Breaking News: Bishop Amat football will play La Mirada in Week 2, replacing LB Jordan

Bishop Amat football has a new opponent in Week 2. Coach Steve Hagerty said Long Beach Jordan backed out of its commitment to play Bishop Amat at home in Week 2, but the Lancers quickly found a replacement, setting up a game with La Mirada at Kiefer Stadium, instead. I don’t know how good La Mirada will be next season, the Suburban League champions sent five players to Division I schools, including Isaac Luatua, who’s going to Alabama. La Mirada faded in the Southeast playoffs, however, losing in the first-round against Muir. But they did give Southwest Division champ La Habra all it could handle, losing 23-17. In any case, La Mirada typically travels well, so this is a good pick-up for the Lancers. Also, Bishop Amat’s game on the road against Venice in Week 5 has been moved to Thursday instead of Friday. For those curious about Amat, a Thursday night game allows the rest of the Valley to take a sneak peak.

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  • Amat Honk

    It’s a date!!!! See ya there!

  • Who Cares ….

    Who Cares………………………

    What breaking news has come to ……

  • anonymous

    Who cares? OBVIOUSLY YOU MORON! Enough to click on the thread and post a stupid a$$ comment like “Who cares……” What a dip stick. Go troll the Soccer threads or the blazing Wilson Coach Drama, talk about who cares! Amat threads are for the Amat fans, The Amat Faithful, people that are into serious football and of course, The Amat Haters (this would be you). Beat it Tramp!

  • jcaz

    I think Thursday games are fantastic if only because it allows people to go to other games that they would otherwise be unable to attend.

    Obviously as a die hard Lancer fan, i’m going to see my Lancers play before I see anyone else, but now I can catch one of the locals on Friday night without having to read the box score the following morning.

  • tcbruin


    I actually like watching the Amat jv/frosh games on Thursday afternoons, focusing on Varsity on Friday nights.

    Lower level games right before Varsity games don’t allow ‘tweener’ players on Varsity[sophs who dress for both] to play on Varsity for THAT game/week since a player cannot play 2 games in 1 day.

    Does Venice play their Varsity games at their stadium on campus? How many folks fit into those stands?

  • Amat Honk

    I don’t think Amat is goning to have too many “Tweeners” this year. What do you guys think about next years squad? Do you think there will be a lot of changes? What about our linebacking corps? I think the Roth kid from JV may fill in nice but he definately has some big shoes to fill in M. Juarez. Who are the other linebackers. Didn’t the R. Varela play LB at SH?

  • jcaz

    TC Bruin,

    I hear ya man. If anything, i’m usually almost always at those Thursday afternoon games myself.

    But the opportunity to see some of the other local talent on that week is nevertheless good to know.

    Having said that, i’m still going to the Frosh/JV game on that Thursday even if I do go to see another local play on Friday.

    BTW, just thinking here, but if Amat’s varsity is playing on a Thursday, does that mean that all three games that week will be played on that same day ?

    If so, that may mean that i’ll be at Kiefer all day long then !! Better bring my sleeping bag eh ??

  • God’s gift to the world

    2nd week of Feb and we already start amat football stuff, no break no break

  • tit-for-tat

    to go right along with the South Hills FOOTBALL coach rumors, the new South El Monte FOOTBALL coach, and catching up with the former Charter Oak FOOTBALL running back that all ran in the past week?

  • NotSince1995

    La Mirada…?

    La Mirada that lost to St. Paul, to La Serna, and got smoked by 7 – 5 Muir…? That one…?


    Can you day CUPCAKE Schedule…? Again…!

    Didn’t Hags learn anything last year…?

    Not in 2011 Either Hags…

  • Who Cares …

    Los Altos has an open date???????????????????

  • smallcitymc

    La Mirada Pop Warner is quite large and enjoys strong support from the parents. The talent that goes on to play at LM is very impressive. The problem is putting that talent to use, something LM hasn’t been able to do on a consistent basis. Believe me, they underachieved last year. LM had some major talent last year, something that Amat usually does not. I’m not taking anything away from Amat. Amat, however, makes things happen with what they have, which is a credit to the coaching staff.

    Ahh! It if could only have been the other way around… I could have walked to the game. Should be interesting.

  • Playah

    Who cares – Your Moms always open for a date, how do you think nonsense1995 was brought into the world.

  • tcbruin


    I believe all 3 levels of the Amat/Venice games will be played on that Thursday.[Yom Kippur]

    JV or frosh game @ Venice + Varsity game at night @ Venice.

    Does free up Friday night to view other games. Hopefully there will be a Saturday night game also. Can’t get enough of HS football in the fall.

  • jcaz


    One more thing, do you know if weather or not that older lady who commutes from orange County every Thursday will be in the stands next year ?

    Are any of her Grand kids still at Amat ?

    I only ask because last year I was surprised to see her at a Varsity game, but when she saw me, she game a great big hug !

    That was nice or her, and I guess I would really miss her pom pom antics if she no longer came to those games. She was so funny up there yelling GO AMAT !!

  • COLT76

    This just in. Covina vs South Hills in a scrimmage obviously at the CDF. And the West Covina week zero game at CDF is on a Saturday… Should be a packed house that night. Only game in town saturday night..

  • tcbruin


    She has at LEAST next season.

    Grandson #1 Sr. to be. Grandson # 2 Jr. to be.

    Very nice lady. Get my hug before the game then move to my side of the bleachers. LOL

    Too sugary for my group. We have a pom pom lady on our side[west end zone] and drives some of fellas bonkers.

  • Choke


    Who cares you guys are going to choke again next season. Your coaching staff is concern about you guys even winning league.

  • NotSince1995

    Thursday against Venice…?

    Now your being lumped into the Sierra Vista and Workman playing schedule…? Where’s the respect for the best Pac 5 schedule filler in the SGV…?

    How dare they!

    Playah, you are the Kleenex residue left behind by JoeAmat. Go ask your mama! Its called East L.A. artificial insemination…!

    Not in 2011 either…

  • Playah

    Nonsense1995-please dude, dont try and get creative. I don’t know what type of cheap ass tissue you buy at your local .99 store but spend a little and get the tissue thats not pre-used. Tissue residue? Your tissue leaves a residue? What kind….OH, wait a minute, you were trying to be witty weren’t you? Stick to the dim witted, dumb ass jabs at Amat because you seem to thrive at that love affair. Later.



  • just sayin’

    is that the same Richard Alvarez that couldn’t get onto the field at Amat as a Junior? Another case of a sub transferring down and excelling at a lower level. I think that says something.


    Everyone at amat who knows richie knows hes a player,ask hags.He just wasnt your traditional amat RB?Check the video theres a pac 5 playoff team he ran all over,the rest were div.2,3,4.
    Did you mean lower the teams on your schedule.what ever gets you a W.