Boys Hoops: Inland Insider’s highlight video from Bonita-Damien; plus semifinal schedule set

Boys Hoops Semifinals
Division 3AA

No. 1 Price (21-6) vs. No. 4 La Verne Lutheran (21-4) at Citrus College, 7 p.m.
Division 3A
No. 4 Damien (26-3) vs. No. 1 Harvard Westlake (25-4) at Calabasas High School, 7 p.m.

Okay folks, check out the video highlights and interviews from Damien’s thrilling 52-44 win over Bonita…

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  • Joe Amat

    Watching the video Reyes reminds me a lot of former Lancer offensive lineman/basketball player Cesar Rodriguez who ended up playing left tackle at Kansas. Rodriguez was a back up center on Amat’s CIF Championship team in ’02 and started on their quarterfinal team the following year. Amazingly similar body types, aggressiveness and moves.

    This highlights the difference in programs. At Amat a kid like that get’s sold on the fact he can be a D1 lineman and potential pro, rather than a mid-major basketball player at best (not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that) If a kid like Rodriguez was just a basketball guy like Reyes, or spent a little more time on it, he mighta been a Big West/WCC kind of player. Instead a Big 12 4 year starter.

    I loved how Reyes plays and it’s cool he gets to do what he loves. More schools/coaches need to share athletes and help them do what they want to do. I remember years ago Amat lost a great basketball player named Wayne Englestad to Bosco Tech because he and the family didn’t want to be pressure into playing football and at the Amat open house coaches were already making him an NFL tight end.

    Good luck to Damien in becoming the 1st SGV school since Amat to win an upper-division CIF Championship. They have their work cut out for them vs H-W, the 1st place team in the Mission League (while the 4th place team spanked the Lancers) Go get ’em!

  • RJ

    That crowd looks even crazier on the video, it was as much as 3 deep on the upper balcony and that was even with them compltely shutting the doors before tip off and not letting any more people in. Great crowd for both schools especially the Pit.

  • gimme a break

    Hey Joe!

    Shut the hell up. Who cares about your amat memories. Why is it when another team wins and your team loses, you amat people always have to pontificate about amat crap. Who cares! Damien played lights out, so just congratulate them and move on.

  • Uncle Pete

    Price vs Lutheran is not at chaffey fred, its at citrus

  • FredJ

    If it’s at Citrus, I won’t be surprised. Lutheran told our reporter John Honell it would be at La Verne College, which he wrote in today’s paper. I called coach Coop this morning and he said the game was at Chaffey, and now you’re saying Citrus .. As it was, nobody told us their quarterfinal was at Chaffey…We need to work on their communication.

  • Fred Robledo

    I just checked the CIF website, Lutheran is at Citrus College … amazing

  • warrior

    looks to me like this Joe Amat guy wasn’t “pontificating” about Amat and was praising Damien for how they handled this Reyes kid. Also said that Alemany spanked them – not exactly high praise. Lose the agenda Mr(Ms)”gimme a break” What’d he do – steal your girl?

    Saw the game & he’s right – Alemany whupped them. Couldn’t handle the pressure. Even though Bishop Amat was in 3rd round they really seemed to have gone downhill form a while back. I remember seeing them at the Pond before a Loyola game & they were tough. Different coach?

  • Bulldog1


    What happened in basketball last night and Soccer today, your on a roll! Man, youre just the kiss of death. kh, the Grim Reaper of Bonita.

    You were asking about our basketball team? what about your basketball team, can they beat the bearcats too. didnt see you guys last year in the finales. Karma sucks Huh, kh?

    Well, it appears that losing is contagious at your place. I see that Choking isnt limited to Bearcat football.

    I still dont know why you came looking for West Covina when I stated that we would finish ahead of Diamond Bar, maybe you thought I should have included Runner up High?

    kh, Ill bet all the Bonita teams, parents and coaches just want you to shut the hell up! You are running out of sports to win a ring in this year, they should just change your name from Bearcats to Runner up or Chokers, actually, Chokers has a nice ring to it. I wonder what kind of mascot that would be?

    I cant wait till March 14th, you should be 0 and 3 in league by the time we put the smack down to you. Johnson will be head hunting after that late hit your boy put on him! I cant believe with all that talent, you Runner ups/Chokers are blank on CIF championships this year. I cant believe Fred thinks you have a good baseball team! What possible reason could he possibly have knowing Choker Highs history in CIF?

    kh, its time for you to kneel down and kiss the ring my friend, and give us the homage that is due us, weve had a fantastic year and I gotta say, you have been right there to watch the whole thing.

    Bulldog fever.

  • Uncle Pete

    Fred, I hope I did not come off as offensive, when I posted I was just trying to inform you incase you did not know…. if it came out any other wise then I apologize. – Uncle Pete

  • area code

    just watched video, Dunn is a class act, a good model for many to follow, the spartans won the battle of shutting down the headliners reyes 6 northrop 11, a defensive battle from 2 programs built on defense. Good game, great schools, tough test ahead.