Baseball: CIF denies Zavala’s request for a hardship transfer from Whittier to Northview

According to the CIF-SS website, Northview catcher Stephen Zavala’s request for a hardship transfer to Northview was denied by CIF-Southern Section officials.
Zavala was the third player from Whittier to transfer to Northview in three years. The previous two were ruled eligible. Zavala, who batted .441 with 10 RBIs as a junior, transferred mid-year to Northview.

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  • I wonder who is doing the recruiting is it the little munchkin that helps murphy hint he coaches
    the Monterey Park Angels traveling team
    CIF can only look the other way so many times nice
    try though

  • Unexcusable

    It’s always the coach recruiting, they are responsible for their assistant coaches who do the dirty work!

  • sng baseball

    Great job coach. Why dont you recruit a 6’4 pitcher that plays first base.

  • baller

    They have a junior 1st baseman with much more heart and will not quit on you than the one you are referring too.

  • whas done is done…..but

    Funny thing is …i hear the kids are quite glad he quit, lit a fire inside some of them.

    hitting&pitching lessons=100-300$
    wasted money for recent
    lessons= 200-500 a month
    scholarship,leaving 2nd program,
    waste of talent,doorknob of a parent.= priceless

    Funny thing is you punish kids who actually play for a lot more than themselves and self glory.
    that play for T E A M.

  • haha now get ready for a woopin

  • guess u fight as a team to ( including parents)

  • cov15

    The coach convinced the Zavala’s to go to Northview and all that did is make the kid ineligible to play his senior year. How can “Baller” and “Whas Done is Done” want to hide that fact?

  • DRL Watcher

    How about the kids DADDY. Finally kicked out of Whittier (his DADDY)he looks to his friends at Northview. The coaches are Northview, must have no clue to what their in for. I understand other Whittier players have transferred their, but this guy is a NUT CASE. I know……
    The player is a great kid and I wish him the best.

  • Baller

    Steven Zavala will be playing this year at NVHS!

  • cov15

    Baller; you are pretty slow, it’s not going to happen! Better luck next year, but they will be watching!

  • alfonso


  • for the love of baseball

    Stop hiding behind your screen name Javier sr., Your son has the heart and talent to play ball, but you screwed up his senior year pulling him from the Northview team. you keep pointing fingers from M.p Angels to Northview Viking Baseball, you should be pointing them at yourself. Its sad that he has a dad like you, Maybe you’ll learn from this mistake and I hope your son makes it to the next level, if he does do him a favor and stay home and let someone else guide him. HINT; maybe the little munchkin from M.P. can help. Obviously your not able to. We nominated you for parent of the year and you won hands down. There’s a 6ft 4 trophy on the way, its sitting on top of a first base pedestal, on the way to you. P.s. if you know of any pitcher or first baseman send them to Northview cause their short a player at those positions. Best of luck little Javi, keep your head up.

  • drl watcher#2

    drl watcher is absolutely right he’s a good kid
    but the dad is truly is a nut case.NVHS send the kid back to us but please keep the dad

  • whs

    Steven is back at Whittier and doing a great job as the team is tie for first place