• Senior NIght

    It was Damien’s Senior Night and that is who they played. They have the Sierra League in the bag and to go with class they honored their senior teammates.

    A win would have been nice on the senior night but that isn’t what it was about. I am sure Ayala really thought they gave it to them and that is sweet. But that wasn’t the case.

    Go Spartans!

  • Play to win.

    You play to win. Even If you start all seniors, you sit down the Non starters after 2 mins.

  • in the stands

    What are you talking about?? Sour grapes!! Reyes and White started the game, who are juniors. Reyes played the whole game and had only 12 points. Damien got lucky to win the first game. Hats off to them they did win league. But don’t discount the win.
    Both teams should be well in CIF

  • Should have known!

    why wouldn’t the anti-ayala former ayala player/family bash the win? Typical sour grapes bitter a$$ idiot. just deal with it, the remaining kids on Ayala are playing spirited ball and having fun while mixing in a couple of quality wins. Truth is, your son is a loser and the fact that you still go to the Ayala games to root against them is pitiful. Get a life loser or learn how to raise an upstanding, hard working, respectful kid instead of a loud mouth prima dona beaaaatch!!!

  • 2 good teams….

    not sure its that much of a shocker…ayalas starting 5 is the most talented/balanced in the sierra lg. im actually surprised they didnt bag the lg title. especially with damien and chino hills not as good as last year and no glendora. but either way, they are lined up to get a share of second and im sure will make at least a qt.final run in cif in their division. reyes gets alot of ink as the leagues top player, and rightfully so, but ortiz is right up there with him. they both do so much for their teams. damien will be fine also. another semi-final run is quite possible. damien should land no worse than a 4 seed and if ayala knocks of ch, maybe they can squeeze out a 5, no worse than 7? cif sunday coming up…stay tuned. lol

  • The small yellow Ayala Bus

    I was at the game; I have no kid on the team and Damien did have Reyes out there but it was clear they were not playing for the win. They were playing for the seniors who wanted to play. Its laughable that Ayala thinks they are in the running in CIF. Its like when you let the slow kid win a game and they think there the stuff; Just like the Value.com commercials. Your still in 3rd and won’t get passed the first round of CIF. The comments alone in this Blog tell me how slow the parents are. If you are third seed you will be playing the first seed from another League. Enjoy your win. I am sure the stories are almost as good as getting the patch on the Lettermans jacket. And don’t worry guys…everyone always remembers the 3rd place team.

    DAMIEN got 1st in League
    Chino Hills: 2nd
    Ayala: 3rd

  • VVL Thurs Madness

    Since there seems to be no other blog place to put it here goes:

    VVL standings for 2nd place with tomorrow last games:

    Northview 8-3

    Wilson 6-5
    B Park 6-5
    Nogales 6-5
    San Dimas 6-5
    Covina 6-6

    Pomona 1-10

    Thursday’s games:

    Nview @ B Park
    Wilson @ San Dimas
    Nogales @Pomona

  • Ralph

    Even as the Damien homer I am, I can’t say that we didn’t play to win. We played ok, pretty bad at sometimes and they were just the better team. They doubled Reyes and denyed him the ball and made our other guys beat them, which they obviously didn’t.

    The thing about the seniors, those are the kids we play every night, our rotation didn’t change or have more seniors for their night. That is how we play 5 seniors and 2 juniors and 1 sophomore almost every night.