Football: Don Le Gro takes over at Sierra Vista; Ganesha looking to replace Dave Fleming

Sierra Vista offensive coordinator Don Le Gro has replaced Keith Locklear as the head football coach, Dons athletic Director Brett Stevens confirmed. Le Gro, who was hired last week, already has let go of a few assistants, according to sources. At Ganesha, coach Dave Fleming resigned and sources at the school confirmed several applicants have applied, though you can eliminate alum Roddy Layton, who was given a cursory call to see if he was interested, but he’s staying at Diamond Ranch.

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  • New York

    This could be the best thing that has happened to the Montview league in some time. If Le Gro can do what he did in the 1990’s then Sierra Vista will become a pretty good team. Le Gro and Oscar Intariano beat Aliso Niquel in the second round of the playoffs back in 1995.

  • V. Rod

    This Blast is very predictable you can stop it and if you have no counter attack or adjustments it hand cuffs you. To be successful you have to have players to run it that why he was successful in 1995. At Sierra Vista they have non Athletes, maybe if they are lucky may have one or two players. As in the past decade the coaches that where there where very successful they had gone to the playoff’s four time in a row from 2005-2008. They had some techniques that where very compatable and prepared the players for the next level and we where sometimes questions as to where we learned the techniques we are using at the college level. We would reply from the coaches at SV. I wish the current coaches good luck in the 2011-2012 season. Also to your article about LeGro letting some coaches go. Those coaches chose to leave on their own because of rumors that was being said that they where looking for two line coaches before LeGro was hired.

  • New York

    Give Le Gro one hard runner and some linemen who will sellout and they can have a good season in this league and division. He gave Intariano 44 carries for over 300 yards in the semis against Temescal Canyon. This is nothing more than Don Markham in an I-formation. He adheres to Lombardi’s principles of flawless execution because he has never had the luxury of an overly talented squad. Look for good things.

  • Steve Ramirez

    You are right NY. Lombardi said the key to success is that “every football team eventually arrives at a lead play, a No. 1 play, a bread-and-butter play. It is the play that it must make go, and its opponents know it must stop.” He also said you must develop that one play to perfection, get the opposition to respect that play to the level that they will overload to stop it, and then you can run counter plays off of it. But first you must perfect your one play.
    Don LeGro during his first tenure understood that, and enjoyed great success while in the Montview League.

  • bp

    There may not be any lineman in sierra vista, the coaches that were “let go of” actually resigned and the lineman that are still left which is about 3 very good returners may not come back due to the coaching change which will leave sv with a bunch of freshman that are not experienced in varsity games and to have a good run they need a good defense and the defensive coordinator SUCKS! should of been 9-1 this season but bad run defense let la puente and gladstone run up and down the field. but good luck on the season

  • New York

    It should not be much of a problem finding linemen who enjoy this type of offense–the schemes are full of down blocks, double teams and pulling and pancaking. With many defenses now built to defend the spread, a throwback offense like this should have success when run with the proper commitment.

  • bp

    that is true this offense was very fun and dominated games at time specially the way the offensive line played and figured the problems themselves with the help of the coaches that resigned,but only 2 of those lineman are staying and the rest have no varsity experience! also the problem is if you know how to stop it your done, mite still have a chance but a struggling one at most.azusa punk us around but it was azusa and well as for the gladstone game that game was a fluke. but the Bassett game shows that you CAN stop the offense specially if you up the guards and center it just becomes a cluster f#ck in the back field.

  • New York

    I think most defensive coordinators “know” how to stop just about any offense. The key is having the personel with the physical ability AND commitment to do it the entire game. Once all eleven guys on offense move in unison this type of offense is exhausting to play against for evenly matched defensive personel. LeGro knows exactly what to look for as the game wears on: is the safety cheating? Is the left end chasing? Are the backers flowing too hard? At the very least, SV should add some competitiveness to the Montview and make Azusa more battle tested heading into the playoffs.