Breaking News: Los Altos football coach Jim Arellanes relieved of his duties

Los Altos football coach Jim Arellanes has been relieved of his coaching duties, Los Altos AD Steve Garcia told our Fred Robledo a few moments ago. “Obviously, I am very disappointed and disagree 100 percent with the decision,” Arellanes said Tuesday night. For more reaction, read Aram’s In the Huddle blog.

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  • FredJ

    It’s unfortunate when anyone loses their job. Jim’s a good guy and will surely bounce back and land on his feet. Los Altos AD Steve Garcia strikes me as someone who is passionate about getting Los Altos football going again. I’m not going to speculate on what happened behind the scenes that led to this, but the situation is unfortunate for all involved. Was the firing a knee-jerk reaction? It could have been, but it shows that Los Altos is committed to winning, even if expectations are unrealistic in 2011.

  • Facts


    I am real confused with your comment

    “but it shows that Los Altos is committed to winning”

    This is real confusing Los Altos administration stated that it had nothing to do with the 0-10 record. It sounds like you don’t believe them. On the other hand we have Aram who believes everything the administration states. For example Zavala quit he wasn’t fired.

    We all know that Zavala was fired, with cause. Aram states that the parents ran Zavala out. What did Arellanes do to deserve to get fired after one year? You state Garcia is committed to winning. I say Garcia is committed to not being embarrassed.

    Here is the real chain of events. Approximately two months ago Arellanes decided he wanted out, and started making phone calls. Los Altos got wind of it, and approached Arellanes on it, Arellanes wouldnt commit next season. Los Altos took the bull by the head and fired him.

    Now the comments about the young JAA players in the Los Altos program, sorry but you are talking about two or three players that may develop into high school players. Los Altos doesnt have the talent to compete in the Hacienda league, a quality head coach will get them one or two wins at best. Dont forget this LA team got blown out by a 4-6 VVL Wilson team.

  • Fred Robledo

    Facts, if what you say is true, and I don’t know that it is, then I wouldn’t blame an administration for removing a coach in order to find one who is 100 percent committed to Los Altos football and wants to be there for several years. In my opinion, that’s making a decision in the best interest of Los Altos football. But I don’t know if that was the situation just because an anonymous commenter says it is. Like I mentioned, I don’t know all the circumstances, but I have spoke to Garcia in the past and think he’s a good guy who genuinely cares about the program and wants to see it win again. As far as Arellanes, I hope he’s back coaching soon. Maybe Los Altos wasn’t the right fit, but he certainly can coach.

  • LA Grad


    We all know that Zavala was fired, He simply wasnt. That is why the rest of your comment is hard to accept. If he was allowed to quit or he was going to get fired, HE QUIT. He may have been pushed but he quit. Did you see the comment from Ms McReynolds and Steve Garcia, they fired Arellanes.

    So let me restate the facts, Zavala quit, Arellanes got fired. Why you guys at Wilson are so intent on changing the facts is beyond me other than not wanting to appear as a bunch of whining parents. But if you want to show facts you have to display a statement, quote or something other than a blog statement by someone who doesnt put his real name down.

    As for the JAA players, you may or may NOT be correct, only time will tell. I can tell you that whichever kids want to go out there and work hard for their school have the right to a quality coach, equipment, etc. Three coaches [now four] in five years is not allowing the program to develop any continuity. Whos fault is that, the coaches; well I would have to say they have to take some of the blame [including the way Gano left the program] but it is the AD and McReynolds that made this decision at this time and also made the decision to bring in Arellanes.

  • Facts

    LA Grad,

    I will try and put this as nicely as possible, this Los Altos program has some major issues. Garcia wants to win but has no clue the right way to do it. This community doesnt have the talent for Los Altos to compete in the Hacienda league. What does LA have to lure a quality coaching staff? LA is coming off of a 0-10 season, fourth coach in five years. Do you really think youre going to get any better than Arellanes?

    You address the quality equipment, that isnt going to happen in Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, not the football program. No other way to say it other than the Asians have taken over the school board and the football programs are very low on the priority list.

    You talk about facts and real names, last I checked didnt know anyone with the real name LA Grad.

    VVL is division 11
    Hacienda league is division 5
    IF Los Altos gets blown out by a 4-6 VVL Wilson then how can anyone expect them to compete in the Hacienda league
    Wilsons record 4-6
    Los Altos record 0-10
    These are facts!

    Let me rephrase my comment, Zavala was given the option to quit or he was going to be fired. At that time he quit. That being said, Arellanes and Zavala were both forced out. I am only suspecting that Arellanes took the option of getting fired possibility to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

    The original point of my comment on Zavala and Arellanes is that the official statements from school officials are the politically correct statements not the truth.

  • CO Conqueror

    Who’s next? Is it me or does it seem like everyone at LA (AD, VP, Principal and all) don’t understand the tradition there. They need to bring back someone who was a part of it or at least experienced it. No coach will be successful if he doesn’t have the support system of the school, boards, district, etc.. after academics, football comes first at this school or at least it did!

  • Prep Fan

    According to Max Preps and Cal Preps the Hacienda is in Division 7.

  • LA Conq

    CO Conqueror,

    AD Steve Garcia played for Dwain DeSpain in the 90’s. He IS part of the tradition!

  • just sayin’

    CO Conqueror – oops!

  • CO Conqueror

    I know who Steve is…. ooops! and I wasn’t talking about him I was speaking of a coach. They need someone who played or was a part of the “glory years” so to say. Bringing a coach from a sub 500 Northview team was not the answer in my opinion just sayin!

  • Mike Urrutia

    Steve Garcia was on the team in the 90’s, but to say that he “played” would be a stretch.

  • LA Dad

    Sadly LA football goes back to square 1. Its a long road back to respectability but lets be realistic, if you want someone to come in and build this program back up the administration must have the coaches back and be willing to defend the coach against Dads who complain that their Elmer doesn’t get enough touches of the ball. I went to a few games this year and Coach Arellanes against overwhelming odds conducted himself in a professional manner. Now they must find a coach who knows the game, can connect with the players and students and win or lose leave them alone for 4 years. Meanwhile fortunately for LA sports fans we have some of the best girls athletic teams in the San Gabriel Valley.

  • zar

    what a snake pit you would have to be a complete
    idiot to take this job and saying coach gano has anything to do with the current state of the program three years later is ridiculous. Why is it so hard for people to believe that LA has run its course demographics change and play a part in every schools sports. It will be years for LA to put together a solid program able to compete with the areas best, good coach or not. The writing is and has been on the wall for sometime,LA must simply except their fate and stop making excuses.

  • LA Football Player

    As people talk about Garcia & Arellanes they forget the ones affected the most by this, and thats us the players. Being put yet again in the same position as last yr, being without a coach, is a big blow to our confidence and goals for next yr. now its very easy to put our heads down and think “here we go again”, but why feel sorry for ourselves if no one else is. All people do at school, outside of school, and on the Blogs is talk crap about the team. well on behalf of all the football players at Los Altos, We Are Tired Of All The Losing, The Trash Talking, The Negativity. all this crap that people give us only makes us angry and modivates us even more to get better. As an up coming senior, this is the last time i will put on shoulder pads and a helmet for Los Altos. & I dont wana be remembered as the 0-10 team. i wana be rememberd as the team who brought winning back to Los Altos, the team who got Los Altos back to the playoffs, & the team who brought back the wheel to where it belongs. All this sh!t talking by people is only turning into modivation and anger. & all this anger that is being bottled up inside by all the players will only keep getting bigger & bigger until we let it out week 1 against El Rancho. I feel bad for those Dons, bc although i cant predict a victory, i can predict an @ss beating on behalf of Los Altos. In other much simpler words, WE’RE GOING TO FU!K PEOPLE UP NEXT YR. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

  • Truth Hurts

    LA Football Player,

    This is the same speech I heard last year. Results 0-10 season, no wheel, no coach etc etc.

    This program is going to take years to rebuild, you get a great coach (not likely) maybe a couple wins. You get another terrible coach another 0-10 season. Their are teams on your schedule that you can compete with next season (Rowland and Walnut). Your best shot at a win next season is going to be Rowland they need a total reload and don’t have much left in the tank. The wheel you have a shot at that, Wilson may not show up.

    This LA program just like the Wilson program is going to take years to rebuild. If you are a senior keep on dreaming, that’s all it is, new staff your done.

  • LA Grad


    You addressed your letter to me then agreed with everything I said before.

    Yes, Garcia has no clue and getting a quality coach will be difficult because of the 4 coaches in 5 years. Who would want to go there.

    Yes, the demographics in HH has changed and there not be as many kids to draw from but that doesnt give anybody and excuse to perform badly. HH has enough to quality to play well within their division. More importantly than the demographics is the number of quality players leaving because of the coaching changes.

    Yes, I am glad to see you now get it Zavala quit, Arellanes got fired.

    As for the LA Football Player on the blog I want to say that I will be in the stands like I am every year cheering and hoping that you represent HH well. Unlike some others, I do believe you can perform at a level that would make us all proud. That doesnt necessarily mean a CIF Championship but it can. I will say one thing; my coach, the SGV Tribunes Coach of the Century would have said speak your peace on the field, not in the blogs. Let those of us who cant play anymore write and you go out there and do the best you can. Be well prepared and win or lose with dignity and pride.

    And finally for Zar, Gano was handed a program from Despain after being at LA for 10 years plus. There were other coaches at LA but Despain made sure that the program would be kept in good hands. When Gano got his deal at Damien, he handed to program to Aguilar that had only been coaching a couple of years. I watched Aguilar win those back to back championships with Bobby Godinez and Sean Cody and I loved that school comes first for Aguilar but he was in no way ready to take over a quality program; which is what he got [granted it was not in great shape]. Two years of Aguilar and now more negative moves from the LA administration and the program is in shambles. No matter, I will be there, on the sidelines supporting because like some kids show, they do care and they will give you everything you can ask of a young man.

  • Hindsight

    WOW!!! I think that Arellanes and Zavala should have stayed at Northview. Now I bet they are wishing that too. They were a great team together šŸ™

  • State of the Programs

    Does Los Altos have the local talent to compete in the Hacienda league and does Wilson have the local talent to compete in the VVL?

    First off there is no way you can expect Los Altos to compete for a league championship in the Hacienda league with the local talent in their attendance area. They can win a few games over the next four years, it doesn’t matter who you bring in to coach.

    Now Wilson even with weak coaching they have already proven they can win in the VVL and their division. They can compete but will not win any CIF title either.

    Neither of these teams looks like CIF championships in the future, but Wilson clearly of the two has a large edge talent and division placement. You take all the talent in the Heights and put it together you have a team that can do some damage in the VVL but still wouldn’t win league in the Hacienda league.

    LA Grad, you played during the Despain era then you also know any Despain coached team that competed for a CIF championship also was loaded with out of area talent. For a team to compete for a CIF title it is going to be loaded with out of area talent (Recruited). Even the Division 11 CIF Champions this year had out of area talent.

    Los Altos biggest issue is during these last four years of sub .500 ball they have lost the natural recruiting edge they had in the past. Players in the past would attend LA by name alone from out of the area. Los Altos has a few of those players that haven’t transferred out but those are only the weak ones that feel they wouldn’t start if they transferred back to their home schools.

    I just don’t see how this program can get turned around. A perfect example of this Los Altos team is the Wilson teams of the late 2000’s. Schedule a real soft pre-season, win a few league games. They are going to struggle to get into the playoffs, maybe slip in one year with a .500 record. That is the best you can expect from a Los Altos team over the next five years. That in its self is the major issue this program is deal with. Everyone including the current parents sees the issues and no one wants to play for a losing program.

    Interesting angle to this is the role reversal between the Los Altos and Wilson programs over the last few years. Clearly Los Altos is now the weaker program. This is like a chess game, when Wilson fired Zavala in an attempt to improving on coaching Los Altos followed. Los Altos could have put a dent in the large edge Wilson currently holds if they would have pulled off bring Bobby Godinez back but it looks like that isnt happening. Wilson can pull away with it if they make the big hire. Personally I think it means more to Los Altos administration if possible they will do what it takes to draw the top head coach. At this time naturally the Wilson program will draw the top coach over the Los Altos program so much more upside to the Wilson program, current talent level, current divisions, and the school are just a few.

  • Others

    OK, so we obviously have the bobby godinez option out there, is anyone hearing any other names popping up?
    Just curious…

  • Mike Smith

    “LA Grad, you played during the Despain era then you also know any Despain coached team that competed for a CIF championship also was loaded with out of area talent. For a team to compete for a CIF title it is going to be loaded with out of area talent (Recruited). Even the Division 11 CIF Champions this year had out of area talent.”

    Really? I’ve been around Los Altos for a long time, and while that could’ve been said for some of Gano’s later Championship teams (Felipe Aguilar, Ramon Martinez, Shaun Cody, Travis Parker, Bobby Godinez were all Hacienda Heights kids, in fact they are all went to the same middle school) but Despain dominated in a different era. It was a lot harder to move around from school to school. Just thinking of his last team in 96′ who went to the CIF Finals and I can’t think of one out of area kid of significance.


    Mike Smith,

    Your position has been posted many times in the past. Let me educate you;

    Montono Brothers from Baldwin Park
    Gaint kid from Bassett
    Drayton from Montebello
    The Brown’s from Rowland

    This is just a few of the players that were recruited, their were more. I would have to say off the top of my head Drayton and the Brown’s were a huge impact on those CIF Championships. You may want to rethink your statement.

  • askin’?

    FACTS – Jastrab?

  • LA Grad

    There has always been kids that will move from school to school [although it seems a lot more today then back in our era]. Kids go because they want to play for a bigger program, don’t think their getting enough playing time, etc.

    I agree with Mike Smith that the bulk of the leaders of previous teams were home grown. AND I BELIEVE THAT THERE IS ENOUGH GOOD TALENT AT THE FRESHMAN LEVEL THAT COULD PUT TOGETHER A GOOD YEAR. I did NOT mention championship, I said a good team.

    You cant go from what we have today to a championship team in a year. There will be steps that need to be achieved so that they can improve over time. Firing coaches year to year is NOT going to help establish a positive momentum.

  • lets compare

    here is my take on the situation, really, how many quality head coaching prospects are there out there in the SGV? Now not to say one or two of the opening wont go to an outsider, but really, think about that, how many quality head coaching prospects are there? and i am not talking about re-treads, coaches that have been head coaches elsewhere, but lost their job or moved on for whatever reason. some great assistant coaches are just that, GREAT assistant coaches and should stay at that level, just because your a great assistant does not mean you are going to be a great head coach, so much changes when you take just that one step up the ladder. (look at Charlie weis and romeo crennel, great assistants, horrible head coaches). Some guys are not just meant to be the figure head of a program, not meant to be the face of the franchise, its not in their blood, its not in their genes. Bo Shembechler once said, “Michigan will be led by a michigan man”…maybe that is the route that should be taken here “LA should be led by an LA man”…only an LA man could really grasp the true tradition for which is being spoken about, so does that mean godinez would be a good choice, maybe he would, maybe he wouldnt, but lets get it right this time guys, this is really turning into a 3 ring circus.
    Patience is a virtue!