Softball: With Courtney Gano at Bonita, are they preseason No. 1? Amat, Glendora, WCovina and St. Lucy’s would make good choices too

I can tell you right now Bonita won’t be No. 1, one of the teams mentioned above will…

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  • checkitout

    Hey Fred,
    you might want to rethink that comment above bonita destroyed a good D1 team in Upland tonight 15-5

  • shfan

    Are you kidding me? Its a scrimmage you idiot. Congrats on Bonita being scrimmage champions!

  • scrimmage champions

    u obviously never played upland but why would you (fishism) good luck with your new league aint the san antonio no mo lmao

    Fred put south hills on the poll please i vote they debut as number 1

  • shfan

    Actually we played them last year!

  • scrimmage champions

    scrimmages don’t count remember lol

  • FredJ

    I roll the dice on pitching when it comes to rankings. Obviously Bonita is solid all the way around, but how do you replace Wurst? There are other teams can swing the bat too, play defense and have quality pitchers coming back, you can’t ignore that…

  • jimmythegreek


    This is the first year at 43′, the great equalizer, you hit the nail on the head great defense and hitting wins from here on out. The logical picks in a normal 40′ pitching year to me would be Glendora or St Lucy’s both have great pitchers with West Covina not to far behind. But this is no normal year I like Charter Oak, South Hills and Bonita. Gano coming to Bonita (a gift from the gods) completes their infield and gives them a true number three hitter. To answer your question and its funny that you ask Wurst was there last night wondering that very same thing along with the rest of us consider the question answered Freshmen pitcher (Sanchez threw 4innings giving up one walk,one hit and one run)remember the name Fred something tells me you’ll be printing it for along time to come. Do me a favor promise me you won’t let Stevo butcher her name like he did my kid her freshmen year get it right from day 1 lol.

  • Fred, you need to get out from behind your desk and do some more research…

  • jimmypuppet

    Beam me up scotty lol your point is word to the wise. but consider the source?

  • Homer L.

    Don’t leave out Glendora sleepy Fred. They return two pitchers who have both verbally comitted to division 1 colleges with experience at 43′. Along with a solid defense and some new hitters in their line-up, they will compete in their new surroundings.

  • hometownbuffet

    Homer L.

    Agree you do have two good pitchers but most teams in the valley have pitchers with experience from 43′ the question is who can play defense and account for all the extra ground balls and hits your going to see(who replaces Hernandez at short)?

  • Angel Fan

    Becerra, a three year starter at second will play short this year. As far as every thing else? The pitching staff both have two years experience at 43′, one has pitched at ASA Nationals the last six years for the Corona Angels, both have committed to Division 1 Colleges Iona and Fresno State and the two RBI leaders from last season return to the line-up. Along with some strong incoming freshmen, don’t fall asleep on these girls.

  • wow

    Wow!!! Iona and Fresno St.? That’s almost as good as Sister Mary: School of the Blind and Deaf!

  • hometownbuffet

    not a very cool statement both pitchers can play the game at a very high level. Heres a little fyi less than 1% of the areas athletes will obtain athletic scholarships, less than a 1/2% will obtain division one scholarships please tell us your kid is going to UCLA on scholarship so we can all applaud and put it to rest.

    Angel Fan

    Don’t lose sight on the fact that this isn’t travel ball. your defense will not nor be even close to the defense they are used to. Many have played at ASA nationals and gone far that experience is invaluable. This year will be a tell tell year of whats to come theres no dominate pitcher in the valley not from 43′ not even the all area pitchers of the last 5years would be as good. More balls this year will be put play then probably the last two years combined, resulting in more errors and pressure on the defense. Offensives will produce more runs then normal and coaches will actually have to coach expect a wild ride its going to be a fun but interesting year to say the least.

  • Amat Dad

    Need to throw Amat into this mix, they have a solid returning team that features 4 seniors that will contribute (Cortez, Cunningham,Carlin,
    Sanchez) returning starter Anguiano along with Gonzalez and Rios..Solid defense and offense looking to hear alot about them come this spring.

  • no!

    Amat huh no!

  • yes

    Yes, Cortez, Cunningham, Carlin,
    Sanchez, Anguiano and Gonzalez will help Amat.