Soccer: Claremont takes over boys top spot; Northview’s Todd, Amat’s Juarez on scoring tear

Tribune Soccer Rankings
Boys Soccer

1. Claremont (16-0-5) – Undefeated and new No. 1
2. Mountain View (9-2-5) – Back-to-back ties
3. Bonita (14-3-5) — Surges ahead in Hacienda
4. Glendora (14-6-5) — Dominated Baseline League
5. Damien (10-3-6) — Solid second in Sierra
6. Ganesha (12-5) — Montview league champs
7. Pomona (16-3-2) — 9-1 in Valle Vista
8. Baldwin Park (14-2-2) — Split with Pomona
9. Los Altos (10-5-3) — Fighting for playoff spot
10. Diamond Ranch (9-3-3) — Add to tough Hacienda teams

Girls Soccer rankings
1. Bishop Amat (20-1) — April Juarez with 37 goals
2. Ayala (16-4-3) — Beat St. Lucy’s, wins Sierra
3. Los Altos (16-3-4) — Clinging to lead in Hacienda
4. St. Lucy’s (10-5-2) — Solid second in Sierra
5. Glendora (14-6-4) — Still in playoff hunt
6. Bonita (15-4-2) — Finds ways to win
7. San Dimas (14-2-2) — Split with Northview
8. Northview (18-4) — Khalalah Todd with 45 goals
9. Diamond Bar (13-6-1) — Surprise team of Sierra
10. Claremont (15-6-2) — Another good Sierra team

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  • soccer


    Sorry But I believe Diamond Bar is in the Hacienda not the sierra

  • LA Futbol

    What happened to Mountain View Boys soccer? They’ve been tops in the area for years and now not even in the Top Ten???

    It sounds like I’m talking crap, but I’m not at all…I’m honestly wondering what happened to them.

  • Bearcat

    With both Bonita boys and girls basketball programs being perennial league champs, the recent successes of the Bonita girls water polo program and the consistent title challenges of the bearcats girls soccer team, the Bonita boys soccer program is often the ignored and underrepresented team both on the BHS campus and in the local papers.

    The days of the late 90s to early 2000s, when the bearcats posted 10 consecutive league championships are but a memory for most. This year however, the boys have truly had a great season, posting a 15-3-5 record (9-1-1 in league), with one of the losses coming in the finals of a tournament, which also hasnt happened since the early 2000s. The usual slow start wasnt as slow, (6-2-4 in pre-season play) while their play has been amongst the most enjoyable to watch. Their desire to play a beautiful possession style game has been almost a fault at times, simply playing keep away and failing to score when it was necessary.

    Their ability to stop teams from scoring has been their greatest asset this season, giving up 16 goals in 23 games (7goals in 11 league games) while posting 11 shutouts. The defense, helmed by goalkeeper Dean Leonard, sweeper Quincee Worrell, as well as defenders Angel Lee, Wyatt Deane and Cesar Sanchez, has only allowed 2 goals in a game 3 times this season and hasnt allowed 3 in a single game all season.

    The offense hasnt done so bad either this season, posting 50 goals in 23 games, with Leonardo Grigg leading the way with 18 goals 8 assists (9 goals, 5 assists in league), Claudio Nasello (6 goals, 2 assists), Hector Padilla (5 goals, 1 assist), Jener Sakiri (4 goals, 5 assists), Martin Lua (3 goals 7 assists), Angel Lee (5 assists) along with 9 others contributing the remaining 14 goals and 18 assists throughout the season. The offense has only failed to score 5 times, 3 of which were in 0-0 ties.

    The best part of this is that only three of the starters are seniors, meaning that Bonita will return virtually their entire current starting lineup next season! Though theyve had their lapses and improved upon their weaknesses, they are not a team to be taken lightly. They are one of the most complete, uncompromising and deepest teams in BHS history. League has been tough, but they have prevailed over and over again, battling out victory after victory against one of the most competitive leagues in Southern California. With their 5-0 win over Rowland today, they finally clinched the first Hacienda League boys soccer title! Congratulations boys and keep up the good work!

  • Aaron

    The last truly good year for girls soccer was in 2006…which was the end of 15 years of undefeated league seasons. However, along with the boys this year it’s been a great resurgence.

  • Soccer Lvr

    I have been sorely disappointed with this year’s Tribune coverage of Soccer. This is a prep blog, but yet I see blogs about the Lakers! Seriously! If I wanted to read about the Lakers I would go to the professional sports blog.

    It has been obvious since last year that Fred Robledo knows very little about soccer. He severly underestimated last year’s Sierra Vista CIF winning team. Putting all his blogs on Bishop Amat and Los Altos. While it’s true that SV lost 15 Seniors last year. The coaching staff has done a good job at getting this new crop of girls ready. And I mean new crop as many come in not really playing soccer before high soccer. The 3 returning players have stepped it up and are leaders. Chata Rodriguea was on fire yesterday going around girls as if they were just cones. Jasmine Loera did an amazing job attacking the middle. And as always Alyssa “Freshman” Lozano didn’t let anything past her into the goal.

    For the past couple rankings Fred hasn’t even put Sierra Vista Girls Soccer in the top ten. Yet in the CIF-SS Rankings SV is ranked #3 while Northview is ranked #5. Don’t get me wrong, Northview is a good school. I’m just saying that the Lady Dons also deserve to be ranked. But I guess the Tribune rankings don’t really matter. What matters is the CIF-SS rankings. It just goes to show how little Fred knows about soccer.

    1. St Margarets
    2. Hemet
    3. Sierra Vista
    4. Alverno
    5. Northview
    6. La Canada
    7. Beaumont
    8. South Pasadena
    9. Tahquitz
    10T. San Marino
    10T. Segerstrom

  • rankings

    I think the opposite. It shows how much Fred does know about soccer. What team in the top ten would Sierra Vista replace? What quality win does Sierra Vista have this year?

  • Soccer Lvr

    Rankings, I would take Diamond Bar or Claremont out. And they did beat a Div 4 school during a tournament.

  • Vikes

    Instead of “back-to-back ties” next to Mountain View it should read “back-to-back titles”!!!

  • MV soccer

    Attention: If you look at Mountain View’s records from each of the past two years they tied in the second round of league play twice too. Last year it was back to back ties as well. Its some sort of trend. Those seasons turned out pretty good.

  • SoccerFan


    One last question for you: I assume that El Rancho is not listed in your rankings becuase they are NOT in the Tribune area, they would be ranked in the Whittier Daily but why is Claremont on there. Are they part of the SGV Tribune area. If not, why would they make it and NOT teams like El Rancho?

  • just sayin’

    SoccerFan – because the Sierra League is a traditional SGV league and El Rancho plays no-one in the SGV in their league