Northview or Amat could run into Mr. Bigtime, Cezar Guerrero, who is thriving after leaving Workman and returning to St. John Bosco

There’s no player in Southern California who means more to his team than Bellflower St. John Bosco guard Cezar Guerrero. Guerrero is averaging 27.9 points and has helped the Braves (21-8) reach the Southern Section Division 4AA quarterfinals. If Northview somehow upsets Orange Lutheran, they would likely meet St. John Bosco in the semifinals. If Bishop Amat somehow gets to the championship, they might meet Guerrero and Co. in the finals. Yes, the former Workman guard who so many of you thought was nothing more than a show, also knows how to help his team win too. He scored 46 in a game against Mater Dei earlier this season.

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  • whitey

    Guerrero is obviously a great scorer but, “also knows how to help his team win, he scored 46 against Mater Dei”? say what …thats not a very good example Fred….his team LOST that night….. Jim Healy would just eat you up and spit you out with weak examples like that!

  • fredj

    Tracey Murray scored 63 in the state championship and Glendora still lost … I’d take Murray and Guerrero every day of the week.

  • whitey

    so to paraphrase Billy Crystal on SNL…..”it’s better to look good,than to feel good? lol….the Homerism knows no end, you’re telling me/us winning is secondary to your stats, I guess thats why you write for the mono colored birdcage wrap, which happens to be on life support it seems!

  • Fred Robledo

    Whitey, are you suggesting that Glendora without Murray or St. John Bosco without Guerrero would make them better teams? Just because you have great players doesn’t mean you always win titles, but great players put you in position to win titles. Murray may have dropped 63 in the state title game and they lost, but without him they’re not anywhere near the title game. Heck, they might not have even made the playoffs. Guerrero is leading Bosco on a deep playoff run, and did you read how Sondheimer described him, saying nobody is more important to their team than Guerrero is for St. John Bosco. You probably think Keith Van Horn was nothing because he didn’t win a title at Diamond Bar. I get so tired of those weak arguments about winning being the end all, be all.

    And by the way, tell me a newspaper that isn’t on life support …it’s not just the Trib, it’s the industry knucklehead.

  • whiter than whitey

    ill say what Fred would like to say….. Shut the hell up!!

  • Living Legend

    I was with you Fred all the way till you said you are “tired of the weak arguments about winning being the end all, be all.” It actually is, that is what it is about winning. That is why there is the old saying “to the winner goes the spoils”, it doesn’t say lose and you get everything.

  • great for the sgv

    I’ve also heard that “winning isn’t everything” to which I agree.

  • Tartan Fan

    Actually Fred, it’s interesting you say that Glendora would’ve been “not anywhere near” the title game considering that the Tartans didn’t take home a CIF-SS title until Murray left the following year.

  • sgvpride

    Isn’t gabe york on OL? If he still is that’s another top notch player in the sgv tomorrow night, damien and bonita is nice but getting to see a player of yorks caliber is worth the pay.

  • Watcher

    I saw Murray he was a great player,he also was surrounded by other good players. Same with Casey Jacobsen and Cameron Murray.They had other good players on their team.That is why they call it team.Everyone must step up at playoff time. It is great to see some unsung heroes step forward at playoff time to help propel their teams to the next round. Northview are you listening?

  • AJ

    Yes SGVPride Gabe York is on Orange Lutheran, he has really blown up since last season and is ranked among the top 50 juniors in the country. He has a ton of offers and is very impressive to watch, he can shoot with range and dunk on you.

  • Way to go Fred!

    Way to come out of your shoes Freddie! I love the passion. Interesting argument on both sides. There are some great individual players out there, but no truer words have been written than those posted by Watcher, “Everyone must step up at playoff time”. Many examples, but one that I can point to which I am sure will get me some slack: Gahr beat Ayala handily with a kid that averaged 4 points per game scoring 28. I am not saying that someone else on a better Gahr team would not have stepped up, but someone that would be considered a scrube scroing 24 above his average is a perfect example of someone stepping up in playoff time.

    Maybe Fred should have a poll of the biggest step up efforts in the playoffs in the history of the SGV in all sports? That would be a great poll.


    Great for the SGV,
    I believe you forgot the end of that quote. ” Winning isn’t everything , it’s the only thing .” Now I don’t follow that creed but if you are going to quote Lombardi at least put the complete quote down , not what just plays to your liking.

  • Joe Amat

    The quote used in the new Broadway play is the quote Lombardi actually believed, and that’s

    “Winning isn’t everything. The ***will to win*** is the only thing.”

    (although he did use the other version at times – even Lombardi knew it wasn’t all about the end result. I’m surprised with Fred being such a UCLA fan that he didn’t bring up the fact the quote, ” Winning isn’t everything , it’s the only thing” was first attributed to legendary UCLA football coach “Red” Sanders.

    Fun facts to know and tell