Boys Hoops: Glendora loses shocker to Eastside, 72-65 in OT; Damien wins on shot at the buzzer by Reyes, 58-56; Northview needs double OT to beat Northwood 77-76; Bonita rolls past T.C.

Survive and advance: Damien’s Chris Reyes hit a shot at the buzzer to avoid a mammoth upset in the first round of the Division 3A playoffs. The fourth-seed Spartans squeaked out a 58-56 overtime victory over Agoura.

Nogales lines up Arroyo, 59-45

Glendora goes out the exit door early

Diamond Bar can’t stay with Cajon in 64-37 loss

Bonita wins ..
By Fred J. Robledo
Calling three timeouts in the first five minutes was Temple City High School boys basketball coach Rich Hollinger’s best way of trying to slow high powered Bonita in the first round of the CIF-Southern Section Division 3A playoffs on Wednesday. All that did, however, was prolong the inevitable as Bonita’s inside tandem of Garrett Pendleton and Garett Horine set the pace running the floor and dominating the paint in an 81-38 first-round victory for the fifth-seed Bearcats (25-3), who will have a home game in the second round on Friday against 12th seed San Marcos. (To continue, click thread).

CIF-SS Boys Basketball Playoff results
Wednesday’s first round

Division 1AA
Chino Hills 71, Leuzinger 62
Division 1A
Cajon 64, Diamond Bar 37
Capistrano Valley 59, West Covina 35
Walnut 57, Tesoro 51
Division 2A
Rowland 64, Ontario 57
Eastside 72, Glendora 65, OT
Foothill 79, Baldwin Park 37
Ayala 67, Don Lugo 60
Division 3AA
Nogales 59, Arroyo 45
La Verne Lutheran 66, Claremont 48
Division 3A
Calabasas at Diamond Ranch
Bonita 81, Temple City 38
Damien 58, Agoura 56, OT
Division 4AA
St. Francis 62, Sierra Vista 55
Northview 77, Northwood 76 2 OT
South El Monte at Atascadero
Bishop Amat 59, San Luis Obispo 47
Servite 69, San Dimas 53
Tahquitz 48, Mountain View 42
Division 4A
Whittier Christian 57, Workman 41
La Puente 49, Rubidoux 39
Wilson 63, Desert Hot Springs 57
Ontario Christian 67, Ganesha 50
Covina 73, Morro Bay 60

Below: Hey look, Bonita’s Greg Eckler has a new look. The locks are gone

“Those guys (Pendleton and Horine) were very active and put themselves in a good spot to catch and finish or gets boards and putbacks,” Bonita coach Greg Eckler said. “That’s the key for them when teams try to key on our guards James (Northup) and J.B. (Jordan Butler).
“Just put yourself in a position to be effective and our guards will find you, they’re very unselfish in that way.”
Northup led all scores with 18 points, but Pendleton set the tone with 12 of his 14 points in the first quarter with Horine going to work in the second half, scoring 14 of his 16 points.
Bonita ended the first-quarter with a 17-2 run to go up 23-6 and led 43-15 at half.
“Every day coach says keep sprinting the lanes,” Pendleton said. “Tonight it worked out, it seemed like all my points were off transition or putbacks. It was probably one of my best games of the year.”
Temple City received a team-high 14 points from Jordan Hill and Caleb Halverson knocked in three 3-pointers to finish with nine points.
But the Rams were outmanned in every position as officials used a running clock in the fourth quarter to speed things up.
“We had a long season and I was hoping we would play a little better,” said Hollinger. “We played a lot of young kids and you hope they gain experience from a game like this, but obviously they have a long way to go.”
Asked what impressed him most about Bonita, Hollinger said it was tough to tell.
“We beat ourselves so much,” Hollinger said. “How many times did we just throw the ball to them? It wasn’t like they had to steal it.
“But we know they’re a good team. They play well, have a lot of shooters, have big guys that contribute. Heck, I would love to coach them.”
With Damien also winning on Wednesday, the possibility of the neighboring Spartans and Bearcats meeting in the quarterfinals remains a possibility.
But both have to get past what should be much tougher second-round games on Friday, which made having an easy first-round win on Tuesday so satisfying for Eckler.
“Winning a playoff game is big,” Eckler said. “We want to win more than just one, but I was thinking about that today, just winning in the playoffs is a good feeling.”
Pendleton knows they probably won’t have another game like this the rest of the way.
“It is nice to come out and dominate,” Pendleton said. “But it was just the opening round. We had a good seed and did our part. We know every game is going to be a fight from here on out.”

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  • Sparty

    With all this talk about Lutheran not being ranked where they should,

    Damien has some gripe too about being seeded 4th with their 23-3 record. Crespi is ranked 2 with a 20-7 record and 3rd place in their league, which granted is probably the best league in southern california and behind Inglewood at 20-6 who won the Ocean league which is worse then the Sierra League.

    Damien, your top ranked team, deserves to at least be 3.

  • done deal

    If you buy into that, what about Bonita at 24-3? CIF is tough to figure, but I think the only argument is around Inglewood, Bonita and Damien and no way would CIF drop an Inglewood below SGV schools.

  • Nice Lid Coach

    What is the deal with that dude’s hair?

  • Fred Robledo

    I hate to continue to harp on this because I know Bonita is having a terrific season. But to further my point, it makes it hard selecting all area teams when you can’t follow what players or doing or have numbers to go with names.

  • Aaron

    Fred…I feel you on that…makes no sense to me.

  • Fred Robledo

    Sorry I had to call Bonita out on that, but one of the parents sent me a copy.



    No. Name Year

    #4 Jordan Butler Sr.
    #5 James Northup Sr.
    #10 Jeremiah Rasmussen Jr.
    #11 Scott Fassas Sr.
    #12 Chris Finch Sr.
    #14 Brandon Ko Jr.
    #20 Matt Adamo Jr.
    #21 Cameron Griffin Jr.
    #22 Garrett Pendleton Sr.
    #23 Garrett Horine Sr.
    #24 Shayan Karim Sr.
    #25 Bryan Mahood Soph.
    #30 Ryan Ramirez Soph.
    #31 Sean McElwain Jr.
    #33 Zach Brungard Sr.

  • Fred Jr

    Your ACTUALLY covering something other than AMAT?

  • wilson parent

    We need to fire Zavala and hire a good football caoch like Aguilar

  • FYI

    Bonita basketball Coach Greg Eckler is one of the more successful high school basketball coaches in SoCal. He consistently turns a bunch of smallish teams into league champs. He is also a dedicated classroom teacher and you will find no coach more committed to the well-being of his players and his students. His players are held to a higher academic standard and must answer to him for any classroom or other failings. He does both of his jobs & does them well. Particularly in basketball, and particularly in the CIF playoffs, when you are playing teams you may not know much about, many coaches will turn to MaxPreps to find out more about their opponent. You can determine whom to double, whom to foul, who is slumping and much more by just looking at presumably accurate, statistical data. Some coaches may prefer that your team finds out about his players only after the tip off. Sure it’s about the kids and promoting them for “all area” teams would be nice. But if you’re wanting your kid to be noticed by recruiters or make all area teams, one could argue that the best way to make that happen would be to put him into a successful program with a good coach who consistently wins games and has a proven knack for getting the most of what he’s been given to work with. Maybe Fred will look up his stats over the last 6-7 years and you will all be enlightened. He’s tough, he’s demanding and he’s smart. If he doesn’t see the need to feed MaxPreps or cater to local media, who are any of us to argue with his track record? So, who’s the dude with the hair? He’s the coach that you would want your kid to play for.


  • JRW

    John Wooden would tell eckler to cut his hair and get that huge tattoo removed on his arm.

  • bonita alumni

    well said FYI well said..

  • 1st Round – Wilson

    Wilson wins at Desert Hot Springs 63 – 57 tonight

  • tartanballer

    Glendora’s season ends once again in the first round to a very athletic Eastside team in OT. Let the crying begin.

  • Rob

    Damien won in overtime

  • Spartan 4 Life

    Damien beats Agoura in OT 58-56. Chris Reyes on the winning basket with one second left.

  • Nogales

    Nogales defeated Arroyo by 14


  • Warrior Pride

    LPHS Warriors win in first rpund by 10 over Rubidoux. Go Warriors!

  • Jackboy

    Bonita over Temple City in a Drubbing! Game over in the first 35 seconds.
    The Bearcats are the real deal.
    Good luck and
    Go Bearcats!

  • Coach Bissman

    Covina 73 – Morro Bay 60

  • V V L – Goes 4-2

    Say what you want but the VV league goes 4-2 tonight in Round 1 with Northview, Nogales, Wilson, and Covina winning

  • RHUT RHO, what happened to Tarty?

    Oh my oh my, maybe the 2A division wasn’t so easy for Glendora? I guess maybe all those wins vs. Little Sisters of the poor pre-league didn’t help you out come playoff time. Enjoy watching the rest of us play the rest of the playoffs.

  • Look at the Bonita coach’s lid now!

    Way to go Coach Eckler! Looking good man, way to come into the 21st century!

  • Rob

    “I’m not sure if our league is going to prepare us or not. If this team (Eastside) is a lot like Rancho Cucamonga, Upland, Los Osos or Alta Loma, then yeah, the league helped us because we’re ready.”

    Guess it didn’t help coach

  • Just saying

    Hey Jackboy, a drubbing of Temple City, who lost to South Hills for crying out loud, does not a champion make. I like Bonita, but don’t get too excited over a Temple City “drubbing”

  • Glendora loses to 13-12 Eastside

    Looking good Glendora. Way to lose to a 13 and 12 team at home! Back to the drawing board I guess.

  • I’m stunned by Glendora’s loss. I know it’s a totally different team than last year, but I thought that last year’s loss in the first round would have these guys breathing fire for this game.

    Too bad. Nothing like a Glendora run in the postseason.

  • Really Aram?

    Aram, you are right, there is NOTHING like a Glendora postseason run, especially since they have had 2 first round exits the last two years. They played nobody and had only a signature win and a half at best. Maybe if they stop playing cream puffs and playing in crappy tournaments. Those tournament championships don’t mean doo doo now, do they?

  • done

    Glendora who, You had Mike and CJ Edwards come through your Program and you did nothing with it, That’s like John Muir never playing Ricky Ervins or Stacy Augmon. Boosters should be asking why not CJ………….

  • done

    Oh yeah, Cj Edwards sitting on your side line, and you don’t give him the ball, this League has been dealt a blow by the Head Coach of Glendora, tried to kill a kids dreams. I guess they were right, you have to Pay To Play at Glendora High School.

  • bonita stats

    Fred, somehow, without maxpreps stats, James Northup still managed to make all CIF last year as a junior. You don’t need to know that stats until the end of the year when they post them. THey dont really owe you or the fans anything when it comes to publishing stats. WHy dont you try giving the coach a call after the year ends and I expect you can have all the info you need.

  • FredJ

    Bonita stats, they don’t owe me anything, and I don’t owe them anything. Why should Bonita make me do the extra homework when almost every other team posts stats. They know my email, it’s not hard to email it to me. You know the old saying, imagine if every team in the Southern Section didn’t post stats or rosters like Bonita? Where would we be then? As it is, Bonita enjoys the advantage of scouting others and using stats other teams provide to their advantage. Is that fair. Is that an even playing field? That’s why I like football, teams at least exchange video before games, it’s a courtesy, it’s a proper way of doing things so there is an even playing field. In my opinion, CIF should require everyone to post stats, nobody should have that type of advantage over each other. It goes way beyond what I need, it’s more about fair play.

  • FredJ

    I find it amusing that anyone in our area would call the Baseline an easy basketball league just because Glendora lost in the first round. Don’t forget, our world power Damien needed overtime to escape the first round. VVL league champ Northview needed double overtime to advance.

  • May have been mistaken

    Fred J: I may have been misunderstood in my prior post re: Glendora’s weak schedule. I was writing about their pre-league schedule and not the Baseline league at all. Take away the Upland, Los Osos and Ayala wins and they beat nobody. They were over rated and under tested all year long, period.

  • FredJ

    Other than La Verne Lutheran, name one team around here that played a tough nonleague schedule? Almost all of our area teams played in local tournaments.

  • Basic


    It’s not what Fred or I or anyone else is owed, it’s about celebrating and elevating the game and that is owed to all.

    How do you fill a gym if no one is talking about your team? and how do you get people to talk about your team, well there is winning which is being done at Bonita, but come on, how nice would an article in the paper be or some press on maxprep? Yes that would elevate a player or two but also the school which in turn would get more people to see your team and enjoy the games.

    Your thought process makes it very difficult for anyone other than a parent to be interested in the team. You have to be a little self-serving and advertise your team so that EVERYONE can enjoy and so that we don’t have to come with all the money to support our team but maybe get Adidas to sponsor the team or a local place would give 5k because the team is all over the press and sells out every night…

    And finally…not just self-serving but like Fred said “Fair Play” that should count for something…

  • Shelley

    Love the new hair Greg! I almost didn’t recognize you Sunday. 🙂 You and Jeff could be twins!

  • area code

    all this over posting stats? is not the point, the team is playing well, has a great group of young men and is well coached.
    Fred covered the game last night and BHS had a nice write up.
    It would be great to have stats sure, plenty of teams do not post on max prep or take stats down during the playoffs. By now everyone knows who the shooters are, schools scout and trade film just like football.
    Basketball kids get next level exposure from the AAU season, spring and summer tourns. If a school is connected they can reach out to market a player. This is the only area stats might help?

    This is a special time in the season, lets enjoy it.

  • Bonita

    Fred, that’s crazy. THe other teams dont have to post their stats. It is their choice. Bonita does not have to and I think it is smart. Don’t talk about fairness if they are playing within the rules as they obviuosly are. As long as CIF does not require it, so be it. Stats in baseball and softball are misleading anyway. Batting averages are inflated by hometown scoring. Basic, I don’t need stats to know how they are doing and to be interested in the team. I don’t have a kid on the team. I know they have tough kids, play a smart game and win. that is all I need to know. Do you guys really think non-parents spend their time on maxpreps lookng at stats and if they do, do you really think that is what gets them interested in going. I went to most of the football teams because I knew the kids and it was a good team. That is why i went….nothing to do with stats. THe truth is that in any given year, you might have one guy above the rest stat wise and the rest of the key players averages 8 to 12. It is a team game at Bonita. Stats and awards are for after the season.

    P.S. THey do post their stats once the seaon is done. You can then hit a few keys on your computer and access the info. It will come, be patient.

  • Fred Robledo

    Bonita, that’s great you can follow everything, but what about that Bonita basketball alum who lives out of the area or out of state, don’t you think they might want to follow what’s going on? Media outlets don’t cover every game, so they rely on something like Maxpreps to follow their teams on a game-by-game basis. Like I said, at the very least teams should have to exchange rosters and stats. Again, it’s about having a level playing field and proper gamesmanship, in my opinion. If you don’t want to publicize your players during the year, that’s up to you. But like I’ve always said, I’ll bet the adults in charge that decide not to post stats loved having their stats in the paper during their high school playing days. Even before the internet, coaches would religiously fax stats to the paper each week for us to publish. Nobody faxes anymore, the standard procedure for media outlets is to find them on Maxpreps. It’s even worse when you can’t find something as simple as a roster.
    And just because CIF doesn’t require something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. CIF didn’t require that Bonita play at 5 p.m. instead of 7 tonight because a Palm Springs coach had a death in the family and has a flight that leaves at 9. Bonita could have played at 7 and probably had a larger crowd and made more money. That would have been using its advantage, as you say. But they did the right thing and switched the game to 5 simply because it was the honorable thing to do. That’s just good sportsmanship, that’s pursuing victory with honor.

  • Basic


    I am not so much concern with the lack of stats on Maxprep as I am with the lack of Publicity and IF stats help with that, then why not?

    Like I said, it is self-serving but if a casual sports fan sees something on the paper (because Maxprep wrote something up and forced our paper to write something or maybe the LA Times saw it (as they don’t have anyone dedicated to us) and they wrote something) then just maybe that fan would stop by and watch the TEAM. Why anyone would be against that I don’t know…

    In my opinion, the more PUB we have the more support we get (donors, sponsors and fans)…So YES it is great that you and I know about the team but why not share it with others???


    please don’t say posting stats is about honor. this is a rediculous statement.

  • Fred Robledo

    I said it was an “honorable” thing to do given that roughly 70 percent of teams do post stats and nearly all of them post rosters. It’s “honorable” because it shows you’re not trying to gain an “advantage” over anyone since in most cases, you have the luxury of knowing who your opponents top scorers are. Again, I’m not trying to pick on Bonita and come post-season awards time, I know who their best players are and I know that coach Eckler is a great coach and at this point he is a coach of the year candidate. This is just my opinion on the should you or should you not post stats debate.

  • bonita

    you are the journalist, but explain the difference between winning with honor and doing the “honorable” thing. Maybe coaches should just trade playbooks as well. WHy do think coaches withold info on starting QBs when there is an injury. Because they are not required to share that info and not doing so should not be confused with honor or doing the honorable thing. Again, it is a ridiculous statement.

  • FredJ

    I used the word “honor” to describe what the Bonita girls did in moving their game time from 7 to 5, which I felt falls in line with CIF’s motto, pursuing victory with honor. Again, coaches can do whatever they want, I’m not going to repeat my opinion a thousand times because you don’t get it.

  • bonita

    no….i am saying doing the “honorable” thing and doing something with “honor” are exactly the same thing. I am pretty sure I can comprehend what you are saying. Believe it not, you don’t talk above anybody’s head on here. You said that “it was an “honorable” thing to do given that roughly 70 percent of teams do post stats and nearly all of them post rosters.” That means not turning over stats is a dishonorable thing or not winning with honor. That, my friend, is completely ridiculous.

  • Two things, please

    1. Glendora stinks, was overrated and made my day by getting beat at home.

    2. Can we please stop with the discussion regarding the posting of stats for Bonita?

  • stat man

    The stat talk is seriously entertaining. Here is my take. Bonita is somewhat of a new kid on the block when it comes to basketball success. There are high expectations this year. A term that is used a lot is act like youve been there before. Well, they havent been there before and this is all new to them. If stats were not important then why keep them? If they are not important then why keep score. Lets just go shirts against skins on the playground and go to Wherehouse for some pizza afterward. When it comes time for All league, Valley, CIF selections how do you compare? What about the D3 coach from Redlands that is looking for players?. To say the matter is not important or trivial just dont get it. Why dont we get Eckers take on thisnot for stats but why he chooses to ignore the request for stats? Legal..yes, ethicalquestionable, promoter of high school way.

  • bonita

    Ha. stat man you are funny. they have won 5 out of their last 7 league championships (i think going undefeated in league play in 4 of those years). How is that a “new kid on the block”? THese championships tell me they know exactly what they are doing. Wins and losses are important. Stats are important internally…not important or smart to publish those stats until after the season. If it was important, than CIF would establish a rule. Coach Eckler, keep doing what you are doing. THe proof is the league banners!!

  • just sayin’

    You talk about all this “success”
    Here’s Bonita over he past 6 yrs
    05 lost in Qtrs
    06 lost in 2nd round after .500 beating Covina
    07 lost in 1st round
    08 lost in 1st round
    09 lost in Qtrs
    10 lost in 2nd round after beating sub .500 Barstow
    where is all the “success” you’re talking about

    Oh maybe some preseason upsets over traditional powers. Not gonna happen in the El Rancho, Alhambra, and Covina Tourney. Take a look at their schedule. Everyone gives Glendora a hard time but Bonita is just as Chamin-esque.

    Take a look at the teams that are traditional CIF contenders and see how many of them post their stats & rooster on MaxPreps. I bet you can’t find a CIF Finalist that doesn’t/didn’t. Tells me that Eckler isn’t so confident and thinks he’s getting over on someone by “keeping secrets”. No class.

    In the Playoff Bulletin CIF states:

    Coaches Note: It has been customary for head coaches to gather at the CIF Southern Section Office. Once again the location will be the CIF Southern Section Office in Los Alamitos. On the day pairings are announced, coaches should be present for the exchanging of information and the review of publicity and team information. Those wishing to exchange media sheet information should arrive prepared to do so. The CIF-SS staff and office will NOT be available for duplicating materials.

    Neither SCIBCA nor the CIF-SS Office will be facilitating such an exchange. With the advent of, this service has been deemed to no longer be necessary. For any information about potential opponents, please go to

    What they are saying is a “professional courtesy” to exchange information and that Maxpreps is the most efficient way to do that.

    Of course, if you’ve watched him rant on he sidelines there is nothing professional or courteous about Eckler

  • I swear I recall Bonita being in the semis before I left for FOX. So like the 2006 season with Brock Zylstra. I’m pretty sure of it, actually. They played like Mater Dei or something. Some big-time school and lost like a 5-point game. I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

  • Aaron

    Just Sayin’…recheck your stuff.
    The game against Artesia was a semifinal game in 2005. The tournament had not been expanded to 32 teams until 2006.

    That game against Artesia was intense and the feeling that we had been robbed by an AAU team…there was an article in the LA Times about how half the team being recruited…I’m pretty sure my father archived that sucker.

    Here’s the link if you want to buy it:,+2005&author=Eric+Sondheimer&pub=Los+Angeles+Times&desc=Artesia+Basketball+Program+Probed;+Recruiter+accused+of+offering+money+to+family.+The+school's+coach,+out+on+leave,+denies+wrongdoing.&pqatl=google

  • sgvpride

    Cheated by an AAU team? excuse me, where do you think most of Bonitas players come from? I always hear LV stars and that almost every kid has played together in travel ball and middle school. Same type of players against Artesia only they were better.

  • Aaron

    Eric Sondheimer had enough evidence to write a gigantic sports article on it…so yes cheated.

    As far as the La Verne Stars are concerned…those are La Verne kids playing for a travel team that is in their home town. It’s been a great program for developing the talent that has gone into Bonita and Damien.

  • excuses excuses


    Many of the kids in the LV Stars program are not La Verne residents. Most are but many are not.

  • stats

    Just Saying- FYI-
    BHS Boys ’05 lost in semi’s to Artesia
    ’06 lost in QRT’s to La Canada
    ’10 lost in QRT’s to Golden valley

    Artesia was investigated for having two kids an apartement from Colorado, paid for my dad of kid on team, huge articles in OC and LA papers

    LV Stars have kids from the area not just LV and those kids to go several different local schools not just BHS. C Hornie, Brungard, Pendleton, Butler and Northrop did play together some on stars even Madison Zylstra started with them