Boys and Girls Basketball pairings released Sunday

The CIF-Southern Section boys and girls basketball pairings will be released on Sunday. Check the CIF website for all your pairings, will update later that evening.
Boys and girls basketball pairings announced Sunday: 11:30 – 1:30 p.m.

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  • Bob Anon

    I hope my team can win some games in the playoffs. Unfortunately, I think they are in the same division as Price and LVL, but I am not sure. My team cannot compete with schools that cherry-pick the best players in the area.

  • reality

    Wow!! You’re lining up your excuses for your team and they have’nt even played one second yet?? That really says something about you and I hope it does’nt reflect on YOUR team.
    Who is your team by the way??

  • Really?

    Bob Anon, if you look at the contributing members of the LVL team, every single one of them have been there since they were freshmen. It is 100% legal for a freshman to go to whatever school they want for whatever reason no matter what, so give it a rest for cry eye. We have heard ad nauseaum about Cooper’s travel ball team and how he hijacked the school and how he has mind control over CIF, the administration at LVL and over his players to do whatever he wants etc…., all of which is absolute hog wash. Neither he nor LVL have been confronted by CIF or been accused of ANY wrongdoing, the retards on this and the other blogs notwithstanding. Just take your beating like a man if you go up against Price or LVL and shut the hell up.

  • gametime

    Really is right, no body in the little town likes ’em- LVL but hey they are good and do seem to go by the rules, its one tough division however so best of luck, what is good is all the LV schools are in prime spots for good playoff runs, Bonita and Damien boys and those Bonita girls too and they are from the little town and we like em!