Girls Basketball: Bonita and Bishop Amat will meet in semifinals on Saturday night; Diamond Ranch rallies in second half; Duarte eliminated …

By Fred J. Robledo
he Bishop Amat and Bonita High School girls basketball teams will meet for the second time this season in the CIF-Southern Section Division 3A semifinals on Saturday night after advancing in Wednesday’s quarterfinals on the road. (To continue click thread).

Duarte finished: The best season in Duarte High School girls basketball history came to an end Wednesday. The fifth-seeded Falcons (25-2) made their first trip to the CIF-Southern Section Division 4A quarterfinals but dropped a 54-45 decision to fourth-seeded Valley Christian.

CIF-SS Girls Hoops
Tonight’s quarterfinal results
Division 1A

Troy 42, Chino Hills 34
Division 3AA
Diamond Ranch 40, Arroyo Grande 36
Division 3A
Bishop Amat 54, Temescal Canyon 48
Bonita 53, Palos Verdes 43
Division 4A
Cerritos Valley Christian 54, Duarte 45

Fourth-seed Bonita advanced to the semis for the second straight year with a 53-43 victory over Palos Verdes, receiving 19 points from freshman point guard Nikki Wheatley and 16 from junior center Brianna Kennedy.
Third-seed Bishop Amat (24-6) was tied with Temescal Canyon (25-3) with two minutes left, but the Lancers hit big free throws and senior guard Andrea Villanueva scored four points over the final seven seconds to seal the deal, giving the Lancers a 53-48 win.
The Lancers overcame Temescal Canyon’s Oregon State-bound senior Arica Nasssar, who scored a game-high 25 points.
Vianai Austin led Amat with 13 points, including six in the fourth quarter.
Michelle Yamamoto drained four 3-pointers to finish with 12 points and Leeah Powell chipped in with 11.
In the Southern California shootout at Azusa Pacific in January, Amat squeezed out a 57-55 win over Bonita on a buzzer-beater, setting the stage for Saturday’s rematch, which is Amat’s home game, though it will have to host at a neutral site.
“They’re really good and playing so well in the playoffs,” Amat coach Richard Wiard said of Bonita. “They clobbered their first two opponents while we were struggling.
“But I think it’s great for the Valley because a Valley team is going to play for the CIF championship. Obviously I would like it to be us, but if we’re going to lose then you would rather lose to Bonita than anyone else.”
Bonita coach Darrin Baumunk said his team has been looking forward to a rematch.
“It’s exciting,” Baumunk said. “After we lost to them (Amat) at the buzzer, I told our girls we would get another opportunity if we did our part.
“They’re so good and have been that team in the area for so long. We’re fortunate to get another crack at them.”
[SUB1]Diamond Ranch 40, Arroyo Grande 36
[BODY]The Panthers (18-10) overcame an 11-point halftime deficit and trailed by four entering the fourth quarter, but pulled out the victory behind a staggering performance from junior forward Chelsea Barnes, who scored 22 points and grabbed 18 rebounds in the Division 3AA quarterfinal win on the road against the fourth-seed Eagles (21-6).
Junior Erika Williams finished with 12 points and 10 rebounds as the Panthers advanced to the semifinals for the third straight year, where they will be on the road Saturday against second-seed Serra.
The Panthers held the Eagles to 10 points in the second half after trailing 26-17 at half.
“At halftime we talked about stepping up, putting some pressure on them and not giving them open shots,” Panthers coach Mike James said. “And that’s what we did, we just executed and got this win.”
Emma Weinrich finished with a team-high eight points to lead the Eagles, but they had no answer for Barnes.
“She (Barnes) was just in the second half,” James said. “She scored on a big coast-to-coast play late that sealed it.”

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  • Bohi fan

    Bonita girls win 53-43

  • Bearcat

    Great way of not giving up girls. Good things happen when you don’t give up.

  • Bulldog1

    So, it’s up to the girls basketball team at Bonita to bring home a ring.
    Bulldog fever….

  • reality

    Have’nt seen to many bulldogs running around this current playoff season? What’s up? The dog catcher round em up.

  • Bulldog1

    Reality, Really?
    Dogcatcher? That’s the best you’ve got?
    Any sport involving a ball, Bonita, (Choker High) will surely drop when it counts.
    Bulldog fever.

  • Aaron

    Girls Basketball-Semifinals
    Girls Water Polo-Finals

    2/6 fall sports still alive, looks good to me.

  • Aaron

    Excuse me, winter sports.

  • Frank

    Sad to see Duarte girls go!
    Now let’s see Amat take care of Bohi, a precursor to baseball.

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron, Time will tell. But it doesnt look to good. My guess is Bonita will fold! Then what?
    I know youre a homer, will you admit at least you’ve underachieved and help with picking out a new mascot?

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron, besides, both sports played with a ball, and you know what happens when Bonita gets around a ball?
    It gets dropped….

  • Keep It Up

    I agree with Reality – haven’t seen or heard too much about WC teams in any CIF sports except football.
    Don’t forget you were 1 pick away from getting knocked off your throne.
    I’ll take Bonita any day. Quality Kids, Quality Education, Quality Parents.
    Don’t be jealous because you can only hang your hat on 1 sport. 6 winter sports going past 2nd & 3rd round in CIF. 2 headed to finals and semi’s. Is that what you call underachieving? How many WC teams made it past 2nd round? (Cricket, Cricket, Cricket)
    Why don’t you spend your time going back the last 2 years and see how many sports made it to CIF for both schools? Or go back to the dog pound where you belong and hope someone adopts you so they can kick you when they come home from a bad day at work.

  • everybody knows

    west covina sucks lets leave it at that!


    It is amazine what winning a CIF title will do to a person. After that football title WC has done nothing and I mean nothing at all in any sport. I’ve been looking for their name in all the threads on post season play but no WC in sight. Maybe that Bulldog on the gym wall should have some tears coming out of it’s eyes.

  • FredJ

    Hate to bust your argument, but West Covina won a CIF wrestling title too — that’s two championships, two more than most, and more than anyone else in the Valley.

  • bubble

    hate to burst your bubble, but letting guys like Bulldog come on here and talk with the disrespect that he does turns this blog into a joke and mascarades the fact that you guys have no real journalistic ability and, instead, rely on this blog to create stories and controversy.

  • Bulldog1

    Keep it up:
    Is wrestling a winter sport?
    Congratulations to senior Jacob Depraect our newest CIF Wrestling Champion. Jacob won 5 straight matches to win the CIF Southern Section Individual title in the 130 pound weight class. I believe you are the fourth CIF champion this year for the Bulldogs including our football team, what a year. Football just got the momentum going.
    I dont know why everyones picking on us, especially the Deaf, Dumb and Blind at Bonita, but when youre the best I quess you become a target. No trash talk here, were just winners baby, and track and field along with baseball will produce a couple of more CIF champions.
    Bubble, if youre looking for journalistic quality, by the Wall Street journal.
    AMAZINE, youre irrelevant.
    We win with class and humility and as far as academics, Im sure we dominate there as well. As for Bonita, the Throne is a nice place to be! One pick away, remember, football involves a ball, you were screwed going in! A classic choke job! You just made my point. Everybody knows The Real Housewives of Walmerado like it Bulldoggie style.
    Fred, its time to kneel down and kiss the ring and name us now, Americas Best in high school.
    Bulldog fever.

  • ghettofab

    when all is said and done your still in west covina and were still in La Verne lmao

  • Denise Reynolds

    Cant believe Aaron of all people didnt know about our wrestling prowess. If this was Bonita with all these CIF rings, you have to admit you kh, Reality and the rest of the Bonita homers wouldnt let us hear the end of it.

  • really?

    “I dont know why everyones picking on us….No trash talk here, were just winners baby”

    really? you’re the one that came on to this basketball thread to start the trash talking about bonita..really classy. and to say that your academics are better then bointa’s i would check that again my friend..

  • Aaron

    I think the word phrase is “not acknowledging,” I didn’t deny the Bulldogs wrestling prowess at all. I know they won team titles and individual titles this year. But we were talking about the sports that were still active in team events.

    The only class I see here is classless. Oh and Denise…wrestling has always suffered in coverage and I was never a wrestler.

  • Bulldog1

    Aaron, My point is, the Bonita Big Mouths would have filled the Blogs with, look how great we are if you had of won anything in CIF, its just how you front runners roll. Everyone knows this, I just wish they would invent something you can win.

  • Denise Reynolds

    Aaron, just because you didnt wrestle, it doesnt negate it as a sport. The wrestling athlete is among the most elite, strongest and smartest athletes on the planet. Which may explain why were the best and you still arent even in the hunt for a CIF ring.
    Bulldog is right Kiss the Ring Cupcake!

  • Where does it Start or End

    Bulldog1 (puppy) and Denise Reynolds
    Your both a great reflection of your city and are getting the backlash you created.
    I agree with really? – you should really check your facts on the academics. Really – you should.

    So does WC have a Heisman Trophy Winner? I mean please, where does it Start or End with you people?
    Bonita does – you should come over to the office and check it out. I’m sure you have never seen one up close its much bigger than a CIF ring.
    We’ll come kiss your CIF rings if your willing to come polish our Heisman Trophy!

  • Bulldog1

    Glenn Davis, “Mr. Outside played football at Bonita in 1942 on the school’s football championship. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the President of the 48 States of the United States of America, Hawaii and Alaska havent been invited yet, all of the best athletes were fighting a war in Europe or Japan. It must seem like just yesterday to you, you old fart! My great great Grampa might remember that. By the way, Cal Poly Pomona might have that Heisman trophy on display. Cal Poly Pomona? Really? That trophy might be more valuable as an antique! Im sure Glenn Davis was a wonderful guy, from a little town with some class at the time, but if he heard you spoiled Bonita San Dimas Glendora and Clairmont people now, he would turn over in his grave and deny ever going to High School there. In the day, football was the lowest rung on the sports ladder, less popular than Badminton. Could you imagine someone from Cal poly Pomona winning a Heisman trophy these days? Wow how times have changed, now they make the trophy out of metal.

  • yomama

    Your like the psycho ex girl friend that won’t go away. Please pull your head out your skinny little azz wrong time of year to compare apples and oranges like I said before west covina sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all you got is a one hit wonder Ice Ice baby da nu nu nu nu nu da nu nu nu nu nu bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    keep holding your breath and praying for football season gonna get spanked all spring lon,,,,,,,,g