Baseball: Bishop Amat adding a home run fence, now that’s taking advantage of your strength

Everyone knows Amat has the best arsenal of hitters in the Valley, and perhaps the Southern Section, so adding a home run fence makes perfect sense. Only the pitching is suspect, though Nogales coach John “the legend” Romano told me recently that coach Beck is the best pitching coach in Southern California. In any case, I told head coach Andy Nieto the over/under on the length of Amat baseball games is 3 1/2 hours. When you consider their hitting, questionable pitching and the fact Nieto will call timeout roughly ten times a game, you know you’re in for a long afternoon. Maybe they can start games at 2:30 and give everyone a break. At least until daylight savings time.

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  • whitey

    I understand that you’re all kinds of upset in regards to Kobe knocking up some gal, I mean he leads an exemplrary life off-court,*wink*…… but Fred, it’s nice to add a little info to your “articles” like the f******* dimensions, would that be too much too ask? I know you must be in excruciating agony over your man-love idol, but just do your job, willya, this is a preps sports blog, the bottom of the food chain you and Aram are slacking off, if I want to know about Kobe, as a Laker, I’ll read the Times, as a public person, TMZ or the Enquirer do it well…Preps, Preps, Preps say it 3 times slowly, repeat on the half-hour for 21 days.

  • FredJ

    Well, this wasn’t exactly an article, just a quick note. But to answer your question, they haven’t set the dimensions nor is the fence up yet. BTW, I posted the Kobe link so people like you could take me to task on it — pretty funny stuff you wrote too, I’m sure the readers are amused.

  • whitey

    fred, did you ask why? good reporters always ask why? why this year? did the CIF requirements for outfield fences to host quarterfinal games play into it? did the school administration finally say OK lets have a fence(in over 50 years and 2 diamond configurations they’ve never had a fence,except for the fence bordering Orange Ave. which is 1.3 miles , seemingly)you know fred , if you guys were serious about keeping the terminally ill patient(the trib) alive, you’d do some better , more in depth work reporting, leave Kobe to the tabloids, your bread,butter and livelihood is Preps, Preps, Preps…last add lengthy Amat games, you get 1 offensive conference per inning for a total of 7, not 10 as you state!

  • FredJ

    Whitey, you’re the best … You like me, I won’t make you say it.

  • Joe Amat

    The decision was really made to give Amat the option of hosting late round playoff games when CIF requires certain dimensions

    Dimensions will be

    325 Left Field Line

    370 Left Center

    390 Center

    405 Right of Scoreboard

    350 Right Center

    325 Right Field Line

    hope that helps Whitey.

    BTW – Lola says hello! LOL!

  • whitey

    Joe, I have many great memories of Lola……how are her knees holding up? has anubody ever hit a longer HR than Danny Walton in 65? hit on top of Mnsgr Kiefers mothers’ house when the field faced NE

  • BaseballNUT

    Well its time to go back to my baseball name, and drop the football name ( GamedayatUSC). I should have more time to post than in the fall which is my busy time. Just a note that maybe Fred didn’t see was, AMAT opened ranked # 23 in the nation in MaxPreps preseason baseball poll. Only Edison was ranked higher in So. Cal. Good luck to AMAT and ALL of our local teams this season. BTW, Bishp Gorman from Vegas was ranked # 1.