of talent coming back and I hear the freshman is the real deal. They may not win CIF, but they will win the Hacienda, have the potential to go deep in CIF and could with Gano’s help, win it!!

  41. Well the superstar in question has a DIV I Pac 12 full ride scholarship, friend. That is better than most and the reason she was featured.

    With that said, she is something. (They really should have some simple IQ Quiz before they just let anyone post….)

    Good luck Court.

  42. 5fdp
    my ass people move period their lives and situations change all the time. You sound like that Rachel Maddow dude its people like you that give the world a bad name.

  43. To 5fdp (aka sniffles): I’m stinking up the blogs because I’m not crying about it? Wah… Get a backbone and learn how to spell.

    No matter how much you moan, or cry or call other people out, it doesn’t change the fact that it is a done deal.

    What’s that old saying? You shouldn’t cry over spilled milk? Get a tissue and put some of that energy behind your team which sounds like they need it. Instead of worrying about a kid who obviously isn’t worrying about you.

  44. lol your both punks i must of hit a soft spot since you been crying all through this blog and sorry for spelling i never said i was a english major you know what im saying anyways.

  45. mg25pv said:
    my ass people move period their lives and situations change all the time. You sound like that Rachel Maddow dude its people like you that give the world a bad name.
    February 3, 2011 11:55 PMps

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