Northview baseball has interesting Whittier ties

I received an anonymous letter from someone who claims to be a Whittier High baseball supporter over recent transfers from Whittier High to Northview. Transfers happen, but when they happen from the same school, it is fair to point out. I won’t post the letter or accusations that came with it, especially from someone anonymous, but I will point out the facts: In 2009, Whittier pitcher/utility Eric Ruvalcaba transferred to Northview, the same year they won a title. in 2010, Jesse Avila transferred from Whittier to Northview and competed for the Vikings baseball team. And though a roster hasn’t been finalized for the 2011 season, Whittier catcher Stephen Zavala, who batted .441 with 10 RBIs as a junior, transferred mid-year to Northview and is expected to play baseball for the Vikings once his transfer paperwork is submitted to the CIF Southern Section and approved.

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  • sgv fan

    I always wondered how they get these kids in every year. Last year they had a kid from CO and a kid from SH Chico transfer….boy with martinez gone they are in deep trouble. Can Murphy recruit a pitcher in less than a month to replace a 2nd team division 4 pitcher….I dont think so.

  • toys

    Only if it was reported how many kids play at other schools that live in northviews attendance zone…there are a lot of kids spread around the valley that live in northviews residence area…don’t sweat this, very good idea who is doing the hating here…

  • really

    Really, team will not miss this quitter! Left because he was not going to play first base when he not pitching. How many college coaches are going to take a chance on this kid who will walk out on you when he does not get his way? Not many!

  • BHS

    Our son plays and starts for the Bonita High Bearcats. Only three starters on the Varsity live in La Verne. We also have kids from Pomona, Claremont, Upland, San Dimas, Ontario, and of course West Covina. There are only five kids on the Varsity from La Verne. Hell yeah they recruit! We do it because the baseball program is better, the school is better and the town is better.
    Oh, by the way, leave Courtney Gano alone; At least she lives in La Verne, (lucky her).
    Go Bearcats!

  • kh

    bhs,your slipping.
    courtney gano alone;;;;;;;;
    sports program;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    your are the lonely one who is using the ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
    k.h. went back and did alittle detective work like others in the pasted,
    with the 16 months of the clean and clear mind,
    your covers blowin.
    bhs. my god you blow a mean horn,take it easy on us bearcats,your suppose to be one of us,now your firing bullets in the crowd,
    who really cares where you live,great job parents making the move to a better location for your kids.
    dame there starting players on amat who played and live in l/v/
    life goes on ,good luck to all baseball teams in the area….

  • covina

    Interesting ties – charter oak football and pasadena
    Covina he football and Covina vikings pop warner
    Damien high school and la Verne little league
    south hills sports and the whole valley
    Bonita sports and pomona kids…
    Blah blah blah blah…more times than not its parents bringing kids to these places. If u do well, u don’t have to pursue kids.

  • covina valley

    Covina, you said it right there. If you win or are winning kids and parents want to go to that respective school. Would anyone here like to go to Rowland for baseball? I’d hope not. Unless you got no talent then go ahead.

  • Nothing new about this!

    I am sure no one on this blog is surprised with this news. NV has been doing this for a while going back to the Monterey Park Angels days. I am sure there are other schools that have kids out of the area for legit reason however these same kids usually start at the Frosh or Soph year. The problem with NV is that these kids are brought to come in before or after their junior yearand it so happeneds to be players who are finishing up good years at their previous schools varsity level. Really NV will argue that it is not athletically motivatedLmao!!! Lets be real, NV is not the place for academics, I am sure they have a small group that go one to good schoolsso does Bassett.Like the other blogger said, would you go to Rowland or Walnut for Baseball? No. My point is that Murphy does not follow the rules and does what he does because he is not that good of a coach. He is very much like Joe Torre. Torre looked great with the Yankees because of the talent around him however he could never develop anyone while with the Braves and Angels. Murphy and his dark side kick need to recruitsimply not leaders.

  • Middy

    This has been going on at Northview for years. Murphy has his guys doing this and never gets his hands dirty. Goes all the way back to the Estrella days.

  • FredJ

    Does everyone still not get it, this is not about recruiting. Teams that have success attract players and their parents that want to be part of it. Northview had two great back-to-back years culminating with a title in 2009, that attracts players. The atmosphere at Vikings game is arguably the best in the Valley, that attracts players. When was the last time you saw a high profile player transfer to a school that traditionally loses? I’m waiting.

  • IBegToDiffer

    I beg to differ Fred. Flashback: Coach Murphy engaged in a lengthy conversation with Mr. Zavala (Stephen Zavala) at this summer’s underclassman All Star game at Gladstone HS. There is a big difference when a player going to a school before his freshman year that is out of his attendance zone as this is allowed by CIF and perfectly legal. It is NOT the same as players transferring their senior year and using false addresses. The only allowable transfer without penalty is a player actuallly changing his family’s residence. I seriously doubt Fred that these Whittier kids up and moved to Covina, so I beg to differ.

  • Just Observing

    Can’t coach, RECRUIT… Simple…. Besides, even with him, NV is still nothing. Also, I can guarantee you Zavala does not live in the NV area nor has he moved. somehow Murphy gets the kids in. Is whittier challenging these transfers or does the AD or principal not care?

  • Viking Express

    I disagree with you Fred that, The atmosphere at Vikings game is arguably the best in the Valley, theres a lot of dissention here! No one here blames Xavier for leaving; its a really big deal here. With all the recruiting going on here a Northview baseball he stood little chance of playing 1B. I dont trust coach Murphy. Weve lived here all our lifes, and my kid has been a loyal baseball player here for the last three years; and now has been replace by a transfer, Its not fair for kids who thought they had a shot at starting on the varsity just to replaced in the 11th hour and have their dreams shattered by our heartless bastard coach; no wonder Mr. Martinez had his younger son transfer to South Hills and play for a reputable coach like Smith!

  • FredJ

    Vikings express, your concerns aren’t about Murphy, what happens there happens at every successful program in high school sports. When public schools have success year after year, I guarantee it’s not all done with homegrown players. The bottom line is if you want to be part of a winning program, you’re going to run up against transfers and if you want to be on the field, you have to prove you deserve it. And you have to be kidding when you suggest a player leaving Northview for South Hills creates a better opportunity to be on the field. And if he is good enough, shouldn’t you be equally concerned with the homegrown player he might be replacing at South Hills? Maybe that parent would feel just as you do. You can’t have it both ways.

  • BHS

    kh, or should I say; Get Smart?
    I also went back and looked at some of these spelling and grammar characteristic. I noticed quit a few Bloggers correctly use the dot semicolon;;; including your homeboys, jackboy and Don.
    No hate on the Bearcat front, just glad to be a part of a great program and happy Knott asked us to come up to La Verne and play baseball. Just imagine if we and all the other out of Towners werent there? Then what would you have? Nothing, no hate here just facts! It didnt work out so well for that kid that tried it the other way around, I heard there was a JR. from La Verne that went to Los Altos and made the Varsity as a freshman and came back to Bohi and was cut and couldnt make the JV squad this year.
    Dont worry kh, your boy is one of the three homegrown starters this season and has a nice secure starting position out there in RF this season, and the rest of us out of Towners will do the heavy lifting as usual!
    As for your spelling and grammar characteristics, is it Get Smart or Get Smarter?

  • wow bhs

    really dont believe you are part of the program. all of the “out of towners” are classy people and wouldn’t come to this blog and talk crap like that. For the record, Rodriguez, Henley, Huth, McCreery, Gelalich, castro, Mier, and Row are all either live or did live in LV and all will be starters or part time starters. Not to mention tessone (pitcher) and heslop are from LV. FInally, the guys like Murfett, Rojas, Garza and Lindsay have been at Bonita since their freshman year and are more than welcome in LV anytime they want. All of them are classy people and good teammates.

  • How is it not…

    Fred, Yes this is about NV and Murphy. When another letter show up about another school then we will talk about them. The title of the entry is NV and Whittier. I have to agree with Vikings Express in the local raised ids are getting upset. Where is the development in this “progam”. Kids that transfer help but do not help you win in all cases. Ask BP football coach Higgins. KIs playing out of district happeneds but when a coach is pulling kids that is simply against the rules when it is athletically motivated.

  • Guarentee

    Fred you are very wrong on the player that is recruited. The recruited player is guaranteed the starting spot. The returning player may find a different position to play but isn’t going to win that spot over the recruited player. That is a simple fact and anyone involved in the recruiting process is aware of that. Personally my son has been on both sides of that situation, so I am speaking from experience. Even the top players that start the communication with the head coach, the majority of them are guaranteed their positions before they transfer. Dont hate the player hate the game. I can guarantee you the player that left NV, left with a guarantee from the other school.

    Fred you are correct winning program draw talent, but that talent almost always transfers with guarantees.

  • teddyballgame

    Its funny that mr. Martinez wanted his boy to play 1b over 2 other boys. Martinez was a transfer to northview and mad he’s not playing 1b over 2 nv raised kids. Nephew leaves northview to south hills this year. Does he care about kids his nephew may replace at sh? Sad thing about the blog is it gives the martinezs of the world a chance to talk deal without posting a name. He’s always been a coward and why not focus on fact that the kid has quit on two programs now and nephew on one so far. That’s the story here.

  • Really Now

    Yes as How is it not said. Its all about NV and Murphy. How does a coach think he can recruit a senior varsity player every year for 3 consecutive years from the same school and get away with it, how about some common sense? By the way, who are these kids playing in front of Martinez, I dont know of any kids at NV that standout, plus I heard Martinez was Northviews team MVP last year chosen by Murphy, doesnt make sense.

  • FredJ

    Guarantee, that’s fair, I don’t know every situation and I’m certainly not going to sit here and says that coaches don’t recruit, I’m not that naive. But wouldn’t you agree the perception that most transfers are recruited is way off base, the large, large majority of them are simply parents wanting to move their kid to a coach and school their comfortable with, and one that wins.

  • blaah

    how come its a big deal about nv having 1 person transfer? how bout south hills have 3 kids transfer this year? is that not a big deal?!

  • Take a Closer Look

    It’s not Murphy doing the recruiting. It’s his assistant coach Dirty Ernie.

  • SH baseball

    3 kids transfer to SH? Who? When?

  • Nietos Signing Day

    No word on who Nieto and Amat got on Letter of Intent Day on Feb. 1? Oh yeah, that’s usually for colleges, but I’m sure Limpy got his that day as well. Just because he coaches God’s Team doesn’t mean it’s ok to call kids or have private camps that only have 1 kid there with an Amat Coach. It would be interesting to see a show of hands or a simple yes here if your son has been contacted by someone from Amat over the years. Mine was.

  • Hate Mailer

    Siging Day – Or should I say “Amat Hater”. Quit whinning as I’m sure you found out…a phone call doesn’t mean you’ll make the team. Did Junior come on down to Amat and realize that the talent level was just a “Tad Bit” higher in Coach Nieto’s world and decided that it might be best to just stay put? Regardless of our Division, the “Crappy” teams in our division, etc, etc….the players at Amat are out right Ballers! So don’t be on here pointing fingers because your “Boy” didn’t have the nerve to test himself against some of the best players in the valley for a position.

  • just sayin’

    Signing Day – actually it is perfectly legal for any coach in any sport to give a private lesson to any student from any school. period.

  • kh

    we will see whos who in the showdown with amat and bonita heads up on the 27 or 26 i think,its at mt sac.
    heard thru the gripeline oone of amat go to players loss a usc ride,any truth boys.some one side there saving it for a all stud bearcat player,
    tomorrow arcadia at arcadia 600,anybody want to see the runner up from last seasons cif baseball.
    the bloods pumping,last year seniors leave it all on the field,please….