Would love for the Lakers to pull this off …

From ESPN: The Lakers and the Denver Nuggets have had preliminary discussions about a blockbuster trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to Los Angeles, according to league sources. The Lakers’ package would be built around Andrew Bynum.

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  • Colt74

    Bynum isn’t going anywhere. Buss jr likes him too much.

  • Jhykron

    Well, if they do it, they’d better get some inside help along with Anthony. Bynum may or may not be all that, but the Lakers interior D turns into a layup drill when he’s out.

  • FredJ

    It’s a lay-up drill now

  • Jhykron

    No, actually, it’s a pick and roll drill now. When Gasol is manning the post, teams rush to the basket like bloodhounds. When Bynum is in there, they make poor Fisher try to fight through screens every possesion.

  • 12th man

    The trade could be risky..considering the Lakers would lose the height advantage & rebounds if they were to face the Celtics in the finals…The problem with the Lakers is there will to win..they have no defense & there offense isnt consistent Kobe cant take over a game like he used to..& when he does the rest of the team stops to watch him play..Bringing Carmelo mite help the offense..Maybe they should have never gotten rid of Ariza?? As far as Artest goes, get rid of the bum..he hasn’t contributed in any way this seasonn..he was more concerned about getting a Championship Ring last season..when he finally did get one, he gives it away..”go figure”

  • All the Lakers have to do is play defense and it would be the end of trade dicussions!!

  • ST G54

    im a lil late replying to this but umm really you would want Melo on the Lakers? He has no D & trading Bynum would not benefit Gasol..

    Problem has been the Defense rotating & playin help D, Lakers dont need an Offensive solution in Melo they jus need to play better team D..